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Unethical practices... Customer support
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DEERFIELD BEACH, FL -- US Metal Buildings Complaint. Unethical practices... Customer support - Metal Building - Barn. Location: Deerfield Beach, FL. KEEP AWAY FROM US Metal Buildings / 1182 East Newport Center Drive / Deerfield Beach, FL 33442. Never call them. 800-638-5450. Let's talk about Customer Service. There is NO Service in their idea of customer service. Everything related to customer service seems to be that you, the customer, is servicing them. Let's start at the beginning.

I ordered a 40 X 50 Metal Building. IT WAS PAID IN FULL, as their contract required. I asked that the delivery date be postponed as the job site was not ready to receive the building. I was told that delaying the delivery was not possible. In addition, that any delay of delivery would cause me to be charged for "storage charges" until the building would be delivered. OK, now I have the building materials on the job site. The building material was placed to the side of the job site and we worked around it. Yes, I agree that this was MY Problem. However, US Metal Buildings did not seem to care that the delivery date would cause me a problem.

Next, After the delivery, the sales department contacts me and offers me a "deal" on insulation and a "roll up" garage door for an additional $5000. As the building construction had not yet begun, I ordered the package. Now the real fun started. US Metal Building gave me a delivery date. The job site is 200 miles from my office. I made arrangements for a crew to be at the job site to unload the door and insulation. The truck failed to show.

I made a few calls and was directed to call the insulation company. The insulation group never received the order from USMB. Another delivery date was arranged. Another crew was arranged for and the delivery never arrived. Then we did this the 3rd time. Same thing. The 4th time the insulation was sent it did arrive... but no door. I called USMB again and was told the door came from someplace else. This delivery was arranged and it did show up on schedule. However, the door is a "roll up" into a roll and not a "roll up" panel insulated door as was described to me by my sales person. Now the call to customer service the rectify this latest problem. NO SATISFACTION.

I was told that I bought the door and that there was nothing that they could do. After all, the door was paid for and delivered and that ended their responsibility on the contract. When I asked to speak with the salesman that took the order I was told by the admin assistant that he worked in another department and he could not be reached. When I insisted, I was told that she had the file and the sales department was no longer available to me.

Needles to say, I am stuck with a non-insulated, unusable (for my purposes) garage door. I was told by USMB to sell it to someone else. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH US METAL BUILDINGS. You will be left out in the cold with no customer support and, heaven forbid, if there is a problem, you will receive NO Problem Resolution.

Great Company Great Salesperson
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Rating: 5/51

DEERFIELD, FLORIDA -- Great company. The reviews are not accurate. If you listen to the people on the phone they are very detailed and very helpful. I don't understand how people get mad when they fill out the forms because you have to know that someone will call you. If you aren't ready to buy then don't fill out the contact me form. That's simple.

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DEERFIELDBEACH, FLORIDA -- This company has the worst customer service I have ever received in my entire life! They first used high pressure and deceptive sales tactics, once the building showed up and I had questions regarding its erection. The person in charge of answering questions was all ways either in a meeting, out to lunch, or away from her desk. I expressed my dissatisfaction with their supervisor who then called me "not playing with a full deck,” paranoid and a string of four letter words! He even threatened to keep my deposit and not ship the building!

I wished I had taken the time to check their rating with the Better Business Bureau before I had purchased from them! Their installation manual has several key details missing and I was told that I have what anyone gets when they buy a building from them only to receive the needed data a week later. My advice, stay away from these people and purchase from someone else who is willing to work with the customer.

Con Artist Deceitful Crooks Beware They Will Take Your Money!!
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Rating: 1/51

DEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA -- This is the worst company to deal with. High pressure tactics only care about getting your deposit so they can keep it and rip you off leaving you with nothing! They're under investigation for scamming consumers and have a BBB rating of F. Do not get suckered into their scam deals! They will burn you like the 200 other complaints people have made against these thugs! The company is owned by the Rack family in Florida! Beware!

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