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$5000+ in Repairs Later
By -

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- A 2003 Land Rover Range Rover was purchased on 12/12/08 for a good amount of money. This company stated that it met the "Better Business Bureau's high standards", "Every vehicle is inspected…" as stated on their website, so I felt comfortable enough to believe their statements. Not even 30 days later of purchase, on 12/27/08 a series of problems had occurred. The rear brake lights stayed on, the ignition wouldn't start, the dash lights weren't working properly. After switching some fuses the problems discontinued for a short while, but the computer module and dash lights, and 1 headlight weren't responding. I drove home safely.

The next morning, the rear brake lights were on again and the ignition wouldn't start. The battery had died overnight. I pulled some fuses and jump started the vehicle. With these features not working properly it was a safety hazard to myself as well as others. After bringing it to a Land Rover dealership it was found that the radiator is leaking, it needed a new computer/radio module which controls pretty much the entire vehicle, new sensors for the brakes and a new battery.

I called Premier Auto Haus to discuss how this could be since they "inspect" all their vehicles and state "to help you find the perfect vehicle and in the process, save you valuable money and time". They basically gave me the runaround and said I should bring it there for repairs. They do not specialize in one make of a vehicle. They are a dealership that buys and sells with false promises. Seemed like another way to just get more money out of me. I was not comfortable bringing back to Premier Auto Haus because of my overall experience.

I traded in a 2006 Chrysler Crossfire and after all the paperwork in the end it seemed that I owed about est $860 less than they told me. With this, it actually made my monthly payments higher due to the incorrect amount owed on my trade-in. They were to mail me a check of the difference. Every time I called in regards to that, things seemed to be all over the place and unprofessional and I didn't get a straight answer for days when they originally stated the difference would be put back on the card by the following Monday 12/15/08. I have yet to receive such a check to this day 1/2/09.

There was also no manual and navigation cds included. They stated many times over the phone that they would get me these. I have not received any of this as well. I had to purchase an manual online as well as the navigation cds for. Good timing too since I was able to figure out what fuse was what right when things went wrong.

"Premier Auto Haus is committed to delivering exceptional value, quality, and service from the minute you enter our showroom." I would say there was a lack of value, quality, and service with my entire experience with this dealership. If my vehicle was properly inspected most, if not all, of these repairs would've been noticed or either stated before the sale of purchase.

Bought Lemon Used Acura RL 3.5 for $7600
By -

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- My sixteen-year-old son worked hard and saved up for months for a good car. He found one he liked at Premier Auto Haus in Downers Grove, IL. It's an Acura RL 3.5, 2000. He paid $7600.00. My husband test-drove the car and was assured it had no major mechanical problems. My son paid cash for it and drove it home the same day, about twenty miles. My son started having trouble with the car dying out towards the end of the ride, but my husband felt that since it had been sitting on the lot for a while it was nothing to be concerned about and a tune-up would probably fix it.

For the next couple days, my son drove it to school and back (three miles each way.) Then, on day four of owning it, the car would die out in the road and had trouble starting back up. I called Premier Auto Haus, and was told that it was our problem. The salesperson I spoke with-- Scott- said, "Well, how are we supposed to know what you've done with the car in the last four days?" He informed me that the car needed work recently and they had just fixed the relays. (According to my mechanic, that's one of the first things you suspect when the PCM is bad. So they likely knew that something was significantly wrong and the car couldn't sustain a long drive.)

We had put less than fifty miles on the car, counting the trip home. I pushed harder for a resolution, and was eventually told that if we could get the car to Wheeling, IL-- fifty miles from our home-- and have their partner Louie repair it, they'd pay 30% of the repair costs. We can't drive the car 50 miles. We can't even drive the car five blocks at this point. I don't want to tow the car 50 miles. Nor do I want to be limited to doing business with Louie in Wheeling.

They were not interested in having me take it to any of the local, reputable repair shops in my area. It had to be Louie... for all I know, Louie could just add 30% to my bill and share that with the dealership. I decided to have the car looked at by mechanics we trust.

We have just been informed that repair costs and parts will be over $2100. We've had two trustworthy mechanics look at the car, run it through diagnostics, and both agree that it's the power control module. When the car gets warm, it dies out and won't restart until it's completely cooled off again-- usually an hour or so later, depending on the weather. My husband and son test-drove it on a cold day for twenty minutes so they had no way of knowing. Premier Auto Haus claims to be "extremely dedicated in providing an exceptional standard of customer satisfaction." This is untrue.

I am very disappointed in Premier Auto Haus. We have six children and they have to work to earn money to get the things they want. It was heartbreaking to see my son's first major purchase-- something he had been dreaming about for years-- get blown to pieces by a dishonest dealership, and to not be offered any reasonable customer satisfaction.

Buyer Beware and Be Aware
By -

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- Stay away from this place!!! I purchased a car from the Premier Auto Haus thinking I was dealing with a reputable dealership, I WAS WRONG. They do have a reputation but it's not a good one. They have had over a dozen Better Business Bureau complaints in the last 2 years and I also found more when I searched them online. This was a real lesson you need to learn, check out the company before you buy.

The car I purchased (a used Mercedes AMG) had a few problems when the car was bought, a missing front grill, a broken taillight and a few other things. I was promised that the grill and taillight would be fixed, no problem. The grill was ordered and the rear light was repaired when the car was picked up (so I was told). The bulb did not last the 1 mile trip home.

I waited patiently for the grill to arrive and called the Premier auto haus after 2 weeks and was informed it was not in yet and from then on I called every week for the next 8 weeks and when the salesmen told me the part was in I came in as soon as I could to find out the part was never ordered. After explaining this to the dealership they ordered the part from Germany which took a couple of months. When the part arrived I went to have it installed and was told I needed to go talk to the dealership to see who was going to pay for the part and to put it on.

The salesman at the dealership informed me they would only pay for half of the part. After arguing that they promised to fix the grill he went in back for 2 minutes, came back out and said that we have nothing in writing about that. At that point we argued again until he agreed to pay for the part but not the labor which I would not accept. I was told that's the deal, take it or leave it. I told the 2 salesmen at this point that they do not stand behind their word and I was then told to take a hike.

As I was being ushered out the door the small red eye man who told me to take a hike then tells me to take my glasses off and he will jack me (BASICALLY THAT HE WILL HIT ME). After filing a complaint at the police department and being threatened with physical violence I can say stay away from this place, you literally don't know what you are getting yourself into. Buyer beware.

Changed the "Agreed Upon Price" Without Notification/Tried to Sell Bad Car.
By -

Please be very careful in doing business with Premier Auto Auctions or Premier Auto Haus (their second name). That are extremely corrupt and very deceitful people. I was looking at an RX300 with low miles and started negotiating with **. We settled on a agreed upon price and set the time for me to go and check out the car.

When I went to see the car, I was shocked to find out that it wouldn't even start! Furthermore, the back doors were all scratched which were not visible in the pictures they had posted (surprise surprise!) I quickly checked the oil, and it was way "over" the full line, like someone had essentially added oil in a last ditch effort to make up for lost oil. (God knows what's going on with the engine.) Secondly, the car was pulling to the right, and when you braked, the steering wheel would shake (when the rotors are hot/worn out they do this!) None of this was told to me earlier. Then I went ahead and told these things to the guy I was working with **.

We went inside, to talk about the paperwork and other details of the bill of sale, when I was shocked out of my wits, ** had added more than a thousand dollars to the bottom line without me knowing. And when I said I will not pay this price because we had agreed to a different price earlier, all he said was bye!

These guys are liars, their cars are useless. Be very careful when doing business with these guys, and just as a proof, I have all my email communication with ** to back everything up I have stated in this review. I would stay away from this dealer (stealer) ship and would advise all my family and relatives to stay away too. An Awful Experience, please stay away!!!

Premier Auto Haus Is A Rip Off Con Artist Dealership
By -

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- My wife bought a 2002 highlander limited from there with 35k miles, which we got for a fair price... According to Kelley Blue Book car had some body damage which was acceptable for us. However, once we got the car home we went to Missouri and left the car sit for three days after having it inspected by a mechanic. We started the car and blue smoke came pouring out of the exhaust. I took it to a mechanic again who said that it wasn't the head but a more major issue known as engine gelling due to improper maintenance.

My wife and I take the car to a Toyota Dealership who immediately asses it as this and inform us that we will need an entire new short block to the tune of 12k dollars. Premier auto haus knowingly sold this car as defective and passed one owners problems on to another without any care for anyone's hard earned money. The inspection report they provided us showed no known mechanical problems which is a blatant lie.

I would never do business with this company again because they have no care for any human other than themselves, which make them sociopaths, the same personality traits that serial killers possess. I would trust no one here and I would stay away from this dealership because I wouldn't doubt that 99 percent of the cars they sell are lemons.

Company Response 07/04/2010:

This might be a late response but AS I recall the car had a recall which toyota dealership would cover 100% for the expnses and premier auto haus offered you 100% money back????? BUT you smelled blood and wanted money from the us as well as your car fixed? Have some morals will you ???

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