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Remodel USA does great work.
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Rating: 5/51

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- Usually these reviews come from pissed off customers, but I'm not. I just had my roof replaced by Remodel USA. Because I don't have time to call around to 50 different places when I need to just get something done, I hired them without doing any research. Yeah I know... a roof is a hefty investment, but their warranty is good.

Anyway, I am pleased with their work and the completion time. After the fact, my wife decided to look them up on Yelp and there's all kinds of trash talk about them. My point here is, don't always believe the Yelp reviews, use your own brain and decide for yourself. They were professional and got the job done.

Bait & Switch
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- After talking with a Sales Rep about siding and managing to get the price lowered, 11 days later, the General Manager called to tell me that they couldn't do the job for the agreed upon price because they wouldn't make any money on the deal. Not only did he up the price, it was $900 more than the initial price we had been told before all these "wonderful" and elusive discounts just appeared to lower the cost.

The General Manager then said that on the "contract" we signed it stated that the cost was contingent upon final approval by Remodel America. Funny thing, all the paperwork that was given to me didn't have that statement, nor was that ever stated to me by the sales representative.

Basically, Remodel America works as a Bait & Switch operation. BTW, after checking into their company, I found other complaints in regards to them not following through with things that were in the contract, such as warranty, repair, etc... My suggestion, don't do business with this company -- eventually enough people will figure out that they aren't a good business to deal with. BEWARE!!!!! Oh & before someone asks, no I didn't contact any of the people they supplied on their list. I'm sure that all of these people have been paid to give good feedback.

Broken Promises - Fuel Pledge Fraud
By -

MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE -- Oct 2007 my husband and I had replacement windows installed. They had a fuel savings pledge of 49% off heating and cooling. When the year was up they were to compare the year with the new windows with the old ones to see if there was a savings. They received all the documentation for this from me directly. They spoke to me on the phone and stated they had it but had not looked at it yet. I asked them to call me back when they had. It has now been 2-3 months and now no one is even answering all their phones.

I don't know if they are now closed or what. All I get when I call is a message saying all their representatives are busy and to hold. I did hold for quite a long time one day and still nothing. Just be warned this company is questionable. This also makes me wonder what would happen if any of them needed repair.

Workmanship and Support
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Spring of 2008 we contracted Remodel America to do Siding and Gutters. We spent A LOT of money with them. They sent contractors out to do the siding which did not even speak English. This was very frustrating when trying to communicate what we needed done. They were doing some "rushed" and half hearted work. When they finally got the job done to the point that it appeared satisfactory they left a mess that we cleaned up. Within 24 hours we noticed a lot of issues. For starters none of the outlets could be accessed.

Next, there were a lot of sections coming loose. We immediately contacted the manager and he set an appointment for them to come repair. After taking the day off of work, they never showed up. We called several more times and they never would even return the calls. Now, we have siding coming off the house. We have contacted them one last time giving them 48 hours to return the call before I take legal action. We have reported them to the BBB and here. I suggest that anyone dealing with the company beware...

They promise the world, and do not stand behind their work or promises. If, they do not make this right, I will be taking them to court, and starting a website with the sole purpose of exposing this companies shady business practices.

Repairs To My Remodeled Windows
By -

LEWISBURG, TENNESSEE -- I was promised 100% satisfaction for a Lifetime on the purchase of my remodeled windows which included a bay window in which has leaked already around 7 times and it's ruining the wood. I've called numerous times to the company to report my problem and still nobody will come out to even look at the problem which we have caulked all around the entire window and still leaking every single time it rains. I have been very nice, very pissed off and even upset and cried and still nothing. My money was taken and the repair work is still yet to be repaired since November 2007. Please take my advice and never even attempt to use this company.

A Company That Doesn't Tell the Truth
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Rating: 1/51

WHITE HOUSE, TENNESSEE -- Back several years ago I had 16 windows installed in my home. I was given a 100% guarantee and lifetime warranty with a fuel pledge of 49%. Not true there has been no difference in my electric bill. I now have a window that doesn't work properly and no one to contact. I have tried numerous times to contact the company but it always turns up they are not affiliated with Remodel America. Beware. Stay away from this company.

By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I purchased windows on July ninth 2008 Remodel America made promises that they did not hold up to. I tried to contact them and their number had been disconnected. The windows did not lower my electric bill if anything it made it higher. I do not recommend this company to anyone. The company is a sorry company and it is time someone did something; they are nothing but a fraud.

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