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Apathetic, irresponsible service. Patient health not a priority.
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Rating: 1/51

We've been with Kaiser for several years and have been generally satisfied with the service until now.

Our family member was having some health problems that required medical attention, so we called his Kaiser doctor for medical advice/set up an appointment. We were told that because the insurance plan does not start until February 1, they could not help us THOUGH WE'VE BEEN WITH KAISER FOR SEVERAL YEARS AND THE PLAN LAPSED ONLY A COUPLE WEEKS AGO. We asked if we could speak with our primary care provider over the phone. Again, they said we would have to wait until February 1 to speak to the family doctor.

Our family member is an elderly patient with a history of stroke and a heart condition. We told the Kaiser representative (and later, member services) that we would like to speak with the primary care provider earlier than February 1 given the patient's medical history. The representative then connected us to member services to see if member services could expedite the activation (again, as a reminder, we had been Kaiser members for several years. Had it not been for Kaiser cancelling the plan, we would not even be in this situation), who repeated the same canned spiel about the February 1 start date. Did not seem to care one bit about the patient's health situation and circumstance, not to mention our concerns. At this point, we're exasperated it's stressful enough worrying about a family member's health, but add the administrative regs on top of it so then we ask then what our options are.

Member services says we can go see another doctor outside of Kaiser to clarify, this would mean FINDING A NEW DOCTOR OUTSIDE OF THE KAISER NETWORK (calling various providers, asking for availability and whether they would take new patients, etc.) WHEN IN FACT THE KAISER PRIMARY PROVIDER HAS/KNOWS ALL OF THE PATIENTS MEDICAL HISTORY. Efficiency here?

We pointed out the great inconvenience and really, utter lack of common sense in the member services rep's recommendation. We pressed on the urgency of the health issue. All we needed was one call with the primary care provider, but Kaiser, due to some strict and unproductive set of regulations, would not budge.

At this point, there was no utility in continuing the conversation. So point-blank, we asked member services, "So do you expect the patient to just drop dead after waiting until February 1?" After a few seconds, they said they would talk to someone, put us on hold for at least several minutes (perhaps longer), and later, the line was disconnected so we did not even get to hear what they had to say.

Had we been brand new members to Kaiser, it would be another story. But we have been dealing with Kaiser network for several years, and the patient has already established a lengthy medical record within Kaiser. On top of that, the patient has a medical history. So for Kaiser to refuse to accommodate and leave the patient with no choice but to either WAIT OUT THE SICKNESS until February 1, or see another doctor outside the network, to us, seemed counterproductive and not at all sympathetic or cognizant of the role and mission of providing medical care to sick patients.
Apathy, laziness, and the "we don't really care because we're following regs and it's not our fault if the patient is unable to receive the proper medical care in due time" puts the interests of the corporation and bureaucracy first before patient care.

I would also add that Kaiser still employs a doctor who has received dismal reviews from multiple patients for her incompetence, condescension, and laziness. Our family member had initially received medical care from Dr. Yu Sung Kim, but switched doctors as Ms. Kim always returned our calls several weeks late (with no apologies, just orders for the patient to take XYZ medication, to set up an appt, etc.), talked over the patient, and was overall an inattentive, poor medical "expert" who really should reconsider why she's in the field to begin with. If you look up her name, you might still be able to see some of the bad reviews from previous/current patients.

Pure disappointment. We are most likely going to cancel or switch out of Kaiser, thanks to our stressful and frustrating experiences with the facility, the providers, and member services.

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Rating: 1/51

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- Who is it? Who would benefit? Who would benefit from taking the “Yellow Copy of a medical information receipt that is a Reprint off & use that receipt to shakedown the Kaiser Member? KAISER & THEIR GOOD BUDDIES it didn't work I plastered my answer to that letter, the letter I was sent ALL over the WORLD WIDE WEB

I have posted several documents on Pissed Consumer they are recent post with documents that continue to disappear.

There was the “Hack Slash Crazy Sword Swinging Skinny Ninja 404, then just “404” now “The Invisible Annihilator! This just takes them off & it's gone through my online Pissed Consumer Account these posts are not there PHOOF! Just the way Kaiser & their Good Buddies like it!

Kaiser has been doing this probably along with their Good Buddies. Reason I know its Kaiser the post & documents (3) that I posted on October 3, 2013 with they “Yellow Medical Information Reprint Receipt” for another Kaiser member along with the letter I had sent Kaiser asking Kaiser why I waited to see a doctor that wasn't there?

These documents were replaced with documents that were never uploaded with the original post. It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure this one out. The “Yellow Reprint Medical Information Receipt” Kaiser needed that receipt to send the letter Dated December 2, 2015 from Kaiser's Regional Compliance & Privacy Office she has titles “CPC, CHC & CHPC.

The letter I received I like to call it “The Shakedown Hippa Fraud Mafia.” The other title I have given this is “Kaiser's Fishing Expedition!” This letter was sent to try & intimidate me & it backfired on Kaiser & their Good Buddies.

You will see what extremes Kaiser will go to along with their “Good Buddies” to make things disappear especially Hippa Breach Violations. You will see this in documents being uploaded.

The latest letter dated December 2, 2015 from Kaiser's Regional Compliance & Privacy Office will show just how far ALL involved will go no matter how bad they sound on paper to make evidence disappear.
This letter from Kaiser's CPC, CHC & CHPC shows just that. This letter was the LAST STRAW for me so I emailed the OCR HHS & DMHC & informed them they "Better control Kaiser because I have had it!

After that I posted some of the documents on websites for consumers. Four of those posts along with the documents are gone "PHOOF" just the way Kaiser likes to do business.

The titles I gave these posts were "Kaiser's Hippa Fraud Violation Mafia" & "Kaiser's Shake Down Letter". I posted these online again it seems that the Regional Compliance & Privacy Office & the CPC, CHC & CHPC can't read or retain what they read so "I'm going to post it again!" I have informed Kaiser many times if they can't answer the questions honestly & correctly DO NO ANSWER THEM AT ALL!

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Rating: 1/51

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I'm attaching several documents about what happened on January 19, 2012.

That “Elusive Phantom” turned “Skinny Sword Swinging Slash Hack Crazy Ninja 404” turned“404” has an insatiable appetite for “Slashing” & “Hacking” through whole posts & going into personal accounts trying to make this “MESS” go away.

It will never go away & I have many copies already to “Plaster” on the World Wide Web when this “Elusive Phantom” strikes again.

The same documents that have been “Hacked & Slashed” by the “Sword Swinging Skinny Ninja 404” will be replaced with the documents that have been taken off. I have made many copies & will post the same material as long as it continues.

Kaiser's threats & Good Buddies have NO IDEA of what I have & when necessary I will use those “Aces” as I have so far.

I have had SO much FUN over the years with what Kaiser has done along with their “Good Buddies” that I can hardly stand it. Now its Kaiser & their “Good Buddies” that are going to have lots of fun!!!!!!

This type of CORRUPTION needs to stop & if I didn't pay attention to every little detail that has happened from the events on January 19, 2012 up to this day February 3, 2016 I would be very confused & I would even have a hard time following this “God only Knows What Mess” this ONE LIE has turned into & it is still growing how big your guess is as good as mine.

Kaiser has tampered with & removed evidence about what happened on January 19, 2012 & continues to this day February 3, 2016.

They have to go to the World Wide Web & piece together documents that have been taken out by their “Elusive Phantom”, “Slash Hack Crazy Sword Swinging Skinny Ninja 404” to just the number “404” & now “The Invisible Annihilator.”

This is what happens when lies & documents disappear that may implicate how deep Kaiser along with their “Good Buddies” are involved.

The one thing that is not a document is “THE CLOCK ON THE WALL” this will do them in & it disappeared in January 2012. All this “Clock” did to make history was hang on the wall in the Orthopedic Department in Fremont California Kaiser Ohlone Building & do nothing but tell time since the early 1980's up until its demise in January 2012 when it was “Slashed & Hacked” by the “Crazy Sword Swinging Skinny Ninja 404.

There is a NEW character in “The Mix” now it's the “INVISIBLE WHO KNOWS WHAT” that is taking out whole posts along with documents that have Kaiser & their “Good Buddies” mentioned.

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Rating: 1/51

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I will be posting a copy of a letter that I received from Kaiser's Regional Compliance & Privacy Office CPC CHC CHPC.

I call this letter a "Shake Down" & "Fishing Expedition”. Kaiser Permanente in Fremont California made me sit for an appointment they had canceled to cover up all the "Hippa Breach Violations" that happened on January 19, 2012.

They have gone into my Supposedly Secure Kaiser Membership Account & "Deleted" both months January & February 2012 & only "Hippa Breach Violations” were "Deleted" for the month of March 2012.

I'm attaching the letter from "Kaiser's Regional Compliance & Privacy Office NCAL. When this all started there was the FIRST STORY that FIRST STORY has now turned into TWO STORIES & the TWO STORIES have turned into THREE STORIES now.


This letter from Kaiser will show you just how far Kaiser is willing to go to cover their "Posterior". This is STORY is the new number THREE STORIES.

The letter is the first official letter I have received from Kaiser trying to "Intimidate Me" with all the fancy titles. It doesn't work for me I'm not intimidated one bit for many reasons.

Since the "Original Story" Kaiser is just grasping at straws most of the "Evidence" is gone like it never happened. Problem here I have EVERYTHING from January 19, 2012 to December 24, 2012.

So Kaiser's Shake Down Letter won't work on me!!!!! All of this because of ONE BIG FAT LIE on January 19, 2012! Kaiser has even gone so far as to ask to come to my house to get this "RECEIPT” they think I have.


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Rating: 1/51

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I found out back in January 16, 2015 this year why I never got to see the doctor in Fremont California on the 19th of January 2012. Kaiser had canceled it to COVER UP the several "Hippa Breach Violations" that day when I received another "Kaiser Members Medical Information Receipt" which was a "Reprint" that means someone else registered for that Kaiser Member before that Kaiser Member registered.

When I asked for mine it too was a "Reprint" I argued with the Receptionist about my copay being only $40.00 yet had to pay $45.00. The Kaiser Members "Reprint" I received their copay was $20.00 & there were 35 Reprints from mine to this other members.

In February 2012 when I went to see the doctor I didn't get to see January 19,2012 sat from 2:14 pm to 2:55 pm told I could go to Union City to see my doctor the "Clock" that has been on the wall since the 1980's was GONE that is the clock I went by when I sat for an appointment Kaiser had canceled to cover up the several "Hippa Breach Violations" that day. They used me to commit Fraud by making me to set for an appointment they had canceled can you believe this?

I found out January 16, 2015 why my appointment was canceled that day turns out I had THREE Different Doctor Appointments, in THREE Different Places, THREE Different Practices ALL ON THE SAME DAY & THE SAME TIME.

The OCR HHS & DMHC knew all the way up to May of 2015 about everything that has happened since January 19,2012 when someone stole my identity, tried to get services on my Kaiser Membership Card filed taxes etc., etc. basically turned my life upside down & inside out!

They only stepped in when I posted the documents showing the THREE DIFFERENT DOCTORS bit late with all that has happened anyway they can't open this again closed all appeals its in their own letters.

I also found out when I went into my Kaiser Membership Secure Online Account that ALL the "Hippa Breach Violation" emails I filed in January, February & part of March 2012 were GONE! When they disappeared I have NO IDEA! All I know is when I found out about the Three doctors I went to look at my emails that is when I found out they were GONE!!!!!!

Kaiser has "Stonewalled" me to death along with our great & wonderful OCR HHS & DMHC help. So I'm taking this to the people as an "FYI" so they can read the documents & make up their own minds.

Hope you have better luck then I did.

A Dog Gets Better Treatment
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Rating: 1/51

BALDWIN PARK AND OTHER LOCATIONS, CALIFORNIA -- I was impressed with Kaiser for many years, but now I need their services more than ever, and the truth about Kaiser reveals itself.

The customer service and the nurses are overall professional, but I'm not impressed with the doctors there.

I've been having the very same problem for months but none of the doctors are able to give me a diagnosis because they don't listen. I said I had something in my eye constantly, and my primary doctor didn't even look what's inside my eye. I tried to show doctors my rashes and bites on my skin, they don't look/examine.

My primary doctor said I've allergy, but the allergy doctor said I don't have allergy. I asked my primary doctor to let me see dermatologist and he got mad at me. When I got to see a dermatologist, he just made his conclusion that I don't have a problem without really looking at me.

I'm still sick after months of visiting doctors at Kaiser. I don't know what cause the sickness and no doctors there can/want to tell me. A nurse there whispered to me said I should ask my primary doctor to refer me to infectious disease specialist, but when I asked him he refused. When I emailed him the pictures of my skin condition, he doesn't even reply my email.

At the end, I turned to urgent care and emergency, Doctor at urgent care prescribed inhaler to me when I was there for unknown rashes and bites. The doctor at emergency was just plain rude and offered no help. Yet, I was billed for $800 for the emergency visit.

In my last attempt, I switched to another primary doctor in hope that I would get a proper diagnosis this time, but this time the doctor simply said to me: "I can't help you". I guess he was at least being honest about how clueless he is.

Kaiser doctors are very disappointing. When you're healthy, they want you to do all kinds of body checks so they can take money from you. When you are sick, they just want you to keep paying those co-payments and prescribed non-related medicines. They don't really resolve anything. At the end, when you question why nothing is being cured, they just ignore you.

In summary, If you're healthy you don't need Kaiser. If you're sick, Kaiser won't help you. ***STAY AWAY FROM KAISER IF YOU CAN***

Awful So Far (After a Month)
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Rating: 1/51

KAISER PERMANENTE, VIRGINIA -- It's 2020. I'm 26 and my spouse's employee insurance changed to Kaiser. The transfer has been awful. They don't cover most the medications I'm on and one of the most important medication for pain they won't cover so it costs nearing 400 dollars and insurance won't cover any amount of the cost. I've been on this medication for a long time now. I'm having tons of pain and suffering. Been to 3 doctors who will do nothing to help in this regard. It's upsetting to say the least. I guess my life just doesn't matter... I want to be the best mom I can be not just lie in bed in agony all day but that's what you get for having Kaiser. Anyone considering it and you have a choice, don't get Kaiser, your very well being may be in jeopardy.

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Rating: 1/51

WALNUT CREEK, CALIFORNIA -- As a patient, Kaiser doctors couldn't, or wouldn't, diagnose my malformed heart valve, 2 hernias, or a torn ACL despite already having an MRI which proved it was torn. As a paramedic, I could only watch Kaiser kick a patient out of the ER, only to run a code blue on that patient an hour or two later. You can't sue Kaiser if they mistreat, or refuse to treat you. Unless you die, or can prove their negligence led to multiple cardiac arrests, while they call you an anxiety patient. They suck and should be put out of business by healthcare regulators. Except they probably use most of your money to pay off regulators, and advertise for new customers.

Kaiser Failed to Treat My Respiratory Problem
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Went to Kaiser's Urgent Care clinic. Was told that I had lingering respiratory problems due to past cold. I requested antibiotics and doctor refused. Only gave me inhalers for asthma. A week later I see my primary care doctor at 2238 Geary Blvd and was told the same thing. He wouldn't provide antibiotics and I had allergies and maybe asthma. A few days go by and coughing gets worse! I call back fuming and told off nurse and said I was going to clinic to get antibiotics and finally she gave me phone appointment with a doctor.

So when this doctor called me back he did approve an antibiotic and said it was a sinus infection. Then he proceeds to tell me my doctor was well trusted in the infectious disease field covering his **. I'm leaving Kaiser! They suck! I hope every state and Federal regulators read this post. The Antibiotic is working. This could have been worsened if I didn't get antibiotics! KAISER PERMANENTE IS A BANDAID INSURANCE PLAN ON A GAPING WOUND!

Drug Addiction
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ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- This story is very hard to get across in words how tragic and desperate we felt but I will try. Two years ago my son was in his 2nd year of college. He developed a drug problem. We had no idea how bad it was and what to do about it. We expected to get guidance from our health care professionals at Kaiser. After all, that is what we have insurance for.

When our son came home after the second year was over, thru various and horrible ways we found out he was abusing drugs. He agreed he had a problem and wanted help. We turned to Kaiser Addiction medicine. They put him in outpatient rehab. We felt that maybe he needed more but we had never dealt with this and did not question their “knowledge”. He attended most meetings, he did miss a few, but he drove himself to and from the meetings on his own. He wanted to be sober.

After a couple of weeks, my husband and I found him unconscious and barely breathing. It was latterly the worst moment of our life. My husband performed CPR until the 911 responders arrived. They shot him in the heart with something to make his heart beat again and start breathing. He was taken to the closest hospital, not a Kaiser hospital. He was there for about 8 hours. The doctor there told us that he needed more treatment than he was getting and he has a serious problem.

When he was stable enough, they moved him to a Kaiser hospital where he stayed for about another 24 hours. We were told he was ok to go home with us. A big red flag went off in both our heads and we knew this was not right. We asked if any psychiatrist had seen him and they said no. We insisted he talk to someone before he left. They called someone in and she had about a 2-minute conversation with him and said "ok he is free to go." Just make an appointment with the addiction doctor. Once again, we did.

The next day my husband took him to the “addiction specialist” (HAHA) and told him what happened and how close to death my son was. The doctor then said something that to this day is unbelievable, he said to my husband AND my son in the same room that death was nothing to him, they deal with it every day and that my son should quit smoking cigarettes. Then he said to our son that he should attend Kaiser's outpatient rehab that meets every day for two weeks. My husband tried to get him into inpatient but the doctor said no. My son at this point was frustrated because he knew what he was doing was not working but we really did not have a choice.

He attended the meetings again, he did miss some. He was a 19-year-old drug addict. But he did attend classes and had us go to classes as well. He was trying. Then, about a week and a half into the everyday rehab, the second overdose happened. Again 911 responders came and gave him something to wake him up. This time he was taken to a Kaiser hospital where he stayed for about 3 or 4 hours then was released. At this point his father and I were begging the doctor to put him into an inpatient rehab. The emergency doctor told us is was not that easy and sent us on our way. My son was still showing effects of being on drugs. It was horrible.

We knew something had to be done and it was up to us. We immediately made plans for my husband to take our son out of state to clean up and get away from the bad habits he had fallen into. They were leaving the next day and it was my job while they were gone to work things out with Kaiser and get him into an inpatient facility that he needed. Our son agreed. He knew he needed help and he felt he was not getting it. He was very discouraged.

They left and the next three days were spent on the phone with Kaiser talking to anyone who would listen and could make the decision to get him into inpatient facility. I kept hearing No and no approval never came. They said the reason was he lacked motivation and missed some outpatient meetings. Well, he is a 19 year old boy addicted to heroin. But the kid CLEARLY is crying out for help. I had some really amazing conversations with the Kaiser doctors. They are completely incompetent when it came to addiction and mental health issues. We were on our own. We are not rich and that leads to a whole different story (

I was blessed enough to find a wonderful place where he attended inpatient rehab for 3 months. He had to learn a lot of things to live a clean and sober life. He got the treatment he needed. He needed daily follow-up care for 9 months. At this young age, they do not have the skills or wisdom to stay on the right track without help. So we did what we had to do to get our son healthy and on his way to a happy, healthy life. I am proud to say he is sober today and has earned himself his personal trainer certification and has a job he likes. We are so happy to have our son back.

No thanks to Kaiser. We submitted all our bills to them and they declined to reimburse us. They said it was because we did not use a Kaiser facility. Well it does not make sense. We tried to go to a Kaiser facility, they said no NUMEROUS times. They gave a different reason. But now, they give us a different reason again. There were so many rude comments and inconsistencies from Kaiser. They just did not care.

When the doctor told my husband and son his little death explanation, I immediately filed a complaint against him. I feel that from then on out he truly did not care what happened to my son and went out of his way to make treating him as difficult as possible. The only thing I could find on this guy was that before Kaiser, he was a family practitioner. Normally, addiction specialists are trained in mental health issues. He was a family practice doctor. He exacted his retribution on us to the tune of the cost of rehab for about a year. Kaiser never paid. We tried to get a lawyer but nobody would take our piddly little case.

It is my opinion that Kaiser does not have its own facility and they would have to pay someone else to treat my son. That is why he was not treated by Kaiser. By sharing our story, it is my hope that you will share this with as many people as possible. Eventually, if enough people who have had similar problems stand up to the health care industry, in particular Kaiser Permanente, there is a hope of changing the way doctors and health care workers deal with and treat an addiction problem.

No person or family should ever have to be treated as we were and struggle to pay bills when we pay for health insurance. The patients' needs should dictate the treatment, not the cost to the insurance company. My son is happy and healthy today and I thank God and pray to him to keep him that way. Thank you for your time.

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