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Rating: 1/51

After many many weeks the wig arrived, not only was it not what the description said it had many many dead bugs in it. PayPal told me I had to pay to return to China which was 88.00. Shame on PayPal for not standing by a consumer. I gave them very legible pictures to prove this.

Credit Fraud - Consumers Be Aware.
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Rating: 1/51

TIMONIUM, MARYLAND -- Paypal credit is a company that violates consumer credit laws in every state. I just happened to look at my bill for 2016 (year to date) and saw that I was charged $2.16 in total interest – and $114.00 in fees just this year. Which brings their consumer interest rate to well over 900%. Really !

laws protect consumers in that interest and fees combined, can not exceed 30% annually. I closed my paypal credit account today when I saw these fees. Again, in 2016 I paid a total of $2.16 in interest, and $114.00 in combined random fees - over 1000% interest on purchases.

not only is this illegal - and should call for a class action lawsuit, but this company is engaged in illegal activity - and should be shut down. I'm not writing because i'm upset - that is obvious. I'm posting because I am right! It's not the $114.00 - that's a night out - it's that fact that in these times, people blindly trust companies to treat them right - and those that don't should be exposed. I have not even started my social media campaign - but why should I not. This is criminal illegal activity - and they should be stopped. Do not do business with paypal credit - and if you have, wait for the class action lawsuit and let's all have some fun!

Buyers Beware!!!
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- As you all know when you purchase anything through eBay you go through PayPal. Well I bought this tablet through a China seller on eBay. I had to return it and just about a month went by when PayPal decided in the sellers favor. I paid for shipping and entered the correct info such as the tracking information so they can reissue my refund. Which was denied?? Because PayPal claims that once an item goes out of the country it's untraceable. Meaning they don't support international purchases anymore. I lost a total of $95.00 including the shipping and the cost of the tablet.

The Post office said there's nothing they can do even if I had the receipt. Cannot even get my shipping back because it went through customs. I'm not happy with PayPal. It used to be better when they were combined with eBay but now it's their own separate company. Be careful when you purchase through China sellers on eBay. Expect all sales are final. PayPal resolution center only seems to work with purchases in the U.S. Buyers Beware.

Paypal Tolerating Fraud and Illegal Activities.
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I purchased Window 7 Ultimate from I checked with Microsoft and they do allow some vendors to sell their products via download. I received my invoice via email it include a link to download the software and a product key. I noticed something wrong right away, the phone number was phony. It says **. There's no 555 phone numbers. So I decided to investigate the address too and, according to Google maps and Mapquest, it too was phony and did not exist. It's below, you can check it and see for yourself.

uGetFile. Com 44 Main Street. Boston Mississippi 02116. The street, the zip code, the city, even the phone number's area code are actually in Massachusetts instead of Mississippi. The 44 in the address does not exist in either state. Upon further investigation I found that the company and owner's information show that they are really located in California.

Since both the address and phone information were phony I decided to also check the Windows 7 product key. I used a free program, I can't recall it's name but it was something I ran across while perusing a tech site. I opened the program and put in the key and it indicated that the key was invalid. I followed up by calling Microsoft again and was informed that the product key I was issued was what's called an MSDN product key.

It and Microsoft products are sold at a discount as kits to techs for trial and testing purposes only. They told me that the software and keys were not for sale or resale, and advised me that it was not permanent and would eventually be blocked by Microsoft. I was told to get a refund or proper software and key from the vender I purchased it from.

I immediately started a dispute against on Paypal, which is how you settle disputes on Paypal. I stated all that I was told by Microsoft and requested a valid product key or refund. Instead of issuing me a proper key decided not to talk to me and to escalate my dispute to a claim, which is the next step. Paypal decided with the vendor. They say because their claim process only deals with the shipment of goods not the attributes or quality of goods. At the bottom of the same email that was used to state their decision it clearly stated that Paypal does not tolerate fraud or illegal activity.

In my opinion that's a false statement. To me it's obvious that Paypal does tolerate both fraud and illegal activities. I went to a Paypal users forum and found many posts where Paypal users complained of similar incidents and results and that pursuing this further is futile.

Payment Sent Through Wrong Source
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Rating: 4/51 - Consumer improved rating by 3 stars

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I went through an online merchant on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to purchase some shoes and saw that they accept PayPal as a payment method. Because of the rampant problems from hacking resulting in credit card fraud, I've been using PayPal to protect my payment information. I signed into my account and then added my new credit card since I didn't want to use the check card that was already on file. When I got done, the card I just added showed up as the payment method (the radio circle was checked) and I clicked confirm to send the payment through.

However, I just recently checked my bank account to find that I had a charge from PayPal in my savings account of $32.00. I had a zero balance at the time of the transaction so I was left with a negative balance. I immediately transferred funds and then went to my PayPal account to see which transaction this was a result of. It turned out to be the online merchant.

I sent PayPal an email to their customer service department letting them know what happened and that I had selected my new credit card as the payment method - NOT my bank account. The only reason I have my savings account on there is because my checking account was previously connected with a now closed account and you can't link the same account twice. I am a seller on eBay so I like to transfer my funds to my bank rather than using the premier business check card.

After I sent the email, I got an automated message telling me how to change the payment method before confirming the transaction - which I already know how to do. I replied to the email stating, again, what happened and I got a message from the customer service representative stating that the default payment was my bank account but I could change it to whatever payment method I want to use.

Again, they are not answering my question so I sent yet another email with this response: I have changed my default payment method NUMEROUS times to my check card but when I make a purchase, it always comes up as bank account. I am really irritated that this problem occurred because I input my credit card right before I made the purchase (check the time log if you have one) and that's what showed up as the payment method for the online transaction right before I hit "confirm." However, it didn't come out of the credit card. It ended up coming out of my bank account which was at $0 balance and I was hit with a fee of $32.00.

I'm really upset and will seriously rethink using PayPal in the future. This is the 2nd time this has happened and PayPal denied any wrongdoing and I end up paying for it. I've yet to hear back from them after this but I would bet that it will be another indirect reply to my problem. I do not recommend using PayPal if you have another payment option.

Resolution Update 12/21/2014:

PayPal surprisingly refunded the $20 it cost me to place the Stop Payment request on my bank account. I went through Better Business Bureau, which I believe helped the situation.

Update 12/03/2014:

I contacted my bank's customer service department and they told me to place a stop payment request on all incoming transactions from PayPal. This prevents withdrawals from my savings account - even accidental ones. For this transaction and future ones, it will be pulled from my backup source which I selected as the credit card (the one I wanted the transaction to be on originally).

Update 12/06/2014:

I have contacted the BBB in San Jose, CA and reported this complaint. I'm really irritated that PayPal has not responded on their own, so I'm hoping BBB can help me.

Transactions Put Through Bill Me Later Without Your Knowledge!
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Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- Hello! I really want others to avoid the huge problem I just went through with PayPal. Without realizing it, I inadvertently opened a Bill Me Later account. Because you have set this account up yourself (again without realizing it) the customer service people are not helpful at all. And will not reverse or even let you pay the amount off immediately with your credit card. I asked for proof that I set up this account i.e. application etc. and was told that they do not have that information and that I was the one to set it up.

Because I didn't remember applying for Bill Me Later I decided to check into setting up a NEW PayPal account by setting up a bogus account. The first form after the personal information is an application for credit. Which was not my intention. The form does not mention Bill Me Later and you really have to read what it is really setting up. I wanted to be specific and add the verbiage to this review. So.. When creating a 2nd new account the option after entering personal info, was a Link Bank account/credit card page. Which is what you would expect.

Please be aware of this practice. And read carefully before you set something up in Paypal. I had a huge hassle with transactions that were paid by Bill Me Later not by credit card as I had wanted. It's impossible to reverse the transaction, the customer service (located in the Philippines) were not helpful and I was told to redo the transaction which turned into a nightmare.

Customer Service people were inconsistent with the policy and what they can do. It seems that Pay Pal preys on this kind oversight on the consumers part to better their bottom line. Finally, I contacted the merchant had them "refund" the transactions and repurchased with the help of Pay Pal. I think more merchants should know about this practice and stop using Pay Pal as an option. Beware!

Would Not Work With Me To Waive Interest Charge
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- The department they claim can make decisions are unreachable via phone. I could not speak to anyone who had the authority to waive a finance charge. I was told the only way to communicate my issue was by sending a written letter. So that is what I did, and did I receive a response? NO.

I am very disappointed in the service I have received from PayPal. I did not receive any communication whatsoever regarding the request I sent on May 10, 2013. I had to call the Bill Me Later office to find out that my request was denied. It is very disturbing that I am not able to speak with a live person regarding this matter that has any authority to waive this interest charge; rather I am in the mercy of the people who receive my letter via “snail mail” and who obviously have no time to respond to my request.

My husband and myself are 31 years old with many more years of purchasing items. Due to your lack of customer service and empathy, I can say with 100% confidence that we will never use our PayPal accounts again. It is a sham that a large organization such as PayPal (Bill Me Later) would allow to lose a customer over a $53.34 interest charge; but you did. With much satisfaction I closed my account today. And I can assure you, I will go out of my way to let the people I know, and don't know for that matter, about my experience; thank heavens for technology.

I am writing today in regards to my PayPal account. I used my account back in October 2012 under a 6 month promotion. I checked the account last week and my statement showed a balance of $464; I went to pay the balance off today and it stated it was $517.34. I apparently missed the deadline to make my final payment free of interest, which was not my intention. I had planned to pay the balance off in full before any interest incurred.

I called PayPal customer service and spoke with **. He advised that I pay the $464 and then write a letter requesting that the interest be waved since I missed the interest free payment by 5 days. Therefore, I would like to kindly request that the interest be waved. I would be very grateful to PayPal for doing this for me. I have copied the receipt language below for the payment I made today. I apologize in advance if there is an account number associated with my information; I was not able to locate any such number.

Paypal and eBay Suck for the Casual Seller!!!
By -

I am fairly new to eBay and Paypal. I have bought only 3 or 4 items on eBay and paid via Paypal. With financial times being what they are, I went and did a little housecleaning. I sold what I could on Craigslist, and some other things on eBay. I was shocked at how well I did on eBay. The problems started when the buyers paid through Paypal. Apparently, being a new seller on eBay and with feedback of less than 100, being the fact that I never sold before, I was subject to the holds that Paypal puts on the funds.

Now like I said, I sold these items because funds are pretty low, but Paypal sends me an email for each of these purchases advising me that the payment is being held but to go ahead and ship the item. Well, in order to ship all these things, some heavier than others would cost over $200 of which I don't really have to spend like that and then wait to get my money. I think it is pathetic that scammers across the world have caused Paypal to take these measures.

Now I contacted the buyers and explained to them why I sold the item and why I had no funds to ship it. I asked if they wouldn't mind waiting the 21 days for me to ship, and obviously I wasn't expecting anything different than the rude responses. Now I am facing negative feedback, and I had to refund the money that was pending in my account. I am still stuck with this stuff that sold pretty well on eBay, but couldn't even draw an interest in my hometown.

If I were a business selling in great quantities on eBay I might be able to afford to ship this stuff. This really hurts the little people who are selling this stuff for the financial gain that they will receive. Plus, with all different scams going on throughout the world, although Paypal tells me to ship the stuff, I just don't feel comfortable shipping until I know that the money is actually in my account, not in some pending status.

Paypal seller protection
By -

So, like the person who sold the domain, I sold an account online. The buyer immediately disputes it. Paypal says they don't have a leg to stand on because it's intangible. Wait out the 20 days and you will get your money. 20 days later, the money is released to you. I get worried because the person was talking about my mother in french and saying something about aids. I ask... what if they used a stolen card?

Paypal says, leave it in the account for over 60 days. That's the time limit for a charge back. I leave the money in there for almost three months. What happens two days later? Yup, Paypal takes the money back out. So my empty account is now -935 bucks. Not sure why it's not the full amount.

I call them and they said that the person disputed the Paypal account's use. They say they didn't use it. Funny thing, they speak french as well. So they send me a letter saying they will investigate and 10 minutes later they say we are taking the money back. I call them and they say that they didn't actually investigate. Why would someone dispute the use of their account if it wasn't there account immediately after the purchase? And what are the odds that they both speak french? So they say they will call back within 48 hours. 5 days later no call.

This is the second time I've had this issue. Don't believe their seller protection. They didn't cover me last time even though I was protected. If you have an American express card and decide to buy 3 laptops a year, you can charge back the full amount for each no questions asked per year. Doesn't seem fair to me. Fraudsters are using credit card charge backs to take advantage of people using eBay and Paypal.

Are they really investigating these claims? I think not. They are just charging back the funds to the card. Paypal, in small letters, says that they are not obligated to fight it or get your money back. Great deal. Beware of Paypal. There were like 78,000 charge back complaints on their site in less than a week. I must not be the only one. They aren't a bank so they do not need to comply with federal laws.

Paypal Refunded My Money To Buyer After Sale And Delivery Of Product
By -

I was just commenting on a Paypal complaint and thought realized I wanted to share my recent Paypal drama as a review. I sold a digital item to a person in NYC. They paid me via Paypal. The payment said "complete" in my Paypal account, so I sent them the item electronically (a domain name).

A few days later I get an email from Paypal saying they are putting the funds on hold while they do an audit. They took my money back! They then requested I provide similar documentation proving the sale. I thought the buyer was trying to scam me! I contacted her, she said she didn't not know anything about it, but she got a similar email from Paypal.

I called them, sent them all the screen shots of our transaction, annoyed that I even had to spend all this time making screen shots... Especially since neither party had filed a complaint with Paypal. We both told Paypal we wanted the transaction to go through. Paypal assured me I would have the money back before Christmas and this was just a random audit formality. Well the money never was put back in my account, and a few days after Christmas I get notified that they have decided to refund my money to the buyer!!!

This was all done based on a random audit not initiated by either party!!! What made it worse was that I had transferred ownership of my domain to the buyer, and that is a non-revocable action. I cannot get my domain back at this point. I called (very upset) and was told by a manager/supervisor that there is nothing they can do. They told me the buyer needed to respond to their email confirming the transaction. The buyer said she did respond. I told them can they call the buyer, she will confirm we want this transaction to occur. The supervisor told me "Sir, we are in internet company, we do not make phone calls to customers". I said hell you are talking on the phone to me right now...!

The supervisor then told me I could have the buyer re-send the money. I asked would go through for sure this time? She answered, "There is no guarantee it won't get audited again". Why would I want to go through the same process again? She then said I was free to go and use another service if I wanted.

Long story short... They refused to return my money... and I had to then go back to the buyer and have her snail mail me a check. Fortunately she was trustworthy and delivered on sending me a check. But she could have just walked away with my domain and my money if she wanted... all thanks to Paypal. Never again will I be using Paypal.

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