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Quilty of there food
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS -- I use to drive for Tyson Foods, They just don't care about the guilty of any of their product, They give loads that have both frozen and fresh product on them, with nothing seperating them, what would come with the paper work on the load would be a driver advisory sheet, it would tell you what temps to transport and or deliver the product at, those temps would raing from -5 to 35 digress, for the delivery temp it would tell you to chang it to that temp an hour before our right before you pull into the customers gate, so everything you buy fresh has been frozen at one time and everything you buy frozen has been thawed out then refrozen several times , when I asked Chris Ford the second guy in charge of Tyson transportation about this policy, he said "that they have been doing it this way for years and not going to stop doing it for me our anyone one else", and then turned around and fired me telling me that " I should have just done what I was told and not asked any questions", Another thing that they do is their Chicken is killed and defeatherd at different plants then what process them, they will put the whole bird in vets of water to transport them, but the only thing is most of the time before you get the load to where it is going all the water they are in is all gone and those loads may sit for days our weeks before they are processed, so when they pull those vets out with chicken in them, the Chicken is covered with green and gray mold, so they will spray it down with bleach and then wash it off with hot water, then send it down the line to be processed. So like I said at the start they just don't care about the guilty of anything the only thing they care about is the bottom dollar , So if I was you I would really consider not buying there product any more

Poor Quality
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGDALE, ALASKA -- I bought 10 lb box of covered Wagon Bacon, I have not done that in over 15 years. I thought you might have change with the quality of product, but I was mistaken. You have not changed, the quality was very poor, it was old pig so it was strong odor, tasted strong, and the rind was not cut off. I don't understand why Tyson does not raise the quality standard of their products. Needless to say I will not be buying any Tyson products at all. We are at the age of looking at what is feed to our animals, and producing a better quality of meat and you choose to cut on your product and buy cheap just to make money.

Many people would rather pay more so they could at least eat what they bought. What I am going to do with this product? What I would like to do is take it to Food inspectors and have them eat it! Bet they would not like what they are putting in their mouth!

Subject to make you extremely sick
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Rating: 1/51

WILKESBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Tyson chicken has went to an all low to sell more and more chicken ..
Trust me if you work there you do not buy or eat the product know how it's manufactured. Food poisoning is on the rise and most people have eaten a product manufactured by Tyson food . Stay away if you value your health.

Gold Leaf Chicken by Tyson Is Not Fit for Dogs!!!
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Rating: 1/51

NATIONWIDE -- This Gold leaf chicken brand is made by Tyson and both chicken brands are equally inadequate for consumption. This chicken is still sold even after the chickens are ridden with disease but not before they are inhumanely killed. Truth is they should have never even been bred. For Tyson it is all about the dollar and these sick souls are ruthless liars and will say anything to shift the blame of the poisonous deadly chicken cartel operation. No longer can we trust food is inspected properly because the inspectors get a kickback from Tyson to pass the deadly meat through inspection without inspection.

I am a vegan and wish my dogs could be. These days no meat is safe unless you raise it yourself and make it kosher yourself by knowing what you feed the animal and giving it a clean supreme humane departure. If not you should not eat meat. All chicken from Tyson is filled with pestilence, disease, torturous abuse for a profit. They don't care what it does to the consumer because they cover their ** through deception and the only way to stop the evil there is to stop letting them feed us.

Tyson is a dangerous sect that must be shut down. If you buy their products you are fueling their evil and their counterpart Monsanto who genetically modifies all food in order to take out six billion people to usher in the new world order.

Crappy Chicken Package
By -

Always bought whole cut up chicken in past that included legs, so disappointed in this package of two skinny breasts and much back portion, no legs or wings. Good-Bye forever Wal-Mart and Tyson. Hello again to Jewel Foods and Perdue Chicken. Shopped Wal-Mart for twelve years, no longer!

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