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Customer Service Is Horrible With Refunding Money
By -

CEDAR HILL, TEXAS -- I have spent my money at different Wing Stop and called in plenty of orders without a problem until I called in a order at the Cedar Hill, location to find out the wings and the customer service that I have always received is not the same in Cedar Hill, TX. The customer service is horrible, they don't like to make your order over if you complain about something, I order a 35 piece and the fries was hard. I never touched the wings and they only wanted to replace the fries without replacing the wings.

The manager took the fries out of the bag and stated that they did not look hard to him. I told him they may not look hard to him but they taste hard to me. He advise he would fix the fries over but not the wings. I explained to him if I wait until they fix my fries over and they don't replace my wings my wings will be cold by the time I get to Desoto. I had already paid by credit card and asked for a refund and the manager advise that I would have to call the corporate office to get a refund.

I left the whole order on the counter because at that point I just wanted my money back. I called the corporate office and they stated they were individually owned and it is up to the manager of that store. I finally spoke with the owner and the manager lied to him about the whole situation, the owner advise he was willing to make it right and to call him back later on that day because they were very busy at the store. I still have not been able to reach him again or get my money back or my order replace. PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE PAYING!

Wasted my last $26.00 at Wing Stop
By -

CEDAR HILL, TEXAS -- My last $26.00 wasted at Wing Stop in Cedar Hill Texas on New Year'€™s Eve. I called the Wing Stop and ordered a "35" €piece which includes a large order of French Fries. I asked for ½ Lemon Pepper and ½ Original Hot. When I picked the order up and got home I realized they only gave me maybe 10 drumsticks and a few of the other wings were fried really hard. So I called back and told them over the phone that I only had a few drumsticks and some of my wings were fried too hard. The girl over the phone told me to bring the food back and they would take care of it.

So when I arrived I told the girl at the counter who I was and she took my wings out the bag and walked to the back of the store and I assume she spoke with her manager. She probably stayed in the back maybe 5 minutes with the food. When she returned she walked up to me while closing my food back up and said, I can't return these because "YOU LIED."€

She said, "you told me there were no drumsticks in the box" and she was going through my box using her bare fingers to pick up my food and show me that there were drumsticks in there. I told her that I never said that and why were her hands in my food?? I became furious at that point and told her to give me my money back. She said, "let me get the manager". When the manager arrived at the counter she never spoke, she walked up and said, "you didn'€™t order a full drum. You should have asked for all drumettes" while reopening my food again.

I told her "I didn'€™t ask for all drumettes - I wanted an equal amount of each and besides that look how dried out the wings are." She said she was not going to give me my money back and she was not going to replace it either while she also was talking over my food while it was open. I asked her "what am I supposed to do with this food because your staff's bare hands have been all over my food." I said "besides that if you knew that you were not going to replace my food why would you allow them to bring it to the back openly and allow them to touch it??"

She replied, "whatever type of problems you are having at home don't bring them in here."€ I said "I can'€™t do anything with this food." She said "WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOUR GERMS ARE BETTER THAN OURS?"€ I said "you are not the one who has to eat this." She immediately became irritated of me asking for a replacement. She began to raise her voice and told me again "€œNO"€ she was not going to give me anything and if I didn'€™t like it, I could call the Police.

This all happened in front of maybe 8€ people in the store. While another customer was complaining of how slow the service was. The manager walked off and proceeded to fix orders for the other customers and left me standing there for maybe 10 minutes and I finally asked another associate for the owner'™s phone number.

Needless to say, I left the store with no food for me and my kids on this day. I attempted to reach the owner but no response. Wing Stop stole my money and gave me horrific customer service. I was embarrassed and belittled. Please help me get a refund and report them to the BBB along with the health Department. I think I can say, they broke all the rules of bad food! They should have had a sign to say "NO REFUNDS. ALL SALES FINIAL."€ Signed, Hungry, Mentally Abused and left with Germs.

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