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A Simple Procedure = Nightmare
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GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- Dr. Christopher ** did my sclerotherapy at the Vein Solutions on Burton St. this past Tuesday. They tell you this is a very safe procedure. Immediately afterwards, while still on his table I was talking and joking while they put my compression hose, immediately after he was done. I sat up to get dressed and be on my way and I noticed my right hand was tingling and went completely numb. Within seconds it spread up my arm, down my side and up my neck. I fell back and was involuntarily thrashing and screaming just before things went completely black. I was gasping for air. I don't have much memory after that.

He came back in and was sitting and holding my right arm, asking my name and if I knew where I was. I did, but I had trouble talking and was not able to see. I asked if this has ever happened before he said no. He wouldn't tell me what just happened to me. As soon as they could get me up from the table, help me get dressed, and then sent me into a room no one was using so they could get to the new patient. I felt so out of it and could not see clearly yet. No one assessed me to see if I was well enough to drive.

When I had a vein procedure last year that did not cause any problems, they would not let me drive. Dr. ** did not follow up with me the next day or the day after that. It wasn't until Friday morning that it really hit me that I had developed an embolism that cut off an artery to the right side of my body from the injections he made in my right leg. I realized they never contacted my emergency contact because they planned to trivialize it and sweep it under the rug.

I'm not angry that it happened, I'm angry at the total complacency AFTER it happened. I've been struggling to get through the week. It feels like I'm drunk, I have brain fog, migraines, ocular disturbances, having trouble at work, having balance problems, feel shaky. I called the vein center enough times 3 days later, that Dr. ** finally called me himself. He was polite, but was not interested in getting me the diagnostic testing needed to confirm what happened, and he downplayed the incident, saying it was only traumatic because it "scared me." It was patronizing.

I know my body and the right half of my body was no more than a dead piece of meat. He completely lacks empathy after something goes wrong and is not interested in helping a patient. The vein clinic just wants to brush me off. Just today, I got copies of my records from that day and there is no mention of the violent reaction I had while still on the table.

In trying to sweep this under the rug it is clear they have no regard for me as a patient, and are putting me at risk in the future by not documenting this. It's despicable. Furthermore 6 weeks later and my right leg is still tender and discolored. Falsifying and omitting important information from my medical records is the last straw.

Do Not Go To Vein Solutions In Carmel Indiana!!!
By -

CARMEL, INDIANA -- I went to ** at Vein Solutions in Carmel Indiana beginning in late 07. I was told by ** that I "would need about 2 treatments". The treatments are 400.00 per treatment. I agreed, he did a treatment and it was very uncomfortable, but I thought it would be worth it. The assistant bandaged my legs with cotton balls and tape. I put on my support hose that I was told to bring. I was told to wear two support hose for 72 hrs and not to bathe during that time. I did as instructed. I then removed the support hose and bandages after 72 hrs. My legs were badly bruised, but they had told me they would be for a few days. ** had done A LOT of injections on me.

I went back in about 4 weeks or so for more injections and showed and explained that my veins seemed even worse. ** then told me that it takes awhile to see them improve. He did another round of MANY injections. I was then taped up as before, put the support hose on and left. I followed the same routine as before and did exactly as I was instructed. Upon removing the bandages this time and after the bruising went away, I noticed they were yet again even worse!!!

I waited a little while to return for more injections, but did go back 3 more times. ** did 2 FREE rounds of injections, but the veins just got worse and kept SHATTERING other veins. He use the laser 1 time on a small area and it looks horrible. He scarred my left leg during one of the FREE sessions. He was angry with me because I was now wise to what was going on, in that VEIN SOLUTIONS is running a SCAM that keeps you coming back!!! My boyfriend was supporting me at the time because he did not want me to work. I used part of my money from him for things like my vein injections, botox etc... I took the money out of MY purse to pay.

** made a comment about my boyfriend paying for my treatments and I noticed on the free sessions that he did not do even half the amount of injections. I returned to his office a few weeks ago to discuss what he might be able to do to correct the situation. He said "NOTHING"! I always took a witness with me and he would not let my witness in the room when he used the laser, but he had let me in the room when he used the laser on my boyfriend.

I ask why my friend could not stay in and he said "Because of "New OSHA Laws"... LOL! I said as I was being zapped with the laser "I hope this works for both of our sakes". He LIED and said that I said "I hope this works for your sake." He had HIS PAID Assistant in the room. I ask him to refund my 1200.00 so that I could go elsewhere to get my veins fixed. He said I threatened him. My friend spoke up to him and told him that I am not of that nature. He said that his assistant had heard it. I knew then why he had not let my friend in the room.

I mentioned my boyfriend JOHN to him and he said "John? Who is John?" He thought he was exposing something to my friend...LOL! I told him that "DAN knows John". He then said "Oh the guy that was paying for your treatments". I informed him that Dan knew that too...LOL! ** told me after I first complained that the treatments were not working that I had "Matted Telangiectasia" and he NEVER mentioned this to me when he first looked at my legs! He was playing me for money and messed up my legs. He blames previous injections done on my legs by other Doctors for this "matting".

Tell me as a DOCTOR he did not know this at first??? He knew that my legs had been injected before. The fact is that VEIN SOLUTIONS and ** are rip offs. Avoid the at all cost. I plan to post Vein Solutions and Dr ** on as many boards as possible to warn others. DR. ** has NO papers that I signed pertaining to "Matting" or "Telangiectasia". He told me NOTHING of this until he got my money and messed up my legs. He is a LIAR and a thief.

I want ** to refund my money or I will post on him and Vein Solutions on any and all postings boards by the middle of next week. If he refunds my money of 1200.00, I will update this post to that fact. I will also go to the Attorney General's office with my complaint on how they at VEIN SOLUTIONS defraud people. The Address For Vein Solutions and their # is 13450 N. Meridian Carmel Medical Center Ste 160 Carmel, IN 46032. 317-582-7676.

Vein Removal
By -

STONEHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I was told about this company so I checked out their website. I saw a free screening offered. I know there would probably be a recommendation but I was open to hear it and had saved up some money to pay for treatments. But I wanted to make an appointment for the screening and see what the place offered. I scheduled the first available appointment (7 months.. they are very busy). I was looking forward to it.

The building was clean but they had moved from one floor to another (didn't update their website). I was still on time for my appointment. The tanned older woman asked to see my insurance card so she could make a copy. Sounds fine to me, I handed it over. Then she told me there would be a co-pay. I was puzzled, I know my HMO charges a co-pay but I had made an appointment for a free evaluation.

She insisted that I pay the co-pay. I pointed out that the website even listed the free evaluation. She got a little snippy. So I said it just wasn't meant to be and walked out. I made sure to email my HMO in case they tried to charge me. I also emailed the company to ask them to update their website to explain that a free evaluation isn't "free" if you have insurance.

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