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Rating: 1/51

Patriot Trust Health Insurance/GETMED 360 called to offer me health insurance and neither of the names mentioned were what they approached me with. I was told that I would get my policy within 14 days to review it but I never received it. They told me that this was a government program for high risk people, which my husband is. Time went by and I had forgotten about it but then when my account was debited again, I remembered and called my bank to get the charges reversed.

My bank told me that I may have to close that account and open a new one. I just spent $100 on new checks! The bank filed it as fraud and we will see what happens. When I googled it and found complaints on this company, I found a number to call and they said since my 30 days has passed I will not be refunded any money for August but that as soon as this payment clears, it still shows pending. They will issue me a check but I don't need to call the bank to stop the payment. I don't trust I will get that check so my bank is still going to try to reverse the charges to my account.

After reading the reviews, I feel I may have to close my account. When someone from Patriot Trust Health called me back it came up United Health Partners on my caller ID. I am really confused and do believe this is fraud. I talked to a lady named Laura and she gave me her extension and said to just always contact her if I have any more questions. They supposedly have canceled my insurance. I called back to get a cancellation number because I forgot to ask the last time she called. 1-888-633-5080 ext. **. I told her I needed a refund for August because I never got the policy to look at and she said I would have to file an appeal because it is over the 30 days.

My cards that I did get say GetMed 360. She gave me her email address so she could just make sure it was taken care of. I don't know whether to trust her or not. I will tell you now, ask to look at the policy before you pay for it if you can. I pay cobra over $1,000 a month but I will stick with that till I can find a company that that I can trust and I will look on the internet for that company before I do anything again with insurance!!

Fraudulent and Misleading Insurance Policies
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I signed up with Patriot Health also known as Opticaa health or Beechstreet. I told the agent I was pregnant and he assured me that this was the plan for me because his wife used the same plan when she had her baby. I called before I signed up and asked if my doctors took Opticaa/Patriot/Beechstreet (they keep changing their name) and they said yes. As it turns out the plan does not cover maternity and the negotiated rate is actually over 100% more than I would have to pay if I had the medical service as an uninsured person.

My doctor said the plan was so bad, it is better to pay cash. I had a test for my baby that I found out later would have cost me $3000 dollars, but as an insured person with Patriot they charged me $8000 dollars. Patriot negotiated a rate of a $1200 discount and passed the remaining $6800.00 bill on to me. This insurance is a scam! Beware!

Health Insurance
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I signed up for health insurance with Patriot Trust and was robbed. They were supposed to send me my insurance card but, I have not received any and was taking my money. If I don't get my money back, I am going to go to the news and sue them. I could not have surgery because they did not send me my information and I just found out they were still taking my money. If I don't get my $433.23 back, there is going to be some big problems.

Beware Of Patriot Health
By -

NEW YORK -- I too had a problem with Patriot Health that cost me an $800 lesson. Don't trust any broker that tries to sell you this so-called insurance that has many different names. Goes by the name of LifeStream, GETMED 360, Viant, Patriot health, etc. Frankly, I don't know what to call this company. All I know is that Patriot Health charge my credit card for over $800 and refused to reimbursed.

This so-called company was never mentioned when my husband signed up for it. We thought he had Get Med 360 and that's what the card said; however, upon trying to use this card no one in our area had ever heard of it. Broker assured us that our doctor and pharmacy accepted this card with a tier payment on prescriptions. WRONG!!! We filed a complaint with our credit card and got no help. Filed a fraud report and credit card company said there was not enough evidence that this was fraud; however, since we never heard of Patriot Health, I have to believe this was fraud.

At no time we're told that this was Patriot Health. We were told it was GetMed 360; however, Patriot health got our money. Beware and don't trust a woman by the name of Guylene that works for this company. She gave us the run around by giving us different numbers and all numbers led back to her. We kept getting her no matter what number we called. She is very rude and it is apparent that this is a scam. We have never found the location of the company. One letter said Georgia, another New York. It is anybody's guess.

Asked to delay withdrawal a few days and they couldn't care less
By -

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- We called Patriot Health insurance to ask them to delay our automatic payment withdrawal for a few days in order for us to get some money in our account to cover the payment. The person in customer service told us she would have someone in corporate call us. A few hours later someone did call us to advise us that they could not help us and the withdrawal would go through on the first as scheduled.

I told her that there was not enough money in the account to cover it and she said "that's the way it is". I told her that they would get it back from the bank and her response was “we'll submit it 3 times and then we'll send you a cancellation notice.” I then told her not to do that because the bank charges us a fee for each return again she said "that's the way it is. She then told me that when I signed to have the withdrawal on the first of every month it was a contract and they were sticking by it. PLEASE DO NOT CALL PATRIOT INSURANCE FOR YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS. They are managed by MVP Insurance.

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