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Ordered wrong Skimmer (honest mistake)
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Rating: 1/51

Ticket Status: Open
Department: Pool Deals
Create Date: 01/31/2018 5:01 pm
Name: Christopher
Email: CAD6871@AOL.COM
Phone: 19105998650
Have An Order With Us?: Yes, I have placed an order.
Web Order Number: #3062583

Subject: Other
01/31/2018 5:01 pm Christopher
the skimmer I received is not the correct one. I need the rectangle wide mouth. not sure if I checked the wrong box or what
02/01/2018 10:03 am Reggie Anderson
Only an expandable pool liner would work for this type of pool. We will have more expandable Liners in stock in April.

02/01/2018 11:24 am Christopher
I need to return the skimmer that I received . It is not the correct one.
02/01/2018 12:08 pm Reggie Anderson
Skimmers unfortunately are a non-returnable item.
02/01/2018 1:48 pm Christopher
What you talking about? I need the widemouth skimmer I can't exchange the one I have for He Right one witch is 10 bucks more
02/01/2018 4:19 pm Reggie Anderson
Hello Christopher,
Unfortunately due to the nature of the item(s), this is a final sale as listed in the return policy that you have agreed to.

02/01/2018 4:27 pm Christopher
Well I'm contacting the credit card company and filing a complaint and tell everyone I no not to buy anything from this company. That is fraudulent behavior .
You clearly state on your website that things happen blah blah but your not going to honor that. Where are you located because I would like to come to your office or headquarters and provid a number also.
02/01/2018 5:06 pm Reggie Anderson
Ok. That is fine as you have the item, we shipped what was ordered and you agreed to the policy.
02/01/2018 7:14 pm Christopher
Your company sucks and I'm going to add to the shitty reviews you have and then contact the attorney generals office in New York . You screwed over the wrong guy god as my witness. I'm from New York and my family is all in law I'm enforcement and works in Government.
02/01/2018 7:19 pm Reggie Anderson
That all sounds fantastic. In the meantime if you would like to review the terms of sale there is a link at the bottom of your invoice or it can also be found under the customer service link on our website.

I'm not I'm not sure what all the nonsense is about law enforcement or the government means to us. It's a final sale item just like you agreed to that doesn't change because you have family in law enforcement, you are from New York, or you are even the Governor of New York.
02/01/2018 8:51 pm Christopher
I will be taking you to small claims court mr Reggie Anderson and it's the principle. I will show you why it matters who is who since you care to mock family members who work in Government. My aunt is Clerk Of Court and you will be receiving a letter and no lawyer can block you from going to small claims court. I just verified that. Its not the 40 bucks now it's the principle.

you will be able to see all of these comments tagged to your website by tomorrow from pissed off consumer .com
02/01/2018 9:44 pm Reggie Anderson
You can do whatever you like since you agreed to the terms of the sale. It's a final sale item, and as you agreed to a final sale.

Make sure make sure you let them know in court you agreed to the terms of the sale before you waste your time.

02/02/2018 5:48 am Christopher
Its the principle of the matter. You could of at least offered some support or effort and at least tried to solve an issue where an honest mistake was made. I can see a restocking fee for inconvenience fee but to be stuck with a part that is unopened unused in the box you sent or whomever sent is a waste of resource. I'm not a parts dealer. You literally have a 100% percent more of a chance at reselling this part than I do. What is the point of doing business like this?
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The Worst Customer Service And Elusive Answers To Legitimate Questions.
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I wanted to buy a $300 pool cover, but first I was looking for answers to legitimate questions that I had. I called customer no service three times and found absolute rudeness and instead of answering my questions, they said "I will transfer you to the manager and you can leave a message." Finally, I decided to use their website and ask questions of their sales department.

From their website I asked for the answers to five questions on 9-15-16. "1. Exactly how does your warranty work? 2. Where are you located, city, state etc.? 3. Where is this cover, super winter pool cover made, country?
4. How thick is the cover? 5. Are there detailed instructions for installation."

Their word for word response sent to me on 9-16-16: "We don't have a warranty, the manufacturer does. If you have an issue you would contact them. We are located just outside of Niagara Falls, New York. This cover is made at either the USA or Canadian plant. Cover thickness is unknown. Installation instructions are included."

I still had more questions and so I called in again. The interesting customer service representative, once again pushed me off to the voicemail of the General Manager. So, I decided to send another email asking more detailed questions.

Here is my new email sent on 9-16-16 at 3:27 PM: "Who is the actual manufacturer of this cover? Do they have a website so that I can read more about it? I still don't understand the details of your warranty information. $300 is a lot of money to put out so I would like to read the actual terms of the warranty before I put this kind of cash out. I am looking at your Item # SKU8637 for $294.99. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions in detail. I really do appreciate it." Here is their email response at 4:12 PM. "Several manufacturers make the cover. The warranty details come with the product. They will be available to read once you open the box."

Do you see the pattern, they never give an actual answer to any of my questions, so I decided to send one more email. I admit I was frustrated but I really wanted to buy this cover and all I wanted was to get answers to my questions.

My last email sent on 9-16-16 at 7:53 PM: "Thank you but if I am going to spend over $300, I would like to have the information before I purchase this. Is it not wise for your company to provide this information ahead of time? Is there a reason that getting specific answers is so difficult? What would happen if I ever had a problem, would my concern be handled the same way? I am not being sarcastic, but I am shocked by your elusive answers!!! I would appreciate it if a supervisor of PoolDeals would answer my specific questions if you would like to have my business. Thanks for your assistance."

Their final response to my last email was shocking, appalling, and downright rude. I received their disgusting response at 8:41 PM. "I guess we are not the company for you then." Naturally, I will not have anything to do with this company ever again. Fortunately, I found another company located out of West Chicago who has a fantastic customer service department and answered ALL OF MY QUESTIONS kindly and in a genuinely gracious manner. No, I have nothing to do with the company out of West Chicago. I am a retired pastor who happens to be totally disabled.

What is wrong with Obviously, they did not want my business. I am so thankful that I took the time to read reviews on them after I was treated so shamefully. Finally, BUYER BEWARE, is also - same street address, same rude customer no service. When you call either of their telephone numbers, you hear the exact same recording. I sincerely hope that this helps before you make the mistake of doing business with PoolDeals or PoolZone.

Dont Buy From PoolDeals.Com and Don't Expect Them to Honor Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

NEBRASKA -- I have installed 3 pool liners over the last 10 years for my above ground pool. So this year we decided to look online. My wife and I found and found the liner for almost 200 less than I can get locally so we took a chance and ordered the pool on 4/18/2018. The liner came on time and was, what I thought, good quality. I installed in 3 days (5/24/2018) and the pool was beautiful... for 2 days. My son and some friends were playing in the pool when the bead came out and my entire pool dumped the water.

I tried to call to get a replacement, but they sent me online to start a "service ticket". Just FYI, you cannot talk to anyone, everything is by electronic communication through their site. It quickly became clear that they were not going to send a replacement. They said that I ordered the wrong size of pool liner, that I needed a 52 inch deep on vs. a 48 inch. After three days of doing back and forth, I spent $80.00 and brought a local company here to measure and ensure I ordered the correct liner.

It still didn't matter. Finally on 6/5/2018, I called into the 800 number 16 different times until, finally, I was put on with the warehouse manager who was then rude. He told me that he installed pools for over 25 years and that I needed the 52' pool.

When I told him that was just not true and told him I even had a local company come out to prove it, he told me, and I quote, "Just shut the hell up and listen. I don't care who you brought out, you installed this wrong and we are not going to give you a new one. How hard is this for you to understand? What part of these words are hard for you to understand?" and then hung up the phone. My wife and I knew we were taking a chance by ordering online, but this company is horrible! Stay away from them. Also, they have another company called that has the same address.

Sucky Business
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND ISLAND, NEW YORK -- They Suck!!! I placed order on May 29th. Nowhere on the site did it say item was back-ordered. They took the money on June 1st out of my account. I contacted them on June 8th only to be told item was on back-ordered until June 15th. Contact them on June 15th to be told that they would find out from warehouse and update me. I had to contact them again today June 22 only to be told that the item was no longer being sold and they would refund me. They could not tell me when they would refund my money.

Why would they take my money before they even had the merchandise to sell. Not professional at all. No apologies. Bad Business. Seems to me that an honest business would not take money until item was available, would contact me when item was found to be back-ordered with notation and when it was expected, would contact me when item was no longer available. Offer a comparable item, maybe even with a slight discount.

Terrible Products and Invisible Cutover Service
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Rating: 1/51

NY, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a pool cover with a 10 year warranty. After 2 years it is literally falling apart. doesn't warranty the products they sell and says you have to go to the manufacturer. Fine. So I ask who that is and they won't tell you. They claim the info came when I got the pool cover. I don't remember seeing it. So I simply asked for them to provide the name and a contact number and again they refused to do so. You can only deal with their customer service online and it seems automated so you never get a real person answering your questions. So I emails them and asked for a number to call and speak with somebody from Pooldeals.

No number just a form response. This company buys terrible products, bill them as the best quality with 10 year warranties knowing all along that the products won't last a few years at best. But of course they are off the hook and it's not their problem. It's a scam. They and their owner ** should be shut down and he should go to jail.

Do Not Order From This Site!!
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Rating: 1/51

CHASE CITY, VIRGINIA -- Same as the person from NE. Bought a pool liner, which came with no instructions. After verifying over the phone that they would guarantee the product, and now they will not cover the warranty. Attempted to install it and had about 10-12" too much and we know we bought the right size. The sales agent refused to listen to me, stating we installed it wrong. Wouldn't re-send an email or fax me a copy of the order. Claimed they emailed it and don't have a way to do it again. Gave me the manager's voicemail and told me he might get back to me in a week. Can't get anywhere with the ticketing system or instructions for install on their site either. It's a horrible company!

Worst Pool Cover Ever
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND ISLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I have an in ground pool that I've had for over 27 years and of course have ordered pool covers every few years. In the end of March or the beginning of April I ordered a solar pool cover from It was suppose to be 12 gauge but it is about half that thick. In only a month or so the little bubbles started to turn into big bubbles because they spread into each other. I have had this worthless cover now for about four months and it is junk. Do not order any covers from this place as they are no good.

Pool Liner Was Out of Stock but Pool Cove Was Still Shipped
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND ISLAND, NEW YORK -- We ordered a pool liner and pool cove and 5 business days later received a refund notification via email for the liner only. I contacted customer service to cancel the pool cove since we were not getting a liner and the representative was rude and hung up. I have emailed the company for the last 24 hours requesting a cancellation with no luck. I tried calling 3 times within a 5 minute span this morning and all 3 times I was put on hold and transferred to a voicemail. I was told via email the items shipped from different locations and I should have requested a cancellation for the pool cove.

I emailed the Ticket System that I had tried to cancel the order but was cut off and then later when I called back I was transferred to voice mail. I asked multiple times that a customer service representative call me which never happened. Apparently they only respond to customers through email... not sure how that is customer oriented. This company refuses to resolve issues! Do not purchase anything from Their customer service are or lack thereof is terrible!

Ordered Solar Cover
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- Do NOT order anything from this company. I ordered a solar cover and called Sales to make sure long edges were heat sealed. I was assured twice that they were. They were not. Also it looks like a little kid cut the one long edge. Finally, the cover was advertised as 12 mils, I would be surprised if it was 3 mil. If you need a solar cover you would be better to cut up some garbage bags and duct tape them together. When I called to return you have to fill out a “ticket” on-line, which they use to stall and deny any representation they made. I wish someone had warned me to advise these sheisters at all costs.

Pool Liner Fraud. Beware Of This Company
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- I placed an order for a pool liner and was told 7 to 10 business days. I called after my 10 business days were up and was told that UPS LOST MY LINER. Mind you I never got a tracking number and because I questioned this and was told I would have to wait another 7 to 10 business days but I was told I would get a rush and it's July. Getting a liner would have cost me 3 times as much which I found unacceptable. Because I questioned Reggie Decided that he can play Administration and cancel the sale and "refund" leaving me hanging.

But my bank does not have ANY RECORD OF MONEY BEING REFUNDED. Cancel the sale but no refund. I am contacting UPS to let them know of the accusations that were made against them, and I will contact the Attorney General for both the states of New York and Virginia. They protect consumers against companies that take advantage of us. I have never in my life ever heard of a customer service representative canceling a sale before the cash was in the account of the holder. I do plan on contacting any News media about this also. Companies like this must be stopped.

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