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ER Doctors Not Educated
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Not my worst ER experience at Kaiser, but up there! Came in with bad bronchitis, to rule out pneumonia. No one stopped to look at me. It was very slow, so what's the excuse? I wish I could have seen a real doctor instead of this “David Max Bender”, PA. The woman who took my x-ray seemed human, but the rest of the flighty purple scrubbed nurse idiots shamed, judged and I had to beg to get them to tell me how to treat my bad bronchitis.

I begged, and she barely came out with the words, ”that stuff will be on the discharge papers”, with a withering sneer. Oh, also, ”I'd tell you not to smoke, but since you don't, I don't know." Really? If a mom brought her child in with bronchitis, would she say ”I don't know, just don't smoke”? I don't smoke but I wanted to when I left. This PA put me on **, which lowers your immune system and washes you with **! I had to Google everything myself later!

Don't join Kaiser, DON'T. Group Health, before, didn't use vulnerable, sick people to take out whatever personal problems they have bottled up.! They didn't explain my illness, the meds, tell what to expect taking hardcore ** for bronchitis! All over the web it says not to. Anyway, what a discouraging, demoralizing experience. Over a grand a month. The weird nurse should not ever be in a profession, if she is, that SHOULD involve human interaction. First Do No Harm. I'm sure she smokes like a furnace!

Kaiser Doctor Unresponsiveness & Email System at
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Rating: 1/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I've been very frustrated recently when corresponding via the email system with my doctor, Claudia **. It seems that messages are being "viewed", but not responded to. I emailed my doctor on a Friday morning (I had reinjured my fractured toe), and had still not received a response by Monday at noon. This had become a medium urgent issue, so I called the advice nurse, who mentioned that she did not see the sent message to my doctor, which I found odd. The nurse emailed my doctor for me, and this time, my doctor responded back. However, I still had a follow up message for Dr. **, and sent that message back immediately thereafter. Today, I again see that my most recent sent message has been viewed, but there has been no response.

While I understand that doctors have 48 hours to respond, there are a few issues that don't add up. At least one of the messages that I emailed to my doctor was not received. Additionally, it has been very difficult to reach my doctor, so I am unsure if the lack of accessibility and slow responsiveness is more of a modern day situation, or something that is unique to my doctor. I will be looking to switch doctors after this fiasco is settled. Perhaps there should be a system where medium-urgency messages are responded to more quickly? I'm not sure what the answer is. But while I sit here in pain and refresh my browser hoping to see my doctor's message, I just wanted to express my frustration with this process.

Lack of Empathy, No Pain Management, Poor Communicatiom
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Rating: 1/51

GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- I hate Kaiser with a passion. I will be celebrating at the New Year because I will not have this awful organization managing my healthcare. There is no pain management at all. I just read an article about this issue; the state of the art pain management; and had to laugh about how KP put together a great pain management program together. That is a lie. All KP has done is forced chronic pain patients off narcotics. There is no pain management program offered. I was taking ** for some very painful conditions. I was not given a choice if I wanted to continue taking this medication, nor was I offered any pain management program.

I had to buy it out of pocket at my own expense at another clinic. Which is bs! I tried natural remedies, but it seriously impacted my quality of life and I got tired of constantly being on the couch in so much pain I never able to enjoy life. KP just cuts you off cold. This organization does not care about their patients, their objective is to spend as less money as possible. In the ER both myself and my son were treated poorly. A doctor yelled at my son who was violently ill and vomiting nonstop. She refused to help him.

I was subjected to two exams on my abdomen because I asked for pain medication for a painful condition. I was actually surprised I was given pain medication when it was verified I had this medical issue.The worst was my doctor and how she treated me the last couple of months. She took medication needed for my medical conditions with no explanation. When a CAT scan showed growths that were not visible on a CAT scan four months prior. I was upset and needed guidance and compassion.

My doctor was cold, showed no concern for my mental or physical issues this could cause, and refused to send the results of the CAT scan when I asked for them via email through KPorg. I do not think Kaiser cares about their patient's well being. With the influx of patients from Obama Care there was not enough staffing. The wait times are a hour or more, and most of the time the doctors do nothing anyway. I hate Kaiser. I hate my doctor. I hate their lack of compassion and the lack of medical staffing. Kaiser sucks big time.

Bad Treatment in the ER Department
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Rating: 1/51

PANORAMA CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a Kaiser member for many years. Why I continue to stay with them is beyond me. I have been to the ER there is Panorama City many times. Had a couple of good visits but many bad ones. I went there again yesterday (Tuesday 03-02-2016) and spent 9 hours there. I was there from 7am until 4pm. I was admitted into the ER about 8am and put in a room after they cleaned it.

Was given a nurse with a Russian accent who was nice at first but once I pressed the button and another person came asked me what I needed I said "I want to ask my nurse a question about something the doctor said." Finally my nurse came in and I asked her. I noticed now her attitude towards me was not nice anymore. From this moment on she avoided my room like crazy.

The ER all day was average busy. Not until late in afternoon did it get really busy. The doctor was nice but he also took forever to come back and tell me anything (hours). I went in the ER for swollen feet. Wanted to be checked for cellulitis infection and for chronic vein insufficiency and I did not feel well - that's why I went there. So after many hours the doctor finally came back and reviewed my tests and told me about everything. It was now 3pm. He said he would like to do another blood test to check something and I said "Ok you can do it but I must leave here at 4pm" (one hour from that time). He disappears and never comes back.

My nurse never comes back either. They all avoid my room like crazy. So I get mad and get dressed, take off all the things I was hooked up to but left the line for blood (plastic thing) on top of my hand. I stand at the nurses' station where 2 girls were making small talk and laughing just ignored me. I had to say "Excuse me" very loud 2 times before they would even look at me. I then said "Can my nurse please take this thing out of my hand so I can go home? I need to leave now."

I see my assigned nurse come out of a door right near there. She just stands there and gives me a dirty look. So another guy has to take the line and plastic tube out of my hand and could tell he was annoyed by having to do it. He did a crappy job by hurting me while taking out the plastic tube. The top of my hand was bruised afterwards. He did a sloppy job, just slaps a cotton ball on there and a piece of tape and then leaves me and says nothing.

My nurse did not get my final paperwork to me either. So I walk down the long hall to the checkout window and wait. I see right near there a man and a woman all dressed up with Kaiser name badges and asked them if they had anything to do with running this place and they said "Yes" so I voiced my complaint.

While standing there talking to them my blood is dripping down my hand all over the floor due to the bad patch up work by that annoyed male nurse. They call another nurse over to tape me up again. I said "I been here for 9 hours and no one in here even offered me anything to eat and not even a glass of water to drink but I day long. I could hear the nurses say 'Well I am going to lunch now.'" The lady offered me a sandwich. I said "No thanks. I have food at home." Why didn't any of the nurses offer me a sandwich or some jello or a glass of water all those hours?!? So I spend hours in that room without food or water. How lame and inconsiderate is that?!?

So because this nurse did a poor job with me I did not get my final paperwork, I don't have on hand all the results of my blood tests or know all about what the doctor said to me. I just wasted 9 hours being in there sitting in room being ignored.

It's incidents like this that make me wonder what Kaiser cares about. I was never really told the reason for wanting the 2nd blood test done, was it about my kidneys or some other problem? I guess I will never know which can put my health at risk. If you don't inform the patient of what is wrong that is dangerous for their health and life!!!

Kaiser makes a lot of money from MediCare which pays for a big part of my medical expense. I expect better service from them and at least show compassion for sick and hurting people and not to treat them in a mean abusive manner with a poor attitude. People deserve to not be ignored at Kaiser because without sick people all the people would not get a paycheck! Treat your patients better, Kaiser! Oh and by the way, this is about the 3rd time I have had problems while going to this ER and being ignored and treated in a rude manner!

Not Getting Adequate Medical Care
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GA -- It is now June and I still am unable to most of medicine. I have sent records three times and hand dropped the records off and still no care. I have not had medicine for a disease since December and have recently found out they do not have a doctor who specialized in the disease. I was supposed to have been able to have continuity of care with my own doctor but they rejected this.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, my symptoms are not life threatening but I can tell without the medicine the disease is progressing. I'm told they may hire 1 - Only 1 doctor sometime in the fall. I pay over 1000.00 a month in premiums and I am not getting medical care. I have no idea how to fight this.

Referral to Specialist
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Rating: 5/51

SAN DIEGO -- I am writing this review because I cannot believe all the bad reviews about Kaiser on this site. I have been with Kaiser for over 20 years and have had nothing but good experiences! Fast referral to specialists are so fast the nurse makes the appointment for me before I even leave primary care! Appointments are always within a week or two! All staff members are patient, professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Maybe all of this is only happening for me because I am so wonderful? I doubt it... so for what it is worth I LOVE KAISER AND WILL NEVER SWITCH!

Behavior Health No Way
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I am a nearly 30 year member of Kaiser. I phoned today for the second time to schedule an appointment. No, I plead for an appointment for my young adult child. I drove him to Kaiser two years ago. I waiting about 30 minutes for him. This was when I first was signed of a possible mental health issues. He said, they told him “he did not need treatment."

Today I explained to the nurse, I am a certified Rehabilitation Counselor. I see my son masking a mental illness with drugs, alcohol, over the counter sleep medications and cigarette. He has mental illness. He doesn't see a problem with his behavior. Most mental illnesses are diagnosed in young adults. I was told, he must call and schedule an appointment. We often hear horrifying stories, of family members calling for help.

I called and got him an appointment with a private provider today. The difference is, I pay Kaiser every month. Do they care if my son overdose? My employer take money out of check and paid them every month. THIS WILL BE MY LAST YEAR AS A KAISER MEMBER.

More interested in labeling me a drug seeker!
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Rating: 1/51

FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA -- Moving from So. Ca. was difficult, especially since we would lose our Kaiser Insurance. We had been members for over 10+ yrs. The company my husband was at didn't offer it at that time. In 2014 my private doctor retired and I was left without care. It had taken me quite some time to find the right doctor and now, having a ppo, finding another doctor that wasn't practicing what I call "cookie cutter medicine" was going to be hard. Then that health care business of the government flooded doctors, making it almost impossible. Most were not taking new patients.

I was thrilled when we were finally offered the Kaiser option. My mistake!!! It started out great. I needed refills on the various medicines I took from previous doctor and had them refilled by Kaiser through their call system. I owned a store and was the only person there, so I hadn't had time to find a doctor yet. I had all meds refilled but the pain, and was told I needed to be seen for that refill. Not a problem. Emergency, I found out didn't do that, after talking to as many as 6 or 7 people, even the desk person in emergency. I was very clear about my needs. Okay, strike one, but I understood the reasons.

So, I found a doctor, and made a new patient appointment. When asked why I needed to be seen, I said establish new doctor and pain meds (1st mistake). I was hopeful though. I had my beloved Kaiser back. I went, told her why I was there adding the fact I was moving from a 3000 sq ft. home with three stories and had a deadline. My son and I were only ones who were available to do the moving. Medical issues prevented others from help and one who was full time student. Son was part time with months to go till graduation with bachelor's degree. This was why I was so desperate for help.

One knee is candidate for replacement, other one has damage from injury. I'm almost 60, losing weight, but still heavy and so I was struggling every second. I also had severe pain in my foot, which I had no idea how bad it was till the xray after the visit. So, I relayed this information explaining my time issues as well as the distance I drove for this visit. Well over an hour drive time. The area is very spread out. She spent almost the whole time trying to see if she could trip me up by asking all these questions to see if I was a drug seeker.

Finally after a quick bending of legs and push here and there, told me I had a addictive personality and she would write me a script to bring me down from my old doctor's treatment. I told her no, I was trying to get refilled, but it hadn't been refilled for at least 7 or 8 months ago (2nd mistake. I guess I should of lied and taken the refill. After all I was seeking, according to her). I was refused a prescription for Norco, given those candy pills, Ultrams, but I did get Lidocaine patches. Ok for nerve damage, but not so much on bone pain.

Shocked and feeling lower than dirt at that point, it took me some time to gain my composure and quit crying. She left. I realized she was so determined to find reasons to not help me. She had left giving my foot issue barely a nod. I went into the hall, told her I needed her to look at my foot, and so she reluctantly did, giving me a slip for x-ray and when I asked if it could be done today, she said "Yes", and continued with a smirk saying, "but you won't be seen by anybody today." Okay, at that point, I am upset, outraged, and beginning to feel like I'm slime, looking for drugs wherever I can.

X-ray revealed Achilles tendon pulling my bones in foot up and sideways and my big toe and second toe apart. I snuck a look as it was being x-rayed and I started to cry, because once upon a time I wanted to be an x-ray tech, and I know what a healthy foot looks like and mine looked horrible. After visit to Podiatrist, surgery not option, and if I had continued in way I was, probably wouldn't be able to walk in future. What if I hadn't chased doctor down?

New doctor, same visit requests, same results, no time on my issues, lots of trick questions, but this time I came prepared with my MRI results, doctor's notes, hard copy x-ray of my knee, as well as public notice of sale of house and he refused to look at any of them. Also refused to give me medicines for pain. Oh, I did get refill on Ultrams, but scolded for taking the 4 week supply in 6 weeks time. Putting the warning, must last a month. Wow, that was a slap. But no refill on Lidocaine patches.

Again, I am insulted, slapped mentally, crying uncontrollably. I couldn't believe how I was being treated. This time I think it took me 5 or 10 minutes to compose myself. My son was trying to help and do his last week's intensive school after 5 years. He was almost done, and this? I was heartbroken. I was out of hope. I gave up trying and as a result I lost a third of my personal belongings because the deadline came to move and I wasn't done. I don't know what I left. I try not to think about it. But the anger is there. I agreed to other useless treatments, but only after I moved, as time was precious. Nope, so I was done.

I figured if I changed to a new doctor, my file was flagged, so I didn't. Then lack of exercise, due to pain, I started to put the hard fought weight loss back on. I needed to find help. If I went outside the insurance, it could look like I was seeking, so I filed a grievance at Kaiser. At the end of my story, I find out Kaiser didn't have my previous records, so when the second doctor refused to look at, or even copy my records, refusing me pain medicines, again, it shocked me.

Kaiser was making it so I became bedridden, still full of life, but because I was a "drug addict", I couldn't get help. Refusal to help based on their personal opinion, and not my medical history. This isn't the place I want to entrust with my life. The grievance result came back with a refusal again. Nothing saying "Let's look at your records and then we will see." Nope, just flat out "No". Ultrams are fine they said. There are other treatments like acupuncture, physical therapy, both of which have been proven to move bones and grow cartilage - not... And pain management.

Sure, if they refused me pain medicine based on nothing more than their opinion, I feel so hopeful their other services will be just as helpful. Thanks Kaiser for leaving me so disgusted in your "thrive" message. Cookie cutter medicine. Where are the doctors who aren't afraid to treat patients based on individual situations and circumstances? What happened to those eager med students ready to do no harm?

This woman, who was only doing as she was told needed to be done, has been harmed, to the point of finding alternate methods of keeping the quality of life she deserves. Again, thanks Kaiser for your help. The only way I will "thrive" is to cancel the policy and run for my life, as far away from you as I can.

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Rating: 2/51

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- Around mid-2015 I was referred to Kaiser Podiatrist by my Kaiser Primary. On my first visit with the Podiatrist he said that by looking at my x-rays of my ankle it looked bad. First he wanted to try medication and a tie up ankle support. After a couple weeks I called back and left a message for the Podiatrist saying that my current brace was not helping. When his assistant called back she said that I needed to come into the office and get an ankle support. At this time I told her that I already have the tie up brace, she then asked when got the brace? I told her she gave the brace to me on my first visit.

The podiatrist ordered a fitting for the Arizona brace at a local company. It only took one week to get into the local place for the fitting, but it took multiple phone calls to Kaiser and 6 weeks to get the brace. About 3 months later my medication ran out and using the brace daily I was still in pain. I made a follow up appointment with this doctor. During this appointment the doctor asked why I was still wearing the brace if my ankle was still hurting, I told him because you told me to wear the brace. His comment was "if it doesn't work then why do it." He then said that he wanted to try cortisone injections but he felt the shot would not work.

We also talked about another option if the shot did not work and this was I needed to have my ankle fused. He told me that I would have to drive south to have this procedure done because no one here could perform this procedure. After 4 weeks I sent a message saying I was still in pain. He wanted me to come in and talk about a follow up with another injection or consultation with orthopedist for surgery. After waiting ½ hour the doctor came in and we started talking about my options. He then pulled up my x-rays again and said that my ankle did not look too bad, after telling me on my first visit that my ankle looked bad.

It was at this time I noticed that he starting talking down to me and talking to me as if I were stupid. He told me that I could make an appointment here with a doctor and see if they would perform the surgery but he did not think I would get the surgery, after telling me that no one here could perform the surgery and that I needed surgery. At this time I told him if he wasn't going to refer me to a doctor down south why did you want me to come in and talk about my options, surgery and injection. He also told me that the injection would not work. Because of the way this visit was going and the way he was talking to me I told him this visit was over.

Kaiser Members "Beware"!!!
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA ROSA , CA ., CALIFORNIA -- Please! If you have KAISER, HMO, for a few dollars more you can have an 'PPO'. If, you have serious issues, you need to venture on to a 'PPO'! It's literally a few dollars more. We "WERE" members through his work, and they were taking $40.00 month out of his check.

PPO..... $5.00 more a month! Prescription's 1/2 the cost!!! He went in and, was diagnosed to have hepatitis B, then they fraud gently said he has hepatitis A-C-D-E, and was charging his insurance $100's of thousands of dollars! They had us in there every 3-5 days, we were dropping $20's and $40's like playing the slot machines! Repeating the same test. I kid you not. You know us women.... IF, I DON'T GET AN STRAIGHT ANSWER, LIKE THE STRAIGHT QUESTION I ASKED, then you know, THEY'RE HIM HOLLEN YOU AROUND!!!

And, guess what O.M.G! Proof, it was just that! This the Santa Rosa, Ca. Located at #401 Bicentennial, the main one. Dr. **, his liver doctor, the gastroenterologist dept. O.M.G! Please beware. I had his primary doctor call me, he was like "Hi this is doctor **," I was like "hay! he's not here... he's at work!" He was like, "well you are the one I want to speak with... you're always together! You know... he's very, very, sick!!! He has less than 10 percent liver function, and he can die today or next year." (And, a little more said of the same.)

He's very sick from the hepatitis A-B-C-D-E. And I was already being doubtful. (Now keep in mind we know of the b, and he will out live all of us, not an issue.) Okay I get to the point I knew something was terribly wrong when a botched hernia operation went in with 1, and came out with 6. It was obvious for the need of a second opinion, they refused so we dropped them... and got a PPO and was cheaper (we see who we want, when we want for the same money! You see.... if it's a closed network, that allows them to lie, make up, and create bogus non- existing reports).

We had 4 test done Sutter, Memorial, Santa Rosa Community Clinic, and, UCSF, and O.M.G! It came back NEGATIVE!!! NEGATIVE!!! NEGATIVE!!! Never even came in contact (we all come in contact, 1/2 creates antibody to rid of those diseases, and the other 1/2, has issues). And the B.... he's so low, it's undetectable. That is 1 of 5, serious ongoing medicals procedures, being "ongoing" makes it to be one of the most expensive treatments to treat, because it's "ongoing" beside aids!!! And they charge the insurance up the "WAH- ZOO"!!!

They refused us second opinion, by law you can get a second opinion. They are one network... all one network. He now have "ANTHEM-BLU-CROSS" not the one, just anyone off the street can get. We know that can be pricey!! BUT through your work, of course it's going to be cheaper. You can get it but you to drop KAISER. They will have the option for you to have ANTHEM-BLU-CROSS, among others we liked ANTHEM. We so far LOVE ANTHEM. Kaiser is a poor man's insurance.

But Dr. **, the hernia dept. (he would refuse to see us even if we made an appointment, he would cancel, or do a no show!!!) concerning the 6 hernias that sticks out 10 inches I swear! There was a Dr. **, he popped up from absolutely nowhere and purposely jammed a 3 inch needle into the hernia and smiled like when you say "did it hurt"!! The nurse said "we need to file a complaint on him for his conduct!!" When we tried doing just that, we were told that he did not work there any longer!

Dr. **, primary doctor, he said "I'm sorry I can't get involved in this hernia drama", but urged us to keep asking the right questions!!! All these hernia issues, politics, we said "yeah we know it's a job..." I know we couldn't help but feel for him! Dr. ** - the gastroenterologist dept. Now! You make your decisions, and while you're doing that, don't count on the research on these doctors because they will come up as magnificent brain surgeons, and they cook for the needy... and pay for it all!!! It's ALL a bunch of crap!

As long as they Kaiser keeps their dues to the city/state paid, they can write whatever. REMEMBER IT'S A FREE SPEECH, and it's a network, within a network, so you're not going to find out squat. Here's the real messed up thing from the liver doctor **, she was like "yeah! His "doe doe" is a little high and his "gaga" is a little low" (and if that's all true then the only thing is in question to have done is a biopsy!). But no issue, then no biopsy. Yeah!!! We know now. Please good luck. I pray for you.

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