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Took 30 Days for a Refund on a Package I Never Got.
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Rating: 1/51

My advice, don't shop at Vitacost. I'm in Canada and never received my package, it took 30 days from the time my order was placed for them to process a refund. I had to email multiple times (most of which were not returned), and had to call several times. No one called me back. I was only emailed back after the refund was processed and it was a generic response.

The supervisor Nina I spoke with was not helpful whatsoever, not sympathetic and offered no consolation of any kind. Not even a 10% off coupon which are given away like candy over there was offered to me. This was a $300 Canadian value order which had Bogo's and I used a coupon, if I placed the same order again now it cost about $400 Canadian. If I actually wanted the items I had ordered I will be forced to place another order without the discounts I received earlier from their sale. This is not ok at all.

A coupon should have been offered so I could have had to opportunity to place my order again without it costing me anything extra. It was not offered even when I asked, just the same generic response from the supervisor "I'm really sorry, and I understand you're frustrated". Because that is an appropriate response when someone asked for a coupon so they re-order.

You would think they would want to keep by business but apparently not. Save yourself some trouble and by from, or PureFormulas. Never had a problem with any of these sites. Ever since Kroger bought Vitacost the Canadian customer got the short end of that deal! It's been exactly 3 days since my order was "sent" and the refund STILL hasn't cleared on my credit card. So BUYER BEWARE. They could give me a $100 off coupon and I STILL wouldn't shop there again and I was a loyal customer for 5 years.

Products Not Sent
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Rating: 1/51

We ordered over US$240 of product (6 products) and paid US$50 for shipping to New Zealand. One box arrived with one product inside it and no packing slip. FedEx have confirmed that only one box was dispatched to them and that it matched the weight of the single product we received.

Multiple attempts to contact Vitacost over 2 weeks (they have made no attempts to return our correspondence) have resulted in being hung up on when we call and being told that it's not their problem and that we need to go through FedEx.

FedEx have been great and given us all the info regarding what they picked up and what they delivered. They inform us that Vitacost have not returned any correspondence from them over the last 2 weeks either. As yet, Vitacost have done nothing to accept any responsibility or to remedy the situation. Instead, they have told us that our frustration is not justified and ceased responding any time we express that we are getting fed up with the absence of any form of customer service.

Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered two bottles of the same vitamins from this company. The two bottles were then posted in two different and (large) boxes at different times without letting me know. Therefore when the first box arrived at my freight forwarding address, I was unaware that a second box was coming and naturally just paid the postage for it to be forwarded to me in Australia.

When it arrived and I noticed there was just one small bottle of vitamins in the huge box they sent, I chased it up and found out a second box was waiting at my freight forwarding address. I have then had to pay postage a second time ($50 approx) to get this forwarded to me. When I contacted Vitacost, they could not care a less. Their customer service was the worst I have experienced and I would most certainly never recommend them or use them again.

Vitacost Charged Me More Than on the Invoice
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Rating: 1/51

SOMEWHERE, FLORIDA -- I ordered 6 items. They sent 2 and indicated on the invoice the other 4 items were shipped separately. They canceled the back ordered items, and never let me know. They gave me a $10 discount as 1st time customer, showed it on the invoice, but my credit card showed they charged me more than the invoice without the 1st time customer discount.

I emailed several times, they would not honor the promotional code that their website offered and accepted and applied when I paid online. They gave lots of excuses, would not honor discount. I opened a dispute with my credit card company and they charged back the discount to Vitacost immediately. It would seem VitaCost is very disreputable.

Advertisement is HIGHLY Disorganized
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Vitacost has NUMEROUS issues that affect the consumers on a number of levels. I have been a customer for years and because of my busy lifestyle and the low prices on their products, they always seemed the convenient choice for my vitamin purchases. I also have to admit that I have paid quite a heavy price for their low prices in the form of extreme aggravation, lost time and money and I am ceasing my business for them due to this last situation.

They have an awful policy of charging your credit card twice within a 24 -36 hour period. What that does is freezes your account with that amount of money for five business days. It will affect your checks and charges coming in if you are counting on the money that they blocked for five days - TWICE. I've had this problem with them before and forgot about this policy when I ordered this last time around.

Vitacost has a terrible phone service, at least once or twice a week their phone lines go completely down. When you are one of the lucky ones to get through, you are stuck on hold no less than 15 to 20 minutes and the voice of this shrill woman at high octaves comes on every 60 seconds and states in a most annoying Robin Leach-esque voice "never wait on hold again" and proceeds to tell you that your place in line will be held with a call back number and when it is your turn, Vitacost will call you back.

Guess what ? They NEVER call you back. I've tried this service four times like an idiot and all four times - NEVER got a call back.The only other alternative is to wait on hold with that horrible voice they have chosen for their system, 800-739-2601.

This time around they have caused me six overdraft fees as a result of charging my card twice. My account is upside down and after calling four days in a row (Mon-Thurs) and getting the run around, I am still nowhere except highly distressed. My orders through the years have always been in the hundreds of dollars range, some closer to a thousand dollars and they have caused issues with my parents, my grandmother, and two colleagues...what are the odds?

They screw up way too many times, they abuse your credit card in return they do nothing to make it right, other than just sending you in circles. I highly suggest a company J&J Health Foods, their prices compete with Vitacost, and they deliver. Vitacost needs to be investigated for their policies, not to mention their crapshoot service, with them, it's the luck of the draw. If you are going to order from, order at your own risk!

Vitacost Make It Right Guarantee??!! Right for Whom?
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Rating: 1/51

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Ordered $120 worth of supplements, I was advised to take for Lyme disease on July 31 2017. 3 items were to be shipped cold. Vitacost shipped it out on Aug 2 and I never heard another word from them or received my package altho, they said I'd receive it on Aug 3rd, it's now Aug 10th. They ignored my inquiries for 5 days as they continued to send me automated messages demanding my 'correct shipping address', 4 times. My correct shipping address is connected to my PayPal account that they took my money from. FedEx site stated that the wrong street address was marked on the package.

Finally, I was contacted by Vitacost who told me, "We've tried repeatedly to contact our shipping company with no reply. We cannot issue a new package or refund until 24-48 hours after the package has been returned to the warehouse." THAT is a: Make it right, guarantee? Make it right for whom? Not the customer, that's for sure! Vitacost entered the wrong street address but refused to take responsibility for their mistake. Just when does Vitacost plan to refund my money?

I see by FedEx tracking that Vitacost has had my package back at their warehouse for 2 days now. I will NEVER buy from Vitacost again & will be sure to let everyone know what sort of company they are. Hearing of many others who're also having problems with Vitacost. I would NEVER give them my credit card numbers after reading reviews. Vitacost's "Make It Right Guarantee" is a LIE. Their customer service is the WORST.

Website Rejected My Credit Card Security Code, Asking Me To Keep Resubmitting. My Order Showed Up As Duplicate Bills On The Card
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Rating: 2/51

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- Three times, I tried to place an order and was asked by the website to re-enter my security code (which was actually correct), then I switched to another card (AMEX), and tried with the correct code on the front of the card, then the 3 digit code on the front. These were also rejected. The first card entries resulted three duplicate bills posted for the order (which remained in my cart), though they were pre-authorizations only and were later removed. The AMEX sent me an alert that Vitacost had submitted an erroneous security code to them, and they had rejected it.

I did a live chat and wrote several emails to their site, asking that the 3 bills to the first card be removed or refunded. I got various answers including "not to worry" twice, but also several requests to submit more information about the cards I used (including photos of the bills) in order for them to "investigate" the problem. After I forwarded the proofs, I got a letter indicating that I was annoying them with all this correspondence. ("We have already told you several times.")

I don't understand how the pre-authorizations were sent to my banks, since the Vitacost website should be catching these malfunction problems before contacting the banks. By submitted a 3 digit code to AMEX, I can see that they have no internal security protection in place. I will never order from them again.

Delivery Time is Horrible/Horrific Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LEXINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- As a long time customer who has been very happy with Vitacost's service in the past, I felt compelled to post this review after a recent horrific experience with the company. By the way, this is the first official negative review I have posted about a company in years so it takes a lot for me to be so angry that I will do this.

Last week, I placed an order on 1/22 for an OTC sinus remedy in the morning. Because I was anxious to receive the product, I paid $7.58 for ground shipping because in the past, doing so caused the product to reach me in two days since I live in Virginia.

I was very upset to receive an email on 1/24 that the product had just been shipped and that it wouldn't arrive until 1/28. According to Vitacost records, it was shipped on 1/23 but I suspect that because it didn't arrive at the UPS facility until late that day, it was not shipped until 1/24. I was also angry because another supplement I ordered from another vendor in North Carolina that Vitacost does not carry arrived on 1/28. I had placed it on 1/26 with free shipping. The vendor's prices are lower than any other outfit that carries the same product.

So I contacted customer service with my complaint about delayed shipping and kept receiving boiler plate responses. I asked twice for a priority customer service callback to no avail. During one phone call, I asked to speak to a supervisor and after a period of silence, I gave up. I later read in other reviews that this is common practice in not allowing customers to speak to supervisors.

The emails I sent were an exercise in extreme futility. When I sent a 2nd one, I asked that a supervisor respond. When it was clear one hadn't, I sent another one and again made my request and someone did respond with another typical boiler plate response. When this person offered me a 5% discount on future purchases, I asked that the shipping charge be waived. I won't repeat what I thought of this person's offer but let's just say it wasn't positive. I never heard back from the company.

As a result of my horrific experience, I decided to post a complaint on my3cents because Vitacost needs to know that providing inferior service is not acceptable. I also wanted customers who were considering doing business with this company to hear about my experience.

After reading posts from VitaCat, a representative of the company who seemed sincere about resolving customer service issues, I decided to email her before posting this complaint. When she didn't respond, I decided to post it. Needless to say, when my OTC remedy runs out, I will be looking for a new vendor who carries the product at a reasonable price and doesn't gouge for shipping.

A Complete Hassle to Deal With.
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, FLORIDA -- If I could give negative stars, I would. Their prices and customer service have always been incredible, but I've noticed in the last 6-9 months, they have gone completely downhill. I live in Canada and they started advertising "No surprise tax bill at your door" in their Canada shipping ads. I thought this was too good to be true -- and it was. After my delivery, I emailed them to clarify and their response was: "We guarantee duty free shipping, however, actual tax may differ from duty. I apologize for any inconvenience."

If that's the case, they really need to stop calling it 'no surprise tax bill at your door' and replace it with 'no surprise duty bill at your door'. I think this is false advertising, however, seeing that 99% of the time I am paying duty when ordering from a US merchant, I'm not surprised when these additional costs do come up upon delivery -- in fact, I expect it.

However, what upset me the most is that in my last two orders, I received the shipment in 2 boxes and they pasted the same total invoice to both boxes -- meaning I paid double the duties/taxes. After it happened the first time, I emailed them and they were quick to refund the duplicate charge, but they could not guarantee it wouldn't happen again.

Of course, a mere 2 months later, it happened again on my next shipment and once again, I had to go through the whole process all over again. They claimed they put a refund through on my credit card, but that was nearly a month ago and I called my credit card company who said nothing has gone through yet.

Honestly, it's just not worth the hassle...unfortunately, stay away :( Amazon doesn't deliver most supplements/ vitamins to Canadian customers, so I find to be a great alternative if you're in Canada ordering from the US.

Misleading Promos. Bait and Switch.
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Rating: 1/51

LEXINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I just called your customer service line and explained that I was very unhappy with the way Vitacost uses their promo codes as bait but rarely honors them. I became familiar with Vitacost through a promo for $10 off your first order. I familiarized myself with your website and loaded my cart. Upon checkout, the system would not take the promo code.

I called the customer service line for help only to be told that the coupon could not be combined with any other promo and since the items I chose were on promo, the coupon wouldn't work. They spoke matter-of-fact and they were not sympathetic to the issue and the fact I wasted my time. Nowhere on the coupon did it say that it could not be combined with any other promo. Even though I made that clear to the customer service rep, they did not honor the coupon. At that point I started receiving emails with promos.

A few months later I attempted to use a promo. Again, it wouldn't take it even though I had received the email only 1 day before. Apparently I was 2 hours late. Again, another bait without honoring the promo. You should give your customers a reasonable amount of time to use the promos you advertise to avoid frustration on our end.

Today I tried to take advantage of your BOGO offer on Vitacost products. The banner clearly states in large print "Buy one get one 50% off on Vitacost brand products". So I loaded my cart with two coconut oils and attempted to check out with the promo. It didn't work. I called the customer service line and was told that item was excluded. I'm very frustrated and feel that Vitacost baits us with misleading emails and refuses to honor what they represent to the customer.

As I was speaking to the customer service supervisor, I noticed the fine print at the very bottom in very small letters "exclusions may apply". Again, a very underhanded way to promote your products. I told the CSS that I wanted the promo honored for the Vitacost product I chose because after three poor experiences with your promos, I was feeling misled and I wanted them to honor the promo as it was represented. She checked with her manager who denied my request even though I made it clear they would lose my business.

It's unbelievable that this is how your manager handled this situation after I expressed willingness to be loyal to your business if only I was shown an act of good faith and extended a reasonable offer considering I've been jerked around so much. Vitacost needs a good lesson in customer appreciation and circumstantial exceptions to the hard and fast rule.

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