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No Customer Service, Whatsoever
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- My Field Supervisor was a sweet lady. Other than that, good luck. I started trying to get ahold of them on May 7th, 2021. Called them 12 times over the summer. Submitted 4 contact forms on their website. I emailed multiple contacts at the company. They finally got back to me on July 29th. Days before my Intern Certificate expired. This was after I paid them almost $5,000 and was basically at the finish line of the program.

"200+ Staff Member to Serve You." Don't make me laugh. They claim to be available. They weren't. They claim to be experts. That is yet to be seen from my point of view. They claim they'll help you with applications, interviews, etc. I figured all that out on my lonesome. You'll need to budget for a separate test prep program as well (PPR, Content Exams, STR, etc.).

The one thing they're GREAT at is making sure that they get paid on time. I wouldn't recommend this program to anyone. CAN you get certified with Texas Teachers? Sure. Would I recommend it? No way. There are dozens of Alternative Cert Programs out there, find one that'll care. I've left over 100+ reviews in my life. This is the third bad review I've ever typed up, and just to compare, the first bad review was an apartment that was literally collapsing in on itself and the second was a business that tried to steal $3200 from my family.

I Got Certified, But At What Cost? An Enormous One.
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Rating: 2/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Texas Teachers is EXPENSIVE. It costs hundreds of dollars just to get enrolled and get started in the program. Then you pay your own registration fees for content and pedagogy exams. Then Texas Teachers takes 10% of your first year's salary. FOR WHAT? What are they using this money for? To be perfectly honest, I have to call 6 to 7 times and wait on hold for five minutes each time before I can get someone to pick up the phone. I have tried leaving messages in the past. They do not call back. The "training" modules and projects are redundant and worthless. I am paying thousands of dollars for this?

Texas Teachers is OUTDATED. After my first year of teaching on a probationary certificate earned through the Texas Teachers program, I would estimate that around 80% of the information provided in the training courses are outdated, idealized, or otherwise completely inapplicable. I teach at a lower-income high school. Discipline issues and a total lack of student motivation are the issues I find myself dealing with every day that I go to work. Texas Teachers training material routinely focuses on idealistic teaching strategies, learning styles and classroom environments.

An example of their suggested lesson plan includes bell work, a warm-up, a focus activity, an introduction, a fun and active learning activity, a group discussion, and an exit ticket. During the 48 minutes that I spend in each class period with my students, I am lucky if I get to teach a 30 minute lesson with at least half of the class paying any attention at all.

Texas Teachers is BROKEN. It is idealized and overpriced. They do not support the people in their program. They do not prepare anyone to manage an actual classroom. We need to stop acting like this is 1957 when students still respect teachers just because teachers are adults and come up with a better way to teach today's children.

The only part of the training material that I found applicable in my first year was some material on student mental health issues and ethical issues. Those are real. But that's it. DO NOT choose Texas Teachers as your certification program if you have a choice. I don't know what other programs are better, but they can't be worse than this.

Teacher Certification Program
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Rating: 2/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Texas Teachers might have the largest pool when it comes to candidates but they do not do anything to help them. They post a checklist that is up to the individual to go by, there is no real training. The individual is left on their own to do their own work. In fact when you called you don't even speak to someone over the phone right away. They always have to return your call even when you go into the office to see them. There's nothing that they can really tell you because most of the people sitting behind the desk do not know themself what to do when it comes to training. The program is not the best. It really isn't. You would think that at their location they would have training materials for you but they don't. They don't have nothing for you.

Alternative Certification Program for Future Teachers in Texas
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DALLAS, SAN ANTONIO, HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I would not recommend Texas Teachers as an ACP. While they are most eager to get someone enrolled, they do not have adequate training or follow-up procedures. The trainings are not effective and teach concepts and ideas used ten years ago. I learned the exact same things in my college courses ten years ago. Only one of the required trainings was beneficial and helpful. The presenter was engaging and knowledgeable, unlike the majority of the rest. There is a "cattle herd" feel to this organization as opposed to an individual approach.

The support provided when an intern is teaching is minimal and it feels as though if you fill out your paperwork, get your card scanned, and sit in a chair, you can get your license to teach through this company. If you are looking to actually learn how to be a teacher, I would not recommend this program.

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DALLAS, TEXAS -- Please consider other available programs than this private organization because as one of their previous students, I can say this one was terrible. I can't express the frustration I and many other students felt at the mostly inept instructors this organization had leading the learning seminars.

For example, we had a librarian teaching us classroom management! Or how about the instructor who couldn't adapt her third grade teaching style (complete with children's books) to adults with college degrees?! They obviously aren't paying enough to get quality instructors. It was truly ridiculous because the material they were supposed to be teaching was (and is) so important to a teaching career. I hope you'll consider my review before making the same mistake I did. I can't speak for other programs, but this one falls short.

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