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Not enough food or just crummy service
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RENO, NEVADA -- My husband and I stopped off for a bite to eat at Panda Express (Chinese fast food). I have eaten at this particular establishment since 2005; located on Kietzke Lane, off McCarran in Reno, Nevada.

I've always been happy with their fast food and the portions. However, on Saturday evening, 1/22/2010, we ordered a 2 item meal (steamed rice, orange chicken, and sweet and sour pork). My husband watched the server dish the sweet and sour pork into our to go container. When we paid for it, my husband mentions to me he cannot believe how little pork we received and I should be really happy with the amount of pineapple (usually there are maybe 3-4 pieces of pineapple-I usually want more).

We went to a table in the restaurant, I opened the container and counted 4 pieces of pork and an incredible amount of pineapple and veggies. We spoke to a server and asked for less fruit and more pork. She advised us that they only are allowed to give four pieces of pork. She pointed out that there was actually five pieces. I saw she was correct, a little piece of fried pork was stuck to a larger piece. I told the server that I have eaten at this Panda Express for years, and I have never been served 5 or fewer pieces of pork. I referred to the orange chicken and the amount of chicken provided - (at least 15 pieces).

The server replied that pork is expensive and that is the most Panda Express allows (5 pieces). My husband mentioned that we ordered sweet and sour pork, not stir fried pineapples and vegetables. The server's attitude was that of a person who was personally paying for the supplies and we should be happy that she is personally providing this meal to both my husband and I. When we're out and about and stopping at a place for a quick meal, 4 small pieces (and one little stuck on piece) of meat isn't going to fit the bill. Literally.

Employees Cannot Communicate
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Rating: 2/51

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I had dinner at Panda Express tonight, and the counter employee seemed to have trouble communicating. My mother ordered a 2-item plate. She then asked for an order of honey-walnut shrimp to be placed on a separate, SINGLE-ITEM plate. The employee continued to try to put the shrimp on the same plate as the 2-item combo. Then, she tried to put the food on another 2-item plate. My mother told her she wanted the shrimp on a single-item plate. The woman did not seem to understand our request. Eventually she did place the shrimp on the correct plate.

There was also a problem with ringing up our order. Two of my parents' dishes were not ready at the time we ordered them. The cashier, when ringing up our order, did not include those two items. We kept telling her that she was missing two items and that she needed to add them to the order even though they weren't ready. She did not seem to understand us, and had to get a manager to solve the problem. We eventually did get all of our items. The food tasted pretty good, but ordering it was a hassle. The cashier obviously did not understand English. We made our requests as clear as we could, but it took a manager to fix our problem.

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