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Prestige Cabinets Are Junk
By -

WISCONSIN -- We ordered Prestige Clear Oak cabinets from or through Menards in Platteville, Wisconsin the end of Sept. 08. They showed up 3 weeks later. Ever since we have had nothing but problems with the doors and draw fronts being scratched, wood putty in finish, dark stained finger prints in finish, cracked, chipped. You name it we've had it, everything but clear oak. Even the company representative was here to replace the first 11 pieces, and said "they would make it right, because they want us to be happy with our cabinets."

Prestige started shipping doors to the house,but now we are required to take defective product to back to Menards in order to prove the defect before we can reorder.So now when the doors come in we open the boxes in front of their sales people to see the crap they are selling ,so that we have witnesses,and to save time reordering.

Four months later we are still waiting for replacement door fronts. The service & quality from Prestige is deplorable. To date we have replaced by their count 29 of 34 pieces some of which were ordered 3 times for the same door, because what they sent was just as bad or worse than the original. Went to Menards to pick up the latest 4 reorders, of them two were wrong style doors, one was cracked, and 4th was wrong size. When we have been reordering the turn around time has been a consistent 3-4 weeks. I was on the phone once again with Menards today and that is what has prompted this posting.

Once again we reordered on Jan. 22, 09 and expected delivery date is Feb. 21, 09. I can't really blame Menards, it's Prestige Cabinets. All this from the Company that "wants us to be happy with our cabinets". Went to the Prestige Cabinet web site and got the phone number to voice my opinion and the receptionist just referred me back to the company representative that had already been here, and he's not allowed to give out any info on how to contact somebody that knows anything.

If we had another 8000 plus dollars we would jerk this junk out and have a bonfire in Menards parking lot advertising Prestige Cabinets. Or send it all back to the company C.O.D. In the last 5 months we have steered everyone we know who is building or remodeling away from this junk. And that's a quit a few being we are in the residential construction business.

Have seen cabinets in mobile homes that stood up 25 plus yrs., and this stuff falls apart right out of the box. Is there anyone out there in cyber space that can help us out. In closing ANYONE who thinks or installs Prestige Cabinets is the best for the dollar must be insane or high. We have learned the HARD way!!!

P.S. Feb 14th, 09. Once again went to pick up orders and one had hole that were filled with black wood filler on a clear oak door, another was once again wrong size door. This is getting so ridiculous. The company should see RED FLAGS pop up whenever our name comes up, "that all we should be sending them our very best", instead nothing but headaches. Right now, all I'm hoping for is to have all the right doors before family comes for Easter this YEAR!!!

Poor Craftsmanship
By -

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- We had a similar experience to that of the other reviewer. We purchased Prestige Cabinets from Singer Kitchens in New Orleans on the word of the sales associate, ** who said they were top notch. What we received were cabinets that exhibited many manufacturing defects. Paint was misapplied and not applied in some areas, many of the cabinets were split on the corners, the joints on them were not aligned and overall, there was a clear lack of quality control. We had Singer replace most of the cabinets that had problems and just received the replacements.

Most of the new ones came back OK, but one door came back in even worse shape than the one we have. The joint is so bad, you can see light through it and the face has many dents in it. Clearly, Prestige Cabinets are not worth what they cost and Singer Kitchens will not stand behind their assurance that they are quality. They have refused to compensate us for their lack of quality and the time and money that it has cost us in our home renovation due to labor expenses we're having to absorb as a result of their poor products.

To add insult to injury, their VP, **, came out to view the poorly made cabinets and we all found her to be rude and condescending to our carpenter and to us. When I mentioned this to our sales associate, **, he informed me that 'this is how she's been since I had her as a teacher in school and we've just learned to ignore it here'. That may be fine for the office, but to treat customers so rudely is unacceptable. We will never buy Prestige products again and certainly won't be shopping at Singer Kitchens in New Orleans anytime soon.

Un Happy with "Dream Kitchen"
By -

I thought I would have my dream kitchen. In 2008 I interviewed several cabinet dealers decided to go with Custom Kitchen and Woodworking out of Florence, SC. and use the Prestige Cabinets. Needless to say after paying for the cabinets the owner/contractor left with the money. I do not have all of the kitchen parts, still missing a cabinet door and moldings. I still have holes beside my stove where the spice racks were to be, (room was not mad large enough for them, another issue). But, the cabinets I do have look like they have had something spilled down them, even on the top ones. Looks like the stain is hit and missed on them.

Needless to say I don't have my dream kitchen and it looks like I never will. I don't have the money to replace my cabinets, I understand I can't use any warranty from Prestige because I don't have a dealer (a fore mentioned contractor) to prove I bought the cabinets. I can't even get a door or moldings to even finish my kitchen to even look OK.

Prestige cabinets from Menards~BEWARE~
By -

COFFEYVILLE, KANSAS -- We purchased our kitchen cabinets through Menards with a company called Prestige. We were told by Menards staff Prestige sells higher quality cabinets then their other vendors. We have had nothing but disaster after disaster... We received our cabinets and found several doors and cabinets scratched, chipped and poorly put together. We called and had them replaced on a "rush order". After 5 weeks of waiting we received the replaced cabinets and doors. One of the cabinets had an obvious crack along the back. We tried calling Prestige direct and they told us "they could not talk to us directly but would have to go through the vendor".

After another 5 weeks we received our last and final cabinet. At least we thought it was the last cabinet... turns out it was the wrong style and we are currently in our 3rd set of 5 weeks" waiting to complete our kitchen. Prestige preaches on quality and workmanship. In our opinion you will find higher quality cabinets from the "put-it-together-yourself" particleboard cabinets at Target or Walmart.

Failure to Satisfy Their Issues Properly
By -

After 5 re-orders of cabinets from Prestige Cabinets, which can be purchased at Menards stores in Indiana, we still do not have the situation resolved. The original issue of poor paint finish throughout the entire kitchen worth of cabinets, has resulted in their inability to resolve the issue on not only the first issue but not even the fifth attempt.
After attempting to go above the representative in our state by calling their corporate office twice, I was both times referred and contacted by the sales representative stating that they his manager doesn't want to speak with me.

So, our kitchen has taken over 4 months to get correct and have not been listened to as a customer. What are you to do when you try to explain process issues with a company that doesn't care to listen? The strength of a company lies in its ability to manage conflict and issues.

Bad Cabinets
By -

COLUMBUS, KANSAS -- I had Prestige Cabinets installed by our contractor. Great contractor but AWFUL cabinets. There is no quality control. Wood is chipped, paint Drips, poor quality wood. The list goes on. Wrote to company... no response. DO NOT BUY PRESTIGE CABINETS! They are poor quality and no response to customers. Everything negative you read, I have experienced. Ask your contractor to use some other product.

Customer service, Warranty Claims
By -

OCALA, FLORIDA -- Prestige Cabinets of Independence, KS manufactures kitchen cabinets and distributes through a network of local distributors and Big Box retailers. Prestige has recently be acquired by RSI Holding, located in Newport Beach, CA. While the company claims customer satisfaction as a key policy, the reality is somewhat different. In February of 2006 I purchased a complete set of kitchen cabinets from a local dealer of Prestige. Three of the dozen or so cabinets arrived with clear manufacturing defects. Issues such as poor or bad fit, shoddy joinery and poor finish. Clearly these defects should have been picked up during a routine quality check at the factory.

It took six weeks for the factory to replace the bad cabinets with new ones. The replacement cabinets arrived with a completely different finish than the original order placed in February '06. Additionally, the end cabinet was sent with bare wood when a finished end was specified. The local dealer ordered a finished end skin (another six weeks wait) which arrived with clearly visible runs in the finish. To date after several requests I have not received the touch-up paint kit which should have been sent with the original order.

In all fairness to my local dealer they are as frustrated as I am with the response from Prestige. I have been told I am not the only client upset with the Prestige product line. I was given the phone number of the regional rep. for Prestige and called him to find out what was going on. He told me he would look into it. After two months of not hearing from him I sent him an email expressing my dissatisfaction. His response was, he didn't recall my phone conversation and encouraged me to hire a lawyer if I was unhappy. I can only conclude Prestige encourages litigation to settle warranty claims.

Frankly I believe this to be an outrageous contention since Prestige has had my money for over seven months and I have yet to receive what I paid for. I would encourage anyone considering Prestige Cabinets to look elsewhere for their kitchen needs.

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