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Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel Hell on Earth
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My 4th Goal in life is to Bash the Stratosphere hotel for at least 2 yrs, Their location is horrible. It's far from the strip and they give you a view of the mountain which isn't anything like having a strip view. Their customer service is a 0 because it is the worst I have ever experienced. Their check-in representative Anwar is rude. I believe the managers, Kheli and Sarah, got their Hospitality/Hotel Management degree, if they have one, from D. F.N. S (Don't ** Know **) University. Here is how I came to that conclusion. We got to the hotel around 1:30 pm to check in.

The young lady at the desk said "Check-in isn't until around 3, but we can get you started so all you have to do is come back and get your keys at 3 pm". Then we asked if there is early check-in. She said, "we do offer that but the room isn't ready yet". So we said OK and checked our bags at the bell desk. We gambled and ate at the Roxy Diner and around 3:23 we went to pick up our keys. Anwar greeted us and I told him I was there to pick up my keys. He looked up my info and said my room wasn't ready. I asked what do you mean it's not ready. He said housekeeping hadn't cleaned the room yet.

I asked him when the room would be ready and he told me he doesn't know. So I asked him if he could call housekeeping and find out what time or an estimate of what time my room would be ready. He had the nerve to tell me he isn't housekeeping, which pissed me off. How dare he insult my intelligence. I knew he was not housekeeping. I was just asking if he could call housekeeping so I would know when my room would be ready. I wasn't asking for anything that was beyond his ability. I had just gotten off a 6hr flight. At this point, I was livid. So I asked to speak to a manager.

The manager Kheli comes and she has an attitude like I interrupted her from watching Desperate Housewives or something. I explained to her that I understood the room wasn't ready, but I was asking them to call housekeeping and find out when it would be. She then tried to give me a room on a lower floor. I said no I want the room on the higher floor. I said please, just find out when the room will be ready. She also found this hard to do. At this point, I walked away because I was at a new level of lividness. I was ready to leave the Stratosphere. My friend stayed and talked to them. They told her that check in of 3 pm was for normal rooms not suites.

It is very interesting that since we decided to get a suite and give their hotel more money than other guest, we had to wait. They finally decided to call housekeeping. They told us our room would be ready in a half a hour. So around 4:23, more than a half hour later, we returned. Imagine our reaction when the young lady at the desk said that our room still wasn't ready. After seeing our reaction, she said she would check with housekeeping to see if the room was in fact ready. It's funny how she offered to check with housekeeping so easily. She came back about 8 - 10 minutes later to tell us the room still wasn't ready. I was done.

I asked for the corporate number because we were leaving. This was ridiculous. On their website, they state "Soak up the excitement of Sin City at the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, where you'll get the VIP treatment, plus a whole lot more." What excitement? What V.I.P treatment? Is that why the hotel was on the brink of bankruptcy like 2 or 3 years ago? She said hold on let me get the manager's card. She came back 4 minutes later and said our room was available, interesting. She said our room will be 42015. I asked what happened to 41715. She said it wasn't ready and that the rooms are the same so we took it.

So we finally got to the room and it smelled like the toilet had overflowed onto the carpet. We called housekeeping and they sprayed the room. But at this point, it's like what the hell. After a 6hr flight and 4 1/2 hours of waiting to get into a room, we get a smelly room. At this point, we had already spoken to Tim the director of customer excellence. He offered to comp our resort fee which was $7.50 per day so that would have been $45. Please, that is like an hour and quarter pay for me, they wasted an hour and a half my vacation. On top of that, they gave me a headache with their stupidity and rudeness. So I asked Tim for an upgrade.

He said we would have to speak to Sarah, the hotel manager. My friend then asked Tim if Sarah would help us or was she going to waste our time, because we already wasted most of our day. He said she is the manager and will work with us. When Sarah called she offered to have our room changed because of the smell but she told us there would not be a room available until the next day. What happened to 41715? We then asked about an upgrade for our trouble. She said there wasn't an upgrade from the room we had. At that point, we knew it was time to leave.

We asked about the cancellation policy and Sarah said that would be fine we would just pay for the one night. We asked if we wanted to leave today, could we get our money back. She said we would need to check out now. Then we said we would need more time than that to find another hotel. She then said she would give us 15 minutes. We said well it is only fitting that you give us an hour and a half because we gave you an hour and a half of our time. Sarah proceeded to say she would give us a hour because she needed the room for another guest. Sarah then said word for word "Am going to need you to get out" with a tone that said get the ** out.

We all sat there quietly for like 5 sec in a breath shock like WHAT! That was the final straw. So we finished our search for another hotel, packed our bags, called Tim and left him a message saying we were leaving and that I would be calling their corporate office. So now we're at our new hotel and I get a text from my card showing a charge for $1147.89 by Stratosphere. I left the hotel and they are still finding ways to piss me off. I called them to ask why they charged my card when the check in lady said that nothing was going to be charged to my card. Sarah called me back to say they removed the hold on my card.

I informed her that I left my camera charger and batteries at the hotel and she said she would send someone to get it and hold it for me because the room was still empty, interesting. And the stress didn't stop there, when I went to get my charger they couldn't figure out where they put it. So after a hour of waiting, after I had call and said I was on my way I had to make another trip to the Stratosphere the next day to get it. Now I am trying to get the shuttle money we paid to get there and compensation for the stress and hell they put us through, reminding me that there is truly hell on earth.

Guests Are Not Important Here
StarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 2/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Let me start out by saying that many of these "Problems" are probably due to my being spoiled by hotels across the country that seem to want guests to come back and stay with them again. I got the distinct impression that the folks at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas really doesn't care if guests are not comfortable and never come back. Many of you reading this may think that I expected too much, and maybe I did. My problems began before we left home and I discovered that the hotel will not guarantee a non-smoking room. My vacation "package" was done through AAA and I made sure to tell the lady at AAA that I needed a non-smoking room.

After I received my packet in the mail I discovered that the hotel will make a room assignment only at the point of check-in and if a non-smoking room is not available, a smoking one is assigned. Having been diagnosed with emphysema several years ago, that would be a real problem for me. AAA told me that standard practice in Las Vegas was for hotels not to guarantee non-smoking rooms during the reservation process. We considered cancelling the trip but decided to go anyway and take our chances. All of the anxiety was for naught anyway because we were assigned a non-smoking room upon our check-in.

Thank goodness because we had to walk all the way through the casino to get to the registration desk and the smoke in there was so thick you could almost cut it with a knife. I was very disappointed to learn that there was no coffee maker or coffee in the room, nor was there a safe or refrigerator. We found a dirty washcloth hanging in the bathroom and no soap at all. There WERE however, pubic hairs in the tub. The next morning at 7 AM a noise that sounded like a freight train came from the hallway. I went out to see what it was and there was someone with a really big vacuum cleaning the carpet.

An hour later (at 8 AM) sirens went off and the loudspeakers announced that it was a "security test". I really doubt that they need to do those loud things so early in the morning. There was an escalator to the second floor where there was a McDonald's but that escalator was out of service the entire time we were there. That was just as well because it is a terrible McDonalds with slow, rude employees. I think the single biggest problem I had was that they allow smoking EVERYWHERE! Even in the elevators. If you are a smoker you will love it here but the bottom line is that I definitely do not recommend the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas.

Blood Stains on Comforter & Mattress Pad
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Rating: 1/51

NEVADA -- I made a reservation for a spa room, checked early evening, & did not go directly to room. The morning of 2-24-13 I discovered the blood while looking for bedbugs, I had read a recent review online complaining of bedbugs. I reported this incident to the front desk & two housekeeping personnel responded. They donned blue rubber gloves & put the linen that I had been sleeping on in red bio-hazard bags. The head of security arrived at approx.11am to take my statement. I was then given a complimentary guest ticket, valued at $50.00 to dine at Mccall's restaurant, At this point I had no appetite.

I failed to mention that my mattress was disinfected by housekeeping staff, she used a spray bottle with blue liquid in it. The male housekeeping staff personnel arrived with a cleaning woman & they both cleaned the entire room in front of my partner, the entire day was gone at this point. I am a senior citizen & have traveled a good part of the world and have never encountered anything near this type of deplorable customer service. The housekeeping staff said that it was obvious that the linens had not been changed after the last person or persons checked out. I have presented to my doctor & have taken a battery of blood tests.

The doctor said that I have done the right thing by being screened for diseases that she knows were not present before this exposure. The hotel did nothing to aid in my mental state, I even reached out to the Vice President on two separate occasions to no avail!!! I will stay clear of this hotel, as their customers are obviously not their main concern. I recommend that all health conscious people to stay far from this hotel.

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