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Charges Min 2 and Late Fees of 27 Per More
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLES, SOUTH CAROLINA -- NEVER GET A MY PIER 1 COMENITY CREDIT CARD. I did not use my credit card for a few months and did not know but I was charged $2 min per month and because I did not know of this practice I was charged $27 in late fees. This went on 2 months for a total of $58 and then they called me for my money. This should be illegal...seriously. They don't send you a monthly bill unless you charge something...this does not stop them from taking on 2 min fee. They should be ashamed of affiliating with Comenity Bank.

Poor Website
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Rating: 2/51

It took me two days to complete an order with this website. I should have given up, but I assumed I had done something wrong. I was supposed to have gotten a 15.00 shipping discount, but was told to enter the code at checkout. I found no place to enter the code. I tried to go back and cancel the order, but they kept sending me to continue shopping. I no longer trust this company's intention. I also did not get a confirmation email that I needed to find the order number so that I could cancel the order.

Poor Corporate Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BLAINE, MINNESOTA -- Rather than submitting a complaint to a store, I would quit shopping there. I am frustrated enough to voice my concern(s). On 10/15 I signed up for Pier 1 emails. I anxiously waited to receive my coupon. I wanted to purchase 4 pieces of the Holtom furniture but couldn't spend the $942 full price. I missed out on a couple of the items being on sale waiting for my discount. I sent an email stating that I had not yet received my coupon. On 10/22, I received a reply stating that I should receive it in 3-5 days. On 11/09 I sent another email stating my frustration. No reply.

I still wanted my Holtom pieces so I decided to use the current offer even though it wasn't as good as the sale that I missed! I went to my current store, but they did not have the item in stock. They did inform me of a store in another city that had the brown holtom chest in stock. The store appeared to be close by but NO it was an hour of driving...

When I arrived at the Blaine MN store, I was promptly greeted. I told the young lady what I wanted and she said she'd find it. I walked around for 15 minutes before I realized that she wasn't even looking for my item. She had gotten distracted. After spending 35 minutes in the store for one item, I find out that the store inventory was incorrect and they didn't even have the piece that I was going to buy!

I am very frustrated. First, I miss the items on sale. Then, I don't get my discount. Next, I don't get a reply to my last email. Then a store associate forgets she has a customer waiting for her. I spend an hour driving and a lot of gas to find out the item isn't even in stock. So please tell me how you would feel if you was this customer. I'm frustrated and I don't even know if it will be made right. I will use other retailer competitors and I will definitely spread the word.

Poor Service
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I am disgusted with Pier One in general. I first signed up for a Pier One credit card two years ago. I never once received a card in the mail from them. After asking two different people from Grandville, MI location where my card was, they responded that I didn't even have an account with them. This to me is just ridiculous.

After recently relocating to Kenosha, WI I went into the Pier One store at their location. I once again asked them about looking in the system to retrieve my information. The lady found me within one minute. Can you believe this? I could have been using my Pier One card for almost two years! I was really excited and had the company mail me a new card. Within this time I shopped at the store and bought $105 of items (papasan chair and cushion).

After receiving the bill in the mail, I went into the store with my debit/credit card ready to pay my payment. Unfortunately for me and customers, Pier One does not except debit/credit cards when making a purchase only money/check. So, a week goes by, and what do you know, I am one day late with my payment. So, I walk in the store with a check ready to pay my bill, and get fined a $30 fee for being one day late. This disgusts me.

Guess what Pier One? You just lost a customer. I will continue to spread the word to everyone about your poor services. I would like to also add to this complaint that the $105 dollar purchase that was initially made was a papasan chair. After picking the chair up about one month ago, I received three different phone calls including today from the Kenosha, WI store about my chair is still at the store and ready to be picked up.

There seems to be a lot of miscommunication within the employees. I could have easily picked up another chair without the store noticing. I am honest individual, and would not of course take advantage of anyone. Please take a note of this. All I want from Pier One, is for the company to mail me a gift card for $30 for the inconvenience and all this trouble for even doing your company a favor for signing up for a Pier One card.

There was absolutely no advantages for me as a customer throughout this whole experience. There has been nothing but trouble. These are tough times and I know, yes, I made a one day mistake by trying to pay my bill, I just hate to see people suffer because you (Pier One) decided to become business partners with Chase.

High Interest Rate Card, Refusal To Move Due Date
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Rating: 1/51

OREGON -- I got a Pier One Account while in the store shopping. I was told by the saleslady that she didn't know what the interest rate was, but it wasn't bad. I was granted the card, a decent credit limit and bought the patio swing chair. When I got my first statement, I was floored to see it was a 26.99% interest rate. I immediately moved the balance to a zero interest card as a transfer balance, making my Pier One card a zero balance.

I waited 3 months and called to ask about changing the due date, for which I was refused. They have a preset due date of the 19th and are completely inflexible, which is weird because I've moved all of my other credit cards to certain due date to coincide with my larger paycheck, and to avoid missing any payments. I then asked about lowering my interest rate since I am not a high credit risk and have a decent credit score. She put me on hold and then was refused this, as the 26.99 I am receiving is the lowest interest rate available with Comenity Bank/Pier One.

I said, "This is ridiculous, then cancel the card at my request." which she promptly did. I also asked since Comenity handles my Catherines Card, the interest rate is 24.99 and asked if this was fixed and inflexible as well. She said she is unable to give me anything lower. She was unable to move the due date on this card as well.

I advised I would be cancelling this card as well shortly. It carries a zero balance as well, as I also moved this balance to a zero interest credit card. I told her it is a shame that I have to shop in their stores with a lower interest rate card or cash and avoid having to use their store card because of the high interest rate, and am insulted since I am not a high credit risk customer.

I said, "It is the stores that are losing my business because of their inflexibility, and why would I ever pay 26.99 percent interest to make a purchase when I can get it for a much much lower interest rate on another card?" She did not even attempt to escalate me to a customer service manager and seemed perfectly happy to lose the business. I said, "This is your loss." Poor customer service.

Terrible Online Experience
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Rating: 1/51

First they canceled the order with even notifying me. Then the replaced order delivery did not show up or call on the scheduled delivery day, 3 weeks later. They have been completely uncommunicative -- they do not inform me of changes in my order status (such as the cancellation), and even when I have called about a problem (such as the missed delivery) and they have promised to get back to me, they don't. Purchasing items in the store is fine, but ordering anything online for home delivery is a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Their competitors offer free shipping (theirs cost $149) and 2-day or 4-day delivery. I've been waiting a month.

Charged interest on Promotional Balance paid off before due date
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WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I purchased items through Pier One using their credit card by Chase. I had promotional balances that expired 3/1/2010, 4/1/2010 and 7/1/2010. I paid the balance before the promotional expiration of 3/1/2010 prior to that date; however, they applied my payment to the balance which expired 4/1/2010 resulting in an interest charge of $88.57 from the promotional balance that ended 3/1/2010.

When I called Pier One customer service, they claimed that this was a result of the new credit card law changes effective 2/22/2010. Their explanation was that all payments had to be applied to the lowest interest rate. I explained that all my rates are the same. They then said that they had to apply the payment to the promotional balance that ended the latest.

However, this didn't make sense since they applied my payment to the next promotional balance which ended 4/1/2010 rather than to the last balance that ended 7/1/2010. Both the customer service representative & the supervisor refused to refund my interest, so I closed my account. Not sure if there is anything that I can do about this. Thank you for your time & please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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