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Oasis Spas - Quality Problems - Spa Hot Tub
By -

WADENA, MINNESOTA -- If you're considering purchasing a hot tub from Oasis Spas you should read my experience first. They also sell direct on-line under the name of Northern Lakes Hot Tubs. I purchased a $4k Mohave MT hot tub from Oasis Spas in November of 2008 (manufactured by Oasis Spas and shipped directly from Oasis Spas factory). Within the first few weeks 2 different jets kept falling out. After several emails etc., the manufacturer eventually sent replacement jets.

At about the 6 month mark I noticed a puddle of water forming on my patio. It was obvious that the spa had a leak. I contacted Oasis Spas to notify them of the problem. Their only advice was to check the equipment area - which I did and confirmed that the leak was not in that area. I sent several more emails (and phone calls) asking what to do next. After about 1-2 months later before they finally sent an email saying to go ahead and contact a spa technician (but the most they would cover would be $200 - which they never followed through on).

I received quotes from multiple Spa Repair companies and they came in around $70 to $90 per hour. I knew that it was going to take several hours to locate and repair the leak - so I was lucky enough to find a qualified spa technician to do this job on the side (if I helped he would give me a discount).

The spa tech came out and we did the following: disconnected the spa, lifted the spa onto its side, removed the bottom cover, put the spa up on jacks, connected the spa, filled the spa with water - then slid under the spa to inspect for the leak. This was quite difficult because the spa is fully foamed. We did locate a spot where the foam was completely soaked. We removed the foam and found a leaky jet. The spa tech repaired the leaky jet and we put the bottom cover back on etc. This whole process took about 4 hours and was a lot of work.

The next day I noticed a smaller puddle again forming on my patio. What a headache, I knew there must be more than the one leak on this spa. I contacted the spa tech and he came back out two weekends later. We went through the entire painful process again trying to find another leaking point under the spa.

To our disbelief, we found THREE more fixtures that were leaking under the spa. That made a total of FOUR different spots that had severe workmanship issues! The spa tech repaired these three leaks and we spent another 4 hours that day dealing with this major pain (this ended up taking a total of 8 hours to repair). I ended up paying the spa tech $285 which was a great deal. Oasis Spas never reimbursed me one cent!

My spa still appears to be still leaking, so there must be at least a 5th location that needs to be fixed. Regardless, my main point is to give everyone warning and have them think twice before buying a spa from this company. Avoid the headache and buy a spa from a well known reputable spa manufacturer that produces a quality product and does more than just give you lip service about customer service. You might want to check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well for Oasis Spas before purchasing (then it will become obvious that this is not a good company to purchase a spa from).

Oasis Spa Theory of Complaint of Jets & Leaks
By -

WADENA,MINNESOTA -- I have got to deduct some of the fault added to the Mohave MT by Oasis. It is actually an excellent hot tub. There is a main factor here that had not been characterized. Do not buy your hot tub from people that travel the state selling hot tubs for less than the dealer store, as there is a reason you are getting a super deal. Usually you are most likely buying a blem or a reject tub that are gotten for a song. These are targets out there in any brand of hot tub that attract the get rich quick artist that hauls them around on a trailer, bump after bump, day after day, week after week until they land in your yard with problems.

9 times out of 10 these people will not respond to your needs, and brush it off onto the company that has no idea of the traveling salesmen's plans, most often they say it's for them and they don't care about the issues - just a super deal. Really you do not know how important it is to buy your hot tub from a licensed dealer with a store and service.

This kind of problem the gentlemen had with his Oasis spa happens all the time with people trying to save a buck and buy off the internet or just a person selling them from his home, and not just Oasis, It's all brands. This does not work and you will always find misery in these situations.

I am being very honest with you and if you listen to my words, you will be a happy camper. And yes it was a misfortune of this gentlemen with the complaint. Buy from a qualified licensed dealer! Also remember most warranties are not transferable, this gets a lot of people buying a hot tub from a private person, sometimes to sell their tub, they will say it has warranty when it truly does not, non-transferable! Again buy from a licensed store to save you the headache and get your warranty and service!!! Thank you!

Oasis Spa Update
By -

WADENA, MINNESOTA -- We purchase an Oasis spa 5 years ago at the (then) local furniture store. Although we have had a few issues including some none functional or falling out jets, it has been trouble free other than that. I went to the factory in Wadena and they replaced the jets that I had trouble with at no charge and no paperwork, just got new ones out of the bins and said "Here you go."

We have had this hot tub going 365 days a year since we first filled it without any leaks or other troubles. Maybe keeping it warm when it is -30F out has helped keep it healthy. We live near Wadena where the factory is, driving by there daily and it looks very quiet around there. I don't know if they left by choice or not but the sign is gone and the place has been empty now for a few months, so don't come to Wadena for parts. I have not tried any of their phone #s or on line to contact them so status of the business is unknown to me.

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