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Broken Promises And Attitude From Rain Soft
By -

On June 24th of 2005 I had a Rain Soft rep in my home at 7:00 p.m. I had scheduled the rep to come through an incoming phone call. I did not approach them and had no need to approach them. I received multiple calls from them to confirm the appointment and was given several confirmation numbers to write down for the rep when he came to my house. On June 20 I made the appointment. On June 22 I received another phone call telling me I had won a prize and could choose between a $500 coupon pack for groceries and a $300 gift certificate to home depot.

I wrote down the confirmation number and told my husband what was said. I quickly picked the home depot gift card. The phone rep. Said that many people had been choosing that item. On June 23 I received another phone call with yet another confirmation number. On the day of the water testing I gave the numbers to the gentleman and he called his manager. When the manager was told what I had been told he became very defensive and said that I misunderstood. He then said I was only thought I heard the phone rep say this to me.

I informed him that in my line of work I must pay attention to everything that is said to me and thought he was out of line. I also told him he need to talk to his phone reps and make sure they were aware of what they were saying. The phone call ended badly with him telling the water rep to leave my residence. He wouldn't even let the rep finish the water testing because I was trying to tell him what his phone rep had said. Rather than ask for my confirmation number or ask the phone rep what was said he reacted and had the water tech leave. I was quite angered by the manager's attitude and his reaction to me.

What he didn't know is that I had previously been told by a dermatologist to look into an ionic type of water purifying system. He completely lost a free sale. Too bad for him because when the rep was leaving I got to look through his demo book and saw an air purifying system that my husband and I were very interested in. We had been looking for these systems for months at a doctor's request. (Another free sale).

I kind of feel sad for the manager that was short tempered because I know how much the systems are and had a check practically written out before the water rep even came over simply because my doctor had said I needed the system for my skin condition.

Thinking About RainSoft Filtration Products? Think Again
By -

I have owned a RainSoft - Classic Apollo Q (whole house water conditioner) & their 4 filter R/O under sink model water filtration system. The equipment performed good for the first 5 years and then began to have minor problems. Not to mention the R/O Unit leaked so many times under the sink damaging the cabinet.

Filter Cost -1- 20 micron filter, 2 -Carbon filter for $96 including tax and shipping the R/O replacement Membrane is almost 200 dollars. I can purchase all filters including the Membrane Element 18 GPD-TFC = $80 + tax and shipping, I estimate approx $100 a lot less expensive. The only problem is if you don't buy your filters form RainSoft, or one of their dealers you lose your warranty. Their equipment only functions for about 10 years then age takes over and some major overhaul is required. RainSoft claims to keep your equipment looking and operating as good as the day you bought it for life, not true!

For what I paid for the equipment almost $4000, you would think that they would have replaced parts including the Positively Charged Ceramic Beads for the Apollo Unit in the garage. I have owned the equipment for over 10 years. B&D replaced O–rings mostly. I told the service personnel a few years ago that my water does not feel as clean as it once did, even though it runs through the normal cycles. I asked if he could test the outside water against the house tap water to check for the efficiency of the Apollo Q, well to say it was never done nor was the tank in the Apollo Q re-charged.

Don't get me started on the very bad customer service, sometimes I thought I had to pay for this too. Truthfully RainSoft has improved in this area, maybe due to a declining customer base? However it's too late for me. Please make an informed choice; there are lots of residential filtration units on the market/internet that are as every bit as good as RainSoft.

Do your research and talk to the tech department (usually very knowledgeable about the products) so that you can find out if it will perform the way you need it to. P.S. My complaint is not the only one on the internet, there has been many complaints with equipment and poor customer service, please search you will see...

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