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Horrific! Transworld Calling My Business Line and Now My Personal Cell for a Business Bill.
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Calling from the Philippines, hard to understand due to accent and chatter in the background. Ask for a supervisor, won't give it. We paid the vendor who sent us to Transworld directly as they had a hand piece of ours that we had sent them not knowing they had sent us to collections after 30 days. We paid the vendor directly for the outstanding (which they had sent to Transworld) and for the newer invoice. Apparently, the vendor being Asian will not pay Transworld (cheap people) and I refuse to pay the invoice again to Transworld. Told Transworld in January, 2017, we had paid the vendor directly and to get in touch with them.

So, starting in February, 2017, the Philippine office started calling the office once a week and in we informed them we had paid vendor. March, 2017, Philippine Transworld calling our office once a day, all through August, 2017. Then starting in September, 2017, Philippine Transworld calling our office once a day and then calling my personal cellphone twice to three times a day as I have HIYA app that shows who is calling on my cell.

I am ready to get our attorney involved as the vendor apparently did not pay Transworld and the onshore office of Transworld claims they do not have our business account AND refused to give me a supervisor in the United States. TRANSWORLD IS UNPROFESSIONAL AND NO BUSINESS WHO WANTS TO MAINTAIN CLIENTS, ETC should ever use Transworld. Harassing!

Transworld Systems Complaint
By -

SANTA ROSA -- Today I got a call from someone at Transworld Systems. They had been trying to reach me for a few weeks and I had been having a tough timing taking even personal/family calls because I had been so busy with a project. I have been working to dig out of a job loss back in 2007. With four little kids and a high unemployment rate in Florida, I have been working overtime to make things work.

The lady from Transworld seemed nice enough in her messages so I had saved her message to call her back as she seemed like maybe she was different -- like she might actually want to talk and work something out with me (payment plan or whatever). But things changed radically as soon as she got me on the phone.

The first words she said were carefully worded to make me think she was a lawyer or at least that this was a legal matter. She used words like "claim against you" and "legal matter" (or something very close to that) and other things that were open in meaning and could make me think maybe she was an attorney. So I simply asked her, "Are you an attorney?"

That must be the not-so-magic word, because she started talking to me like I was her bad little four year old from that point on. "You don't ask the questions..." she says. Literally, from that point, every time I said anything at all, she made it her business to cut me off. Every time! It was as if she was *trying* to enrage me as part of her plan somehow.

She went on and on about how I'm the bad guy for ever having a debt in the first place and what a bad guy I am, etc., etc. It was absolutely infuriating. Lots of negation of me (making less of me) as a person. No doubt this works for some people but it just makes me want to fight back.

If I said anything at all, she turned it around to make me look like a complete loser. And yet she knows nothing about me except that I was not returning her calls. But then she got me on the phone (boy I'll never make that mistake again!). So you think she'd engage in a dialogue with me to understand my situation and thus work out a way to collect in a way I can do. If I could "pay in full" (the "only acceptable response" she says to me), I would have done it already! It's not like I'm talking to her from my suite at Disney World.

She didn't know that I had saved her message so I could call her back, or that I lost my job in '07 and have clawed my way back from unemployment to having to start my own business that is not making me rich yet, but is paying the basics like groceries, or that I refuse to file bankruptcy because it's my complete and full intention to pay all my debts in full.

She doesn't know anything about me. She just assumed that I'm scum of the Earth for a) having a debt and b) not returning her initial calls (and I knew it was probably her when I picked up the call today because I manage my caller ID situation very well). The only answer she would accept is "Here is payment in full."

Why would anyone ever want to speak to someone like that? And what's more, why incur legal fees and other expenses by extending the time it takes to get something done by actively enraging your callers? All people need is some common decency and respect and most of them would probably work something out.

Do the folks who run Transworld Systems not read the papers? 500,000 people a month have been losing their jobs for the last year and a half. I didn't stop paying my debts because I didn't want to. I stopped paying because I *couldn't* temporarily and because my children had to eat. And I *was* (contrary to the implication by the Transworld caller) taking calls from creditors and collectors, right up to the point where they started getting nasty.

Further, I settled a $30,000 credit card debt and have gotten other credit situations back on track with some payments. So my intentions and statistics show that I'm working things out with creditors. But I won't be spoken to this way by anyone regardless of their supposed justification for doing so.

Collectors like these folks base their whole operation on the idea that the only way is to beat money out of people. That they will just harass until you pay. They are just legalized mafia as far as I'm concerned -- based on the way their people treat others. The real travesty of it all is that I would probably have given her some money today. But I can't abide by people who knowingly mislead others, treat others like dirt under their feet. It's just not right.

Collection Agency Chicken to Talk to Customers!
By -

LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA -- We received a letter from Transworld Systems, a collection agency, telling us we owed $200.00 to Tivo. I was very upset knowing how much my husband protects what he considers to be "our pristine" credit record (sorry, he used to be in banking). All I know is our TV account is always up to date (it's an auto payment) so I assumed it must be some type of other unknown fee. I was going to call Tivo but remembered their long wait times so I decided to call Transworld instead. It was then that I realized they "conveniently" left their phone number off the letter!

In addition, there was no email address, nor was the letter signed by anyone! It was clearly a one way communication, all on their side.The letter said to call Tivo, send the money or write them a letter showing you already sent payment. Unbelievable! I don't have time to sit down and write a letter about money I don't owe them or Tivo.

I decided to call Tivo at the only number on the letter and it turned out to be Tivo technical support! They had to transfer me to customer service and I waited some more. Finally reach a c/s rep. I explained my situation. As hard as she tried, she couldn't find any record of us owing anything, she transferred me to a supervisor who said the same.They took all my information and said they would have accounting research it and get back to me. It's been two weeks and they never have gotten back to me.

I google Transworld and found a phone number for Transworld and called. They have a recording telling the caller to send a letter this address! I found a different number and it had a recording asking to input the name of the person you want, but of course, they don't give you any names on their letter so you can't even do that! Not only is it unprofessional (as if any collection is) but they're just plain Chicken!

If they are too frightened to speak to the people they send letters to, they shouldn't be in the collections business. What a bunch of bullies and we all know bullies are really chickens in disguise. They keep sending the same letter and it puts me in such a bad mood that I finally sat down and wrote a letter to both them and Tivo. I also let Transworld that we are reporting them to the District attorney in Santa Rosa and the other agencies that regulate them as I finish researching them. I'm surprised Tivo would use such a company. I just don't love Tivo like I used to now. =(

Anyone else have a similar problem with them? I'll let you know what happens with my letter. I found their fax number so I'm faxing it so I have a record of the correspondence since I doubt I will hear from them in person. It's too small of an amount for them to have their goons call and harass us and too little to bother responding. I read that they only charge the company $10.00 to send a letter, I guess that's why they don't want to discuss anything with you. Something needs to be done with these. Unethical people!

Company overcharges for item, takes me to collections, keeps calling
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE FOREST, ILLINOIS -- Lowlifes who use computer generated faux or spoof numbers to harass folks. They know I have a legitimate reason to NOT pay their client's bill($100), overcharged because of their inept billing department, for item Covered on my policy but not acknowledged even after months & dozens of lengthy phonecalls. Turned over to collections, & they keep calling me for Years anyway, even after repeatedly being told Live to one of their reps, or on answering machines to cease & desist!

Rude-Unfriendly-Condecending Customerservice
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO -- I have a balance of 44 dollars due on my last payment. They usually take 12% of my paycheck. I asked them to just have the balance taken out. They were so rude. They said they would take out 12% and refund me at their convenience. I hope I never have to talk to them again, ever. Bad Experience.

Uncalled For
By -

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA -- Where to begin... Today at 1:14 I received a call from a debt collector from Transworld. I did receive a bill from them and the amount they were asking for was not the same amount that the bill stated. Okay now here is the part that really bothers me. The man who called said that I needed to get the matter taken care of. I told him that I was not able to since it was the holidays and I have one child who is in and out of the hospital for medical problems. He then began to badger me and say that it did not matter and I had to pay now. I told him "Sir, you can't get blood out of a rock. I cannot pay you the whole thing right at this moment."

He then said in a very rude snide tone "Fine, we will pursue this matter by other means," and hung up on me. I did not think that he was very professional and I was not done speaking to him since I was trying to tell him I could make about 1/2 the payment - not the whole thing.

So I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, when he got on the phone he was rude, vulgar and he kept interrupting me. He told me I should not have incurred the bill. I told him my son was sick and he needed the medical help or he could have possibly died, the supervisor said "I don't care" and I asked him if he had any children and he said, "Yes actually I do, would you like some wine for your cheese?" So I told him all I was trying to do was let them know that I was going to make a payment but not in the whole amount since I was not able to and he told me to quit being a baby and they do not accept payments.

At that point my wife took the phone. I am not a rude person and choose not to be rude back but sometimes bullies like that will not listen to reason. She told him that she had worked claims for 10 years and that was not professional and he said "Whoopty dooh I am scared." She then told him if he was going to talk like that to hang up. All I can say is I am shocked that anybody would let someone talk to customers like that especially when some have sick kids and there seems to be no light ahead for a while. I will not deal with them in any matters and I am taking them to the BBB.

Harassing Phone Calls
By -

SPRINGFIELD, MINNESOTA -- They keep calling, asking for my daughter, she is in college, her legal address is still our home address, and they will not give me any information, which I understand the privacy issue. I have asked them several times to mail out what they are inquiring about. He even tried to scare me and asked if my daughter had a lawyer!! I spoke to his supervisor and he said they should have never said that. They want my daughter to call them, and I said she will not, until they send a letter inquiring about she should call them about. They have refused to send a letter.

I have run her credit, she has no outstanding bills, nothing in collections. I have tried to get them to verify they have the right person. They will not, and I will not give them her number. They call during the day when no one is home and leave a message and I refuse to call back. Who are these people??? Can anyone help me determine how I can get this to stop? Maybe I do need a lawyer? I'm assuming it has to do with an unpaid bill, so we should have gotten something in the mail correct?? If anyone can help me please do!

Harassing Collectors
By -

I have received many calls from the company, Transword Systems. To begin with they will not call and show the number that they call from, they are a private name and number, which is a start to why I will not answer calls. Second, the rude, hateful messages that were left on my machine were completely uncalled for. I called back in to deal with the matter and relay to them that payments were being made, and was informed that the balance they had was not the same as mine, that no payments had been received and that they were taking all my information on the matter.

The person was rude, basically called me a liar and would not accept the terms that I stated as payment. I will not continue to be harassed by them and will report them to the Better Business Bureau. This type of behavior from your company needs to come to a stop.

Small Business Bullied by TWI
By -

CALIFORNIA -- TWI sued my business (Monterey) for $250 in Rohnert Park with some hack lawyer. Wasn't worth traveling 200 miles to fight. They got judgment, had Monterey sheriff enforce it. Despite the fact that a business is not normally allowed to sue out of the defendant's jurisdiction. TWI employees are busy answering all the internet complaints, saying "You should have read the contract", which TWI composed, and presumably voids this legal right. I'm glad their reputation is being exposed here and all over the internet. They never pursued true deadbeats with such aggressiveness.

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