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Windows Doors from Sabana Windows BEWARE
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Rating: 1/51

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- Sabana Windows is a very poor choice for windows and doors. We ordered and specified Stainless Steel on Hardware (Outside) as we live on the water in FL. We did not receive anything but low grade steel that require constant upkeep. They missed one door in the manufacturing process that took months to get. Doors were very late by many months from the agreed schedule.

All in all Sabana put the project behind by 9-12 months. All of the glass tinting turned red within 6 month and when asked the Owner said they did not make the glass yet it is stamped Sabana. He said he was going bankrupt thus he could not replace it per the warranty. This company is full of excuses and poor products. Many other choices out there. Good luck but I would pass on this company. So would other people I know who bought the product and had not follow through.

Company Response 03/19/2017:

Although the date on this complain is from 2016, Our records show that this doors where manufactured and delivered in 2009
The doors from the approved shop drawings where indeed delivered on time, however there was one door that was not approved in the drawings, this was a oversight by the architect. There fore this door took 90 days from ordering and another 30 days before this to determine the size and composition.
The glass that failed was a direct responsibility of the Pompano Glass company in 2009 they had a manufacturing defect.
that eventually replaced the complain. We truly are sorry for this failure, however we are not glass manufacturers and their warrantee was in effect.

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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I've been calling this company for over a month trying to get a quote for just ONE window. The woman that answers the phone English is absolutely terrible, and she has the nerve to talk extremely fast. I have left several messages with her for someone to call me back to get a quote on ONE window, and no one ever calls me back. I called for the last time & told her "I've been calling for about 4 weeks now, attempting to get a quote. Are you guys even open for business?" She said some crap I couldn't understand.

I asked to speak to a manager & she put someone on the phone named **. He took down my info, the window model I was interested in & the dimensions I needed. He said it would be about $990 and that he would immediately email me the quote with a discount attached. I have still haven't received that email. This prompted me to Google this company to maybe find some reviews, that's how I found this website.

Yeah there are a few positive reviews here, but the negative ones are what caught my attention. There are a few others that had the same issue I did with their horrible customer service & unresponsiveness. There are also people who have ordered from them and said they were cheated out of their money. They said the Sabana windows/doors they got were of VERY bad quality, the windows/doors were actually PAINTED & not stained. The hardware was cheap & had rust, and didn't work properly. I'll be damned if I pay that much money for even ONE window and receive a raggedy painted up window with cheap rusty hardware.

These negative reviews also lead me to believe that all the "positive reviews" listed here are FAKE, and possible written by Sabana Windows themselves. So I guess it was the universe preventing me from ordering from this fraudulent merchant.

Company Response 03/19/2017:

This lady was given an estimate of 990.00 for one window Impact rated casement, mahogany, finished complete with hardware .
This was un acceptable. She explained that she can buy the window for much less elswhere. I can not argue with this. She is totally correct.
Would it not have been easier to purchase the window elsewhere after a month?
I do understand that she feels offended that our sales rep. has a strong accent. I suppose that in her neck of the woods this does not happen.

Be Aware
By -

We had the worst experience ever with Sabana Windows! In July 2009 we ordered doors and some furniture from them for a significant amount of money. Instead of September 2009 the products hardly managed to arrive in December and we were shocked by the poor quality! They had nothing to do with nice windows and doors which are displayed in the store. The owner of the company acted as if nothing had happened, no wonder, he received the money already.

The doors were not the color we ordered. They were not stained but carelessly covered with paint which was not even. The hardware was not matching. The sizes of the doors were mixed up. We were trying to complain, but all in vain, we had been receiving strange excuses and arrogant comments. We have to reorder the doors and cancel all further shipments from them. Be aware, you don't want to be another fool to give your money away for nothing!

Company Response 08/31/2013:

The product was contracted in July, however the final shop drawings where no signed until late September.
Neither the color nor the hardware was decided. The manufacturing and delivery took less than 90 days, Once the product was ready to deliver Sabana placed temporary handles as a courtesy in able to operate the mechanism, those handles where meant to be replaced by the costumer for his choice of handles.

We Are Very Pleased With Sabana's Outstanding Craftsmanship and Service
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Rating: 5/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Due to my international business we own home properties in different countries and we have always built from scratch or done a major remodeling dealing with many well-known providers of doors and windows, but our experience in our new home in 2012 was simple the best. We contracted Sabana Windows to manufacture the doors and windows of our new home in Grand Cayman and we are very pleased with Sabana's service and the outstanding quality/craftsmanship of the Sabana products.

Great Doors
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Rating: 5/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- In November 2012, we ordered the Exterior door for our home in Sarasota. The doors are magnificent and we have gotten many compliments. Our neighbors just purchased the doors and the windows from Sabana.

Custom door and windows
By -

FLORIDA -- We redid all the windows and the front door of our house with Sabana Windows. We found the product exceeding our expectations, we had a wonderful relationship with **, the customer support of the company. She was able to inform us the status of the order and assist us in selection of hardware. We are grateful for the look in our home.

Great Product
By -

"Sabana Windows" manufactured the doors and windows for our home in Virginia. Besides the uniqueness of the product that involved hand carving and specialty casings it was a pleasure to deal with their customer service. Everyone always comments on how beautiful our doors and windows are. The product was a little late but it was well worth the wait. My husband and I highly recommend this company for their wonderful mahogany windows and doors.

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