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Beware of Xerox's Printing Machine Lease
By -

FLORIDA -- I was in my office in June of 2007, a small business with a small budget. I created business cards for my clients among other things, and on that day a Xerox representative stepped in my office unannounced to talk to me about printing. As of now I outsourced all my print needs, and was doing well. This salesman, who couldn't speak English all that well, told me that getting a Xerox DocuColor machine was the way to go as with the volume of print I was doing would actually save me money.

I then showed him the type of printing we do in the office and he assured me that this printer could handle it, no problem. He picked up my cards and felt them and again reassured me, YES this machine can do it all. Including tri-folds. Not only that but it has a built-in paper folder. Now that is impressive, and so we signed up for this miracle machine for a 5 year lease, the shortest time frame I could get.

The only problem is, we found that it did not fold tri-folds but that it only folded once. We continued to use the machine for a while and it worked great for the cards, but all of a sudden it was breaking at least once every 2-3 weeks. Each time the tech came and repaired until the last time. He told us the type of paper we were using (the same paper we showed to the salesman before he told us we were good to go) was too heavy and that this machine was never meant to print business cards, that it is a copier.

So to my surprise I said that can't be right because the salesman told me different. We were then warned that if we continued using this paper, we would be charged for any future repair visits. Now what am I supposed to do as I cannot use the printer for the purpose in which it was sold to me? I am still forced to outsource and pay for the prints as well as pay for this printer.

I call and complain to Xerox and all they have to tell me is, Why did I wait so long to say something, and that I had a 6-month window, which we did and the printer worked great, again until it broke and we received the news. At this point Xerox takes 0 responsibility for this, and we are having trouble keeping up with the bill monthly. I was told that their salesman are not authorized nor are they qualified to talk about paper weight in regards to the machine, yet, this is exactly what I was told.

So now they simply want to cancel the contract and collect the ENTIRE amount due on the lease, an amount of $23,000.00, for late payment on the contract. Not only that but I was met with snide remarks like "No one else has a problem making money with our machines".

I am all for taking responsibility as I did sign a contract. But I signed for a machine that can do business cards, and I feel I should get a machine that does business cards. Either that or give me my money back. All I was told at this point was, "No we do not have another machine we can put you in, sorry". And as I'm sure you know, sorry has never paid a bill in my lifetime, much less printed a document for me.

The higher executives at XEROX only care about the bottom line and not about resolving customer issues. The only thing they said was to provide proof this is what their salesman said. I'm sorry but that day my voice recorder was left home, and who really makes a salesman sign a statement of items they've said to you?

I personally used to work for Best Buy and I remember I gave some bad information on a product I sold. The customer came back 6 months later to return the item and complain about the misinformation. Best Buy returned the item at a full refund and the customer was happy, and I was reprimanded. This is how a a business should operate.

I am about as dissatisfied with XEROX as I can be. I feel I've been scammed, tricked and fooled into buying a worthless XEROX machine in which I am forced to pay on. Not only will I NOT be renewing my lease, and yes I am aware of the other scam of giving 6 months' notice to cancel your contract before it is over, otherwise XEROX assumes you would like to continue for another year. I guarantee I will do everything in my power to spread this story to everyone even remotely interested in buying a XEROX product so that all will be educated in the matters of how XEROX conducts their business and what to expect.

Very Disappointed with Xerox
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Rating: 1/51

ARCHBOLD, OHIO -- Thursday February 6, 2014 I reached out to Xerox customer service and was connected to a nice woman but who was hard to understand because of her accent. I explained my issue: we seem to get a frequent jam in the same spot. The lady asked me to power down the machine, wait three minutes and then turn on the machine and print something. So I did and of course my one silly little print job didn't jam. I was told that must have fixed the problem!

Friday February 7, 2014 I reached out to Xerox again when the frequent jam that we are so used to seeing appeared the same spot: "open 2A, 2B, turn 2C, shut the door, open the finishing door".The lady, who spoke clear English, asked me to check the machine'€™s status for a pattern of error codes that she asked me to read to her. She stated that the person I spoke to on the 6th should not have told me to power down the machine because that was not a proper resolution. I felt like I was getting somewhere! This lady then stated that my problem is common and she would send a tech out Monday and this tech would arrive by noon.

Monday February 10, 2014 - no tech by 11:30 a.m. EST. I called to see if the tech was still coming, clearly I wasn't at my desk and missed the call! Nope. I was told by a gentleman who didn'€™t speak clear English that it wasn'€™t noon yet - at least that'€™s how I understood him. So at noon on the dot, I called Xerox again and was connected with a lady named ** (and I'€™m not kidding)! I did not understand one single word that came from her mouth (except her name because I aced my map test my senior year of high school) so when I heard a pause I said something to the effect of, "do you know when our tech might arrive?"€™

I believe she said "€˜sorry" at one point and something about 'escalated'. About 3 hours later, an American in the state of Nebraska called me to apologize and said that he was swamped in our area and had no idea when a tech would be our way. Great! Now, I'€™m in the business of customer service and the whole time I'€™m thinking to myself, '€œHow are you even in business?' But wait, it gets better...

Monday February 10, 2014, 4:00 p.m., I get a call from **, or as I now call him, Dug. Dug told me that he would be at my organization around 8 or 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday February 11, 2014. Great, and he spoke English!! Tuesday February 11, 2014 8:30 a.m., Dug arrives! I showed him the machine and I explained briefly what was happening. I offered to run some copies for him and he said he would just run some of his own reports. So I let him do his job because he seemed to be confident and let'€™s be honest, I have a job to do and can't just babysit Dug.

Dug came over about an hour later and said, "€œI just ran 1100 copies!" (YEP, you just heard that correctly, 1100!!) Anyway back to the story, "€œI just ran 1100 copies, double-sided, stapled and nothing happened, that machine runs beautifully!"€ I said (and this is really what came out of my mouth), "€œYou cannot leave, I can'€™t let you leave!"€ Dug, "€œHoney, I have bigger problems out there that I need to solve!"€ Honey?!

But wait, there's more. He continued to say, "You have another machine back in the corner that works great!" Yep! He said that! Oh and he said this too, "€œI did notice that it appears someone has been loading the paper incorrectly."€ Me, confused, "€œHow does one properly load the paper?"€ Dug said, "The reams have a natural curve to them and you want the curve to be smiling at you when you load the paper!"€ News to me! Imagine the responses I received when I asked my co-workers to load the paper and to make sure it is smiling at you!!!

At this point my blood was boiling! My hands were so sweaty and I began to shake! So I told a little lie. I told Dug that our contract was expiring in a couple months (okay that part was true) and that I needed to talk to someone about renewing our lease (that part is a blatant lie!) - but I wanted to speak to someone who was familiar with our account, maybe a rep?? Dug fell for it! He said, (and I'm not kidding) "Yeah, I have a great team you can call and they even speak English!"

So Dug, and the rest of the Xerox team, thank you for the entertainment these past couple days and in the end, my organization will never ever be in business with you. Additionally, I do not recommend to anyone to ever work with Xerox. Definitely do not ever sign a contract with Xerox!

Xerox DC250
By -

BRISTOL, ALASKA -- Hi to everone out there looking at Xerox equipment. I am in the UK and have been in a lengthy battle with a Premier Partner of Xerox (UK). To shorten the story, it is very similar to IDocu's article. I bought a DC250 in June 2006 to print our calendars. I already had a DC12 which did the greeting cards. I needed a machine capable of printing colour double sided A3 on 135 GSM coated stock of up to 60% colour photo (not solids).

In June 2006 after a long meeting at Ipex, with Xerox reps, (Ipex printing show) and on Xerox's own recommendation and a print test just prior I purchased a DC250 but was forced to buy via one of their premier partners. Something about office equipment and Xerox no longer sell direct. Xerox introduced me to their preferred Partner in our area. I also took out a service contract with Xerox.

By August 2006 the machine was jamming to such an extent it was not usable for calendars although it would print on bond paper OK. No use for what it was bought for. By September after numerous visits by so-called specialist engineers and entries in the machine log book, we were still uable to use the machine for calendars. As we are a calendar and greeting card manufacturer, this was disastrous as we had sold our litho machines in June.

Had a meeting with head of Sales for the Partner and the head of the Service Department of Xerox. The machine by now had only done 45,000 clicks. DC250 specifications were: Up to 220gsm - SRA3 - Duplex - Coated stock - Duty cycle 200,000 per month. Like IDocu, they said it was the paper. Unknown to them the last engineer had tested Xerox's own coated 135 GSM stock with even more severe jamming experienced. By the time of the visit, all stok was being affected by a severe deformation (like too much heat).

After the meeting, more engineers. Entries like jamming, severe curl, known fault - no known repair available. This was when Xerox directly got involved. I had a meeting at the end of September. Xerox offered to print some of our now severely behind schedule orders and put a loan machine in on the 16th October. 16th October arrived and I get an email from Xerox (UK) saying no machine avaialble and that they were not going to honor the contract I signed for the loan machine. % days of trying to get either the Partner or Xerox to tell what they were going to do for me. The answer was nothing and by November 23rd 2006, I instructed a solicitor to take action.

I has taken until now December 2011 to finally arrive at a position to get into court. We have our date in April 2012 for 5 days. The law in the UK prevents Xerox being responsable under the sale of goods act. The person or company that sells the item and you pay is - that is for everything including any adverts or recommendations. I have a letter from the government saying this. Here is where the costs make taking action against these pirates are prohibitive. Well that's what they thought in 2006.

I have invested over £124,000 in legal bills and mediation meetings and still both parties resist accepting that the machine was faulty. They have used terrible tactics since 2006 to ruin our chances of getting this to court. What they did not take into account was my training. I will explain!

I was in the military for 12 years and we were trained as senior officers to take notes including dates, times and names just like the police if we have an issue. This I did. We have a log book and letters that agree there is a serious issue with the machine. I logged all this with our solicitor, instantly they were engaged. I also each week logged a copy of my notes so as they are verified as a true and actual reference to the events.

What I now tell you all. Xerox do make some very good machines. The DC12 I he was exceptional. It was this machine that convinced me that digial was the way forward. Please note: if an agent/partner/sales representative says the machine will do this that and the other, get them to fully state what you are asking the mcahine to do and that it will do this. If they will not, then it more than likely will not.

We have another digital press now and the manufacturer did state on the contract what the machine was purchased to do. So they can do this! If you have a service contract, make a note of who (full name) they are, what company sent them, engineer's number, what time they were there for and what it was for. I have a log book which was used by Xerox engineers and now Xerox are saying the 2 most damaging entries are not their engineers.

Make sure you do not trust them and get them to verify who they are and give some form of identity. If they do not have any Xerox identity, do not let them touch your machine. The two engineers in our case were from Xerox but we failed to get them to prove it.

At no time buy from a Partner unless Xerox fully support the sale. Get a solicitor to read the contract, do not rely like we did on trust in such a large company. You only have to look at the internet to see the problem some people are having. I could go into much more detail but in short, I will never buy a product made by Xerox again. I suggest if you do then be very careful! No solicitations please.

The Dragging Of Feet Scam
By -

I would have to concur with the widespread reports doing the rounds at the moment, of Xerox refusing to honor their commercial obligations let alone their widesweeping marketing promises. We had the misfortune of buying a Xerox Phaser 7400 from a Xerox concessionaire in Limoges in France almost exactly 3 years ago, confident that our satisfaction with this marque in the past, would be repeated. Not so by a long way and then some.

The printer arrived damaged and unworking. It was fixed but started going through consumables at twice the rate advertised. The suggested monthly cycle of 150,000 was absolute nonsense. It was impossible to order consumables via the French Xerox website at the time and everywhere we tried to get the necessary consumables to meet our typical output of merely 30,000 - 50,000 copies a month, we received the response of 'out of stock' or the order could only be partially completed.

The service delays were deplorable. The suggestion that a technician would come out in under a day was once again, total nonsense. Typical down-time in reality was 3-5 days, depending upon whether a weekend was looming. Technical competence varied from OK at best to downright useless, with ourselves having to diagnose and fix problems on more than one occasion.

However, much more seriously was Xerox's attitude to replacing those consumables which were either defective or failing to give the necessary output either in terms of quality or quantity. According to Xerox (France), they will only replace defective consumables if they are less than 3 months old. This seems to be irrespective of the actual consumption realized, whether corroborated by the machine's own usage readings or not.

This, in our view, is an out-and-out scam; at 3 months, a consumable can still be showing a considerable amount of life left and should be replaced if defective even after 12 months, let alone 3. Nor is this subject to interpretation; the machine will obligingly print out a usage sheet for you which states in black and white (or colour, if you are lucky!) what the position is.

This is particularly problematic where there are as many consumables as you will find in a modern printer and in our case, with only just over 150,000 copies on the counter over 2 years - a fraction of our normal output - we have gone through more than 30 'hard' consumables, excluding toners. The cost is significant, as Xerox well knows. It'™s where their real profits come from.

Yet, after almost exactly two years of our badgering the company with requests to replace faulty consumables, Xerox arbitrarily reneged on the 3-year extended on-site warranty we had taken out with the purchase of the printer; to this day, the machine stands there, awaiting repairs and of no use to man nor beast. No refund of the money paid for the guarantee was offered or any other arrangement in lieu. Another scam, therefore, as the refusal to undertake further servicing was clearly premeditated and is well-known to both Xerox and their concessionaire.

We eventually took our complaints right to the top of the Xerox complaints hierarchy in France but to no avail. Although they sent out a so-called 'inspector' who confirmed to us that just about every necessary working part in the printer was defective and needed replacing, the matter ended there, despite us sending a reminder letter to Xerox by recorded delivery, 4 weeks later.

At one time, we were offered a second-hand replacement printer by the concessionaires but it had a long history of breakdowns (which they tried to conceal) and it was immediately apparent the machine couldn't handle our workload. It was sold with a maintenance agreement which once again was just a sheet of lies and so incompetent was the servicing, that it took almost two months for Xerox to get the thing fully up-and-running.

We then received an invoice for a fictitious set of counter-totals, which we had to engage a public notary to contest, followed by our solicitor, to persuade the company, who dragged their feet for six months, to get their garbage off our premises.

In the latter stages of these events, we received a statement from the concessionaires which includes - hang on for this - a bill for an extended on-site maintenance warranty which we paid for when we bought the machine, plus amounts for consumables - also already paid for at the time of purchase - plus various sums for a handful of defective consumables, seen by the concessionaire, yet still awaiting collection.

Although we have over 100 pages of correspondence with Xerox and its concessionaire relating to this disgusting affair, let alone dozens of reams of wasted output, we do not see that Xerox has any intention of exercising any goodwill in this matter and so we are passing our file onto the French Public Prosecutor for a fraud investigation. Serial incompetence can only go so far before it blurs into criminality, in our view.

If there are any other Xerox users who feel they may have suffered from similar circumstances, we will be more than happy to hear from them at ** to pass their statements onto the French and UK authorities, if they so wish. Apart from the forums, we will also be circulating our file to consumer bodies in France and also, the UK, where Xerox maintenance contracts are administered and who are aware of their default in this matter. I could conclude by saying good luck to all but that shouldn't have to play a part. We have subsequently found HP and Ricoh to be everything that Xerox isn't.

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Xerox used to be one of my favorite companies - years ago. I have the misfortune of working where the director will only purchase Xerox because of the service/products agreements. However, I am the one who has to deal with calling the service dept. and I have had nothing but grief. First of all, it is obviously just another call center, where people are not invested in the job. It's a 50/50 chance if I get someone on the line who is good at customer service or someone who is rotten at customer service.

I just got done talking to someone (yet another call for service on one of their machines that is constantly breaking down, jamming, etc.) to have a tech come look at the machine (again). He asked me what the error was that came up on the screen when it jammed. I work in a different office - just happen to be responsible for calling in for repairs. I told him this & that I don't know for sure what it said & he said, "Can't do it." Silence.

And I said, "Can you just put it in & have the tech call me, so we're on the schedule? They call & confirm anyway, so I will check the machine in the meantime." He laughed (not a ha-ha laugh, it was a "whatever!" laugh) & said, & I quote, "If I put it in like that, it would bounce back faster than a Globetrotter's basketball. Nope, can't do it." I said, "Really? I will go check it before the tech calls." And he said, "Nope, can't do it."

I hung up on him and called back & got someone who was much nicer & better customer service. So I looked online all over the place for a customer service complaint department at Xerox & of course, I can't fine one. Xerox has lost my respect - & all my co-workers as well.

I recommend to everyone who talks about getting new copiers, etc. not to go through Xerox. They need to take the time to train their employees on the importance of good, solid, respectful customer service & get rid of the everyday, run of the mill, call centers - make it worthwhile for people to work there & care about their job. Seems like their employees have no pride in their work or their employer. Or respect for the customer.

Xerox MFP8560 $1700.00 Ink Injector Rip-Off
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Rating: 1/51

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a Xerox Phaser MFP 8560 about 3 years ago, and a few months back it stopped working. Just out of warranty, of course. The machine began giving an "Add Black Ink" message, but when we added more, it still would not work. We tried all the fixes - removing the solid ink cubes, and so on, but nothing worked. Finally, we contacted several local Xerox-authorized service companies, but none of them would work on it.

We were advised that the failure was most likely due to our using non-Xerox compatible Solid Ink - which apparently clogs the injectors. The ink was purchased at Staples! A support call to Xerox revealed they would charge about $400.00 a half hour ($400.00 X .5 hours) to come and work on it, with no guarantees. That means that if they spent 1.5 hours on it we would be better off purchasing a new one...

This is our position: Hundreds of printers on the market for years have accepted 3rd party ink, and Staples is not necessarily a knock-off outfit. Even if the Staples ink was the culprit... we would have paid a reasonable rate to get it fixed. But the absolute outrage is that the 8560 is apparently so crappy that authorized service vendors won't even touch it.

Then there is the issue of Xerox charging the ridiculous rate of $400.00 per .5 hours to service their own printers!!! How is $400.00 for a half hours work reasonable? Brain surgeons don't charge that much! Our opinion is that they know the MFP 8560 is a lemon, and they're simply trying to wash their hands of responsibility. They know it. Their authorized service vendors know it. And now we know it.

Struggling with part time jobs and trying to keep our home business running without our flagship $1700.00 printer is intolerable!! Now it's just a piece of junk taking up space. A little history on our grand purchase: it came with no instructions. We had to make several calls to get a manual on CD. The vendor didn't know how to install it locally with USB. We were never able to make the fax or scan functions work.

In short, Xerox created and sold a lousy product; with terrible support; and made servicing it impossible. They ripped us off for $1700.00 and from what we've seen in the forums on the web - we're not alone. We plan to take them to court, and possibly Staples too. If anyone else has had a similar experience, especially attorneys, please contact us at **. Thanks.

A Scam Called Xerox. Confirmed. (Dragging of Feet Scam Part II)
By -

Following our previous posting, the text used for that particular history was reproduced and copied to Xerox in the USA (using the search phrase 'Xerox complaints' on Google and the address for unresolved customer complaints officially provided by the Xerox website at: **). We also approached Customer Services at Xerox UK who appear to administer the maintenance contracts for France. (Ours, you will remember, was simply abandoned by Xerox after just one year, with two years left to run.) Both complaints were faxed and sent by post on the 5th of June 2009.

We did not consider it worthwhile re-sending the complaint to Xerox France, the originating cuplrits, who were sent a letter by recorded delivery on 15th October 2008 and to which we have not received any reply. An interim statement of damages and losses incurred for the period 01/05/06 - 31/05/09 as a result of misrepresentation, technical failure and serial incompetence, dishonoured contract of maintenance, fraudulent invoicing, etc., etc. was sent by recorded delivery and by fax on the 8th of June 2009 to Xerox concessionaires, Document Concept 87/23 of Limoges in France.

The outcome of these complaints was as follows: Xerox USA. No reply. Xerox France. No reply as before and ad nauseam. Xerox concessionaires, Limoges, France, Document Concept 87/23. Telephone call; to investigate further. Since, no reply.

Xerox UK. Letter dated 9th of July 2009, eventually received from Mr A. C., Managing Director, Xerox UK and Ireland. Mr Charnley wrote, "I can assure you we take these issues very seriously. I will investigate the matter and respond to you as soon as possible." Since the 9th of July 2009, no further response. As one complainant in a consumer complaints forum puts it: (Xerox) "Total Satisfaction: my butt!"

We have since replied to A. C. at Xerox UK to indicate that we are not prepared to wait for him further and that we will move on with our file on Xerox. As we suggested before, if any of you have any negative experiences of Xerox, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at: **. Clearly, we are looking at substantial issues of public interest and any help you may want to give us to pursue matters against Xerox collectively will be of help.

RJ45 Cable Not Included With Printer
By -

This was my first Xerox purchase and I am disappointed. I finally set aside time to install the printer one night and when it was time to connect the RJ45 Ethernet cable, it wasn't in the box. I did not scour their website looking to see if this was included since it IS needed to make the printer actually work, I DID think it was included. But I was wrong. This is a waste of my time and I should have just ordered a Brother's laser printer like I did last time. This was on sale for Black Friday so I ordered for this reason and now am regretting this purchase.

Xerox - why don't you just pack everything up in the box that is needed and try making people happy so they will continue buying your products? I tried to call Xerox only to get on that usual “menu merry-go-round” and told I had to call another number then press #1 and then press #1 again. I don't have the time to sit on the phone calling all over the United States. I did try your “chat” which was not live at the time even though I did call within the hours that “chat” was supposed to be live.

It all amounts to a loss of time for me and when I am running my business and don't have all this time to spare, it just makes me not want to buy anything else from Xerox if I have to worry about parts that are NOT included in the box.

I will buy the cable this time since that is easier than returning your printer, but I don't think I will buy anything else from Xerox (whether on sale or not). The money I saved on this sale was lost in the extra time I wasted making phone calls, buying the necessary cable and reviewing this product so other people would be know this cable was NOT included with the printer. After I use this printer I will review functions, usability and features, etc.

Xerox Misleads Information and Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

DEKALB, ILLINOIS -- Xerox and COTG mislead our company when advising us to update our copier. In addition they gave us incorrect information regarding color copies. Since we have tried to address these issues with the billing who refused to help. We contacted our service representative and she has been of no help as well. She is very well-trained in stating phrases intended to calm us down but NEVER solve the problem, in addition to not getting back to us in a timely manner when stating she would.

We have been getting the run around for several months now and would rather pay extra money and buy out the remaining 24 months of our lease to get rid of these two companies and the crappy machine and then go with another company to pay more money just to stop this hassle.

I am highly unsatisfied and disappointed but this has been the level of service and standard we have come to expect. I will never recommend any one to go with any Xerox brand or any machine managed by COTG. The company does not wish to correct our problems and does not seemingly care about bad reviews because I have done 3 different surveys over the phone telling them the same problems, and no one has ever tried to contact our company regarding the surveys to try to rectify the situation. Their final solution is they are not going to do anything and it must be our fault.

Bad Product, No Service
By -

We purchased a new Xerox Phaser 8860MFP (serial number CXF349050) last December and left it in the crate until we moved into our new office in Jan 2011. Much to our dismay, the printer was not compatible with Windows 7 and has been nothing but a headache for our small office. The scan function does not work, it's broken down at least three times during which we were completely unable to print until a tech could be sent over (average of a 5-day wait). We've spent countless hours and a fair amount of money hiring technical folks to try to get the issues resolved and we still don't have a working printer.

We are a small, one-agent real estate office and our inability to print has not only caused us embarrassment, it's cost us business. We've spoken to at least thirty different Xerox reps--all very polite and empathetic, but here, 9 months later, we're still struggling with the same problems. To add to the frustration, each time we call in, there seems to be no record of our file so we have to go through the entire story again and again.

Additionally, one of the reasons we purchased this printer is that it as advertised as a 'green machine' in reality it is an energy hogsucking down a lot of electricity to melt the solid ink. False advertising and a faulty product...we need help getting Xerox to make this right.

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