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Do not deal with PGAC - They take your money but will not issue a refund when you cancel
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I used PGAC (the general) for auto insurance for 6 months. I found a much better rate with another provider. I cancelled my policy but not before PGAC took a payment from my checking account. This was on 6-25-11. I called and stated I cancelled and that I want a full refund. I was told I have to submit a letter requesting cancellation along with proof of new insurance to show there was no lapse in coverage. I submitted the requested letter and information. I waited 3 days and the gave a follow up call to see where my refund was. I was told they needed a letter requesting cancellation that had my signature on it.

I resubmitted the letter with my signature and waited again. No refund was issued. I contacted PGAC customer service and received an email back on 7-5-11 stating the policy was cancelled per my request and that a refund would be issued within 48 business hours. I called on 7-12-11 asking where my refund was. I was told that the customer service person that emailed me never processed the refund request and was told it was just entered while I was on the phone and that it would take 2-3 days to be issued. I called on 7-15-11 asking where my refund was. I was told that it was never entered on 7-12-11 and that I would have to wait another 3-5 days for it to be issued.

I asked for a manager and after talking to the manager, I was put on hold for 10 minutes. The manager came back on the line and said that she had the accounting department process the refund request effective today (7-15-11) and that I should have the refund back in my account no later than Tuesday July 19, 2011 depending on my bank's policies on electronic deposits. DO NOT DEAL WITH PGAC!!! They are thieves. Their customer service is the worst in the industry. They will take your money real quick but they will not give it back. It has been over 17 days now that I have been trying to get my refund. STAY AWAY FROM PGAC.

Stay Away!!!
By -

CALIFORNIA -- If you're looking for automobile insurance, STAY AWAY from THE GENERAL (PGAC). Horrible company, horrible service, horrible everything. I paid $452 dollars for 16 days of coverage, including a down payment. That's like $30 dollars a day. I just needed to get my new car off the lot. I informed them of this and they set me up for some 1-year plan. I got my car off the lot and called back to cancel so I could find some much better and affordable service. They did so, but added some 10% charge of the remaining premium on a 1-year insurance plan that was almost 4,500 dollars.

They did not prorate my $452 and pocketed the rest of the half a month that should have been returned to me. After weeks of arguing, pleading, and reasoning, NOTHING! You do the math...$452 for 16 days of insurance. I gave them my hard-earned money! I also told them I got a new car because I was hit by a drunk driver who was uninsured. Did they care? NO! Horrible service, horrible business, very unethical!!! STAY AWAY. Or if you're still interested...might as well hang out in an alley until you're mugged by some dude named THE GENERAL (PGAC). LOL.

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2 reviews & complaints.
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PGAC Auto Insurance
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