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Free phone mail offer SCAMMED by Simply Wireless
By -

VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI -- My tale of woe started with a coupon offer from whom I thought was Cingular. It came in a Cingular envelope, had cingular looking coupons, and so forth, call to upgrade your phone for free. I have a Cingular account. My wife had a ATT/Cingular account, and an old analog phone. I decided to upgrade her phone using the offer, and roll her into my family plan, and get down to one bill. I even upgraded my plan so as to have more minutes. SO I called the number, and over the next 30-45 minutes, told the sales lady that is what I intended to do - migrate the phone.

She put me on hold and asked someone if the coupon I was holding would allow me to do a migration. She came back on and told me, "yes", that I would need to take the phone to my Cingular store to get "ported" so I could keep my number. She was very specific about how to do it. So I agreed, and still thinking I was talking to Cingular, took the offer. We got the phone in the mail shortly thereafter, and I took it to the Cingular store around August 5 to get it activated. No problem.

Then on Aug 11, I got a bill from Cingular for a new account and phone number. I called and they saw where I had ported a new phone and credited me for the new account and closed it. I thought it was a paperwork error, that one cingular person had not done everything right.

On October 6, I got a letter from Simply Wireless stating that I was in breach of the contract I had made with them to keep open my account for 180 days. I didn't even know I had a contract with Simply Wireless. I thought my account was with Cingular. They said they clearly contracted with me to open a new account, and by migrating my phone I had breached the contract, and that since I had not sent the phone back to them before 30 days were up, I now owed them $400. Whoa Nellie, I said, I clearly indicated to the sales rep that I was going to migrate and she told me it was OK and even told me how to go about doing it.

First the "collections specialist" told me I was unlikely to get "exonerated" but that he would see if Cingular would reverse their commission deduction and he'd know in 3-4 weeks. I called his supervisor who finally told me she thought I was not telling the truth, that no one there would do tell me such a thing (about migrating).

She said I owed them $400. Asked me who it was I talked to (Who could answer that?). Did I have a recording of the conversation? I said they know who it was, because she got a commission on my sale. Let's talk to her and see what she says. Supervisor said she has no way of knowing who it was. I said why then did the sales rep give me explicit instruction on how to migrate the phone? It turned in to a circular argument that she obviously was prepared for and I was screwed.

I think, and told them both, that the sales rep said what she needed to say to make a sale. I may very well be on the hook for a $400 phone that I could have gotten for $50 at the Cingular store. So far, Cingular has been helpful in trying to work this out, while Simply Wireless has been brusque and not willing to hear that, maybe, there might have been a little sales deception involved. Never again, say I, and I encourage everyone to use their carrier's direct offices only. If you get involved with a second party, disputes are just that much harder to settle.

Simply Wireless Rebate Scam
By -

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- In September of 2005, I entered into an agreement with Simply, to buy four cell phones. The offer stated a $50 (per phone) rebate after 3 months, again after 6 months, and again after 9 months for EACH wireless phone. I verified the details of this offer with the company and retained a hardcopy of the secure checkout page showing it. This series of rebates was offered in conjunction with a qualifying Cingular rate plan of $39.99 or higher, such as the $89.00 plan I agreed to.

At the 3-month interval, I filed all the necessary forms and documentation to attain the rebates. Each filing was submitted properly and timely, including the carefully completed rebate form, personal information, phone number, IMEI/ESN number, phone model, photocopy of the barcode sticker, the original invoice, and a copy of my 3rd month wireless service bill. I very meticulously assembled all this information for each phone and submitted it according to the given timeframe while retaining photocopies of all materials.

I have been denied two of the four 3-month rebates. I attempted to contact the company on numerous occasions to resolve this issue. Initially, several rebates were supposedly "denied" for a variety of untrue reasons such as "Rate plan less than 39.99", "Did not submit wireless bill with rebate", or "Phone number not valid".

On 4/25, I was told by the company that the rebates were denied, nothing could be done, decision final. A supervisor, Kendra, stated that rebates were denied, but not for the written reasons previously provided but for a new reason: She said only two phones qualified due to little known terms of the offer. I told her that I had verified and kept records of the offer but she informed me that her decision was final and the answer was "no".

I contacted her supervisor, Mr. ** on 4/26. He told me nothing could be done about the rebates because they are handled in New York. Mr. ** said there was "some fine print" in the offer limiting the rebate to two phones only. I explained that I had written documentation from the company showing that the rebate applies to all 4 phones, in the form of my original Simply Wireless customer receipt and the Simply Wireless Secure Checkout page that I printed when I entered the order.

The receipt states that Applicable Rebates are $50 PER PHONE, PER EACH 3, 6, & 9 month interval. Furthermore, the Secure Checkout page details the $50 Simply Wireless Rebate, QUANTITY OF FOUR (4), rebates of $50 each, totaling $200 for EACH of the 3, 6, and 9 month intervals.

Now that I have faxed them proof, they are not returning my phone calls. I believe that the company's refusal to pay rebates is a purposeful and orchestrated strategy. I am being treated as another irritating customer, begging for a rebate. Most of the employees I have spoken to are part of the strategy, which is to: deny the rebate, get you disconnected so you can go back in the hold queue. 15 - 20 minutes is the minimum hold time if you think about calling back. No employee from Simply Wireless has ever returns any of my calls.

The reasons they give for denying my rebates have changed many times. At some point most customers would probably just give up and allow themselves to be cheated. Many people don't have long hours to spend on hold, attempting resolution. I believe it's wrong in principle to cheat customers by winning business on the promise of lucrative rebates, then refuse to pay the rebates. A simple "Google search" indicates numerous customers are undergoing similar refusals with regard to Simply Wireless rebates.

Simply Wireless Rebate/Cingular Service Motorola V3 Razr
By -

I have been rebate scammed by The Simply Wireless salesperson told me that all 4 of the phones I was purchasing qualified for rebates and they would ultimately cost $50/each (after rebate). I double & triple checked that the plan I signed up for (a family plan with a 2 year contract with Cingular) qualified for rebates on all 4 of the phones and I was assured that it did and my end cost was $200.00.

When the phones arrived via DSL delivery, they failed to include the Cingular "welcome package", the accessories and the wrong rebates were included (Nextel rebates rather than Cingular). I called customer service and was assured that I could use the Nextel rebate for Cingular - I refused, once again went over my qualifications for the rebate and required that they send the correct rebates, and the welcome kit.

The new set of rebates came. They were for Cingular but now they had the wrong date of sale. Once again I called and was told that they would be fine and accepted because that date is generated by the computer and they couldn't change it and I have my dated receipt. When I asked about the welcome kit, I was told to call Cingular directly to get that.

I called Cingular and the young man basically said I should deal with a local Cingular store front, not simply wireless - they do not stand behind any online store front sales. He said he would do me a favor and send the welcome kit, never did receive the welcome kit. The accessories never came and I had all kinds of problems canceling the order. Then my Cingular Bill comes and it is ridiculously expensive - YIKES - I know for sure now that I have been scammed.

Just to add insult to injury, I believe the phones were refurbished or used. They didn't look "new" and one stopped working for a day (it was stuck in camera mode) then for some reason started working again. Another of the phones was already replaced by Motorola as the screen stopped appearing. In the 15+ years I have had cell phones, I never had a problem with them or the company - reception problems yes but this is fraud.

In November of 2005, it is time to collect on the first set of 3 month rebates. I mail all the typical "Rebate" stuff and having a "bad feeling" about all this, I send it via registered mail, return receipt so that I can't be told that they didn't receive it on time. I get the return receipt, I wait, and wait and it is now February 2006... and I still don't have the rebate. It says that the rebate would take up to 10 weeks. It is 12 weeks now.

Simply Wireless sales people verbally confirmed with me many times that the family plan & all 4 phones qualified for the rebates. I confirmed that my end cost would be $200.00. I called the rebate department as I did have "further questions". After much complaining on my part she offered to rebate another phone. So now, supposedly 2 of the 4 phones (for this round anyway) will get a rebate. Of course I haven't seen one cent yet.

Minutes Promised, Did Not Get It
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Rating: 1/51

OREGON -- Bought a Tracfone from Was promised with 1500 minutes. When I tried to get the minutes from was told I only got 1200 minutes. This is not right. I will call the BBB next day.

Tracfone/QVC Promotional
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Rating: 1/51

HSN, Tracfone, and QVC all deal with the wireless center (ie Simply Wireless). These companies offer simple wireless promotional deals but they only make the major offers LOOK better. If you ask QVC, Tracfone, or HSN about SIMPLY WIRELESS or the WIRELESS CENTER, they are "simply ignorant" about who they hired to give credence/legitimacy to their sale. Ain't it a shame?

Lies, Scams, Used Phones, More Lies
By -

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- I decided to buy a cell phone for my son and to migrate my phone from ATT to Cingular and get a new phone for myself. I stopped at one of the Simply Wireless booths at Landmark Mall in Alexandria, VA. He had a deal for me! I could get the hottest MP3 phone for my son for $150 and a V3 Razr for myself for 69.99 and get a rebate of $50. I also got a free bluetooth headset. I could get a 700 min. shared plan for $59.99 no extra charge for the second line. So I bought the phones and some accessories. I paid them $271.

The next day while looking at my razr phone I found that the address book was loaded with phone numbers. They sold me a used/returned phone. I had specifically asked if they were new. They exchanged the phone and apologized. That evening... when looking at the usage, I saw that they had only given me a 550 min. plan. Well I was mad. I had more min. on my old plan. I further looked into it and they had signed me up for $23 of additional monthly charges that I had not asked for nor been offered.

I called cingular and they took off those charges but said I had to go back to the store to get the rate plan changed. I called the store and the manager who answered stated they don't have that rate plan, I could bring everything back. I said "can you give me my old AT&T account back?" He said "yes but it would take about an hour" - that I should call. I said "I would wait". I decided that they were shady and I had better call.

I called cingular and told them everything. They gave me the migrations dept and they changed everything back right away with no trouble. I took the phones back to Simply Wireless and when I told them I had already changed my phone back, he said, "that's impossible. Once you change you can't go back". I said "then why did you tell me that on the phone?" He said "I didn't tell you that. I don't know who you talked to". I said "well my phone is working". He tried to tell me that I was stuck with the two phones. I said "OH no I am not and if you would like me to tell every customer standing here what you did to me, then give me some more trouble".

He went and called cingular asking them why they reverse migrated my phone and he was furious. He was counting on telling me I couldn't go back and then I would keep the phones. They told him something cause he came back and refunded all of my money. It just so happened a Cingular rep was there and she got all the lowdown on what they had done. Later that day, I found that the phone I paid 150 for, Radio Shack had for 49 with a 25 instant rebate. Live and learn right. Go to the Cingular Stores!

Simply Wireless Are Liars
By -

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- My girlfriend and I wanted to find a phone that worked in our apartment as well as was an organizational tool. Upon doing research, we settled with the T-Mobile Dash. Simply Wireless had a kiosk located in Landmark mall. Upon speaking with the sales person on December 9, 2006, we were told that we could test the phones for 14 days to see if we appreciated the service.

I asked the salesperson if we could port over the old number from Verizon if we liked the service. The salesperson (AJ) stated that we could contact T-mobile and port the number later. On December 18 I ported the numbers over from Verizon. Well within the 14 day time period.

In March, I received a charge for 800 dollars from Simply Wireless. I called Dominick on April 13 and asked what the charges were for. He stated that I had changed the phone numbers on December 18 and per the contract I was not to change my phone number for 121 days. I stated how AJ, the salesperson, stated that I would be able to change my phone number and he said that I simply had to cough up the money and take it up with the store.

I spoke with the store manager (Rodrigo) who states that Simply Wireless was charging me the 400 dollars per phone line because they lose their commission with T-mobile if the phone numbers are changed. Therefore, I would have to request T-mobile to reimburse Simply Wireless. The sales commission and Simply Wireless would reimburse me the credit. T-mobile indicates that they are aware of no such agreement.

In addition, I mailed the rebates on December 18th to receive back 100 dollars per phone and have not received any monies back. I will never purchase from Simply Wireless again, and upon speaking with the cities of Alexandria, Arlington and the counties of Fairfax Virginia, there are apparently multiple complaints against them.

By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- has been a bitter/sour experience. It all started when I was shopping around for a good deal for cell phone service. I happened on Simplywireless advertisement on the net search. I clicked on the link, and there began my tale of disappointment. At first they are really great. They provide you with info. to entice you into purchasing their cell phones, with rebates etc. I happened to be interested.

I signed up for cingular service with their special offer of a free phone, and w/ a family plan ordered additional phone which I was told I would receive rebates for. So I did as I was pretty impressed with the deal. Lesson learned. So far it's been 7 mo. into, and I still have to receive my rebates for the phones. As others have mentioned, they have a very impressive scheme, of runarounds and emails back and forth, keeping you pretty busy for rebates that the company promised you in the first place when you placed the order.

In my last email, they even said, I should go ahead and put up a complaint with Better Business Bureau, taking a stance that I was pretty much nothing, and that my business wasn't that important. No customer satisfaction there, I even told them, I'm not going to recommend their services to anyone, that didn't even bother them. I wished I had done a thorough investigation into Simplywireless before laying out the money to get phones from them. If I only had I would have seen these complaints and not done business with them.

Thank you for such a site that provides information for the consumer. Hopefully this review of the company helps. Do not buy any services with this company, because there's no real customer is important ideal with them. Now they have my money, and will not pay me back my rebates. Simple ploy to hold the money. I don't think this practice will last long. So I sacrificed my hard earned money, to them. Hopefully this message will help others and tell others not to do business with them.

QVC smartphone
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Rating: 1/51

I was promised 1200 free minutes w/ purchase of phone. Was instructed to call Wireless, enter my QVC order # and zip code. I did this and was told my # is not on file. Of course you never get to speak with a human being. Every choice you are given connects you with another automated message. It's impossible to speak with a human being there. They give you the choice of being sent to a customer service representative but before they do, they require you to enter your QVC order # which of course is not on file. I've never been more frustrated in my life and will be returning the phone. I hope to never have to deal with this company again, ever.

Simply Wireless Rebate Scam
By -

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- BEWARE OF ANY PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY INVOLVING A REBATE! On 3/27/06, I filed a 6-month $75 rebate application for a Motorola cell phone. After submitting proper documentation and waiting several weeks, I contacted their rebate fulfillment service and was told the documentation had not been received.

Subsequent e-mails elicited the response that I had not submitted all the required documentation and am therefore "ineligible" for the rebate (this despite the fact I had Xeroxes of all the required documentation). E-mails to Simply Wireless result only in repetitious replies to check with the rebate fulfillment center, which then results in more evasive e-mail boilerplate. It's obvious that this company uses these rebates to sell its products at an inflated up-front price, then does everything possible to avoid paying the rebates.

While their website boasts that they "put a premium on exceptional customer service - not only do we provide excellent customer service during the sales process, but we maintain the relationship once the sale is complete" and brags that they have over 300 sub-dealers and are "the largest wireless seller on the Home Shopping Network, selling as many as 17,000 phones in one day," the reality is that their "exceptional customer service" is basically a royal runaround. Buy your cell phone from a local distributor, so if you have problems you know where to go, rather than having to try to deal with some faceless entity that only has a goal of cheating you.

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