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Pool Peace Of Mind
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- We bought a house with a pool in south Texas 2 years ago, and at the time had children aged and 3. I was having nightmares about pool safety and visions of acrobatic children leaping over pool fences. I discovered the Katchakid website, and their amazing safety statistics.

There was no Katchakid dealer where we lived, so we ordered the "do it yourself" kit. My handy husband and his dad spent more than a day of rather intense labor installing the thing (it required serious physical strength, as well as being really handy), so we were hoping it would be worth it. We have had COMPLETE peace of mind with the Katchakid net, while the kids play outside and at parties with multiple children. Kids dangle their feet through the holes of the net safely, and little children have climbed on the edge of the net and have easily been able to get off. Our friends love it, and feel comfortable that we have the net when their kids come to play.

We would use our pool more if we didn't have the net on.. it takes us 5ish minutes to get the net off, and around 10 to put it back on. I'm a 34 year old woman, and can easily remove/ replace the net by myself (although it's easier and faster with help!) But, for the next couple of years, we definitely feel that the slight hassle is worth it.

This week, the string that tightens our 2 year old Katchakid broke while we were applying the net. I called Katchakid and they are immediately sending out a replacement part that I will receive this same week at no cost. I can't remember the last time I received customer service this impeccable! Basically, we have been thrilled with the Katchakid net and the safety it provides, and applaud the customer service experience we have had with them.

Quality of company installation service
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Purchased Katchaleaf pool cover for my pool in the Houston, Texas area and had the necessary fittings installed this past week. The fittings installed look correct, but the crew installing the fittings left me problems. The plastic bags holding the fittings were left all around my pool area. Their food and drink containers were left around the pool area, as well. But, the worst offense was breaking out about 8 pieces of coping decoration tile on my spa wall.

My pool/ spa is about 10 years old and have never had any tile fall off. Their response was they didn't do it, but they also weren't responsible for any damages incurred. They said they didn't go anywhere near the damaged spa tiles. The tiles knocked off are 15 inches away from the closest fitting installed.

They said they didn't go anywhere near the spa, although numerous fittings were installed (necessarily so) in the spa brick facing. All the spa jets were unscrewed and left off on the ground around the spa. 2 unscrewed jets are missing. One of the workers removed his shoes and placed his shoes in the yard to dry. BUT, they didn't go anywhere near the spa.

Anyone in the service industry knows what you haul in, you haul off. What you remove, you replace/reinstall when you're done. Have not received my pool cover yet. Can only hope the quality of the product is totally different than the installation service - which was totally unappreciated and unprofessional. The tiles knocked off are something I can and will repair. If they came loose in the natural course of their install, they should have brought it to our attention, INSTEAD of hurrying off with the 2 spa jets in their pocket and the drying shoes in their truck.

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