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Abused by Executive Support - Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Today 8/5/2015 at 3:46 PM MST I was finally called by VONAGE 732-332-2100 AFTER I had already tried to work with Vonage on these issues since 7-30-2015 and I finally had to tell Vonage that all contact MUST go through,, since they would not work with me - just sending the exact same information over and over again. I was not home but message left on vm.

Why is it that the only way that Vonage will want to work with anyone is only after the customer has been forced to file complaint with,, Why will Vonage not work with someone before it becomes necessary to file complaints with,, FTC. gov? Why is it that Vonage will call to work with someone once they have filed with,, but not until? I feel that is not only offensive, but planned by Vonage! How much is ignored so that the customer becomes frustrated and gives up? How many people has this been done too? What kind of profit can be made that way by any company?

Vonage would not work with me each time I asked them too, only giving me a BS explanation for ABUSE, so I finally told them that all contact on these issues MUST go through,, NOW Vonage wants to talk with me. NOW Vonage wants to work with me BUT NOT UNTIL I have had to file with,,! Now Vonage wants to work with me BUT NOT UNTIL I have finally given up with all the BS and told them that all contact must go through,,! I feel that too is abuse of customer since the only way to get help is to file with,,!

I had wanted Vonage to work with me on the call issue problem, THEN I also wanted Vonage to work with me on the abuse by member of Executive Response Team stating "We don't" which in all my years of customer service has meant "We done bro - don't bother us no more" and the BS response I got was that an apostrophe in the middle of the message caused a glitch in the email system. In my 3 years as Professional Technical Support I never saw that happen to date! It as a BS excuse PURELY to get away with customer abuse!

First Vonage advertised for service 9.99/mo with phones! Vonage advertised, "call or go online". I went online! The service was set up but the phone was not sent. When I tried to call Vonage the 3 calls were answered by 3 different people whose English was so bad and broken they could not understand me. Those 3 people just shut me down and told me "Too bad!" Vonage would not help until I filed with, and for FALSE ADVERTISING. ONLY then when I filed with,, did Vonage want to work with me, but not until!!! response #**.

AVOiD Vonage 'reps' w/ free phones SCAM=Bait & Switch w/ ATM data theft (w/o swiping card)
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Rating: 1/51

HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- A Vonage sales representative w/o a business card or pamphlets regarding the free phones for "Vonage Whole House Phone Kit". It's a BAIT & SWITCH scam. ** the Vonage representative stated the phone kit was free and did not require Internet service for Vonage phone service, as required before.

He scribbled the phone numbers of Vonage's Customer Service to set up service and Vonage's Internet phone numbers inside the box lid, if I wanted to consider setting up Internet service. He assured that no Internet service was needed for Vonage's new digital phone service.

He also wrote a pin number on the inside lid of the box to activate my phone at home. I was skeptical as there were no written brochures explaining this "new" Vonage digital phone service which did not require existing Internet service. He stated the monthly service fee as $9.99, if I allowed monthly billing using my ATM card.

Reluctantly handing my card, I then changed my mind and asked he not swipe the card as I was not ready to decide. ** said he would not swipe my card, but held it long enough to memorize my ATM card information! He said this was a free phone kit offer and that there would be no charges made until after my phone was activated.

Although I never called Vonage to activate the account, ** later activated the account without my knowledge or consent. This prompted an unexpected ATM charge of $33.64 30 days later. After spending hours attempting to cancel the account as the service was not "used" and box unopened within the 30 days, Vonage partially refunded $29.16 and told I should be "happy" I was not charged the additional early termination fee of $120!

However, given the circumstances that the Vonage representative misrepresentations regarding the Internet, his unscrupulous use of the ATM card, (after stating he would "not" swipe my card) was a slick BAIT AND SWITCH fraudulent sales pitch to a disabled consumer unfamiliar with the world of digital technology, without access to Vonage brochures to explain the details, in writing.

The lack of a business card was the first tip that ** the Vonage sales representative was handing out "free phones" at a gas station and unwittingly deceiving the consumer despite promises of not swiping the ATM after he memorizes the ATM data after informing him of changing my mind of doing business with Vonage and the "free phone kit" offer.

Thirty days later and after spending hours with "outsourced" customer service representatives (at least four), having been transferred 3 times, conveniently losing the phone connection, a fourth call was necessary to cancel my activated phone order, and finally to obtain a partial refund of $29.16 and account disconnection without charging me an early termination fee of $120, while learning from all four customer service Vonage agents that the Internet IS required for service -- (someone at Vonage should send the memo to **).

Be sure to receive a confirmation number and an e-mail of a pre-paid postage mail label to return the Vonage phone kit. After the refund posts on your ATM, get a new ATM card ordered to protect against another unsuspecting transaction from **, the con artist, disguised as a Vonage sales rep.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- The customer service I received through Vonage has been a nightmare. I am a generally calm and friendly person, but the reps at Vonage pushed my blood pressure up and they really almost got a good ol' cussin. I was blown away at how the reps treated me like I didn't have any common sense, made canceling a nightmare, and added extra fees wherever they could.

I would definitely NOT recommend them to anyone. The service was fine, but if you ever plan on canceling or moving or anything else that requires customer service, FORGET IT! It is also a principle issue: If I am spending my hard earned money with your company, I deserve to be treated with respect and not robbed by extra "fees" that were previously never mentioned. RIP OFF!!!

They Tried Not to Let Me Leave
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Rating: 2/51

HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- I've been a fairly well satisfied Vonage customer for 7 years. I have had trouble with intermittent poor line quality, but it has never been clear whether this is a problem with my ISP. I've often found that the quality of customer service is poor, but I've not had a lot of reason to call them except to make changes in my service.

However, when, after porting out my phone number and making sure it worked on the new phone service, I called Vonage to cancel my service, they made it very difficult to cancel service, gave me a very hard time, and tried not to cancel my service. This was month to month service; I did not have a contract, and I did not expect a partial refund for cancelling in mid month. I actually cancelled the day before the month ended.

You can't just cancel service online. I called customer service. First I got someone who insisted that my number hadn't been ported out. I checked to make sure the port was complete and the phone number working correctly on my new phone service before trying again. Then I learned that while all other Vonage customer service is available 24/7, you have to call between certain hours and talk to a special office to cancel service.

Then when I called back, the customer service person insisted I tell her why I want to cancel service before she would transfer me, and I had to shout at her four times that I don't have to tell her anything, transfer me, and she actually transferred me when I told her I'd changed my payment method to a card with insufficient money available for Vonage to get their hands on it. When she put me through, a Chinese guy kept demanding to know why I was cancelling my service, and insisting that I had to do "cooperation" with him before he would cancel my service.

I had to shout at him six times that I don't have to tell him anything, I don't have to cooperate with him, cancel my service, NOW. He finally cancelled my service when I told him that I changed my payment method to a card with no funds available, and Vonage won't be able to get any more money from me, ever. The whole experience was completely outrageous, and at this moment, I can't recommend anything about Vonage to anybody.

Expected the Worse, Was Surprised
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Rating: 4/51

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- After reading the hundreds of horror stories around the web about the nightmare of cancelling Vonage, I was expecting the worst when I decided to cancel my service this month after 6 years. I have to say in all that time I had excellent service. The calls were as clear as my cell service, and I never had a dropped call. When I signed up I got 30 days free, but the original box they sent didn't work. It took me the whole month to get a replacement, but they gave me another 30 days free because of the non-functioning box. After that I never had any reason to contact customer service until my cancellation today.

To be prepared, before I called Vonage, I called my credit card company that my Vonage bill is auto-paid on, and told them I am cancelling Vonage and want to block any further payments to them. Then I called Vonage. My hold time was about 15 minutes. I knew my Vonage PIN and had answered all the screening questions on the automated system, so didn't have to waste time re-verifying other than to give my name, number, and address. She did try to sell me a cheaper service (I told her I lost my job and couldn't afford Vonage any more), but when I said no, please just cancel she said OK. She told me the confirmation email would take up to 24 hours to arrive. The entire call took under 30 minutes.

The device stopped giving dial tone within 30 minutes, and the confirmation email arrived within 10 minutes of the end of my phone call. I recorded both the call to my credit card company and to Vonage just in case. I know that sometimes people have gotten calls from collection agencies years later, so I intend to keep my confirmation email and these recordings until the end of time if needed. So far, so good.

Vonage gave my ported number to a new Vonage customer
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Rating: 1/51

HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- I had been a Vonage customer since their early days back in 2003-2004. About 3 years ago, I chose to port my telephone number from Vonage to Verizon. The port seemed to go well, for the past 3 years, my number has been working just fine on Verizon... until today.

I just received a phone call from a puzzled Vonage customer who claims to have my phone number. Unfortunately, his calls are coming to me, and some of my calls are not coming in at all. To add to the confusion, we both are business customers, therefore; the complications are multiplied. I've had the same number for about 10 years now, and have marketed the number on the Internet, print publications, radio and television advertisements, etc.

I called Vonage and spoke to someone named ** who had a foreign accent, later admitting to be in the Philippines. She was not able to help and told me that I needed to contact my carrier, Verizon, and ask to be assigned a different phone number. (At this point, I assured her the fault was with Vonage, however; she would not back down. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the call was disconnected).

At this point, I probably will be speaking to my attorney in the morning and beginning to send some demand letters to Vonage for correction of this issue as well as compensation for the inconvenience. Such letters could be followed with court action, if needed. Unfortunately, when I began looking online, I found this was far from being an unusual situation with Vonage, many others have reported similar issues. Hopefully, they will clean up their act, as this does create some very inconvenient issues for existing and former customers.

In my case, when I spoke with the customer who had been given my number, he seemed fairly shocked and indicated that he would be contacting Vonage about the issue as well and, in all likelihood, cancelling his service. This is not of much relief to me as his phone rings constantly and the particular number he was given happens to be my emergency 24/7 on call number which is given to my customers so that they can reach me in an emergency situation. I simply write this to warn the rest of you: Be careful with Vonage. Their number ports seem not to stick and, before long, they'll probably give your number out as well.

Vonage Billing Practices
By -

I used Vonage for a few years and was very pleased with the service until this winter when they went up from $306 to $371. They did not send me a bill, which I was waiting for, and I wouldn't have known about the price increase had not a foreign person called. I couldn't understand her very well because she talked too fast. I told her if I couldn't get the $306 rate, I wasn't going to pay the $371.

As I recall, after I had shifted over to the Ooma phone service, an American I could understand called for Vonage and offered me the $306 rate if I'd come back. Although I've never been billed by Vonage, I have received a printed COLLECTION notice from them, and several phone calls.

Yesterday I had three calls from different states and I just got the first one of the day from RMS 877-567-2620 which I see online is a collection agency. How does one get rid of these people? My lawyer told me to ignore them when I showed him the COLLECTION paper, but they must have learned that some elderly people pay if they are called enough because they keep calling.

I'd like to know why they feel I owe them but because I have never received a bill I don't know. Because one pays a year in advance, it can't be for last year. Several times I have tried to record their conversation to play on my radio and TV programs so people could learn a bit about their way of doing business, but they hung up before I could turn on the recorder.

I see online that Vonage has been in court before for over billing and intimidating old people who don't understand what is happening. I have reported Vonage to the Boston/Maine Better Business Bureau, the Maine Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission. I have also put up a webpage with several links in it that will quickly direct the reader to further machinations. One suspects they prey upon the ignorant and elderly, and they have me there on both counts.

Vonage Continued Charging Monthly Fee After Cancellation for Over Half a Year
By -

HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- Vonage continued charging monthly fee after cancellation for over half a year. Back in July (7/28), I ported my numbers from Vonage to another provider and requested my account to be closed. I thought everything was taken care of. On 9/26, I received an email from Vonage indicating charge error. It turned out one line was cancelled, but the other line miraculously stayed active despite that that number is live with another phone company. I replied email, telling them this should be cancelled. I followed up with a phone call and was assured that everything was taken care of.

Recently on 2/5/2011, I received another email indicating charge error. I looked back my credit card history. It turned out these sleazy balls have been charging me monthly fee all along. I called them up right away and spoke with an agent named Shandel who claimed to be a supervisor. I was welcomed to the ** land. She is rude and very disrespectful.

The record of me contacting Vonage miraculously disappeared. She took advantage of that I don't remember the details of something happened several month back and accused me of flip flopping. She said “we will get you to pay these fees. We will get to you with all our means somehow. Either your sister or cousin, someone has to pay this fee.” She said Vonage sent out monthly bills. I NEVER received them. She said “she couldn't understand how the emails magically vanish in your inbox.”

She also Vonage won't know if a number is ported out. This sounds so comical to me because the other phone company needs to ask Vonage's PERMISSION to release the number. She also couldn't explain why one number is cancelled, but the other is still active. I requested refund for the monthly fees that they WRONGFULLY charged since the lines were closed. She basically said, "no way, screw you."

If anyone who is filing a class action lawsuit, PLEASE let me know!! If there is anything that can lead Vonage to bankruptcy PLEASE let me know how I can help!! I will make destroying Vonage in every way I can until they fully refund the money they STOLE from my pocket!! Don't use Vonage because the same thing can happen to YOU!

Cancelling Vonage Service Is Almost Impossible
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Rating: 1/51

PEARLAND, TEXAS -- You cannot provide notice of cancellation online -- just not allowed. YOU MUST do it on the telephone. I waited over 30 minutes and then got an agent who asked several questions to establish identity, and when asked why I was calling, I stated I wanted to terminate my service, and then he said he couldn't do that and needed to transfer the call. This happened 2 times.

I finally am giving up the effort based on what I feel is a reasonable effort and investment of my time attempting to comply with their required method for providing notice of service termination. I will write a letter to their Corporate Office by certified mail informing them to provide notice of my effort to provide notice to terminate my Vonage service.

Cancelling Nightmare
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Rating: 3/51

If you plan to cancel your Vonage service be prepared and set aside at least one-half hour to get through their archaic and arduous process. I was on the phone a total of 18 minutes with the representative as he would ask a question and then put me on hold for minutes at a time. The delays had nothing to do with with account verification that was handled up front without any delays. At various holds and pickups I was offered options to cancelling, including a drastically reduced rate. Hmmm, why wasn't I offered that when I signed up for the service. I have no complaints about Vonage's service. It was fine. But cancelling left a less than positive taste in my mouth. Good luck.

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