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Tri-State Financial Inc. - Wilkes-Barre, PA Consumer Reviews

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Complaint of Harassment by employees
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WILKES-BARRE,, PENNSYLVANIA -- The girls in this office were so rude and demeaning to me. I have a 5 yr contract to pay a loan and was actually paying it off ahead of time. I received checks from one of my credit card companies with a zero APR and wanted to take advantage of that offer and pay these people off. I called to get their mailing address only and the girl in the office Paula said she could just take the numbers off the check and do it her way. It didn't go through that way and the check needed to come from the cc company to them. Not the other way around. I received about 4 calls.

When I asked why her tone seemed like she was working for a collection agency leaving me rude messages saying "I must receive a call back today",etc. The tone was like I was in default or something. Where I was actually paying my debt off 4 1/2 years early. She was rude and told me I was in default by sending them a bounced check??? Did Not. The check was in the mail. I had the cc company do it in two checks a few days apart. I tried to talk to the supervisor and I could tell by the laughing in the background that they were sitting next to each other and sure enough, they were.

I get another call today and the same thing. The payoff check should arrive in the office tomorrow but this morning I get a call telling me I'm "short"... I'm 4 1/2 yrs ahead not short and should not be treated with such disrespect from a company. These girls work in a small one room office and it feels like they have been harassing me over this. I would like to notify their boss or the owner of the company because this is just wrong. I'm in business and have been for 35 yrs and would never treat a customer especially a paying customer like this. Never.

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