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Buyer Beware. Look Anywhere Else.
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Buyer Beware. I strongly encourage anyone considering a purchase from Plaza Motors to LOOK ELSEWHERE NO MATTER THE COST. My experience has convinced me that the Plaza business model is to sell cars with significant issues they are able to mask with the bare minimum of superficial improvements - unreported accidents, mechanical failures, structural damage, etc.

The car may show well on the lot, but shortly after your two week return period, you'll may find yourself saddled with a black hole for your cash. Throughout my two-year ownership period with Plaza the quality, service and communication was nothing short of terrible. I deeply regret coming across Plaza Motors. Don't be fooled, one of their salesmen, Justice, pulled every single sleazy car salesman technique in the book.

The interest rate they offered was nearly double market, although Justice assured me that was what was appropriate for my credit (760-780). The warranty they assured me was phenomenal and all-encompassing ended up being useless come time to make a claim. I have documented that Plaza took over 30% profit on the wholesale of the warranty. That's before I even got in the vehicle.

Just after the two week return period, the issues started. I purchased just before the summer and soon found that the air-conditioning came with an awful mold smell that will require 600+ to do away with. The brakes soon began to squeal and Justice insisted "that's just what Audi brakes do." It turned out they used cheap replacement pads and I ended up having to replace the pads and rotors. The battery died at month 4 - again, from Justice: "that obviously has nothing to do with us."

The check engine light came on about two months after purchase. This is when I discovered that the "wear and tear" warranty was a bait and switch. The warranty company denied everything, and hours on the phone led to nothing. I brought my car into the shop. Plaza assured me "they use for all their vehicles," and after more than 9 visits, the light is still on my dash.

They never offered anything that would cost Plaza Motors a cent. They never apologized or even acknowledged they'd sold me a bad car, financing or warranty. Justice was short, rude or unresponsive during many exchanges. To add insult to injury, the only thing he ever offered was a trade-in for a vehicle with an accident on it at a price that once again turned a big profit for Plaza Motors. Oh, and beware of their tax, title and licensing fees - I suspect they hide profit in there too.

Purchasing from Plaza Motors has led to nearly 150% of the cost I meant to spend on my car after all of the repairs and headache in less than two years. It turned my excitement toward driving my first luxury vehicle into a terrible experience I'll likely remember for the rest of my life. GO ANYWHERE ELSE.

Do NOT Buy a Car From This So Called Dealership!!!
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I actually have multiple complaints:

1 - I purchased a vehicle and the sales representative advised I would have my car by April 19th, 2013... After rushing me for the payment and receiving the payment, the sales representative went on a vacation before completing the transition and having my car shipped. I did not get my vehicle till April 22nd, 2013 after they told increased the shipping cost by $200 (after receiving my total payment and telling me I had no further expenses).

2 - Before I received the car, the sales representative told me there were no major scratches or issues, other than normal wear and tear. When I received the vehicle, it had Transformer symbols carved into the paint on the hood. The transporter even pointed them out on the transport form which the dealership signed. When I told the sales representative about it, he essentially said I was lying, that they were not there and that even though the major scratches were not disclosed in the advertisement and description, it was my issue to deal with.

3 - When I asked to speak with the manager, who I had to deal with while the sales representative was on vacation, the sales representative said he was busy and did not want to deal with me. I demanded to speak with the manager, and the sales representative told me to have fun on hold, then placed me on hold for over 20 minutes till I hung up.

Title Problems
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I purchased a 2012 Ford Explorer on the internet. The car appeared to have no problems until I got home. It wouldn't start again and I was told the dealer would have someone come repair it today. Two days later they determined it needed a new battery and replaced it. I took the paperwork to the DMV to register the car and found there was no record of title on file. I tried to contact the dealer many times and no one would return my calls. I have had this car for 9 months and I still don't have a title. Not sure what is going to happen.

I Was Ripped Off
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PHOENIX, ARKANSAS -- I bought a vehicle from Plaza Motors Arizona last month. I found the vehicle on their website and contacted the owner. He told me the vehicle was in great shape and it had no problems whatsoever. What a piece of **. I took delivery from a shipper they arranged and immediately knew the car had problems. The car had parts missing and the tires and rims were in horrible condition.

I brought the vehicle to my mechanic and it would not even pass inspection. I had to put 3k into it to get it inspected and to get the vehicle in decent condition. I called the owners and they essentially blew me off. I have no other recourse except for this review. If you are looking to buy a vehicle from these people "DO NOT". Thank you for reading.

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