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French Door Problems, Not Worth the Price
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- The door we ordered was $3500 for a double French door with 2 side lights. One of the side light lock plates had a big chip out of it so it was hard to open. Also, the locking mechanism is so stiff that I almost need pliers to operate them.

We paid extra for the interior blinds which don't block out much light and barely provide privacy as they don't close completely so that if you are using on an upstairs room, as we are, we either don't get privacy from below or privacy from above, on the hill behind our house. We need dark to sleep, so we had to put in curtains in addition to the shades. Also, the shade mechanism takes away 1.5" on one side and 0.5" on the other side of each window, really restricting the view through the side lights.

If you order any color besides the one that the frame comes in, you end up with 3 colors on the complete inside door — white for the shades, cream for the frame, and whatever you choose for the 3rd color. Also, you have to make sure the person that orders for you orders what you ask as we requested an ADA-compliant threshold and the wider width for our walls are wide, and got neither.

When we went to Home Depot to see what could be done about all of the above issues, the clerk asked what company and when we said Masonite, he rolled his eyes. Masonite decline help as they said the order was filled as requested. Our dream doors turned into an expensive nightmare.

Very Poor Quality
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Rating: 1/51

Door arrive drilled wrong - dead bolt hole in door did not match the hole in the frame. Mismatched by about 1". Installer had to enlarge the hole and fill the hole that was drilled wrong. After door was installed it was not plumb on the opening side and appeared warped on the top left side (opening side). This caused the door to be flush on the bottom and stick out about 1/4" on the top. When I measured the door with a t-square it was obviously not square.

In addition the trim around the side light (this was an exterior door entry system) was not flush to the glass on the exterior. Both the distributor and the installer returned to try to fix the problems. Some were fixed by them but left me with enlarged hinge holes, enlarged door lock and deadbolt holes and ugly "adjusting" screws in the frame.
Please take my (and others) advise DO NOT BUY MASONITE. If you have a problem they will do nothing except ignore you.

Don't Buy Masonite Doors They Don't Honor Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I recently made a claim with Masonite here in Michigan, but the company operates out of Tampa, FL. I purchased a Masonite door 6 years ago and I'm a single professional business woman. I say this only to let you know that I don't have people running in and out of my home. To top it off, I travel 2-3 weeks a month.

My fiberglass Masonite door is supposed to be covered under a 15 years warranty and Masonite didn't honor the warranty even though I have all the paperwork. The bottom of my door just fell off, I made a claim with Masonite and to make a long story short after numerous phone calls, which went unanswered and letter to Masonite, they finally responded and had a service man come out and look at my door.

Do you know after weeks of waiting what they said, "they would not honor my warranty because my door was not painted!" My door is white fiberglass and what does painting my door have to do with the bottom falling out? I can see if my door was real wood. They made an excuse not to cover a special order door. Their doors look good, but I will never buy another Masonite door again. I even spoke with a sales director and they did nothing to rectify the situation. I've attached a picture to show you how there is nothing wrong with the condition of the door.

They're a horrible company to deal with and never have I had a problem of companies honoring their warranty. I keep my receipts and I've done over $100k in renovations and I've always had companies honor their warranty. You can see that I've added a weather strip on the bottom of the door to hide the bottom falling out.

Avoid all Masonite purchases
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Rating: 1/51

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA, FLORIDA -- Almost 5 years ago, I purchased a Masonite 9 ft triple French patio door from Home Depot. The purchase through Home Depot was easy and we ended up using our military discount providing us with a great savings. The nightmare started right after our first scheduled delivery date. It went from early April 2008 to early May 2008. Then another change to the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Yes, the holiday weekend.

Well, we were told the door was on the truck and received confirmation of this on Wednesday evening. Well, since it was garbage day and we were planning our first Memorial Day in our new home, we decided to get rid of the ugly green vertical blinds covering a clouded cold heavy triple slider. I left work early on Friday in anticipation of the door arrival at noon.

Well noon came and went, and so did 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm... finally I was able to get in touch with Masonite. They assured me the door was on the way and they would install it Saturday morning at 8 am. Well, after 6pm and no door, I called them again. This time I was told the driver took the door back to the plant because he didn't feel like waiting in traffic. Really? The next delivery date was 2 weeks later... Really? What the hell. No blinds on these huge glass sliders - it was like an indoor sauna. Forget the party - it was a disaster with the creaking hot doors.

I called every person that had anything to do with the door order... including Home Depot. Masonite offered to upgrade the door to fiberglass - we told them we were advised to get a steel door because of the heavy direct sunlight. They assured us the door would be fine and it's a more expensive upgrade. Fine - whatever. Home Depot, feeling bad about the Masonite experienced waived our install fee and installed the door for us.

Not even 6 months later, the door started to warp and wouldn't shut. We contacted Home Depot and they came to look at it. Something was wrong with the door. Masonite sent another one. Again, Home Depot installed it. Oh no, now the door is leaking when it rains and it's bowing again. You have to slam it hard in order for it to shut. Well, Masonite determined they needed to send another door and have their installer install it. Fine. Their installer - one portly little old man, decided to install the new door in the evening.

To stop the leaking, he super cemented the door base to our ceramic tiles... We were unaware of this. Okay, no more leaking, but the door still will not close and now there is an actual gap between door panels. Oh no, not again. Yes again. Well, Masonite, decided to "fix" the door yet again. This time they sent their premier contractor to the "rescue"... oh boy. Once again, it wouldn't shut and pushed out when it was closed. So what do we do now?

A few more adjustments and then... fast forward 2012. After angry calls from Home Depot, it was determined that Masonite kept sending the WRONG door. That upgrade they kept insisting was a good one, was part of the problem. They were wrong and the warped door was due to the direct sunlight hitting it. That is why we ordered a STEEL door in the first place. Well, Masonite ordered the steel door and again used their premier subcontractor -- we were frustrated and skeptical of a positive outcome.

Removing the door frame began the second part of a 4 year nightmare. After seeing the base molded to our ceramic tiles, the subcontractor using a sharp heavy tool pulled them apart - now we have at least 6 broken tiles, a huge gap between the door and the rest of the tiles and a door that hasn't been installed. It is now close to 6pm and getting dark.

Well, around 7:30pm we have a door installed - but also broken tiles that have been glued together with sharp points sticking up, door molding re-glued to our tiles - yes door molding... 2 doors without plugs to cover the nail holes, a broken screen, shabby trim work - insulation exposed, brushed nickel handles and gold locks, crooked framing, and bugs crawling under the door and hanging out under the door molding on our floor! We have been in the same situation since April of 2012 and haven't heard a peep from Masonite - well other than offering $200. WHAT?

Well, actually let me back up. Their warranty department did call - they wanted estimates to fix the floor. Home Depot's warranty department sent over an independent adjuster to see if he could fix the tiles... nope. The previous homeowner put the tiles in, we only had 2 extra, the tiles were no longer in-stock and we needed a full box. The adjuster measured our entire family room, kitchen and small bath - all of the tile needed to be replaced since they weren't able to find matching tile to fix their screw up.

Several months passed and still no word on the floor, but they managed to send me the wrong plugs 3 times and broken door screens twice. Finally, we were informed that we needed at least 3 quotes for fixing or replacing the floors. Okay, so we got 3 quotes and sent it over to them. Now they want to send the same screw up contractor back to my home to remove tiles from my refrigerator area and fix the ones over by the door... Really? Hell no!

After several shipments of incorrect plugs -at least 4 more, broken screens - at least 2 more, promises and heartache, I am done with Masonite and negotiating. It is now January of 2013, and we will now take legal action against this company for the damage they have done.

In the meantime, we will also make every potential customer aware of our situation so they can make an informed decision when purchasing doors, windows, etc... Masonite is not worthy of my time nor my energy. They should be embarrassed.

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