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Poor Quality. Do Not Buy!
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Rating: 1/51

We hired a contractor to renovate a room in our house into a laundry room. The contractor went to a local lumber/home improvement store and ordered Merillat cabinets. These cabinets are of poor quality (dings, paint runs, don't line up when installed etc.) and a lot of them were damaged when they arrived. We ordered white cabinets and the filler pieces that go between are of a different white color, so it doesn't match. Now the contractor is trying to figure out how to cover it up with trim pieces or something... what a headache! I'm seriously thinking of having them all ripped out or getting a huge discount. Please don't buy from this company!

Terrible Service - Lost Missing Cabinets
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Rating: 1/51

I suggest you avoid this company at all costs if you are in the market for new kitchen cabinets.

We paid over $17K for cabinets - most of which were delivered on Dec 12. 6 boxes consisting of 2 cabinets plus multiple trim pieces were lost in transit. Our kitchen retailer could not get a a straight answer out of Merillat for weeks. I tried calling customer service. After numerous attempts and over 15 minutes on hold, I spoke to a woman who told me I had the wrong Merillat customer service group - but she would insure that someone called me back. Never happened.

Before the holidays we were told by our retailer that Merillat could not locate the boxes and new cabinets were being made and would be delivered the first week of January. Today he found out it will now be the 12th of January. This company is terrible to deal with and provides little truthful information to it's customers. We are tired of their incompetence!

We are now without a kitchen for an entire additional month. The templating for the countertops has been pushed out, we had to extend our stay in a rental, and the list goes on.

My advice - go elsewhere for your cabinets.

Cabinetry Quality
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- They are horrible quality cabinetry in both product and workmanship. Have been dealing with quality issues for almost 3 years. Virtually no customer service. Order and paid for cabinets in May of 2015. To this day, have not received a total acceptable installation of original order. Paid for top quality; this company should be out of business.

Really Poor Workmanship Merrilat Cabinets
By -

LINCOLNWOOD, ILLINOIS -- We worked with a Distributor of Merillat Cabinets and we really liked what we saw in the showroom. We were also extremely impressed with their delivery. After we had a few of the cabinets installed in our newly renovated kitchen, there were some imperfections, and those cabinet fronts were replaced. I assume our contractor and the contractor worked out all the details.

This last November I noticed a layer of the cabinet on the side showing tremendous wear. This was 18 months after our renovation was completed. When I contacted the distributor, and I told her I would like someone to come out and look at it, she said no they do not do this. So, after you spend thousands of dollars on new cabinets, you are history to them. It has taken since last November for our contractor and the manufacturer to determine who will pay for the replacement. It appears our contractor will.

I looked online, and apparently Merillat has a 25 year warranty on cabinets purchased after 1/5/09. Again, we are out of luck. I have told everyone I know who is considering remodeling their kitchen about our experience with Merillat.

Save Yourself Time, Energy And Money... Don't Buy Merillat Cabinets!
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PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA -- I hope no one on this blog bought Merillat Cabinets. I have a vacation rental on the Gulf of Mexico... It's humid there, but certainly not to the point of causing cabinets to fall apart. I rent this unit. Yesterday, when my guests arrived, the first thing that greeted them was a kitchen in ruins. The upper (wall) cabinets had fallen, broken dishes everywhere and the backboard of the cabinetry was still mounted to the wall. This tells me they must have been installed well, just not manufactured well... probably stapled together.

I had them installed by a professional with a reputable company about 8 or 9 yrs ago. They still looked beautiful and were easy to keep clean because of the special finish that company gave them, but what does it matter? Now I've got to cancel reservations, go shopping for more cabinets (at higher prices), go through a bunch of troublesome tasks all from 80 miles away.

It's worse than starting over. Today I shared this with my nephew and coincidentally, the same thing happened to his neighbor about a year ago. They were also Merillat cabinets. Very strange... Hmm... If it's that easy to find someone to whom this has happened, wonder how many other victims out there one might find by doing some research. The neighbors tried to deal with Merillat about their liability, but to no avail...

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