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Horrible craftsmanship and horrible customer service
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Rating: 1/51

WINCHESTER, CALIFORNIA -- I went with Lennar for the location in Winchester. We walked through the models and were very happy with the quality, so we thought. Once we went through choosing our lot, colors and so forth, we found out quickly that Lennar's quality of workmanship is at the bottom of home builders.

Once the framing started to go up we would spend every weekend going out to look at our future home. Modelo cans inside and outside of the home, trash everywhere. When we brought this to Lennar's attention, we thought Lennar would take a professional approach to this issue.

The following 4 weekends in a row we found more beer cans and beer bottles on the property. When we went for our first walkthrough with the superintendent there was a modelo beer can sitting on the stack of drywall in the home. The superintendent made a joke about us wanting a beer. Very unprofessional. Once we had our first of two final walkthroughs, the Project Manager went through with us to look over every aspect of the home. We pointed out defects and applied blue/red tape to all areas. They had one week to finalize all defects. On our final walkthrough, there was practically nothing finished. After moving in we still had the same defects and the tape was removed.

The one year warranty process is a complete joke. The project manager Robert is a complete joke as well. In speaking to Robert and explaining some of the issues, he's very defensive and makes you feel like an idiot. Instead of saying "ok we will send someone out and make it right", he wants to argue and tell you that you are wrong. He was upset because we told a couple contractors to leave because they had the wrong color paint. So, we are suppose to keep allowing the provided contractors make our home very colorful? And trust me, we are not the only family in our neighborhood that's had an issue. There's issues posted all over the Winchester Ranch FB page.

People talk, people ask because these people actually care about their homes. Too bad Lennar doesn't have the pride and compassion like these good people in our neighborhood. We've put numerous work orders in and "EVERY SINGLE" time a so called contractor arrives they have no clue what to do. We've had painters show up with the wrong color paint and actually painted the wrong color on the outside of our home twice. The door knob for our door coming in from the garage was never keyed alike to the other doors. We had the door knob replaced and still not keyed alike to the other doors.

The door frame was also not re-painted and still has patch marks on it. The contractor left dirt smudges on the door. We've had painters come in to touch up behind a few of the light switches and outlet covers because the original contractors installed the covers while the paint was wet. We have nails, trash, stucco and other BS that was buried under the mulch in the front yard. The windows installed in 3 areas don't close correctly due to installation. We have to push the window out to close properly.

We have one outlet in the garage that has a j-box that's not secured. I tried plugging in an extension cord and the outlet pushed in, the cover shattered and shocked myself. The electrical boxes for ceiling fan installations are not flush with the ceiling. I had (23) outlets/switch covers that had huge gaps in them before we moved in. They filled the gaps, but installed all the covers while the paint was wet.

The list goes on and on. I will not be referring Lennar to ANYONE! The craftsmanship is poor quality, quality control is terrible, warranty work is horrible, contractors are the low end of the workforce and the customer service needs major help. Lennar need to understand what's going on out there in these communities.

Lennar = A Lie
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- After waiting almost a year for the house to be built, noticed flooding and water flow issues from uphill 10 days after moving in. After 13 months, noticed foundation issues. We now have differential foundation settling, sloped and bulging floors, improper grading, soil erosion, cracked drywall, an 11 foot retaining wall is a state of failure... Lennar blatantly disregarded the certified engineer's specifications, water flowing under the house. It's been a nightmare. Lennar claims to have taken responsibility but has failed to remedy any of these issues... It's been three years. We now have an attorney. There's simply too much to discuss here. Please visit a site my wife and I developed to get the word out...**... There's a lot there, pictures, videos, engineering reports. RUN FROM LENNAR.

Worst Customer Service/Inaccurate Information
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Rating: 1/51

CONVERSE, TEXAS -- No internet, cable or telephone access and has been over a year. All management and sales representatives were oblivious to what is occurring and blame the builders and then the providers. It's all he said she said situations and nobody is on the same page. Loss of jobs have occurred from residents in my area and soon to be me. The lack of customer care is non-existent with this company and I will be posting a negative review on all reviews site I can find for this builder. Do not finance/purchase with Lennar, unless you want headaches and broken items within your home the first month of residing like I have had. PS. Do not bother escalating to corporate, they won't do anything either sadly.

Lost My EMD
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Rating: 1/51

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA -- Signed a contract for purchase of new townhouse on 3/10/20 with financing contingency. I could not qualify for a mortgage due to Covid related job loss thru their primary and secondary mortgage lender and notified Lennar within the stipulated timeframes however Lennar refused to refund my $5k EARNEST MONEY. THEY ARE CROOKS and big bullies. Don't do business with this company.

Poor Time Estimates, Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- The sales staff was confident and assured us of the timeframe for completion. But they were aggressive about signing the without an attorney reviewing the contract. When the builder failed to obtain permits and the delay went nearly 2 months past the estimate, they told us that they have up to 2 years and and are still inside their obligations. The contract specifies that my client would be expected to pay $100/day if he were to delay the closing even one day.

The contracts are overwhelmingly slanted to protect Lennar and give individuals little recourse when they are negligent. They did not apologize or make any offer to compensate my client for the gross change in completion that will delay his move to Texas. I contacted the corporate headquarters and they called and assured me that this experience was not what they expect. They said they would contact my client and make it right. That was on January 13th. They still have not contacted my client.

My Experience Is 000000
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Rating: 1/51

HOMESTAD, FLORIDA -- Good afternoon, hase July 31, 2016 buy a property in Artesa LENNAR. I was duped by salespeople who sold me a lot for $25,000 more to locate the house on the lake. I did not want neighbors who saw to my yard. I was told that only would leave a easement for maintenance of the lake. Never told me that this is public and unless it is a dog park. I'm construction pool. I have no privacy. Have neighbors taking picture on my property offending my family. I'm getting complaints, resolved nothing Vesta Association. I went to Lennar and nothing. I presented evidence, nothing. I determined to put my house on sale. They are liars and...

They Lie and Mislead You
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Rating: 2/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Thanks a lot for the big disappointment and destroying someone's dreams in finally being able of owning a home!! Be careful with Lennar. They can be deceiving and they lie!!! Went to look at their houses in some of their communities because was told upfront that qualify/was approved for a house until certain amount. Because of that ended up looking at those houses that meet the amount.

After choosing a house, picking up the colors of the house, cabinets, floors, etc… contract was done, signed and everything. Even the down payment was given in which check was cashed already. This house is one that is currently being built and has a finish scheduled date in August.

Today after meeting with a different loan officer that was assigned to was told that no longer qualify. From the time that originally was told that was approved until today (5/26/13) nothing has changed in the credit report to reflect nothing negative, or anything else in general.

From the things that everything has happened, at the end looks to me that is something "personal" with the loan officer and he doesn't wants to do work or less work to make things happen. As is logical only reason that went and looked at houses and all that was because was told that qualify to buy a home, otherwise why bother looking or anything. I am hoping that this posting is read by a big boss in the company that can make things right. Until then…

Lennar - A Sub Quality Builder
By -

SAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA -- We bought a Lennar home in 2007. The house was built in 2005 and the prior owner was "house sitting" for his investor dad and the home was barely lived in when we purchased it. The oven, microwave etc still had original wrap on it etc. When we moved in that summer we lucked out and had a reasonably cool summer. The next year however, we experienced the normal Sacramento 100 degree heat wave and although we had the AC running full blast day and night, several of the bedrooms remained oven hot.

We called in an AC company and after doing a complete check, informed us that it is not the AC unit itself but the way the ductwork was set up. Apparently it did not reach several of the back rooms, hence no air flow. They wanted $20-25K to redo it. Of course we were in shock so we called for a second, followed by a 3rd opinion. All 3 companies came back with the same assessment, not the AC unit but the actual ductwork itself.

We called Lennar and they quickly send someone out to do a quick fix to the system and we were told that it a courtesy call as the AC unit is out of warranty period. Hmm, should ductwork that are NOT connected to all the air vent be considered a building design flaw or part of the AC warranty?? Anyhow with the quick fix, we found the system to be manageable, after all a little puff of air is a blessing compared to no air flow at all I supposed.

Now our backyard keeps flooding each winter when it rains and in the summer when we water the lawn. We thought it was the poor soil we have here in Sacramento that caused the problem. We hired a landscape contractor to remove the "clay" with good old dirt. $10K later we found out that it was not the soil because when the contractor tested the drains, found out that the builder never connected the hook up. So all these years the flooding was caused by their lack of quality control.

The kitchen tile floor is covered with hairline cracks and none of the outdoor outlet works. We called them again and was given the same line, "oops out of warranty period." I would argue that ductwork should be structural and Lennar should be responsible for it. Turns out that several of the neighbors had the exact same issue. I will continue my crusade to warn others of this unscrupulous builder. I and all my family (including huge extended family members) will definitely be warned. My first home was by Dunmore home, another builder who refused to stand by its product and viola! Dunmore is now Nomore!!

It is a matter of time before Lennar follows that path unfortunately because a simple google for this builder is linked to many, many other ripped off consumer like myself. Get a clue, a $650K home should at least have ductwork set up correctly, rain gutter connected to drains and outlets that work. Shame on you Lennar!!!

Horrible Experience With Lennar's Less Than 1.5 Year Old Brand New House
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NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS -- I bought Lennar's home and it was closed November 23, 2005. We had a number of warranty issues with this property, due to poor construction well below Lennar standards. The warranty department was unresponsive, or slow at best, and bordered on hostility at times. They demanded that we sign off the unrepaired open items when the normal warranty period expired.

These issues culminated in a refusal of the first Tenant to renew their lease and strained relations with the next Tenant to the point we had to release them from their contract. I am suffering significant loss due to these problems. Warranty issues included an inoperable dishwasher that took forever to get repaired, ill-fitting doors that were hung so poorly that one could insert a finger in the crack and see sunlight from inside a closed door, and other issues discussed below.

The present issue at this time is the air conditioning system. Problems with the A/C surfaced in the pre-closing walk-through on November 11, 2005 when it was noted that the A/C does not cool. The home is a rental property and was occupied in December 2005 and the A/C worked until August 2006. It failed on August 15 2006 and we reported the issue on the Customer Care/Warranty process on the Lennar website. We got no response until Lennar acknowledged the request on August 22, a week later.

We emailed Lennar once again on August 28, 2006 (still under warranty) that the A/C did not work. Lennar's system says a representative from Christianson Plumbing and Air Conditioning went to the home on August 29, but the Tenant says no such repairperson ever showed up, and because we had rekeyed the house there is no way Christianson could have accessed the house without the Tenant there to let them in. On October 10, we reported that the repairs reported in August had not yet been done and the work was accomplished until a week later on October 17. The technical details of the A/C problems can be sent, unfortunately can't be attached here.

The same problems resumed and our request for repairs of January 2, 2007 was not answered until January 9, 2007 when the Lennar warranty rep said it was out of warranty without regard to the variable parts/labor warranty periods on the A/C. On March 3, 2007 the new Tenant complained bitterly about the A/C. Christianson Plumbing and Air Conditioning responded six days later that the defrost board was out, with parts under warranty but labor was not, and finally did the work on or about March 16, 2007.

This did not remedy the problem so we had to send our own A/C technician, AK Air, Inc., who found a Freon leak and re-welded the copper pipes to the outside unit. He also found the defrost board out of order again, as well as a number of other issues. The unit needed a new compressor, possibly because it had been running on low Freon and lack a Freon filter dryer, which permitted trash and debris to circulate freely in the system.

It may also need replacement of the 4-way valve. The Freon filter dryer was missing. Since the zoning controller was not working, he changed the system from a dual zone to a single zone, and realigned the zoning controller for a single zone. It was the opinion of our A/C technician that the crew that originally installed the A/C were poorly trained. The welding of the copper Freon pipes to the exterior unit was rough and leaked.

The unit had no Freon filter dryer, which exposed the system and compressor to damage from bits of trash and debris in the roughly welded system – the poor workmanship of the installation suggests it is likely the copper pipes had a lot of trash and debris in them. The defrost board was defective and the zoning control board was not properly installed.

It is not clear that the 4-way valve is installed or working correctly, and it can't be tested properly until there is a proper compressor to provide the needed pressure. In either event, the 4-way valve may have been factory installed or it may have been shipped with the York unit to be installed in the field – their factory rep says York works both ways.

Overall, the warranty service system was inept at best and was possibly conniving. Constant delays of a week or more to respond to simple repair requests appear more like efforts to drag feet until the warranty expires than an effort to cure construction problems.

We are asking for a full reimbursement of the $4,369.99 it cost us to replace the system, plus the approximate $425 to replace the 4-way valve if it is found damaged after the system is replaced and pressure is available to test the 4-way valve. After, we bought a brand new house. Should we expect to spend close to $5000 for repairing cost only in the beginning of its second year? PLEASE HELP! Please let us know what we can do and we will do it!

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