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Cancel Vonage the Easy Way
By -

After reading the horror stories on the web, I admit I was ready to go toe to toe with Vonage to get my account cancelled. However, a little upfront work on your end and it is as easy as pie. I thought I would share my cancellation story and provide you with some steps to take to make sure you don't get screwed out of your hard earned money.

So, I signed up for Vonage in Jan 2009. Honestly, I can't complain about the service, never really had any issues. However, because there are much cheaper services out there, I decided to cancel Vonage today. What I thought was going to be an uphill battle, literally took my 10 minutes to do and have the email confirmation proving I am no longer a customer. Anyone looking to cancel, this is what I advise you to do.

Get into your on-line Vonage account and change your billing and shipping address to something fictitious. Also, I would advise that if you are using a debit card, you also change the billing to a credit card so you can dispute the charges if need be in the future. Once this is done, save your changes. Call 888-288-7435 (this is the # you need). After 4 rings, no hold time I got a live person. I informed the person that I am moving out of the country and the service is no longer needed. They will go through their pitch to try to retain you, I simply told them that I was transferred overseas and my company picks up my phone bill for free.

I am then hit with the $39.99 cancellation fee and then a $79.99 rebate return fee for their equipment. While I told the representative that I will agree to the $39.99 cancellation fee, I do not agree to the $79.99 return rebate fee. I simply stated that when I called Vonage to sign up for the service, I RECORDED the initial call and have a copy of it. I emphasized that I verified not once, but twice, that there would be no charge other than the $39.99 cancellation fee, the $79.99 fee is unacceptable and I am not trying to be difficult, but I have a recorded phone conversation and again, verified twice that this was the only fee. I was then put on hold and told that they needed to speak with a supervisor...

After holding for a few minutes, the representative came back on the phone, apologized for any inconvenience and then stated that I will not be charged the $79.99. I then asked how much my account would be billed and when that billing would take place. He confirmed the $39.99 and said that the charges would occur today. Now, I mentioned to change your debit card info to a credit card # through their Account Management system, this is so you can dispute the charges SHOULD they try to charge you more than what was just discussed (in this case $39.99)...

Before the call was finished, I asked for the reps name and employee ID # that handled my call. He gave both to me without any issues. I then asked for him to confirm the email address I have on file and send me an email confirming this has been cancelled. I also stated I would like another email confirming the final charge of $39.99 on my Visa. Within minutes, I had both sent to me.

So, for those of you who are having trouble or thinking of cancelling, I would certainly try this approach. I probably wouldn't recommend Vonage to anyone, not because their service is bad but between the Class Action Lawsuits and extreme difficulties many have had cancelling (with the exception of myself), I don't know if I would really like to put anyone through that. Besides, this company is losing money left and right and there are cheaper, better alternatives IMO... Best of Luck!

Cancelling Vonage Service Is Almost Impossible
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Rating: 1/51

PEARLAND, TEXAS -- You cannot provide notice of cancellation online -- just not allowed. YOU MUST do it on the telephone. I waited over 30 minutes and then got an agent who asked several questions to establish identity, and when asked why I was calling, I stated I wanted to terminate my service, and then he said he couldn't do that and needed to transfer the call. This happened 2 times.

I finally am giving up the effort based on what I feel is a reasonable effort and investment of my time attempting to comply with their required method for providing notice of service termination. I will write a letter to their Corporate Office by certified mail informing them to provide notice of my effort to provide notice to terminate my Vonage service.

Cancelling Nightmare
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Rating: 3/51

If you plan to cancel your Vonage service be prepared and set aside at least one-half hour to get through their archaic and arduous process. I was on the phone a total of 18 minutes with the representative as he would ask a question and then put me on hold for minutes at a time. The delays had nothing to do with with account verification that was handled up front without any delays. At various holds and pickups I was offered options to cancelling, including a drastically reduced rate. Hmmm, why wasn't I offered that when I signed up for the service. I have no complaints about Vonage's service. It was fine. But cancelling left a less than positive taste in my mouth. Good luck.

Abused by Executive Support - Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Today 8/5/2015 at 3:46 PM MST I was finally called by VONAGE 732-332-2100 AFTER I had already tried to work with Vonage on these issues since 7-30-2015 and I finally had to tell Vonage that all contact MUST go through,, since they would not work with me - just sending the exact same information over and over again. I was not home but message left on vm.

Why is it that the only way that Vonage will want to work with anyone is only after the customer has been forced to file complaint with,, Why will Vonage not work with someone before it becomes necessary to file complaints with,, FTC. gov? Why is it that Vonage will call to work with someone once they have filed with,, but not until? I feel that is not only offensive, but planned by Vonage! How much is ignored so that the customer becomes frustrated and gives up? How many people has this been done too? What kind of profit can be made that way by any company?

Vonage would not work with me each time I asked them too, only giving me a BS explanation for ABUSE, so I finally told them that all contact on these issues MUST go through,, NOW Vonage wants to talk with me. NOW Vonage wants to work with me BUT NOT UNTIL I have had to file with,,! Now Vonage wants to work with me BUT NOT UNTIL I have finally given up with all the BS and told them that all contact must go through,,! I feel that too is abuse of customer since the only way to get help is to file with,,!

I had wanted Vonage to work with me on the call issue problem, THEN I also wanted Vonage to work with me on the abuse by member of Executive Response Team stating "We don't" which in all my years of customer service has meant "We done bro - don't bother us no more" and the BS response I got was that an apostrophe in the middle of the message caused a glitch in the email system. In my 3 years as Professional Technical Support I never saw that happen to date! It as a BS excuse PURELY to get away with customer abuse!

First Vonage advertised for service 9.99/mo with phones! Vonage advertised, "call or go online". I went online! The service was set up but the phone was not sent. When I tried to call Vonage the 3 calls were answered by 3 different people whose English was so bad and broken they could not understand me. Those 3 people just shut me down and told me "Too bad!" Vonage would not help until I filed with, and for FALSE ADVERTISING. ONLY then when I filed with,, did Vonage want to work with me, but not until!!! response #**.

AVOiD Vonage 'reps' w/ free phones SCAM=Bait & Switch w/ ATM data theft (w/o swiping card)
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Rating: 1/51

HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- A Vonage sales representative w/o a business card or pamphlets regarding the free phones for "Vonage Whole House Phone Kit". It's a BAIT & SWITCH scam. ** the Vonage representative stated the phone kit was free and did not require Internet service for Vonage phone service, as required before.

He scribbled the phone numbers of Vonage's Customer Service to set up service and Vonage's Internet phone numbers inside the box lid, if I wanted to consider setting up Internet service. He assured that no Internet service was needed for Vonage's new digital phone service.

He also wrote a pin number on the inside lid of the box to activate my phone at home. I was skeptical as there were no written brochures explaining this "new" Vonage digital phone service which did not require existing Internet service. He stated the monthly service fee as $9.99, if I allowed monthly billing using my ATM card.

Reluctantly handing my card, I then changed my mind and asked he not swipe the card as I was not ready to decide. ** said he would not swipe my card, but held it long enough to memorize my ATM card information! He said this was a free phone kit offer and that there would be no charges made until after my phone was activated.

Although I never called Vonage to activate the account, ** later activated the account without my knowledge or consent. This prompted an unexpected ATM charge of $33.64 30 days later. After spending hours attempting to cancel the account as the service was not "used" and box unopened within the 30 days, Vonage partially refunded $29.16 and told I should be "happy" I was not charged the additional early termination fee of $120!

However, given the circumstances that the Vonage representative misrepresentations regarding the Internet, his unscrupulous use of the ATM card, (after stating he would "not" swipe my card) was a slick BAIT AND SWITCH fraudulent sales pitch to a disabled consumer unfamiliar with the world of digital technology, without access to Vonage brochures to explain the details, in writing.

The lack of a business card was the first tip that ** the Vonage sales representative was handing out "free phones" at a gas station and unwittingly deceiving the consumer despite promises of not swiping the ATM after he memorizes the ATM data after informing him of changing my mind of doing business with Vonage and the "free phone kit" offer.

Thirty days later and after spending hours with "outsourced" customer service representatives (at least four), having been transferred 3 times, conveniently losing the phone connection, a fourth call was necessary to cancel my activated phone order, and finally to obtain a partial refund of $29.16 and account disconnection without charging me an early termination fee of $120, while learning from all four customer service Vonage agents that the Internet IS required for service -- (someone at Vonage should send the memo to **).

Be sure to receive a confirmation number and an e-mail of a pre-paid postage mail label to return the Vonage phone kit. After the refund posts on your ATM, get a new ATM card ordered to protect against another unsuspecting transaction from **, the con artist, disguised as a Vonage sales rep.

Bad service, terrible cancellation policy
By -

At first my internet company did not offer bundled phone service, so I signed up for Vonage. I believed the funny ads -- well, the fun stops with the ads. I was given one month during which I could cancel. I called a couple of days too late, and explained that I was out of work and my wife's unemployment insurance had ended, and I just didn't have the money. I worked my way up to a supervisor, but not one bit of compassion. They stuck to the contract.

I was stuck for a one year contract at $12.95 per month which somehow ends up being $18 per month. I asked what if I canceled, and they said that the cancellation fee was such-and-such. It ended up being exactly as much as paying for the entire contract year. So, I could refuse to pay, and get my credit dinged; or I could pay the cancellation fee and not get phone service; or I could complete the contract and have phone service for a year. I opted for the last option.

During this time I was able to receive calls OK, but the people could not understand me. I had to repeat and repeat and repeat myself, because they could not hear all of the words I said. My favorite part of Vonage was that about half of the voice mails I received (I don't know why it wouldn't do it with all of them) were transcribed and sent to me as emails. This is a wonderful service, and it did a fair job of transcribing, even of people with foreign accents who left messages.

But that wasn't enough, and now my one year has ended, and I'm terminating the service. So, I asked Vonage if they will place a hold on my Vonage phone number, or if I can transfer the phone number to my cable TV provider without a penalty. No penalty. I figure, I'm good to go. I call my cable TV company, I get set up for the tech to come out and set up the hard-line phone (another big disadvantage of Vonage is that if the internet service goes out, so does the Vonage phone, and I want to be able to make phone calls even when the Internet isn't working).

And I ask if they will transfer the Vonage phone number. No problem. Then later in the call the customer service representative says, "Whoops, the phone number Vonage gave you is not a phone number from your community. So you need to get a whole new number." So that, I figure, is the last low-life effort of Vonage to keep my Vonage account -- I will lose all those callers who have my Vonage phone number.

If Vonage (1) didn't have a mandatory one year contract -- that doubles in price after the first year, by the way, and if you don't cancel in time, you're stuck with each successive year, or a cancellation penalty equal to a whole year's service (2) had better clarity on outgoing phone calls and (3) had better transcription of voice mail messages, 100% of the time instead of 50% of the time, I'd stay. But I'm bailing.

Cancel Vonage or Trying to get help
By -


I tried to cancel my Vonage Service on June 17, 2010 after they just took money out of my account without my permission, my expiration date on my credit card changed so I got a new card in mail, and they were not authorized to withdraw funds at this point but somehow got my new expiration date off the same credit card and removed the funds, that is why I called to cancel.

Well they would not prorate my service after taking money out unless I wrote a letter to the company in California. I mean who is going to go through all that, so I asked for the end of the billing period to cancel my service after I used the amount taken out already. This date was July 09, 2010, so I called that morning and after going through 3 representatives and telling why I wanted to cancel five times they ended up giving me a cancellation number and said my phone service was shut off.

I said now I want to make sure you do not take funds for another month, they promised they wouldn't, well I woke up on July 10, 2010 my service is still on and I find one letter in my email stating they successfully charged my account $25.72 for another month of service, NO CANCELLATION EMAIL as promised, so now I had to take out more time out of my schedule and called twice and asked for ONLY SUPERVISORS.

I told them I will be writing the FCC and Attorney General. Well I got her name, ID number and reference number of the conversation and she promised it was a system glitch and my money would be returned in 3-5 business days and my phone was scheduled for shut off. So now I have to wait, and she could not promise the email confirmation of what she told me until the system spit it out automatically.

I ASKED, "What do you not have enough customers or too many?" Why would you treat people like this over a few bucks and make them jump through hoops to cancel service, on and on they simply DO NOT CARE, if we ever needed some high fines put in place for this nonsense to teach them a lesson we do need it with this company to make it worth pursuing.

BE AWARE, I USED TERRIBLE EQUIPMENT FROM VONAGE FOR OVER A YEAR. They would not replace my phones purchased with ones that worked properly. They lasted almost a day off the charger even when I made NO calls. I bought the two Vonage VTECH phones, which are nice, but they allow you no way to plug in a fax machine or additional line, they screw you there too.

UPDATE ON JULY 17, 2010 UP TOP. Phone system still ringing, not shut off, never received that important cancellation email you are supposed to get when it is successfully shut off. Now I am going to have to call back and speak to I don't know how many Indian people before I can get anything resolved. ERRRR ERRRR!!! MORE UPDATES TO FOLLOW.

Horrible Billing System
By -

HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- I signed up for Vonage in March 2007 and it has been 3 years since I have been hooked with them. The first regular bill I paid them in March 2007 was $30.31. After 3 years what I paid them in March 2010 was $36.01. I am still with the same $24.99 plan. When I called their customer service, the lady on the other side asked me to contact my local government for the bill these buggers are charging. Look at the bills I have paid so far, every 3rd month the bill has gone up: Do not fall in their trap of $24.99. These guys are phony and will rip your money. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE THEM!

Liars --- Unlimited Calling Plan - If You Use The Service A Lot, They Threaten You
By -

Vonage liars signed me up for unlimited plan. When my wife and I started calling our relatives a lot, Vonage said, the industry standard for unlimited calling is 500 minutes a month (500 minutes a month, yeah right!), but we allow 5000 minutes. If you ever exceed that, we'll double your billing and start charging you per minute. VONAGE ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS AND CHEATS. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THEIR SERVICE.

It was a "not-profit-making-company" until last year. Just let them fail and go out of business. The liars. Below is their notice. If you try to call them (at the number they've provided) they never pick up the phone. Instead they'll ask you to leave a voicemail, and send more nasty emails to you.

Dishonest Service Representation
By -

QUEENS, NEW YORK -- I have been using Vonage as my phone service for nearly 2 years now. At first, customer service was average--not too good, but good enough to speak with a service representative and explain what I needed in a service. I had Sunrocket prior to this, and their customer service, services offered and website outlay was very customer friendly.

When Sunrocket failed in July 2007, I decided to give Vonage a try. Over the nearly 2 years I have been with this company, however, it has been getting progressively more difficult to communicate with anyone. Every e-mail contact is responded to with a nonsensical e-mail that does not address the issue, and it is difficult getting anyone on the phone with whom you could speak sensibly about what you need in service changes or additions. Often you get someone for whom English is a very CHALLENGING language--or an English speaking U.S., rep with a very bad attitude.

Late 2008 I decided to get rid of my Verizon land line and, for the convenience of friends who were not regularly in touch and still had my old land line number, have it transferred to Vonage as an additional number. I had seen this feature advertised on their website. Unfortunately, when I called to inquire, I was told that their service only allowed for the availability of an additional line--NOT number.

(My daughter has another digital phone service that allows her to have additional numbers for a very small fee each month). During these attempts to have my land line number transferred as a second number, I explained to several service reps that as I was the only person in my household, I didn't need an additional line. Finally, I was told that I could have the additional line for $9.99 for the FIRST 3 months and $24.99 after--or they could let me have it for ONE year at $14.99 monthly. I explained that I would NOT pay $24.99 after 3 months for an additional line and I agreed to the latter service for $14.99.

However, every attempt to have this number activated was a problem, and every e-mail I sent was followed by a do not reply response that made no sense, and in early December 2008, I wrote to Vonage explaining that I had decided to cancel the application for this service. I AM SO VERY SORRY THAT I DID NOT KEEP TO THIS DECISION LATER.

Shortly after this December correspondence by e-mail, I received a call telling me that my service was valued and that my new number would be activated. The service charge of $14.99 monthly for ONE year was agreed on and I decided that I would give it a try. I was also told that to make up for all the problems I had encountered, I would be given 2 months free service for both lines from Vonage. Service started December 8, 2008. I never had the phone ring turned on but could check when someone called me on that number as I received an e-mail alert. I could also look at the caller ID box and identify the callers and return calls that were important through my primary number.

On checking my Vonage account for the past 4 months, I was appalled to find that I had been billed consistently at $24.99 monthly for this line, even though I do not use it, ONLY agreed to have it installed at the $14.99 charge, and was offered 2 months of no service charges--December 2008 and January 2009 for both numbers because of the aggravation I had suffered in trying to have the number set up. I am indeed sorry that I hadn't left the landline with Verizon, which ensured I always had a working phone and which cost less than I have been billed with Vonage, to date.

I spoke to a very unhelpful U.S. service rep--Sat--5/30/2009, who said that I could have a virtual service for that number where I would be alerted when someone called but not have the phone number ring. The cost I was told would be $4.99 per month. In the meantime, request to have all over billing taken off my bill was excused with the matter being at "a higher level now and that he was unable to resolve the issue then."

He never mentioned cost of installation for this virtual number--just the $4.99 cost. Nor did he mention that there would be a charge to terminate the 2nd number, in dispute. However, later that day I saw a do not reply e-mail listing cost of termination at $$44.97, AND an installation service charge of $15.28 for the virtual number. I am truly appalled that this company is both DISHONEST and quite insensitive to their customers, on whose backs they have built this business over this decade. I am determined to let ALL my friend know of their dishonesty and unfriendly customer service unless I am reimbursed for my unfair charges.

It's so ironic, as I had, until recently been trying to get many friends and colleagues here--AND in Europe--use Vonage as their phone service over other carriers. I shall provide update but do not intend to leave this matter quietly. Vonage should look at the history of other phone services, their financial downfall and failure to regain lost customers, if they intend to stay in this highly competitive business now.

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