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Yubisaki Pillows
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CALIFORNIA -- After watching their TV ad, I ordered two pillows by phone. Delivery took almost six weeks. I'd ordered their largest pillows and was, frankly, disappointed to find their "large" was everyone else "very small." The cheesy eye mask blew up the first time I tried to warm it up in the microwave, covering everything with blue gup. The pillow, however, is very comfortable. My wife ditched hers after a few weeks but I do use mine in favor of much more expensive down filled pillows.

So, the product is comfortable but the bit about it keeping you cool is nonsense - I sweat just as much, but again, I do find it supportive and comfortable and wouldn't sleep on anything else. I went online today to order 4 more for my kids and their wives. Then I read about the horror stories other people experienced and decided to hold off until this company clean up their act. Good product, sizing is an issue but regardless, it's still the most comfortable pillow I've ever slept on. Sweet dreams.

Billing practices
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VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- I would so love-after reading the other complaint registered here, against the Yubisaki Pillow company, out of Van Nuys, CA, have the Attny General of CA get on these guys-or someone in authority. I logged onto the website, expecting a professional (Amazon, Ebay) type situation. I merrily went along, clicking my order in-2 pillows, cases & the 'give aways' supposedly to accompany each unit. When it was time to put my credit card info in, there was no itemized bill! There was no TOTAL! I had no idea what the total was going to be. - Not unlike the man who placed his order on the phone. I didn't know what I had paid until the package came! AND BOY was I SHOCKED!

No pillow cases- One little cheezy light blocking thing-- and a bill for $149.60!!! I'm not sure whom they have shipping these things-- but it was at least 2 weeks-via USPS, before the items showed up. Now - where are my cases?? And I think- so far- I have only napped on it. I think it's a good product but not THAT GOOD!! They need to get responsible on their website- be forthcoming with their pricing structure. Is it LEGAL to not reveal total costs like that??? Somebody Help Me Do Something! ** in MA

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