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Paid in Full 3 Weeks - No Results
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Rating: 1/51

WEST VALLEY, UTAH -- I purchased vehicles. They were so on top getting back with me until the wire went thru. Then I had to contact them 3-4 times a day to hear anything about vehicles. They listed them, 1st transport "refused" to pick up vehicles. They said because he didn't want to back his truck into the lot. Later found out when the 2nd transporter showed up that the key is missing. Instead of assuming responsibility they blamed 1st transport WHO DID NOT MOVE VEHICLES had lost the key. They reordered key.

2 weeks later, I am playing phone tag EVERYDAY. I call everyday 2-3 times. 75% of the time no one available so I leave messages. At one point in time their phone lines were disconnected. Yes, I was very worried that was $40,000 down the drain. Lena, the manager, seemed very concerned and looked into what they could do and promised to personally call me to update on tracking # of the key that next day. 4 business days later I wait 12 minutes on hold being the 2nd time I have called today. I'm a step child passed back and forth.

I have tried to get in contact with a higher manager but apparently there's only one, Lena. And she basically said "everything that's been done is done and there's nothing we can do." I responded saying that "I would like to notify the owner, if that's your supervisor, the way his business is being conducted." They must be making way too much money if they don't give two cents about a customer, myself, that has spent $54,000 over the last 6 months with them. Damn shame.

This has been nothing but a waste of my time which has been the most valuable thing I have lost messing with this company. Even if you have to pay more dealing with another company it is NOT worth the headache. AND I have not seen the vehicles yet. I really hope they aren't going thru these hoops to hide condition of vehicles. Luck of the draw... I already lost messing with them.

Trickery, Misleading, Liars
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA, UTAH -- So I bought a wrecked Silverado Duramax from Getwwa a few years ago and I'm still chapped over it. Let me say I've been rebuilding salvage title autos for over 15 years. I found their site and seen this truck - they were asking 13k for it. It was a couple thousand less than most. The pictures looked as most do. The things a body man will look for appeared good. The windshield was crack free, the side glass was unbroken. Headlights were undamaged. It appeared to be a light roll over. The back bumper was slightly damaged on the one side of the box.

I called and spoke to Jesse on the phone. I asked about the roof and if it was fixable he said it was and then I asked about the drivers rear were the damage was to the back bumper. I asked if it was hit hard at there I was concerned if it had frame damage and if the wheel was struck. He said the wheel was not hit. And if the frame was bent it wasn't noticeable. So I talked them down to 12 and said I would have them ship it to me for the 400 they quoted.

Well 4 months later I finally received the truck. Not the two weeks they said it would take. So inspected the truck. The roof was jacked up into place and they wrecked the floor board by jacking the roof up. They had a new windshield in place. It was only touching in three spots. I could put my arm in between the cowl and the glass. The side windows were duck taped into place. The headlamps were zip tied in. And the bumper was jacked out. The front suspension was missing.

They had the front knuckle Jimmy rigged to the truck to mount the wheel. The tie rod welded in place. By them jack the roof up and wrecking the floor the truck needed a cab clip. They had the front end zip tied together making it appear to be undamaged so not knowing that. The cooling system was junk.

They jack out the rear box and bumper replacing the wheel then lying about the damage. So the rear was bent frame was up six inches. So I replaced front and rear bumper, core support, radiator, intercooler, ac condenser, fans, both fenders, headlights, hood, cab, doors, computer was missing they said it lot drove (sure without the ecu and tcm), frame, drive shaft missing, rear end was bent, the drivers wheel wouldn't even turn, front diff, both front axles were missing, steering rack, the box, and the exhaust was missing. Seats were all bent from jacking the floor causing the mounting to all bend.

So when it was said and done I bought the truck for 12k and put 19k in it. So 31k in this truck. So I will keep put up these reviews until something is done. I know in the state of Wisconsin it is illegal for a salvage dealer to alter a vehicle prior to selling it. I think the law needs to step in with these people!

Good Company - Would Buy From Them Again
By -

WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH -- I have read some troubling reviews on this site and on ripoff report about World Wide Auto located in Utah, California, and Colorado. Below is my experience with the company. I say a listing on eBay for an Infiniti M35 2006. I was purposely searching for SALVAGE cars and had some idea that in addition to the cost of the car I would be paying for repairs. The auction ended and my first and second offers were refused. I looked on their website as well as (why they need two I don't know, perhaps one is for California only or two companies are working as one).

I saw the car I wanted listed on their website. I called and put in an offer which was countered by an offer of $200 more. Looking back I wish I would have held firm to my offer... but it wasn't a big difference in price. As I was looking at the pictures the car was a front end collision. Damage to bumper, radiator core, headlights, bumper support, hood, fender. I asked for more pictures and the person was nice enough to take some new pictures.

Here is where you need to work a different angle. I had already put down my $1,000 deposit (non-refundable so make sure you REALLY want the car). As I was asking for pictures and questions the guy I was working with seemed to get irritated like he had better things to do. This is at their LA, California office. Better to NOT pay first and ask all your questions and have the pictures taken of where you want to see damage. I don't think they like doing this but it is your money so you should make sure you ask for what you want, if they seem irritated call their Utah office and you will get better results.

I think they deal more with body shops than individuals and the shops just want the cars, as an individual I was more concerned with my repair costs. I had asked for pictures of where the damage was, and that is where they got it wrong, most of these places don't want to give you a picture (detailed) of the damage. But be persistent so you know how much you will need to repair. In my case I had budgeted for $2000 and I am going to need to pay $3,500 because the front driver fender wasn't working and the seatbelts are busted. Two things I think they could have told me about.

NOTE: If the airbags are deployed then in most newer cars the seatbelts lock and need to be replaced. I did not know this. Also, check your state if you need to have airbags in TX as far as I know you do not. I will let mine go unrepaired for a few more months due to my higher repair costs. Another item I didn't know was busted was the radiator core support. If the front is hit pretty good then you need to replace this part as well. It runs about $500.

I contacted the Utah office (corporate) many times and the people there are AWESOME! Very friendly and I always spoke to a PERSON. The financial transaction went smoothly. After the funds were cleared I found someone to transport the car for $600.

NOTE: The company might tell you they can ship for less. It is not a LIE. It is just how long do you want your car to sit. Ignorant people will think it is WWA's fault. It is dependent on the DRIVER who picks up your car. IF they want to ship your car for $400 they will do it BUT if someone is going to pay them $600 and they have room for only one more car... you got it right, your car will sit at the car dealer lot. So, be realistic on your time frame. If you have months that you can wait then low ball the shipping offer. If you want it that week you need to pay at least $600 to go to TX a little bit less and more depending on your location.

I used 1st Ones 2 Leap and they were GREAT, would have them ship again. These ppl are brokers and put your shipping price on a dispatch, so they get a cut. If you know a driver independent personally, you may be able to get it less than what I paid.

NOTE: I asked WWA in California to wrap the front so it didn't get water damage on the way over... they refused. So again, they need to work on their customer service. Would have been a small thing to do for a customer. I got my car within 2 weeks from my initial down payment. I have all the parts ordered (try or or I will be rebuilding over the Holidays. No frame damage so that is good.

In closing, it is usually better to go in person to see a vehicle that way you can assess full damage. But, in this age on online deals I took a chance and it turned out very well. My car retails for $22,500 with all the options that it has and I will end up paying $13,500 after the repairs are done. Almost $9,000 savings... in my book that is a good deal.

This company is NOT, NOT, NOT a scam. They are not liars. If you really want a car I suggest asking for SPECIFIC pictures before down payment. IF they are rude call their UTAH office. This company ships hundreds of cars a month. Their corporate office is AWESOME! Overall I had a good experience and learned a few lessons about repairs. I would buy a salvage car from these guys again.

Whoever complains about repair costs or damages they had to pay must not be too bright... These cars are SALVAGE, typically insurance estimated that the repairs would cost more than the car or some percentage of the cars present value ~70-80%. They have to pay dealer (stealer) prices so their repair cost way more. Anyone that bashes World Wide Auto must not have done their due diligence. I had no problems.

One thing they need to do better is get better CAMERAS, that complaint I do agree with other posters. They need to take BIGGER and BETTER pictures. Could be part of their way to make the cars look better but... not really a scam, just trying to put a pretty face on an ugly girl.

NOTE: My car started and lot drove. "Lot Drive" can be tricky wording in the salvage world, some companies it means it can go forward and backward 6 inches. With these guys they actually drive it about 15 mph around the lot. My car drives fine, no warning lights except the airbag and no steering or transmission issues. Everyone's mileage may vary BUT my experience was Excellent.

World Wide Auto Is A Rip Off Company Beware Of Them!
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Rating: 1/51

GARDENA, CALIFORNIA -- I made an offer on a 2014 Ford Escape SUV. They accepted my offer and I placed a $1000 deposit via my credit card. They sent me the contract via DOCSIGN electronically and I signed it and send it back. They sent me an invoice for the balance and I wire transferred the balance through my Chase bank.

I tied to pick the car up, but after several procrastination, they said that the SUV is not available and they wanted to refund my money. I did not want the money I paid, I wanted the SUV I bid on and paid for but they refused to give me the vehicle. They still have my money and the vehicle. I am looking for an attorney to sue them for violating the sales contract that they and I signed. Please if you know any good lawyer contact me.

The Company Is a Scam. Do Not Trust.
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Rating: 1/51

LA -- We bought a car recently, and so far it has been a nightmare. I would not purchase from them ever again. They patch up the cars to look better than they really are, including ALL of the airbags, front, sides, a pillars, everything. They put lots of time into making the car look better than they really are, even if you bring your mechanic he cannot tell you what's wrong until they start working on it. You will not make money off these cars. They take out the good parts/tires and sell them, and put used parts on the cars. If it's too good to be true, it simply is.

World Wide Auuto SCAM
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- SCAM Artists!!! LIARS!!! RIP OFFS!!! 2010-05-23: Never buy anything from them. They are Liars and Scammers. They buy completely wrecked cars on the auctions then fix appearance to make it look better, make pictures promise you that car starts and runs and sell it to you 5 times more expensive. I bought two cars from them. The guy named Santiago told me over the phone that cars start and run perfectly. He said the engine and transition in great shape.

When I got those cars they were complete mess. The engine brooked in two pieces, most parts of transition missing. Those cars did not have any part that could be reused. The cars inside were in human blood and human flesh. This company charged me $5,000 and $5,500. I still have those cars because it is impossible to fix. All body of the car was painted to make it look better. My mechanic was in shock - he has over 25 years of experience and he never seen anything like it. When I called them back and told them that they broke the promise about at least engine and transition LIARS Santiago and Rosa told me to do not bother them anymore.

On top of all from the beginning they were very unprofessional - instead of sending me my cars within two weeks like they promised, I got my cars in two month or so. Stay away from them, do not believe any good reviews. One more thing I found another website later named - great guys, honest and everything. They showed me cars like this are sold for $1000-$1200 and even junk yards do not buy them because there are no good parts there at all.

Check out first and you will see. I also have a pictures of those cars if you need them I can send them to you. I have pictures from and real one which I took when the cars got here, so DO NOT BE A FOOL like me and do not let them to rip you off. STAY AWAY FROM GETWWA.COM. IF you need a pictures or have any questions contact me.

These Guys Are Scammers
By -

These guys are a scammers. Like the other review I read on here Santiago said that both cars were in great condition internally only cosmetic damage. Well, when I received the 300c first airbags, rims, aftermarket intake and navigation, were gone, so I took it up with my shipper and he showed me proof where the car was released in this way. So I called Santiago and he said that he would look for the part on their yard and let me know if he found them. Of course they didn't, then that car didn't turn on, even though he told me it ran great, so I took it to the dealership and they said it needed a new motor.

The crossfire did turn on but did not run, all the undercarriage was gone, the frame was all bent, and well a POS - I ended wasting 14000 on both cars and shipping and other parts, but sold both for a grand total of 7850. So I lost about 7000, for a 21 year old that's a lot of money. I started moving cars since I was 18 and I have always made a great profit on them, but this was the only company that cost me money. Now I just stick with Copart, or eRepairables but with companies with good reviews. But don't do any business with WWA. They will lie to your face, and act like there's nothing wrong. If the deals seem too good true THEY ARE!!!

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