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Drug Dealing & Slow High Speed Internet Access
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- This place is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. Very dirty and the maids when they do come to clean your room just wipe everything down quickly, take the trash out, and that was it. The people who had stayed next door to me were kicked out a week prior to me because they complained about the bed bugs they found in their room after only being there one week.

This place has a policy of kicking people out, keeping their rent & deposit they paid when you complain about anything. Just the end of May 2011 a disabled man and his nurse repeatedly complained about their toilet overflowing and then they caught the maintenance man trying to break into their room when he thought they were away because the disabled man kept large jars of change and he had been missing some of the change prior. **, the manager, kicked the disabled man out and called the cops on him because the disabled man with no legs couldn't be out of his room within the hour.

They advertise high speed Internet access, but the connection was so slow I couldn't use my IP based work phone. When I called the management and asked they rudely told me that all they provided was a connection quick enough to browse the Internet. I sent an email to their corporate location and received a call back from an InTown Suites employee who told them that all they would provide was a connection quick enough to browse the Internet and that was it. I went ahead and purchased my own Internet access with Clear Wireless which was great.

Then I began to notice two white males in room 331 with a lot of traffic coming and going all times of the night, and the maintenance man frequenting the room. I asked a couple of people who had been staying there for some time about it and they told me that these guy were selling whatever you wanted Crack, ICE, Heroin, weed, pills, etc. I then sent another email to their corporate location to complain, but the next day an InTown Suites employee who was the manager's boss, who wouldn't give me his name, called me to the office and told me I had to leave.

He wouldn't give me a reason, his name, or refund any of the money I had already paid for the next couple weeks. I believe that the manager, **, and the maintenance man are protecting the drug dealers in this room because they are crackheads that get their drugs from them. This place is shady at best and it is well worth pay a little extra to stay in a legitimate motel / hotel.

If you have already made the mistake that I did by staying there and have issues with these InTown Suites employees here is all the contact names and email addresses of their corporate employees: Corporate Location: 2727 Paces Ferry Rd SE Ste 2-1200 Atlanta, GA, 30339-6143 (770) 799-5000.

Horrible place to stay
By -

BRANDON, FLORIDA -- I rated everything a 1 because I couldn't select a lower rating. Only decent thing was the price even tho it was a lie too. They said it was 199$, and end up costing 275$ at the end of everything. At first I thought this place would be great to stay at because of the price of the rooms. I will admit I didn't look to far into the reviews and should have seen this coming. When my girlfriend and I went to take a look at the hotel and check in, the person at the front desk was very helpful and welcoming. The "show" room when we went in smelled horrible, the fridge had rust in it.

The room was 100% unfurnished except a SINGLE roll of toilet paper, and 2 thread bare towels (that we couldn't quite figure out what color they were supposed to be). Since I wasn't too impressed I asked to be put into a room with a bathtub. We went to view it and it looked to be in better condition. I checked in and my girlfriend went on her way. The FIRST night staying there I was smoking outside and I had a person approach me trying to get me to buy drugs and go to this "party" they were having on the 2nd floor. Needless to say I didn't go and didn't ever leave my room unless I was being picked up.

Every single night I would hear people yelling, doors slamming (the walls were paper thin) and I would say out of the week there 3 days I didn't see the cops there for some reason or another. I later found out the "room service" only comes once a week and they vacuumed, and took out the trash. They didn't change the bed sheets or even replace the towels. (Oh and if you stay there bring your own toilet paper because they only give you one.) The last day my girlfriend stayed with me and complained about the noise which I mentioned before, I woke up the day of my check out to her freaking out about having seen 4 roaches in the bathroom.

The front office told me that any local calls were free which I thought was great because everyone who contacts me is within that area. The message on the phone states to dial 8 to get out and the area code, if it was a long distance number to hit "8-1-(area code)" so every call I made started with 813 (which is LOCAL calling from this site as it's registered to a 813 area code go figure.) I called back later that day (Saturday) to make sure they got my key since they didn't open until 11 and they stated they did however I had a "long distance phone bill of $22." They are trying to tell me because I did what the phone said and dialed 813. It's registered as long distance.

That is not true because my first call I made I didn't add the area code and it wouldn't go out saying it's not a valid number. I asked them to speak to a manager. They said they weren't in that day and would be in Monday. I called Monday and spoke with an extremely rude women who again told me because I dialed the local 813 area code it's my own problem. I asked to speak to the manager. She said she didn't' know when they would be back. I informed the women they had 72 hours to return my call about this matter before I took other means to solve this. She cussed me out for "threatening her" and hung up.

Needless to say they have 24 hours left before I do my best to reach corp which reviews have said isn't going to work. They never return your calls, so I will create a nice lengthy email to a couple local news stations about this company and their scams, and a nice letter to the BBB. Never again will I stay at this place, and I will not recommend this to any other people.

Resolution Update 07/14/2010:

Well I recieved a call from the director of marketing and communications. He addressed all of my concerns and the long distance charges were credited back to my card. He contacted me back very quickly and was very very helpfull. You know its very nice that even though I had situation with this particular chain it was resolved quickly without too much hassle.

Company Response 07/13/2010:

We are certainly sorry to hear about your dissapointment. While we do operate more like an apartment than a nightly stay hotel, which is why we set the room up the way we do (one roll of toilet paper etc.) and only clean the room once per week, we pride ourselves on safe, clean and quiet accommodations. I will be more than happy to investigate the issues you have listed here. However, I cannot do so from a relatively anonymous post. Please send your name, room number and contact information to me at the address below.

I look forward to speaking with you further to discuss these matters.

Intown Suites the worst place to stay
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- On July 10th, I arrived in Dallas. I checked in the BrookRiver Hollow InTown suites and asked for the first floor room since I have a surgery a few weeks ago and Doctor has strict order not to lift heavy objects and physically I can't walk for too long. I had a hemorrhoid surgery.

**, the manager said there was no first floor room. I asked again the next day and he said he will ask his manager (later he said there is no manager above him, so watch out they use this to lie). I asked the next day and he said "there were two rooms on the first floor available." And I said "I want the 121." He said "it's dirty." I said "please call me when it's ready." He never called me. He was out on Tuesday. I asked ** the sub manager. He said ask **. On Wed am, I asked ** again, he said he will. Then Wed pm, I asked when. He said no, I have to wait till Sat when my week is over. I told him I had surgery and I can't lift groceries to my room, on the third floor.

On Tuesday night, the elevator broke down. Many heavy people strained on the first floor can't get to their rooms. I had to climb three flight of stairs. As the result, my body has injured because lifting heavy objects such as, groceries, gallon water etc. I am writing to complain that I have asked for the first floor room from day one (sat) and ** the manager has given me hard time and intentionally not respond to my request when the first floor rooms are available the following days. As the result, my body has suffered injuries because lifting heavy objects such as, groceries, gallon water etc. and doc has strict order not to lift heavy items.

I confronted the manager again today and asked the room 121. He said the room is still not ready. Something needs to be fixed. He lied again. He asked me to leave. I said "no, I paid for the whole week, you can't ask me to leave." He said "then you can't stay next week." I want to let you know that this is the kind of management you will encounter and got stuck.

Company Response 07/15/2010:

We certainly regret not having a first floor room sooner. However, as you are aware, we did offer have one available this morning and offered it to you. The offer still stands. It is certainly our desire to work this out amicably.

Our Market Manager will contact you shortly to discuss the matter further and hopefully get the issue resolved.

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Rating: 2/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I am unfortunately a resident at the Intown Suites located at 7706 North Tryon St. Since I have been here, all 4 of my tires have been slashed. Not only that, Saturday morning at about 2 a.m. I receive a call from the courtesy officer telling me that my parked truck has been hit. To make matters worse, on Saturday night I am trying to relax in my room and my neighbors are being extremely loud and then all of a sudden the smoke alarm starts blaring because there was an incident on the first floor. The fire department came out and for some apparent reason, the water was turned off.

The water was off the whole day yesterday causing me to have to go shower somewhere else and not only that, I had to also go purchase water. And here we are Monday morning and people are trying to get dressed for work, and there is still no water. This is absolutely ridiculous. This place doesn't mind taking your money every week but does a poor job of accommodating you. The staff here is very lazy. They do more talking and walking around than they do cleaning up. What is the purpose of housekeeping beating on my door every Wednesday if they can't do something as simple as change the bedspread and bed sheets?

By -

PASADENA, TEXAS -- Stayed at this InTown Suites in Pasadena Tx for business travel. During my stay I heard snide remarks by staff about how I was a drug dealer or prostitute because I was by myself and have tattoos. House keeper helped herself to several hundred dollars of my money when she went in to clean my room. Reported directly to the local law enforcement. Doubt If manager would have done anything about it. Management snoops through rooms often. If you stay here lock your things up in the storage place next door. Vehicles are not even safe. My truck was broken into while staying here.

When I had to check out early due to work requirements I WAS NOT ONLY DENIED REFUND OF MY DEPOSIT THEY WOULD NOT RETURN THE 250 PLUS DOLLARS I had paid in advance. The only reason that I stayed here was that thanks to the theft of my money I could not afford to go elsewhere. This location is the only one in the Houston area that does not offer monthly rates. (Even though signs are posted in the lobby advertising them.)
NOTE - State law mandates return of taxes to guests after a 30 day stay. It appears that the hotel does everything they can to avoid this..

Harassment of guests, thievery of property and stiffing people out of their money. AVOID THIS HOTEL. GO ELSEWHERE. INTOWN SUITES PASADENA TEXAS.

Smoking Away
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Rating: 2/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I have had cause to make a vocal complaint against InTown suites in Austin Texas. I have been greeted on a daily basis to a cloud of smoke outside my door every evening for three weeks so far from about six in the evening to 11, but sometimes till past one in the morning. I cannot believe that people are actually encouraged to sit outside all evening long and smoke and smoke and smoke. The establishment is in the shape of a T. At the intersection of the T on the south side is a backup generator. The same group of people sit atop this generator and smoke all evening.

I have called the corporate office 6 times so far and have never received a message back from them about it. The generator is right below my door. I have seen the female courtesy officer speaking to them. They did not move
an inch afterwards. Clearly they have complete approval for what they are doing.

The brochure you get upon check-in indicates you can be thrown out for loitering and smoking in the wrong places. This Certainly Seems To Qualify. Austin has a smoking ordinance. No smoking within 15 feet of the doors and windows to an establishment. No Smoking Around Children. There are certainly kids about. This should not be a third rate dump. If you do not like smoke don't come here. The Courtesy Officer Smokes and I have seen on occasion a manager lighting up. Good luck... Non-Smokers Beware.

Run Don't Walk from this motel
By -

LILBURN, GEORGIA -- I got a job at a restaurant across the street from this particular InTown Suites in Lilburn Ga. Never have I been treated like common trash like I've been here. On my 1st day in the room my downstairs neighbor banged on the ceiling repeatedly. The next day I asked for a different rule and was told no by the hotel GM/Front Desk Courtesy officer. She told me to ignore him that he always complains when someone moves above him. Try to ignore room shattering banging every time I pulled a chair went to the bathroom or even opened my door to leave the room. But I put up with it because the GM said that the guest below me in 231 would be leaving soon.

Two nights later I went to the vending machine on the ground floor for a soda and the battery died in my lock. I could not get back into my room. I immediately tried to find security guard at the office then his room. I knocked for a half hour before he the door swung open. Too bad he wasn't in there. I spotted two cell phones on the night table desperate to reach anyone running the hotel. I picked one up and called the hotel. The phone next to the one I picked up rang. So not only is there no security he doesn't have the phone that the guests can reach him on. Now over a half hour later in gym shorts and tank top I go to the hotel's handyman's room.

I knock and knock and no one answers. The note on his door says to go to security with any problems. Ha Ha I'd been there already. Finally at 5 am I locate the security officer coming from some room. He should not have been in especially without his phone for an hour now. I explain to him what's going on with my lock. He then insists someone locked me out from the inside. I assured him I am the only one in my room. He then said it must be because the MANUAL lock on the top of the door is causing the doors electronic lock not to work. I then explain to him the MANUAL lock is not connected to the electronic lock in any way that would cause both lights to blink.

He then went and made another key. I told him if my key and his key won't work then a new one wouldn't either. But he did it anyway. When that didn't work he then called the handyman by cell who then came right up. I then told them both to just pop the lock with the lock popping machine that every hotel has for situations like this. One didn't know what I was talking about. The other didn't know the code to operate the machine. I said call the GM and get the code and I was told by both of them that she turns off her phone and won't answer. I've done her job before and this night was completely unprofessional. Then the rain came and last tues. night I was locked out of my room.

Miscommunication of not I work across the street why take my cell # and not use it I could have remedied that if she had called me or walked across the street to my restaurant to tell me I was on the verge of being locked out. There is not a problem with your staff coming or calling my restaurant when they're hungry for a pick-up order. So why not show a guest some courtesy. That's not even all of it. Please contact me at ** ask for **. There is such horrible management here. I don't recommend this InTown Suites to anyone. And I feel I deserve my deposit back from when I was locked out and 9 days later the phones still don't work.

Save the money don't go to InTown Suites in Newport VA
By -

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- So my wife finds this hotel that states $199 for one week in Newport News, VA. We didn't spend a lot of time searching for a place to stay down here but figured why not? It's not a bad price.. We get in and the person running the front desk should have been a clue to us to move on to another place. She was rude about everything. I blew it off as PMS. We get into our rooms and in room 115 the one seats back is busted to the point that if it weren't sitting with the back to the wall someone would fall and break their back or something. We blew that off as the person before us must have done it.

When we walked into the bathroom we noticed the towels and how cheap they were. Yeah we get to keep these things but who would want to keep them. You could buy cheap towels from the dollar stores that are better than these things. The toilet paper is as most would expect from a public place, thin to the point that you could use it as tracing paper.

After looking at the bathroom we decide to turn on the AC. But guess what, we had to wiggle the controls to get it to turn on and once it came on it was very loud. Every night dealing with this rat tat tat tat when it kicked on and just before it turned off. It would wake you up it was so loud. When I went down to my moms room (109) the room must about the same. The only thing different was the fact that the AC had to grate to it.

After 3 days of staying here the keys magically stop working. The lady in the office claims we put it by a cell phone or something but none of us did anything of the sort.. I believe they changed the codes or something to mess with people and get the extra money they charge if a key ends up broken or someone has to come down and open your door for you. $10 per key and the same each time someone comes to open the door.

After we figured this all out and someone opened the door we found out that the doors can be pushed on and wiggled a little to open up without a key. That's right set your shoulder to the door, lean into it and wiggle it back and forth a little and the door would open. We thought it was just one door but NOPE. I tested it out on my door, my moms, and one other persons (with permission) and every door popped right open.

You can't walk around outside at all other than to go to your car. You can't talk through the window instead you have to walk all the way around go back into the room to talk to someone outside. You can't do anything here without someone yelling at you. The only things you can do is walk from your car to your room and go into your room. I've even been yelled at for walking to my moms room and I PAID FOR IT. I told the guy that I paid for it and if he wanted to stop me he could try.

So we started looking for another place to stay and asked to see some rooms over at the other location here in Newport News and found that most everything was the same but a little newer and they wanted about $30 - $90 more per room. So all I have to say to those of you looking to stay in a InTown Suites.... STOP NOW.. SAVE THE MONEY OR SPEND A LITTLE MORE AND AVOID THEM.. We found another place that costs us $100 more per week but you get free breakfasts, dinners, it has an indoor pool, workout area, and spa...

Fraud, Theft, Terrible!
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Well, I was in a southern city to work on a contract computer programming job. I checked in, and found the hotel to be in a nice location, clean, and a nice value. One day a few weeks later, I was doing laundry. I found a broken dryer (it kept my money) so I wrote "broken, don't use (please refund $1.50 to room **.)" on it with a "dry-erase marker". Anyone who knows these markers knows it is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to wipe right off. Next day, I went to work. Got no call or message from management. I presumed they credited my account for the $1.50.

At TEN PM, the manager came to my door with a "thug" for backup, acting very aggressively and complaining about "graffiti" and told me I am evicted. Mind you, I had just paid for an additional week of rent! The manager did not telephone me, or even talk to me earlier, which she could easily have done if there was a problem. She specifically chose 10 pm to do this in order to give me the MAXIMUM inconvenience! She proceeded to tell me I had 20 minutes after which they would throw my stuff off the balcony. I replied "Why even say that, you would not want to damage my stuff and get into a lawsuit?" She got real mad that I called her bluff.

I got dressed, and began to pack. She stood in the doorway, partially blocking it. As I came by with a box, she screamed "you touched me, that is assault, you cannot go back in!" This was obviously a well-practiced technique, designed to make sure I cannot go back into my room to get my property.

The thug blocked the doorway, and they told me they would throw my stuff onto the hallway, and I can get it from there. I shrugged, and continued to put a box of my stuff in my car. I noticed that the thug had a set of bolt cutters. I realized later that this was because they PLANNED to do this, and brought the bolt cutters in order to cut the "security cable" on my laptop computer, again, to give me maximum inconvenience and cost, instead of just asking me to unlock it.

After the police came, I asked them to accompany me to the room, because I sensed that some property seemed to be missing. The manager screamed "He has it all, we put it all out!" I replied that I would like to look to be sure. Lucky thing I did, because the policeman and I found all my tools, some of my clothes, and computer equipment still in the closet.

Later I heard the policeman telling the manager words to the effect of "You cannot keep evicting people in the middle of the night right after taking their money, it will cause problems. If you don't want them to stay, simply refuse to take their payment and notify them in the daytime that they have to leave. Don't take their money, and then come to evict them in the middle of the night." Apparently, this is their pattern of practice.

So here it is, midnight, I just paid one week rent the day before, ($190) had a deposit ($50), and a broken security cable ($40). Also, I have to find a hotel room ($80) at midnight, reorganize my stuff (the made a mess of everything) and try to get some sleep before work. I went to the website to look for the corporate office address.... IT ISN'T LISTED! Also... no telephone number! NO Email addresses!

I used their puny "web form" to write a note, and got one single response by email... they asked for my phone number so they could call and "discuss" it with me. Of course, they NEVER called, and NEVER answered any more emails. Their whole system seems to be arranged to take advantage of people. I would SERIOUSLY avoid this company. Stick with the major chains of suite hotels, and long-term hotels.

My reservation was not honored by a nasty Barry Livingston look-alike!
By -

TAMARAC, FLORIDA -- A few weeks prior to my arrival, I made reservations over the internet for a two week stay at the InTown Suites location in Tamarac, Florida. When I arrived at the hotel on August 18, 2009, I was told by a ** look-alike at the front desk that my room had been given to someone else.

He claimed that a few hours before, he had called my home telephone number twice to try to tell me that my reservation would not be honored. He claimed that the person who answered my phone told him that he had dialed a wrong number. This is a complete lie, as the number which he called was my correct home number and nobody was home to answer his call. When I called the guy a liar, he became nasty and asked me to leave. I refused to leave, and I asked him to get someone from the InTown Suites Corporate Office on the phone. He refused, and told me if I didn't leave, he would call the Sheriff.

Since I didn't want to get arrested for trespassing, I decided to leave, but not before tearing up a copy of the reservation and throwing it on the floor. After the way I was treated by this scumbag, I will never attempt to book a reservation at an InTown Suites in the future. I suggest that if you want to deal with an honest operation which actually honors its reservations, find another place to stay!

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