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Direct Billing
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Rating: 1/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- Planet Fitness will have you believe they are a no stress no hassle affordable club to exercise without the pressures often associated with other clubs. Of course that's until you see your bank statement! A friend and I both joined the club on Lyons Road in Dayton approximately a year ago. Unfamiliar with their billing practices neither of us had our checkbooks with us at time of sign-up. I returned to the club the following day and provided the young man behind the counter with a voided check. Several days later when my friend and I returned to the club together I was approached once again with the request for a voided check for billing.

I made every attempt to explain to their HIGHLY trained staff that I had previously provided said item and witnessed the check being attached to my membership form. The "clerk" continued to batter me (wonderfully enough now in front of other club member) stating I had not provided a voided check. In the interest of preserving my dignity I presented them with yet another voided check. (Funny how I use my checking account perhaps 6 times a year and suddenly used it twice in 4 days... )

Nevertheless, time goes by and yes I did utilize the club. But to my absolute amazement I recently discovered that Planet Fitness has been charging me for the monthly membership and the annual fee for my friend's account as well. I think it is reasonably safe to assume at this point that Planet Fitness accounted for both the first and second voided check. Interestingly enough they, again in their years of industry leading experience, decided to attach it to what would seem ANY membership documentation.

Easy fix you say? Try absolutely not! Trust that what their member services facing management team is lacking in proper management and documentation skills they do not make up for in the customer service arena. So I turn to their corporate offices to help resolve this matter.

To my amazement I was told to forward an email to their INFO address and the local owner or district management team "MIGHT" contact me soon. SOON????? What does that mean? If this is the same group of local professionals that hung up on me telling me there is no way they could have charged me for another members fees, then I am not any better off than I would be in the absences of the email.

For the record, I tried to no avail to show my bank statements as proof of the debits to my account and again was told, "no way this is on our end. It must be on your bank side!" The local auditing expert for Planet Fitness was missing one major puzzle piece, the REFERENCE NUMBER (GENIUS) is your companies!!! So I made every attempt to explain it to this manager that my "bank" records the reference number from the "seller's" P.O.S. system and captures the information for proof of sales transaction. Further, the "bank" cannot generate this for the debits.

The net net of this is, I too run a business and my network spans far and long. I have every intention to utilize all resources and social media forums to provide Planet Fitness with the publicity it so deserves. All of this of course, before my scheduled appointment with first my attorney then the Ohio Attorney General's office. I would wager that there are other members that have also had billing or payment concerns left unattended to by this company.

I would be more than happy to discuss this matter with the local owner and or district management member. Please be completely prepared to resolve my issues up on conclusion of the meeting. A.) I expect 100% of the costs of the "other member" refunded back to me starting February 2014 to current including the mid-year annual fee. B.) Remove and return to me the voided check form the other member. C.) Remove and return to me the voided check from any documentation in my membership file (as I no longer trust your billing practices). D.) Lastly, cancel my membership to your club without any penalties.

I will relieve Planet Fitness of all responsibilities thereafter. Member 512 Lyons Rd., Dayton, Ohio branch.

Mistreated and Discriminated against and poor management and facilities not cared for
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Rating: 1/51

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- At the Planet Fitness in West Palm Beach South Dixie #0873 in late July 2019 the trainer mistreated me, being very snappy and sharp not allowing us to use a space and just very mean and unkind. We have observed her territorial behavior and odd ways she behaves toward some here like us since she started here a few weeks ago. Although my spouse or I never spoke to her when she mistreated us, my spouse made a comment to me about her nasty behavior and I guess she overheard it and took offense to it. She was behaving in a mean way and seems very hateful and homophobic it seems toward us a married gay couple who have gone to this gym for five years now since they opened. No other trainer here has ever treated us in such a nasty way before. She told the manager my spouse said a bad word about her. The manager came over to talk to us, my spouse was upset and told her it was not nice how she was treating us as customers and we have a right to defend ourselves from her nasty comportment. The following day the manager called my spouse telling him that his guest member privileges were being revoked and he could never use another Planet Fitness club again in his life and that I as the contract on the membership I could cancel if I wanted since we always come in together to use the gym and actually joined together. We came in and met with the manager who presented me with a form to sign online to cancel and emailed it to my spouse and me. The manager sided with the nasty and hateful employee over long-term customers of five+ years who have never created a problem in all the years and have paid upwards of $1000+ in membership fees over the years. What a slap in the face to us as members. My spouse also asked why the manager did not give any due process or a second chance, since the employee provoked the entire incident with her mean ways. This gym has deteriorated considerable since this manager took over now the past few months. The employees change every other week, the club is not cared for well, the bathrooms are filthy, the machines need greasing and do not work smoothly, and the employees are ill trained and treat customers poorly or change so frequently. The management and staff here do not enforce the rules for members and allow all to be loud, swear, not break down weights, never clean up after themselves, talk on their phones and sit on machines on their phones not thinking of others. Since we were forced out by a mean and hateful employee, having my spouses membership revoked and then canceling mine and losing out on 18 days of the gym plus the annual fee, Planet Fitness should have to reimburse us for the time we now cannot use this gym. WE have spoken to our bank to make sure they do not try to charge us more, although we cancelled and have the cancellation; we have heard horror stories about this gym. We believe that this manager and trainer will not last based on how they treat people and their poor leadership. WE do believe Planet Fitness should dismiss them, as you should not have people like them working with your customers. Either way, they will be the cause of their own demise by the way they have been since being at this gym. Please refund us for our lost money with your gym. We will go to a better gym that can be kind and respectful of us without hate and the nasty ways of this trainer. The manager is not a problem solver, she is a young kid who really should not be running a business and has no right in a job like that, as she really does not care, and she does not even smile or treat most people well. Many former employees of this gym have told us they all left because of her nasty leadership, so many employees, they all leave, and this says something about this weak and pathetic manager. She would never listen to my spouse and sided with her new trainer who has been on a power trip since she started working at this club. PF should have a separate training area apart from the areas all people use to work out. Planet Fitness Headquarters needs to step in, intervene, and improve what is going on here. This manager gave a name and email of her superior, and then she called, but the number, name, or email do not show up on any Planet Fitness webpage. Therefore, we are taking the Liberty to send our complaint and assessment of the altercation directly to the BBB so PF corporate or regional can address and know what is going on at this club. Please refund us the portions that we paid of the annual and monthly we were not able to use since you forced us out. We will also look into talking to some lawyers about how we were treated by the employee and manager and how there was never and due process given in this case to use just a revocation. We hope Planet Fitness will take this seriously and improve the management and situation on the ground at the Planet Fitness in West Palm Beach. There is a lot of questionable stuff going on here and customers should never be treated the way we were treated on Tuesday by this employee and then forced out like this by this manager. Please address this fairly and improve the situation here. Unfortunately, after this horrendous incident with your employee at your gym we could never speak highly of this gym or Planet Fitness as a whole, nor do a positive review, or promote Planet Fitness at all ever to friends, family, and loved one. We are mortified at how we were treated by this manager and your PF employee and wanted to share this review with others. This gym is poorly run now, dirty, and they do not maintain their equipment well here now and employees are ill trained. We hope they can improve and not chase good customers away by their mean and discriminating treatment.

Unimaginable Migraine
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Rating: 1/51

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I attend my local institute in Fountain Valley, CA. The Grondahl brothers had built the “Judgement Free Zone” with the intention of providing a low cost work out solution to help the average person save on gym costs while building their body up to a new level of health. Part one seems to speak for itself, part two however I feel as if I am checking into a mental asylum every time I go. Mental health is far beyond importance standards than physical health and mine is being dragging to a whole new low.

The music is way too loud and none of the staff cares.

At 4:22 09/06/2018 I checked into my asylum per usual noticing right as I walked in the music was far beyond normal decibels. Once arriving at my usual machine, ARC Training Elliptical, I once again shoved my ear buds as far as I could down my earlobe cavity and blasted my music into my ears at 95%. Extremely unhealthy for the human earbuds by the way but what choice do I have if I do not appreciate the heavy metal rock music the “club” is shoving down my throat. Headphones achieved nothing. Could still hear the blaring music burning through to my brain driving my migraine to a whole new level of stimulation I have never experienced before. I approached the counter staff “Martha” (who had to wait two whole minutes before answering the simple question ‘What is your name?'), stated will try to lower the volume. After five minutes, nothing. Ten, nothing. Twenty, nothing. Approached “Martha” the second time. She refused, stated no one else is complaining. Referred me to manager Ruby Islas at 657-232-4464 whom does not even have a voicemail machine to leave a message. The Fountain Valley main line's messaging service mailbox is full so that is to no use.

I have to draw the line here. First thing to know in retail is rarely, if any, do people complain verbally, especially with the internet available, they LEAVE and DO NOT COME BACK. Also look around. Everyone has their headphones in listening to their own music that they want to listen too. Don't believe me!? Take a look for yourself! Don't sit their skeptical and in complete disbelief. Show me the numbers or walk into any Planet Fitness ANYWHERE. Everyone prefers to listen to their own brand of music.


Each one of those people who ignore the problem ARE complaining. They want to listen to their own music. The “club” music is a nuisance. Think about it. Provide numbers. Take surveys. Do not sit there pompous while committing an “arm-chair examination” concluding this is what you believe to be true. Find facts. Have someone walk around for two minutes every hour for a whole day asking, POLITELY, would you prefer your own music or the heavy metal death crap we blast at full volume. You might find the answer may be in favor of each person's freedom.

Maybe this is related to the “judgment free zone” by JUDGING your brand of music RIGHT over everyone else's and leave the customer unable to achieve their own brand of the “free zone” you inevitably break your own principle. Has that ever come to mind?

While you study the issue, please provide me with a full refund for my black card membership that I use nearly four times a week at several hours at a time. This is for completely wasting my time having to correct an issue that should be blatantly obvious to fix since it directly violates your “judgment free zone”.

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Rating: 1/51

WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA -- Planet Fitness initially comes across as a great place. The problem is that they have the most ridiculous 'terms' in their contracts that are so long 99% of people won't bother reading the entire thing because you wouldn't expect to find anything that looks illegal.

Though every good business has contracts to protect themselves, I didn't expect a minor dispute would mean a nasty manager and the response 'you signed a contract' every time I tried to point out that they were billing me $20 a month for 'late fees' because there was a 'billing' problem with my account. HOW CAN ANY BUSINESS CLAIM A BILLING PROBLEM WITH YOUR ACCOUNT THEY ARE BILLING YOU???

I should have been suspicious that they wanted two forms of payment. They are claiming that I one of the numbers in the secondary payment was incorrect and therefore they couldn't bill me for the gym but they could bill me a charge? HOW IS THIS LEGAL? Do the owners need money so badly that they need to do this to trusting customers - or should I say dupes?

Maybe they need me to give them any change I find in my sofa cushions - or does the contract state that I need to give them my children if I cancel or have a dispute? What kind of business behaves like this? Oh, wait, I know what kind. A GREEDY BUSINESS THAT INSULTS ITS OWN CUSTOMERS IN ORDER TO MAKE MORE MONEY ON HIDDEN FEES! If you are a long-time customer and have an issue, do not expect them to help in any way - they truly don't care. The reason they are profitable is because of hidden fees, unexpected charges, cancellation penalties, etc.

Ask the manager for a business card - you'll find out they don't have one because there is no website for the location and they don't want to make it easy to contact them. I encourage everyone who has encountered this to do the following things: Contact the Better Business Bureau and speak to someone as well as write a review. Write a review on every single site that has comments on Planet Fitness - this takes a long time so it may take weeks. There are so many thousands of people reporting problems it's almost unbelievable.

On review sites where someone has had the same experience as you make sure to hit the 'like' button on each review. Again, this takes time because of the thousands of complaints but it's needed to bring more attention to their unprofessional treatment of their customers.

Send an email to every single one of your state representatives. Don't miss anyone - local, state and federal. Write one letter and copy it to every one of them. Your tax dollars pay for them to help their constituents and when they are flooded with complaints they will take them seriously.

I don't want this company to go out of business - I want to see them adopt good business practices and show respect for their customers. I pity the young people who work there because they are seeing the worst customer service and business practices a business can have and that's a terrible entry to the work world.

There is no reason it should take you an hour to read a contract to join a gym. And finally, I thought the Waynesboro Virginia manager was uncaring but after reading more reviews I know realize that it's their BUSINESS MODEL! Apparently, greed is alive and well with Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness is Harassing Me!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I have been a member at Planet Fitness for over a year now. I was originally a member at the Rainbow/215 location but one day when I was working out I let out a little grunt when I was on the leg press, lifting what to me was a lot of weight. It was not a yell or a scream, but a small grunt that really only the people in a 5-10 ft radius might hear if they were really listening. I am not a big guy or muscle head just someone that is fat and out of shape and that wants to get back in to shape. Next thing you know "The Lunk" alarm was sound and they made a big deal about my grunt and completely embarrasssed me. Mind you this is the only time I had ever made a sound while working out at Planet Fitness. I was so embarrasssed that I completely stopped working out there and gained another 10 pounds (gaining the weight is my fault). Then I heard that a new location was opening at Decatur/Flamingo and it was 2 miles from my house. I was so excited for it to open because they will not let you cancel your contract just because they embarrasss you, I had still been paying every month and I still wanted to get back into shape again. You see I had been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and it was just over the last 5 years when I started playing poker for a living that I started putting on weight. Before then I was in great shape and had many jobs in the fitness industry such as personal trainer, general manager or fitness director of The UFC Gym, 24hr Fitness, La Fitness and Anytime Fitness as well as running my own personal training business for many years. When the new location opened I started working out the day it opened. I was going at least 4 times a week if not more. About 2 weeks into working out a employee approached me in the middle of my set and made me stop so he could talk to me, which is something I would never have one of my trainers do, I always taught them to wait till they are done with a set then ask them if they can interrupt and then ask their question. So it annoyed me that he interrupted me right off the bat, plus this day had been one of the worst days in forever, I had 2 hours prior, found out my favorite Aunt had died and I just wanted to work out and get rid of this anger/sadness. He then told me that I had to leave or buy a lock. I did not have my wallet with me because I had ran/walked the 2 miles to get to the gym and now he was telling me I had to leave. Needless to say I was pretty upset I said a few cuss words which I should not and after some begging they let me put my bag behind the counter and finish my workout. I came back the next day and apologized to the guy working and explained the situation and said that I was sorry for yelling at him that I know of the rule but I had brought the bag with me every day that I had worked out and no one had ever said anything about it before and I always tucked it behind the machine and out of the way. He said it was because of insurance and the chance someone could trip and hurt themselves which I completely understand. We shook hands and everything is great or so I thought. Then today the same guy comes up to me and tells me to stop slamming the weights. The things is, I am on my first set and I have not slammed one weight. So I asked him are you talking to me he said yes if you could please stop slamming the weights it would be great. I then said I wasn't which his reply was that I was and to stop slamming them. So I get a little upset because I have not done anything and this gym is again singling me out and that I am being harassed. It upsets me so much that I can't work out and my wife and I leave. On the way out I wait for the guy to stop instructing someone and I ask him why he said I was slamming weights? Was it during one of the two sets I had done before and his response was yeah I heard you during one of those sets and that is why I said it. I then responded by saying "really that is amazing since that was my first set." So I had caught him in a obvious lie and then I said to stop harassing me and that next time he wants to say something to me to get his fucking shit right and address the three people that had bags out on the floor right then. I know I should not cuss but what a hypocrite I mean really you're going to make stuff up about me and not even address the original problem you spoke with bags being on the floor. I wish I could cancel my wife's and my membership. This place is terrible they don't want people that really want to change and get in shape they just want your money. Now I'm in a spot because I don't want to go to a place that I have to worry "what are they going to say to me today" every time I want to work out. Not sure what to do since I really want to get in shape. This I hope never happens to you I just wanted to let you know about my experience.

Warning - Poor Billing/ Customer Service Practices
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Rating: 1/51

HILLIARD, OHIO -- Cons/Problem: WARNING. You will not be notified before your annual dues is auto drafted from your bank account!!! Customer Service will not refund!!! Customer Service will not help you!!! No one explained this before starting membership! But, It's in your contract folks. Would have renewed if properly notified. Now canceling. Sad, because I never had a problem here before. I just want everyone to be aware of the poor business practice against Planet Fitness customers. Solution: Send a "no-reply" email to your customers a few days before the auto draft. Customer is always right, isn't that a joke!

I'm Winning!!!!
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Rating: 5/51

CLINTON, MISSISSIPPI -- Planet Fitness has changed the life of my spouse and I. I have always wanted to join a gym, but it was always awkward and gloomy and I always had to sign some type of agreement, so I would usually cancel my membership after only a week or 2 of not going. I always watch "The Biggest Loser" whenever it airs and always wondered about the gym that was so pretty and purple (which is my favorite color by the way). I signed up for Planet Fitness online and went to pick up our cards and free T-shirts that same day. After work the following day, we were in there, working out and loving it. The environment was so spunky and bright.

There were people in there working out hard and long. These were real people who had real-life goals, trying to do what they had to do in order to live longer and healthier. These people didn't look like they were trying to look good for the next person, only for themselves. My spouse and I tried different equipment and wasn't embarrassed about not knowing how each piece worked. This has become our daily after work routine and so far I'm down 12 lbs and he's down 10. We don't participate in the pizza nights, but it does look like fun for others and I think it's a really good ideal to have for the members in order to treat themselves once a month after working so hard all month-long.

I do however always grab a handful of their purple Tootsie Rolls that I put in my glass dish on my desk at work for my coworkers to take full advantage of, not to mention it's really nice decor since I am known for having everything purple! I have a long way to go as far as weight loss is considered, but you better believe it's all going to be lost with my membership at Planet Fitness!

Charged Me Twice/Month
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Rating: 3/51

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I'm working out at PF during one year already. I did YMCA before and I like YMCA so much!! One of the reason - there are pool. But YMCA is far away from my house and I had to find place closer to my house. PF is right across the street so I can even walk there at the summer time.

  1. First thing what I did not like at PF is they have a contract. So if you subscribe you have to be a member for 12 month and then in 12 month you can leave any month with no additional charges. But if you subscribe you have to pay for 12 month.

  2. Second thing is when I changed my payment method (I did it twice) both times the system (or the employee) did not save my payment information for some reason. When I came in next time I had to provide my payment info again (They need account info so if you have card on you it does not work. They need account and routing number!!!) - it happened to me twice, it does not look like an accident.

  3. Happened to me this month. I check my bank account often and track all my charges. As I can see usually PF charges on 15-19th every month. This month they charged me on 1st and on 17th - here we go. That's how they make money. I know a lot off people have a tons of transaction and not able to check bank account. And looks like this is an accident. I'm going complain about it.

But just think how many people have the same "accident" transaction and even have no idea about it and not going to get this money back!!! It very good sample guys to check you bank account, manage your budget and save money! On one hand it's just 20 bucks and it does not make the day. But here is 20 bucks tomorrow is five dollars and so on and so on - when you count you can see it could be nice dinner at very nice place for couple. This is my experience. Thank you for your time!

Planet Bogus
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Rating: 2/51

AWHATUKEE, ARIZONA -- I normally love this gym, but my experience today has seriously changed my opinion. This morning I go the gym (early to 6:00 am) and the front desk girl (Tiffany) clocks my card in and I head out to work out. About 30 minutes later the guest I invited arrives, so I go to the front door to scan him in, and right in front of everyone (3 other people coming in and my guest) the front desk girl (Tiffany) shouts "do you know you have a balance?" Which of course I logged right into my Planet Fitness account to show there is no balance, and my next payment is due on 2/17. She then says the online system doesn't update balances.

I said BS, because there is a section right on the account for past due balances. She says it is never accurate. So I go through my bank account and show her all of the transactions (because I know those are accurate) they have automatically taken out of my account since I've been there. (Now keep in mind I am now 20 minutes into my 45 minute workout arguing with Tiffany, who is giving me SOOOO much attitude I can't even believe it.) So then she has the nerve to say, "Oh you can just go work out and deal with the billing thing later."

Really, because now I have 10 minutes before I have to leave to get ready for work, and I can't think of anything other than billing since she put me on blast like that. Then she says, "well the only person who can do anything about this is my manager and she isn't in until 9." So I said, "why are you talking about billing then if you can't do anything?" She says she will have her manager call me at 9 when they get there.

**9:48** no call. So I call them. Another girls says, "Oh yeah, I heard her talk to my manager about that this morning but my manager had to go and won't be back until noonish." Really? Noon-ish? So clearly customer satisfaction is a joke, along with billing. Why have an online account if it is NEVER accurate. I am going to corporate with this if they do not call back before 1 and I am canceling my membership. Not worth the pain! #PLANETBOGUS

Won't Stop Billing Even After Cancellation
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- My brother resides outside the country, but was in New York for about 4 months starting in June of 2018 to attend a Data Science boot camp at the Flatiron school on the same city block as this Planet Fitness location. I signed him up for a Planet Fitness (PF) membership for the duration of his stay, and the business had absolutely no problem collecting my payment information online (credit card AND bank account details). The initial payment in June was made by a ONE-TIME credit card authorization on their website. Subsequent monthly payments were made by automatic debits to my bank account. When his boot camp concluded, my brother left the country at the end of October 2018 but he only notified PF in December, after I realized he forgot to cancel the membership.

Since then, PF has still consistently charged my bank account $15.68 every month, despite multiple requests to cancel. Feeling frustrated and helpless, in early April 2019, I explained the situation to my bank and paid a $30.00 STOP PAYMENT FEE to ensure that PF could no longer charge me for a service that my brother stopped using over 6 months prior. On April 23, 2019, unable to charge my bank account, PF unilaterally charged $30.68 to my credit card and I have disputed the charges.

Today 5/21/2019, they've ILLEGALLY charged my card again for $30.68!! THIS IS JUST PLAIN OLD THEFT AND FRAUD!! I've listed my desired outcome below, and hopefully, that gets resolved soon. However, the bigger issue here is that PF has systematically made it excruciatingly painful for customers to cancel recurring charges for services that are no longer needed. The sheer number of similar complaints lodged on the BBB's website is indicative of this.

If Planet Fitness has a technology platform that is sophisticated enough to accept multiple forms of payment ONLINE, then said platform should equally be capable of ONLINE service cancellation. It is only fair that the method and location of service cancellation not impose more hardship/inconvenience on a customer, than the method and location of subscription.

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