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Bugs Found in Box and Got Into Pantry
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GLENWOOD, MARYLAND -- Around the middle of November of 2011, I purchased a product called Rid-X which is used to help keep septic tanks clean. When I opened the first box on or around 1 December of 2011, I discovered flying bugs and quantity of insects inside. I immediately disposed of the box and contacted the company. The company assured me that this was an isolated case and would not be likely to occur in any of the other boxes.

Around 1 January 2012, I opened another box only to find more flying moth like creatures and other crawling bugs. I immediately closed the box and forwarded it to our State Department of Agriculture for identification. I was told that the flying moths were a form of meal bugs and that the crawling bugs were similar to a variety called cigarette bugs and that there were signs in the box of "exit holes". In other words, some of the bugs had crawled out of the box into our pantry.

We immediately checked a number of our cereal boxes only to discovered that there were several of them that contain the exact same bugs. I contacted the company again and was told that they were absolutely not responsible for anything and that their product is just fine. They offered me seven dollars in coupons. When I objected and sent them a copy of the analysis from the state Department of Agriculture, they offered to pay me $50.

However, in the meanwhile, my wife and I had to clean out the entire pantry; throw out several boxes of cereal along with macaroni and other such products made from wheat and had to buy plastic bags to put all of our new replacement cereal in.

We were told by our State Department of Agriculture that we should put each of the cereal boxes in zip lock plastic bags and have gone out and bought a large quantity of them. When I told the company that the $50 they had offered (which by the way they sent a full liability release and would not send the $50 until the release signed and notarized) was simply not enough to cover the costs that we have been through, they told us that that was too bad that that was all they were offering. I'm currently considering suing the company, but in the meanwhile, would strongly suggest that people avoid purchasing this product.

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