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Horrible House, Horrible Rental Co.
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Rating: 1/51

NAGS HEAD, NC -- I rent vacation homes on a fairly regular basis-this is the first, and LAST time I will rent from Stan White Realty. First, there appears to be no standard set regarding property quality. The house named Unique at 4512 Shiner Drive is in poor condition. I'm not particularly picky-being at the beach is wonderful, so a house has to be really bad to rain on my parade. This one is. The pictures look nice, but the house is not. The only somewhat nice part is the downstairs, but since Day 1 of the rental, sewer was backing up into the shower. Disgusting.

Before I get to that, the kitchen, including the fridge-it is so gross you really don't want to put food in it. Even the handles are disgusting. I read in one review that the kitchen is well-appointed. No. Not at all. And everything is gross. The owner or realty company must have paid someone for a good review. There are pee stains on the trundle bed mattress pad. If you do risk staying here, definitely bring or rent not only sheets, but you will need mattress pads, comforters, etc if you don't want to be disgusted. The layout is weird and awkward upstairs.

Ok-so back to the sewer shower downstairs. The sewer has backed up into the shower every day we've been here. 'Hopefully' it is now fixed, but really, it has put a damper on our vacation already, and the owner and Stan White realty are doing NOTHING to resolve this fact. They offered up no alternate rental or refund. Instead, we are caught in this loop of each entity pointing fingers at the other regarding 'letting us out of the rental contract' so that we can find housing that doesn't put us at risk for E. coli poisoning. It's more than frustrating.

Neither the owner nor Stan White want to do the right thing. I'm disgusted and wish there was more I could do. So, I guess the only thing I can do is to warn others. DO NOT RENT from Stan White. There are other rental places that are reputable, keep quality standards for their homes, and who take ownership of rentals/rental situations instead of playing games. It will be interesting to see if there is a counter post from the owner or Stan White Realty to spin this. Don't believe it. They are horrible.

Very Disappointing Customer Service and Very Ill-Maintained Rental House
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Rating: 2/51

NAGS HEAD, NORTH CAROLINA -- For the better part of the last 20 years, my parents have rented with Stan White for a week, sometimes two, in South Nags Head. For most of the time, the houses they have rented have been great. We have had wonderful family vacations in houses that are lovely and well maintained. This summer, we rented SN519 "Reconnect". It was a disaster. This house was disgusting. Ill-maintained and unsafe. My mother very clearly outlined the many problems with this property to the realty.

The response we have received from your realty company is appalling. My parents are retired. They are on a fixed income and save all year to have a nice week in OBX. They paid something like 3200$ for the "pleasure" of renting SN519 and it was disgusting.

Calls were made to the office while we were in Nags Head and some of the problems were addressed -- they unsafe railing on the 3rd floor deck and the lack of any deck furniture. But the overall feeling of the people staying in the house during our week in Nags Head was that the place was dirty, not well maintained and in some cases, unsafe.

My mother complained to the realty company and the best they could offer her (a customer of 20 years) was 135$ off a future rental. That is disrespectful and wrong. My parents wasted their hard-earned money on a house this summer that was disgusting.

When I made mention of our problems with SN519 on Twitter, my tweets were deleted and my access to @StanwhiteRealty was blocked. That is cowardice and shows a distinct inability to face a customer's legitimate complaints. This has never happened with any interaction I have had with other companies on Twitter. Usually companies are very happy to work with their customers in the social media realm. Clearly customer loyalty means nothing to the folks at Stan White.

Stan White has no class
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH CAROLINA -- Unfortunately, I was under the impression to use Stan and his company to build a house for me but never again. Every opportunity to take advantage of my money or promises made to me, Stan was consistent on letting me down and ripping me off. The house should not have passed inspection but when you pay off all of your friends and workers, it's easy to steal from clients. Stan has the largest attitude problem that I have ever faced and I also work with police department. This man has been trampling over everything and everyone who gets in his way!

Stop giving this man your money. If you are looking to get a cheaply built home for way too much, this is the perfect company for you. Stan will make it his priority to make you stressed out and furious. I was duped by one of the worst people on that island. I question the integrity of the OBX for keeping a bad guy around for so long. Stan you should be in a mental hospital, You are the Madoff of the OBX!!

Worse Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

NAGS HEAD, VIRGINIA -- Rented a house for the end of summer and for personal reasons had to cancel. Spoke to a lady at Stan White and she informed me of the fees to cancel. Told her to proceed and later after I canceled found the house had been reduced to a lower price, so I called to see if the house didn't re-rent could I get it at the reduced rate and was told yes and they never told me that if it was rented by someone else I would have to pay the difference.

Anyone with any sense would be stupid to want to pay the difference, but again no one from worthless Stan White ever told me this, so now the house is rented which I've had to call and check on not them call me to let me know and they are telling me tough on getting my money back because the property owner and Worthless Stan White will not budge.

I would never ever recommend Stan White to anyone. I talked to three different employees there and from Stephanie the office manager they have worked there for some time and none of them told me of this and all Stan White has to say is that it is in the rental agreement but I think the property owner doesn't even know they are probably getting screwed just like me. What a worthless rental company!!! Will never ever go back to Nags Head again!

Staff Member Lost or Stole Our Left Behind Items
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Rating: 1/51

DUCK, NORTH CAROLINA -- We booked Sea Stars house in July for one week, we checked in Saturday but unfortunately due to a family emergency at home, had to leave in a rush on Monday. On our way back I remembered that I left a few items of clothing in the closet. We called immediately and were told they would send someone right over, get the items, and send them to us. We never received them, and we left many unreturned voicemails for the next few weeks.

When we finally did hear back, we were told they are not responsible for items left behind and that they checked everywhere and haven't found them. The staff or housekeeping who went in there after we left had to have found them and must have stolen them - where ELSE would they be? It's very sad as they were expensive and special items. They didn't seem to care at all that someone had stolen them.

Ridiculous Fees
By -

NAGS HEAD, NORTH CAROLINA -- Best of the Beach? No longer - I guess the now ex-number one tends to get very complacent about customers. I rented the house "Amber Nights" in South Nags Head through Stan White Realty, for a week this summer, as we have done for most of the past decade. It was nice to get my family back together. My newlywed son and wife made do by moving a twin bed next to its mate, however, a distance of maybe two feet. Apparently this was a gross breach of the rental contract, especially since they failed to move it back to the original position and I didn't notice it being out of its prescribed position.

The realtor informed us that the cleaning lady has a torn ACL and did not think she should move it back, so they dispatched a maintenance service to do so, for a $60 charge - nice profit for ~10 seconds work. They then called me to inform me that they were billing the $60 to my credit charge, but neglected to mention that they do this through a service that charges an additional $29.95 for the privilege. When I asked why they weren't billing the insurance that they pretty much mandate, they said "because there were no damages".

Funny, they didn't offer us any discounts for the broken dishwasher, dryer, and wifi that were part of the rental. $90 seems a bit much for ~10 seconds worth of work - so I called the billing service, and at their request my credit card company and de-authorized the payment. I also had my bank send a check for $60 and my incensed wife wrote an email to Stan White (still no reply). I thought that that would be the end of it, and that I might select future rentals from one of the numerous other realties, since Stan White obviously does not like customers with good long term rental histories. I doubt that the house owner would be too pleased either.

Then I got my un-cashed check back with a statement showing a zero balance. Could it be that they came to their senses and waived the fee? Alas, no they showed a credit from the credit billing agency, so I had to call the realtor yet again to straighten it out. Then the real nastiness began. A "manager" told me that they don't accept personal checks for "deposit" bills and that I had to use the credit card and pay the fee. MasterCard had told me that the fee was outrageous and probably against their contract which I mentioned to the manager, who assured me that ripping off their customers is all perfectly legal.

I mentioned that it was a bank check I sent them so she told me to calm down. (I was nearly yelling because it was the only way to get a word in edgewise - the manager was totally uninterested in anything I had to say). I told her that I had de-authorized the payment and she indicated that was fine they would dispute it with MasterCard. I asked for Stan White, and was told he was unavailable. I asked for her boss, but she was on the phone - would I like to be called back? I said I'll expect the call this morning, she said it will be when the boss finds it convenient.

I don't know yet how the story ends. Will reason prevail? It seems unlikely. Will they accept a bank check for $60? Is a history of more that $25,000 in rental business worth waiving a ridiculous $60 fee? Is the highly biased contract worth signing ever again? Does the owner want their house to go unrented? The only good I can see coming of this is perhaps sparing someone else the hassle, so OBX renters beware.

Failure to Honor Rental Agreement and Make Amendments
By -

DUCK, NORTH CAROLINA -- Stan White Realty, Duck, NC would have you rent a vacation home for thousands of dollars for a week and welcome you the first day of your vacation to a filthy house lived in for the week prior by another family. Property was not cleaned as prior agreed until we spent the first night. Dirty bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen counters, trash cans, refrigerator, stove, floors, trash in trash cans - as bad as any cheap motel I've stayed in. Only excuse was 'family the week before didn't request clean up' - except we rented from Stan White Realty, not the family before.

My efforts (at least 10 requests) for a fair recompense in the form of 1/2 day's rent have been stonewalled. They did refund the fee they would have paid their house cleaning service - $50. A bargain for them for my payment of $3900 and a night for 8 spent in someone else's filth. The worst company for customer service. Lied to me regarding their inquiry into the matter. Didn't return phone calls, Passed the buck repeatedly. This took place in July 2008. Don't spend your vacation through Stan White Realty. This could happen to you.

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