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Kolbe Windows and Doors Disappointing
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We had Kolbe Windows installed about 5 years ago in a very large 3 family home. It was one of the companies approved by our historic district. I was very disappointed to find that some of the rubber tubing that seals the space between the two windows has started to sag. In one window the glue appeared to dry up and it fell out. When the windows were first installed, we had difficulty with a side contraption that was supposed to help the window stay up.

I called a representative from the company that sold us the windows because the part was supposed to be under warranty (this was three years ago -- he never returned or mailed us the part as promised. My husband ended up rigging the window so that it would work).

Even if this distributor is responsible for this particular issue and not Kolbe, we've had other problems with the windows themselves. We have a single line dividing the top panel of each window (One line is inside the window, the other is outside, painted green by the factory). I recently found one of these green lines in our garden, and four glass panels (only two windows) imploded this past winter, which we now have to repair. They were beautiful items when first installed, and we were so excited to have flashy new, energy efficient windows in our historic multi family.

But now I wish we'd opted for Pella, or some other brand. For the price, the quality is dubious, and I feel trapped. It feels as if the windows just started to fall apart over the years. I don't know what this winter will bring, but I hope this review helps someone avoid our frustrations.

Kolbe Windows and Doors Overrated, Expensive
By -

We ordered Kolbe windows and doors for a new house and had a terrible experience from start to finish. We had chosen to use them because they made a window of a particular size and shape that we needed and that no other company made. Once we placed the order, the distributor made many mistakes in the window sizes and kept changing the information on availability of certain sizes.

Neither the distributor nor the company could accurately answer questions about specifications, and an order that was supposed to be delivered in 8 weeks took over 6 months! One window still arrived the wrong size, and we replaced it with a Marvin rather than wait for another Kolbe. We should have used Marvin in the first place - much faster, cheaper, and friendlier. Customer service at Kolbe was just appalling throughout.

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