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Netbank Is Holding My Money Hostage -- DON'T Open an Account With Them!
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ANYWHERE -- I had been a Netbank customer for 4 years, and the past two weeks have been an absolute NIGHTMARE. It all started when I deposited a check that was returned due to the issuers check number being out of sequence. It wasn't eve due to lack of funds. Nonetheless, they notified me that they would "cordially" freeze my account so I could avoid a negative balance, and give me some time to bring the account up to date.

Well, I called my client and he issued a wire transfer immediately. FOUR DAYS LATER, it still had not posted to my account. I kept calling Netbank and asking what the problem was and was given misinformation (meaning a different cop out) EVERY TIME.

After five unsuccessful wire transfers, I called again. The customer service rep treated me like I was trying to wire money from terrorists or something, and informed me my account had gone to a "special security office" that I wouldn't be able to speak to until normal business hours. He refused to tell me why, when and how -- even with all of my personal info. I was suddenly some kind of criminal, or that's how it felt. Mind you -- we're talking about a free checking account with a balance of $200 -- not a million dollar CD.

So, I had to wait all weekend -- which brought it up to an entire week without access to my funds. I called the security office, only to find that the number is bogus. I call customer service again, and they inform me that it never even went to a security office, and I had once again been given the wrong info.

So, I got my client to abandon the wire transfer idea after now 6 failed attempts, and all the while, Netbank insisting that it was my client's error. So, finally a PayPal transfer is accepted. Whew! Right? Wrong -- I have to send a bank mail asking for the funds to be released. Why do I have to do that? Isn't it their job to monitor my account? Why should I keep having to check my bank mail? So, I send the damn bank mail -- 72 hours, no response, no funds. I call again and complain, and they send me to the same bogus security office!!

Finally, today, I get the bank mail saying my funds have been released (with a nice message asking ME not to let my account dip below negative again, like I asked to be written a bad check). So, I figure I can go and put gas in my car. WHAT?! My card is DECLINED AGAIN!

I just got off the phone with customer service -- they were "surprised" that nobody told me not to use my card, as it had been deactivated and I needed to order a new one. So, I asked to just close my account, and have a cashier's check OVERNIGHTED to me, as I thought I had waiting long enough.

No such luck. They claim it takes 4 days to close an account and get a check mailed. And they refused to overnight me a check. I feel as though my money has been held hostage for two weeks. This is ridiculous. Don't fall for them. It is better to have a real bank, with a real branch that you can walk into. This virtual stuff is not worth it. Beware.

Thank You
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UTICA, NEW YORK -- I recv'd the post card in the mail to apply for a Net First Platinum credit card. I was going to apply cause my credit is not that good and when I went to google it I came across all the scam sites. I just want to say thank you so I did not make the same mistake everyone did.

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