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What Subaru and Ganley Subaru especially don't want you to know
By -

BEDFORD, OHIO -- We write this in hopes of helping other families avoid the expense and aggravation we've experienced thanks to Ganley Subaru. We bought a 2005 Outback 2.5 XT LTD in July of 2005 at Ellacott Shaker Subaru dealership, which later became Ganley Subaru of Bedford. At that time we also bought an extended warranty that was pitched hard by the salesman. During that visit, we were treated nicely, with eager explanations of trustworthiness, dependability, reliability, ride, and so on, and so on, and so on regarding Subaru brand. Unfortunately, it was the last time we were treated with respect at Ellacott/Ganley Subaru dealership.

As we discovered much later and in the middle of a very dangerous situation (November, freezing, and on a highway) the window washer tank was filled with water instead of washer liquid. Later, that first winter, one of thin aluminum sliders glued on top surface of the rear bumper simply fell off and ended up being stepped on. It took a month, lost hours, and distinct sense of being unwelcome to replace the slider and one (!) wiper blade. Apparently, at first there were no replacement wiper blades at the dealership and, later, there were no driver side replacement wiper blades.

Regarding the slider, we initially were told that it was not replaceable under warranty because it was bent. That absurd position was changed only after it was pointed out that it is impossible to bend the slider if it glued properly in place. At that point, we gave up since, highly inconveniently, working hours of the dealership service department coincide with most populous working hours.

By the way, below 25°F the window washer doesn't work properly even with the proper liquid. To briefly mention some other deficiencies with our Suburu expensive performance OEM tires lasted less than 35,000 miles and fared poorly on wet and snowy surfaces. Replacing those with regular passenger four season tires much improved the handling and driving in all conditions. Poor fuel economy actual highway economy is around 21m/gal instead of 24 as advertised. Information display is primitive and there is absent "low oil level"€ warning light and, presumably, corresponding sensor.

The latter is very disturbing considering problems we have faced with the engine. After little more than 30,000 miles the power window main switch and, after 45,500 miles, the motor fan and a cam belt tensioner had to be replaced. Judging from our experience, 60,000 miles is a very inadequate drivetrain warranty for this brand.

In the process of removing wheels for the tire replacement, it became apparent that during 30,000 miles service at the dealership lug-nuts were over tightened to the point that one of them broke its bolt instead of loosening. At approximately 45,500 miles "€œcheck engine" light came on, idle became rough, and the car exhibited signs of losing power. Because we change the oil between major services ourselves, the service department employees tried to blame us alleging that we used diesel fuel instead of gas, did not change the engine oil on time, and so on.

After the engine heads were removed, it became clear that all the accusations were groundless but there were no apologies and the repair took an astonishing five weeks. Apparently an oil control valve was faulty. In addition a motor fan and a cam belt tensioner had to be replaced under extended warranty, which could not be blamed on us. The service department reluctantly provided a car for use during repair only after more than two weeks of inquires. Just 5000 miles later, on the Thanksgiving eve and at two thirds into a drive to Boston the "€œcheck engine"€ light came on again and, a few minutes later, the turbocharger stopped working.

We were told at Clay Subaru in Boston that it happened because the turbocharger was not fastened properly, apparently after previous repair at Ganley Subaru. In addition to worrying instead of celebrating, we were stranded in Boston for three more working days more than we planned to stay.

The turbocharger failed again at 69,900 miles or less than 10,000 after a major scheduled service at Ganley Subaru and 1,500 miles after we changed the oil and filter. Although the car is under extended warranty with First Extended, the coverage was denied under pretense that the car was abused by us. Apparently, this happened because Ganley Subaru "€œforgot" to report oil changes that were performed as part of the repairs at both Ganley and Clay Subaru and because we were presumed guilty of lying about changing oil ourselves in the absence of iron-clad proof otherwise (credit card receipts for purchase of oil and filters apparently do not constitute such proof).

It did not mater that, at the time of purchase, we were told that self service is OK as long as we keep the log of it, that, at least once before, this kind of accusation was proven false, and subsequent inspection has shown no signs of the abuse. Moreover, despite every invoice carrying a proud statement: "€œThe team at Ganley Bedford is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers with honesty and integrity with a total belief in our products and services while providing the highest level of satisfaction in everything we do."

For four days after the car was brought to the dealership nothing has been done. It required multiple phone conversation with a reluctant and almost contemptuous employee to find out that the dealership presented a very negative picture to the insurer. First Extended, in turn, happily used that impression and ignored facts proving recent oil change. As a result, two weeks after the car was brought to Ganley Subaru, we decided to tow it to a repair shop we can trust to do honest job.

At this time two things are certain: we'€™ve visited any Ganley dealership for the last time in our lives and we will never consider owning another Subaru. P.S. To add an insult to injury, Service director of Ganley Subaru ** instructed his technicians to put the oil pan (removed on request from First Extended) without sealing it properly as a "revenge"€ for my refusal to pay for it, although, when we complained about it, his boss pledged to reimburse us the cost of this work done properly at another shop.

Needed a Jump -- Took Almost Three Hours for Assistance to Arrive
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Rating: 1/51

GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS -- Came out of the Wyndham Hotel in Glenview, Il. to a dead battery. Called Subaru Roadside Service and was told, "About an hour". An hour later, I got a text saying 10 minutes. Forty minutes later, I called Subaru again. Thirty minutes away. Forty minutes later, I called again. Seventeen minutes away. Thirty minutes later I called again. Seven minutes away. Twenty minutes later my person arrived. He said he was out of Chicago and he didn't understand why they sent him zigzagging all over the place. Didn't make it to my family meal. What a discouraging experience.

Subaru Strands Another
By -

If you own a Subaru, do not rely upon Subaru Roadside Assistance to help you in an emergency. I learned this the hard way on August 12, 2011, when my wife and I were stranded on the curve of the intersection of California Highways 85 & 87 in San Jose, CA. The front left tire of my 2010 Subaru Forester blew out and I pulled onto Highway 87 in an attempt to get off of the fast moving 85. Unfortunately, there was just more fast moving traffic careening around that corner. We immediately called Subaru Roadside Assistance, which I paid for upon the lease of my vehicle.

For 15 minutes I was placed on hold with an automated voice informing me that, "All operators are busy at this moment. Please hold the line for the next service representative." Due to the emergent situation, I dialed 911 for help and received immediate assistance from a California Highway Patrolman (CHP). The CHP also called Subaru and waited on the line for an additional 30 minutes, but he also received the same unhelpful recording. Fortunately, my incident occurred at 3:30 P. M., which officially constituted rush hour. The CHP provides free roadside service, courtesy of the California taxpayers, during rush hours to commuters in distress.

An alert California Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) assistant heard the radio communication between the CHP, who was assisting me, and his dispatcher and responded to our need before the CHP made a formal request for the FSP. With the help of the CHP and FSP, my tire was changed in this dangerous location and I was on the road again in a little over an hour from the start of this incident. Subaru Roadside Assistance never responded to my call and does not have a contact address for complaints. Due to the unreliability of Subaru, I have taken out membership from an additional roadside service provider. I am pleased to submit my concerns to My 3 Cents!

Poor Customer Service
By -

NEW JERSEY -- It is with great disappointment that I write this review. My husband serves on Active Duty in the United States Navy. We purchased a Subaru mostly because I travel alone with my two children frequently while my husband is deployed and we wanted the most reliable car possible. Well, this is not the case with the Outback 2.5 GTX. Our car is just shy of 6 years old with 55,000 miles and we had to replace the power steering pump. We contacted Subaru for assistance because, according to several Subaru repair technicians, a repair of this nature is unusual with such low mileage.

After reviewing our entire service history a customer service manager at Subaru of America told us that they would offer no financial assistance for the $650 repair. The representative told us this decision was based on the expiration of the warranty and the fact that we garaged the car for three years while we lived in Japan serving in the US NAVY. This decision was reached despite performing the maintenance necessary to keep the car running while we not living in the United States.

It is so disappointing that a company that prides themselves on well manufacture vehicles would allow such a poor quality product to be sold and then due to circumstances beyond our control hold us liable for a repair that shouldn't have happened to begin with. As this time we will be trading out of this vehicle and going with another manufacture that will take care of those who serve our country in this time of war. SUBARU IS NOT A SUPPORTIVE COMPANY!!! IF you are serving in the United States Military DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND OF CAR! They will not help you if you are required to garage your vehicle to serve overseas for your Nation!

I do truly love this car but will not drive a vehicle made by a company that doesn't support their service members in their time of need. Not to mention the unreliability of the vehicle itself. For a vehicle to lose the power steering pump at 55,000 miles is almost unheard of and therefore a manufacturer defect. The company sold us an unreliable vehicle that has caused us financial stress in this already stressful economy and all because we had to garage our car for the three years while we were living in Japan.

I cannot urge service members enough to buy from a company that will go above and beyond to help the men and women of the armed services and Subaru is not that company!!!

Disappointed Experience
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Rating: 1/51

PLANTATION, FLORIDA -- I purchase a Subaru Impreza for my wife on April 24th 2013. With an agreement that they will order seat covers since the model did not have leather seats and we have 2 small dogs, they give us a certificate acknowledging it. After several visits to the dealership (Subaru of North Broward in Plantation FL) we realized they had no intention of honoring the deal. When we received a survey questionnaire, we answered explaining what had occurred and provided a copy of the voucher issued by the dealer.

On June 1st received a call from Subaru of America Mr. David ** who assured me that he will take care. We came to realized that Subaru does not make seat covers for the Impreza 2013, so he asked me to purchase a set and send him the invoice. When I call to speak with him he had been promoted so Molly ** took over and she explain that the notes that David ** left said that was only for invoices from Subaru dealers. Well they don't sell them. I'm very happy with the car but the customer service is very poor, going for a new car should be a reason to rejoice not regret and that's exactly how we feel. Bye Bye $387.95.

Parking light switch
By -

I just finished replacing a dead battery in my 2001 Outback. The battery wasn't bad. It had run totally dead over night because the parking lights continued burning in the garage even with keys removed. The reason? There is a switch on the steering column, which is hidden by the horn. The switch can easier turned on unintentionally while turning the reset trip odometer button.

When I installed the new battery the parking lights came on. I had to call my local repair guy to have him tell me it is common happening. So I'm out $100 for the new battery and several hours of manual labor, which at age 80 probably shortened my life even more.

Navigation Nightmare
By -

I waited weeks to get a limited Outback with Navigation. I could not preview a Navigation system before purchases as none were available in area. I have used numerous Nav systems in the past and was confident a factory system would be superior to Magellan or Tom Tom. Wrong, this system has many problems. I was told by factory New England Sales Manager that I needed to wait another 3 or 4 months until the system is upgraded and that he realized the system is outdated.

I told him I paid for the Nav system in June and I expect it to operate on the day I purchased it. We have 5,000 miles on car, every time we use Nav it has been a problem. Factory Sales Manager thought I was totally unreasonable to be expecting Nav to be operational the day I purchased. He suggested I take my lumps and trade the car. My suggestion, with a New England Sales Manager with this much attitude who needs to purchase a Subaru?

2000 Subaru Legacy Outback-Transmission Trouble
By -

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have bought a few cars from the Bobby Rahal family of dealerships, and I have been mostly satisfied, except this time! This problem may have been known before I bought the car. (used from the Toyota/Lexus dealership) I am satisfied with the vehicle otherwise.

The vehicle I own has an automatic transmission, it is basically having a hard time shifting into first gear (Drive). When I place the shift knob into first gear (Drive) it doesn't shift, I either need to press on the accelerator or be currently rolling downhill in order for the car to shift into first gear. Usually when it is colder outside (approx. 40 degrees or below) the car eventually shifts into first gear and jumps forward (it's a very rough shift) as a result of the raised RPM level, only when I am not facing downhill.

This problem started about a year ago, and it may have been after a major snow and ice storm when I made an attempt to get out of the snow and ice by pressing the accelerator and moving the tires right and left to sort of 'dig' my way out of the snow. It was an intermittent issue last year, as the problem got to the point of the vehicle kicking out of first gear whenever I would come to a complete stop, I decided to take it to Aamco Transmission. That was a mistake! Not only din't they fix my vehicle's problem, they kept it there for 3 DAYS!

They performed a visual inspection of the transmission, then informed me that all I needed was a transmission flush and it was a 'natural' thing for my car to shift hard into first gear. So I paid them $100.00 to flush my transmission, the manager was incompetent and couldn't figure out how to print a receipt, so I told him to mail me one. I never received one because they went out of business later that month, I have proof because I work for the bank I wrote the check to Aamco from.

So Aamco may not have flushed my transmission properly, if they flushed it at all! I was frustrated because the problem continued, so I broke down and took it to a local Subaru dealership (CVM), who I KNOW (by previous customer experience) is out to make a quick buck! This time I waited in the lobby for my car, because I know better now!

Of course, the Subaru dealership not only refused to flush my transmission, they fleeced me into a service charge of $40.00 for them to do nothing other than try to get me to leave my car there for two days!!! I don't think so! The lady working there was telling me that they don't know what's wrong, they think it might be internal. I also noticed that she had a piece of paper with a WHOLE LIST of possible things to tell me could be wrong with my car! She didn't want me to see it, but I sort of grabbed it. (:-) Tee hee!)

She's a talking head, the mechanic didn't even have the courtesy to come out and explain the problem to me himself, I could tell that she didn't know squat about the workings of a transmission, because she was picking out two different things from her list that were completely unrelated to be wrong with my car! So please, I need your help! I hope that you understand my explanation. On her list, I did see clutch drums written down, and she said something about an internal leak, but what puzzles me is that if it is leaking, wouldn't the dipstick read like the fluid is low?!

My fiance's a diesel mechanic, he's got people who know some stuff about transmission, but I really want a professional who is experienced and won't fleece me to work on my car. I have a customer who works at a Cottman Transmission shop and he suggested that this may be on a recall, but I haven't found any of this sort. I just need some help, before I lose my car!

Resolution Update 02/28/2008:

Well, it turns out it was a piston seal that was leaking. I took it to a place that I trust (Don's Performance Corner) and they found the problem and fixed it quickly and accurately. My car is working 100% better, and apparently this is a common problem, because the seals were updated in newer model years.

Blown header on 2006 Subaru
By -

VIRGINIA -- Have had a 2006 Subaru Legacy for 5 years, it has low miles and already needs an engine overhaul. Blew a header the other day. We have had Toyotas in the past and never had engine troubles until they got quite old. Sounds like other reviews state having an engine fixed on a low mileage car would be better than buying new, so for now we will take the cost and most likely do a rebuilt engine.

Stay Away From This Dealership!
By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- I recently purchased a 2011 Outback Sport from this dealership after a nationwide search indicated they had the only one in the country with the desired equip. The vehicle was advertised as new condition with 4000 miles used only by the owner of the dealership as transport to and from work. Shortly after delivery, the vehicle was determined to have extensive undercarriage and frame damage. It was also determined that this dealership attempted to disguise this damage prior to sale. If you are thinking of buying a car from this dealership, I strongly urge you to reconsider!

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