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I purchased two Virgin Mobile $20.00 phone cards. I returned home and realized I had purchased the wrong phone cards. The following day I went to exchange the cards for the correct ones. At this time, I was told that there are no returns on phone cards. I said that I just wanted to exchange them for the correct ones. I was then told sorry but it's on the receipt, no returns. I thought well how am I supposed to know that it's on the receipt until after my purchase.

Since there were several people in line, I didn't want to make a scene. So I just purchased the two Verizon phone cards I needed. Now I have two Virgin mobile cards that I can't use. Unbelievable, $40.00 wasted. I can't believe a food chain store this big can't do a simple exchange.

Should Not Be in a Place to Deal With the Public.
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FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- I was first given a sandwich that was partially prepared by this person. I did not realize it until I was well on my way. I returned to the same store the next week and ordered another sandwich, only to hear this person complaining to a co-worker that I was always ordering sandwiches. I did not think I heard what I heard at first, but it became obvious later, when this same person tries to be overly friendly when on the register.

I will not get a sandwich when she is making them. This is shameful when you think of why this person is there to begin with. All other workers on the late night-early morning shift are very pleasant and actually helpful and fun to talk to. However the one lady is just not.

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