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Lousy Work and Service
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Rating: 1/51

SUFFERN, NEW YORK -- This company is not able to get anything correct. Beware. You will spend additional money to redo the poor quality work that they provide. They do not work every day, even though they say they will be on your job every day. You barely see the same worker twice, the workers probably quit rather than associate themselves with the poor workmanship provided by the company. Don't believe the timeline they give you. It will be much longer by cause they are absent from the job frequently. Renovations should be exciting. And, if that's what you look forward to, get the work performed by another company.

Caveat Emptor
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Rating: 1/51

SUFFERN, NEW YORK -- CAVEAT EMPTOR! After working with Rockland Design/Becker Corp Builders on a recent project I can say with confidence DO NOT HIRE THIS CONTRACTOR, YOU WILL REGRET IT. Read on for the nitty-gritty details. I engaged Rockland Design/Becker Corp Builders to do an extensive renovation on an apartment in the Bon Aire section of Suffern, New York. The project included a gut renovation of the kitchen and bathroom, as well as cosmetic work in the living room and bedroom. The entire cost of the project excluding tile, carpet and appliances was 68K.

I had three issues with Rockland Design/Becker Corp Builders: the poor quality of their work, the delays in getting problems addressed, they did not honor their guarantee. Here are a few examples of my experience with Rockland Design/Becker Corp Builders:

Tile Work – About 4 months after the project was completed tiles in the dining area began loosening. As part of the project, Becker Corp installed a thin layer of concrete (mud job) on the existing subfloor before the tile was installed. Unfortunately, they never went into the basement to check if the existing subfloor could support the extra weight, and so the mud job began cracking and the tiles began coming loose.

When I had another contractor inspect the loosening tile, he diagnosed the problem explaining that additional supports should have been added and that the existing ½ inch subfloor should have been replaced with ¾ inch treated plywood before the mud job was done. He told me that to fix the problem the entire kitchen would have to be removed, so the floor could be redone; estimated cost 10K to 15K.

Next, I contacted Becker Corp. They told me the headers in the basement were too far apart and that this was my problem, but that they could fix it by adding a support and patching the tile. They also told me that they would do it for ‘cost.' I decided to go with Becker Corp because I could not spend another 10K after already paying 68K. Also rather than arguing about the guarantee I agreed to pay. After the additional support was installed their tile guy came back to fix the tile, however I was told I had to pay him directly. Again rather than arguing about a guarantee I again agreed to pay.

About a month after the Becker Corp repair, more tiles are coming loose on other areas of the floor and now I am now faced with tearing out a brand new kitchen so the floor can be fixed the right way. If you are reading this review, ask yourself do you really want to work with this contractor?

Plumbing – After the project was mostly complete there were leaks throughout the bathroom - the toilet, the ceiling in the shower, and from the shower doors. It took 6 weeks to get these all fixed and in the process floor insulation (which was a $400 ‘extra') got wet and moldy, which ultimately had to all be replaced. All the leaks were simple problems that could have been avoided in the first place if the plumber had been competent. Again, ask yourself - do you want to be dealing with 6 weeks of leaks after your job is completed?

Electrical – In the process of moving the door buzzer/intercom system the electrician cut a main line disconnecting the entry system for the entire building. It took 5 weeks and 4 visits for him to finally get it fixed. Needless to say this did not put me in good standing with the condo board or my neighbors. Electrical work was done in the bedroom (recessed lighting) on which I never signed off. Nevertheless I had to pay for it. Items were routinely double billed by the contractor and electrician. Wires covered in black electrical tape were left exposed in the kitchen – the work can best be described as sloppy and rushed.

I took the time to write this review in hopes of saving someone else the hassles that I went through working with this company. There are plenty of excellent contractors in Rockland County. Unfortunately for me Rockland Design/Becker Corp Builders is not one of them.

Home Improvement? More like a wrecking crew!
By -

SUFFERN, NEW YORK -- Rockland Design Center/Becker Corp Builders is a disgrace. The advertisement for these two companies states "We understand our clients' concerns and we protect their interests by bringing dedication, integrity, and reliability to every project." All they understand is the almighty dollar. They are unreliable, untimely, unprofessional, and incompetent.

Oh, they know just what to say to obtain your trust and faith and guarantee you that your job will go smoothly and the end result will be everything you wanted/expected and more. Yeah right, take it from people who got suckered in. The employees show up late, if they even do show up, and when they show up they stay a short while, do a little something, and run off to pull the same nonsense at another customer's home so that it looks like they are diligently working on "your" job. The quality of their work is pathetic. Save yourself the money that you would have wasted in hiring this company, not to mention the aggravation!

These companies also claim that their work will produce a turnkey product. No way was that true, whatsoever! They claim that they will be there to "walk you through the whole process." My foot! The only walking that they ever did was "walking off the job" never, let me repeat "NEVER", to return to finish the job. There were many instances where this company had to redo particular phases of the project two and three times and still could not get it right and then complained that they had to do it over and over just to get it right,. Well heck yeah buddy. What a nightmare of an experience with these companies.

Real professional carpenters had to be hired to correct the "multitude" of mistakes that these two companies themselves created. The real professional carpenters were skilled Craftsman, unlike the employees from these other two companies. The real professionals had to complete the job because these two companies simply "walked off" and never made contact again. We wish there was a critique such as this available prior to hiring this outfit. We would have been spared the aggravation and heartache.

In addition to all the nonsense that we had to put up with, the project, which the head of the two companies stated would be finished within 6-8 week, ran a year long, yes - a year long. If you don't like surprises and disappointment, do not hire any one of these two companies.

Exceptional service and quality work!!!
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Rating: 5/51

SUFFERN, NEW YORK -- Exceptional service from beginning to end and this is not my first time with a contractor. My experience with Becker Corp Builders and Rockland Design Center was stellar. I am happy to be able to recommend them. I made my first appointment to go get an assessment on a kitchen and bathrooms remodel. The owner showed up within the time frame provided and spent quite a bit of time listening to my wishes and needs. Within a week I was in their offices going over my design specifications in a professional atmosphere. I was thrilled with the designs, they were beyond what I had imagined. Obviously, they are creative and have had oodles of experience in this industry.

From beginning to end the owner worked closely with me to make sure my vision was reached and added a few ideas I would never have thought of. The craftsmanship, professionalism and timeliness of completing my jobs was outstanding. I was so happy with the work that I hired them several years later to add a theater room, bar and gym in my basement.

The staff was professional and courteous and provided excellent quality work. They left the work space beyond clean and organized each and every day. They arrived when they said they would, communicated thoroughly and above all else, are LICENSED AND FULLY INSURED. If you're still unsure, ask for references and find out for yourself.

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