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KitchenAid KEBS277BSS Does Not Work
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Rating: 2/51

SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought this KitchenAid product in September and it has NOT worked since it was installed. I had a professional install it and tried to bake with it and it did NOT bake my dish. This product was purchased from a Sears Outlet store. The first time I had the technician come out he said nothing was wrong with the product.

After I discovered the issue, I have had technicians come out 3 other times and I have another appointment scheduled for after Thanksgiving. When speaking to the KitchenAid and Sears Customer service and asking them to replace this oven they stated that they will NOT replace the product no matter how many times they come out to fix it. I was explaining what was going on with the upper oven and the lady on the phone said that it was a simple calibration problem that I can do myself and if they someone come out they would charge me (after I have had a technician out 4 times).

I calibrated the oven and the temperature still drops about 30 degrees. Sears has already replaced the control panel and has ordered some more parts for the lower oven. Currently, my upper oven does not bake things thoroughly and my lower oven burns everything in a quarter of the time it takes to bake the dish. Example I baked cupcakes and they were in the oven 2 minutes and were burnt. I DO NOT recommend this product or any KitchenAid product. KitchenAid DOES NOT stand behind their product.

Burner Failure 720-0745A Freestanding Outdoor Grill
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Rating: 1/51

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- I purchased this grill approximately 6 months ago at Lowe's. The grill has worked pretty well until approximately 2 weeks ago when the burners started to fail. I can turn 3 burners on with no problem, but when I ignite the 4th burner all the flames on all four burners get so low you can barely see them and the grill will not get above 250 degrees.

Additionally, the searer will not light if more than 2 burners are ignited at the same time. I have performed all of the recommended troubleshooting solution provided in the owner's manual to no avail. This grill was very expensive and I am very unhappy with Kitchen Aid. I contacted them by telephone and was transferred to 3 different departments, all who said they could not locate model number in their system. After being placed on hold the 4 time I simply hung up out of frustration. Will never purchase another Kitchen Aid product.

Burner Failure in Outdoor Grill
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Rating: 1/51

CHINO, CALIFORNIA -- The rotisserie burner failed to light on this $799 grill I purchased at Lowe's. Because I did not discover the failure within 30 days, Lowe's has refused to consider my problem. Five phone calls to Kitchenaid aka Nexgrill Industries have resulted in an over-the-phone diagnosis that there is a faulty gas valve. The one year warranty only requires Kitchenaid to supply the part. It is my responsibility to have it installed. I have owned about six outdoor grills in my lifetime and I have never had a problem. None of those previous grills cost more than 50% what I paid for this Kitchenaid grill. Buyer beware!

Defective Merchandise
By -

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I have had my KitchenAid double oven for two years and since I don't use the bottom one often I have never had to use the self-clean function. I used the oven the holidays and turned on the cleaner for the first time on Thursday, December 29th and an hour later the interior door shattered. Pieces of hot glass came out of the bottom and scorched my hard wood floors. KitchenAid says I didn't have the extended warranty so I had to buy the extended warranty for $307.00 in order for them to send someone out.

I believe this is a manufacturer's defect since the self-cleaning function had NEVER been used before. I posted my concern on KitchenAid's Facebook page and received a message to send my contact information to a specific email address and someone would contact me. Then they took my post down. No one has contacted me.

Today when the repair person showed up he had not been informed about what had happened and he didn't have what was needed to repair the oven. I received a call later today that it was on back order. How many ovens does KitchenAid have blowing up? I have over $10,000 worth of KitchenAid products in my Kitchen that are two years old or less. I want my $307.00 returned and I want my oven repaired or replaced.

Quality of KitchenAid Compactor
By -

I purchased a high end stainless steel KitchenAid Trash Compactor, Model Number KUC503FT550, Serial Number SY0371126, on June 21, 2009. In October 2010, 16 months after purchase date and 4 months after one year warranty expired, my trash compactor broke. I live alone and the compactor does not receive high use. After dealing with KitchenAid and having them set up a service call, the vendor never showed. I set up a service call with the vendor I purchased the Compactor from.

After reviewing the compactor, I was told that the "Plastic" Main Drive Gear broke and would need to be replaced. KitchenAid was only willing to give me a 10% discount on the part but I had to pay for the service call and shipping. Three months later to the date, my compactor has broken once again. I have talked to KitchenAid today and was told that they do not have a Lemon recall program, no recall on it nor would they replace the compactor which is not two years old yet. My service representative is on his way to try to fix it for the second time in less than two years. Do I have to replace the plastic Main Drive gear every three months?

After dealing with KitchenAid, which I thought was a reputable company, I would not recommend purchasing a trash compactor from them or for that matter, any appliance from KitchenAid because, in this circumstance, KitchenAid does not stand behind their merchandise. This compactor cost $1,000. I wish I had a compactor that worked so that I could trash this one.

KitchenAid - Terrible Refrigerator
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We built a new home two years ago. We thought that we were splurging when we installed all new KitchenAid appliances (counter depth fridge, dishwasher, built-in oven and microwave and 6 burner gas stove). Within one week of installation, the freezer completely froze up and the water/ice maker didn't work. The store through which we purchased the appliance had to order a new door to fix the problem (this was after 3 service calls to figure out what the problem was).

We waited 4 weeks for the door. They ordered the wrong door. Waited 4 more weeks (and talked them into a loaner fridge for the garage). When the service repairman installed the door, the stainless was completely scratched up! We had to talk them into ordering ANOTHER door!

In the meantime, we begged Kitchen Aid for a replacement fridge, convinced that this fridge was a lemon - no luck dealing with them. In fact they were extremely hateful on the phone. We gave up. Needless to say, upon finally getting the replacement door for the fridge (it works, but the door and ice maker area is again scratched). Kitchen Aid did nothing to compensate us for our time or trouble.

We are stuck with a fridge that looks awful. Even the vegetable drawer gets in the way of the other door and scratches it every time we open it. And to add insult to injury, our digital reading had gone out on our built-in microwave after about 6 months of use. I will never purchase anything that has a KitchenAid logo on it - EVER!

Kitchenaid Unrepairs
By -

I purchased a KITCHENAID built-in convection oven/microwave (KEMS308SSS) and a SXS counter depth fridge (KSCS25FTMK02) (1/29/09) from a store in Kelowna, BC. They were sold to me as new. The store has since gone out of business. When I contacted Kitchenaid (3/31/10) to repair my oven/microwave combo, as there is an error code on my microwave (F6EO), I talked to Tammy and explained my situation. She then contacted her supervisor and assured me that under warranty they would repair and replace all parts. The repairman came out (4/13/10) and then called to tell me that Kitchenaid would NOT cover anything.

I called Kitchenaid (4/14/10) to find out what was going on and they tell me that they will NOT cover any repairs, because that the store I bought from was NOT an authorized dealer. Is this what they call buyer beware? So, I now have a $4000 oven/micro that is going to cost me at least $1000 to repair (according to the repairman) and a SXS counter depth fridge that if it breaks down I also have to cover all costs. Do I have a leg to stand on? Very frustrating as ALL my appliances are Kitchenaid. Took me 30 years to do renos on my kitchen and it looks beautiful, just can't use my oven/micro. So much for stepping up to the plate and buying expensive appliances.

Resolution Update 07/22/2010:

After posting my complaint, KitchenAid contacted me. They have repaired my unit and administered full warranty on all my aplliances. I am very pleased that they have chosen to stand behind their appliances. I LOVE my kitchen!!

KitchenAid Trash Compactors -- Unreliability
By -

We purchased a highly recommended KitchenAid trash compactor (Model KUCS03FTPAO) less than two years ago. It receives easy use -- only paper and plastic, with no cans, etc. We just had a cheap, foreign made gear pulley replaced at a cost of $112.80. The pulley had literally broken in half and our repairman told us the replacement part, despite numerous consumer complaints, was made from the same mold as the original. For that reason, he tells us we can expect this one to break within the next year or two. Consumers need to be aware that, based on our experience, KitchenAid compactors have become grossly overpriced and unreliable.

Thank heavens we had the good sense to purchase a different manufacturer's dishwasher rather than accept our salesman's recommendation on a supposedly top of the line KitchenAid product. This part should be recalled by KitchenAid and replaced with something with reasonable reliability. KitchenAid has made a cost vs. profit choice here, and we consumers are paying the price. This is the last KitchenAid product we will purchase and, if what we are told -- that it is actually made by Whirlpool -- turns out to be true, we won't be purchasing Whirlpool again either.

KitchenAid - WOW! What Service!
By -

"You get what you pay for" is a line I like to use often on this site. Recently, KitchenAid reinforced this idea with their superb customer service. All of my countertop appliances are KitchenAid Pro-Line satin nickel or stainless steel - waffle maker, toaster, blender, stand mixer, espresso make, coffee mill, and coffee maker. Recently, our pro line coffee maker began to stop brewing coffee - we'd only get 4-6 cups before we received the E2 error. We called two weekends ago and they said it needed a good descaling so we took a day and ran the descaling process several times. Didn't work.

So I got online Sunday, went to the KitchenAid website, used the 'chat live' feature and told the tech that the descaling didn't resolve the problem and we would like to send our coffee maker in for service. She informed me that they do not service the satin nickel coffee maker anymore BUT would be happy to replace our unit with a black pro-line coffee maker, free of charge!

Now, I've had this coffee maker for at least two years, if not more. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised today when the replacement unit arrived on my front porch. Sure, this coffee maker is about $200 new, but with this kind of service, you DEFINITELY get what you pay for... KitchenAid is my brand now... We were on the fence on whether to put Kenmore Elite major appliances or KitchenAid in our new home - this sealed the deal! Great job, KA!

Beware KitchenAid Trash Compactors, Piece Of Junk!!!
By -

We paid $876.00 on 1.29.09 for a new KitchenAid trash compactor and installed it about a week later. There have been several times that this unit has frozen up but it has continued to work until 10.18.09 when it froze while running, causing us to have to remove it and unplug the motor.

Our repairman today said the plastic drive gear is completely fractured into two pieces and must be replaced!!! This unit has only been used in our home for 8 1/2 months and already the gear drive is broken!!! This compactor is a piece of junk. Beware this brand of compactor as it will not last. I will now have to spend money to buy a new gear as I want this repaired as soon as possible. Avoid KitchenAid trash compactors as they are sorry. I wish I had never made this purchase. Beware this brand as they are totally junk!!!!

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