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Cajun Pizza?
By -

CASA GRANDE, ARIZONA -- My wife and I have been eating Red Baron pizzas for years, and have always liked them because they are not as spicy as the Domino's pizzas, and are more economical than either Domino's or Pizza Hut. Last weekend, we picked up one each of a pepperoni pizza, standard crust, and a rising crust, super deluxe pizza. We intended to have an evening of watching movies and enjoying some good pizza. Man, did we ever get fooled. Now, the wife's pepperoni, as usual with Red Baron, was perfect. I had a bite of it, and the sauce was as good as RB usually is, and the pepperoni was delicious.

My pizza, however, made my nose hairs curl when the wife brought it into the living room. I thought my sense of smell was just better because I had quit smoking in November of 2006. Imagine how I felt when I bit into the pizza and almost gagged on the spices in the sauce. I bravely soldiered on and ate my pizza, having been in situations in my life where I developed a strong aversion to wasting food. With tears running down my cheeks, and after guzzling a glass of milk, trying to kill the heat, I examined the box, and halfway expected to find that it was a Cajun Pizza, but I failed to find the word Cajun anywhere on the box.

I had trouble all evening with indigestion, and it was topped off about 2:30 AM when I became violently ill. My wife and I both contacted Red Baron, which I then found out is a Schwan brand. Here it is almost a full week later, and RB has not had the courtesy to contact us. We have been eating Red Baron pizzas for well over ten years, but I believe I have eaten my last RB pizza. The wife still likes the pepperoni pizza, as that is the only type she eats, and the RB vanilla pepperoni pizza still is good for her.

I however, like supreme or deluxe (sort of like PH Meat Lovers or similar.) I am diabetic, and the vomiting threw my blood sugar readings out of whack for a couple of days, and RB can't even be bothered to respond to a customer's complaint.

Big Baron Was Big Disappointment
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Rating: 2/51

We have always considered Red Baron to be one of the best frozen pizzas on the market. Crystal went shopping last week and Big Baron was on sale, so she picked one up. The pizza was square, and did look and smell good as it baked. As they say, though, the proof of the pizza is in the eating. And it was just terrible. The sauce was way too spicy, and the pepperonis were like meat-scented poker chips. We have always thought of Red Baron as the Papa Murphy's of frozen pizza, but the Big Baron was more like the Round Table.

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