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24 Hour Fitness
P.O.Box 2409
Carlsbad, CA 92018
800-432-6348 (ph)
760-931-1315 (fax)
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Libel, Slander, Betrayal, Violated By Company, Sexual Harassment Ignored, Incompetent Management And Staff
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24 Hour Fitness Company overall is horrible.-- I repeat- HORRIBLE. I worked for them for 4 years, tried to make it work out, tried to better the management system, and for those efforts, they have betrayed me, lied to me and violated me. I will NEVER forget how they treated me, after I was such a loyal, hard working honest, direct, and dedicated employee, constantly adapting to every "new" manager's demands like every 6 months and pressures and addressing issues as they were. They claim they are "customer-driven". This is absolutely false. Ultimately, they are Not customer driven until they get the money from you.

"Customer Driven" is just a new "Buzz word" to give mediocre managers the excuse to reinforce their sweatshop for their personal trainers, level the playing field for all trainers so that there are no "stars" in the show (the middle line of trainers get jealous if anyone outshines them in any way), and contain all of the problems in the gym that they really don't want to take responsibility for, although their rules that they don't even follow are posted on their walls in the gym.

I brought to the attention of my immediate supervisor in the "chain of command" about a guy not stopping asking me out and wanting to "talk about God" with me after his training sessions, and making continuous creepy comments such as "You make me want to please you" during our workout sessions.

After I had addressed this THREE times to my manager, he never did anything about it. I first called and specifically always ask for him to call me back (duh). He never did. So I approached him at work to warn him about it and connect with him, since he is "never accessible." All he could say was "In what context was it in when he said 'you make me want to please you'."
Nothing was done, again.

So I gave it one more try with him and basically told him that this individual needs to be reassigned. My supervisor told me "he would talk to his club manager about it" and "get back to me about it." He never did. I then wrote a letter about all of this to his manager and at the end of the letter, it said to "please call me ASAP" as usual. This guy never called me!

I finally had to contact HR and only after 10 days of this, the day before I was supposed to train this creepy 55 year old man, HR finally reassigns this guy to someone else. What a horrible experience. But that is not all about how bad this company is and how much they lie to their employees and the public about their empty promises and selected people that they like to be with based on their screwy company ways and office politics, listening to all the B.S. and the wrong people.

When management asks for your side of the story for anything, they really don't listen to it. They also hand it over to HR to do their "dirty work" for them. HR claims they are doing an "investigation", but rather, it is really an INTERROGATION. This is where they basically don't listen to you as they promised they would, berate you, and bully you into saying what they want to hear, not really your true and authentic side of the story.

They really don't want to hear hear your side of the story regarding being ganged up on, they ultimately just do what they want with you depending on the politics at that time and what mediocre trainers and managers and somewhat - good trainers want --the undercurrent.

While you are in the middle of trying to explain things to them, they cut you off, verbally abuse you, spin your words, and treat you like dirt. They violate your rights as an employee, get rid of you with our without wrong reasons. Management did not even have a club meeting for a total of NINE months. And, my manager did not even honor his requirement of having his bimonthly meetings with me and other training staff.

Management wanted for me to sell and service clients like crazy, but when it came to giving me the actual sign in sheets as needed for clients to train with me in a timely manner, so that the system would run smoothly and professionally, they would completely deny their incompetence in not doing it, try to put blame on the trainer, and get angry and defensive for their own incompetence of the root of the problem- there not doing their job and openly communicating with their employees effectively and consistently.

General Rule of Thumb Here: Bottom Line: Don't support a shady business like this one. Don't work for a shady business like this one, where the majority is shady and not trustworthy. Don't give them any of your energy or most of all, your money. That is what they ultimately want under their "customer service mask." For those of you who consider yourselves intelligent and worthy of people who really care, 24 Hour fitness is in no way for you. There is no loyalty at 24 Hour Fitness.

Unfortunately, the majority at 24 Hour Fitness does not manage well, the trainers are mediocre, their caliber is so-so, and their attitudes towards good employees is horrific and betraying. Management loves making 6 figures off of these trainers who get worked to death and are so underpaid for all the b.s. they have to put up with.

Being Charged an Annual Fee When I Have Only Been a Member for 6 Months
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REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA -- I do not understand how a company can charge you an annual fee when you have not had a membership for a year yet. Did I not pay this at the beginning when I signed up? So if I decide to cancel my membership at the year do I get my annual fee back? They said it would be prorated! So the answer is NO! How can you charge me the annual fee? My year for being a member will be short lived when the actual year is here in May. So "Yes," if there is a class action lawsuit I will be involved.

No Ethics
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TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA -- Their computer lost my subscription. Despite my fingerprint, passcode, and membership card. After I made a fuss they found it and said it expired 9 years earlier. After a few hours left on their own the local management found my membership and said it had just expired a week before. (My yearly membership had for close to 2 decades expires in December not June.) Claimed they sent renewal notices but to an address in a city far far away which I have never lived close to.

When escalated to corporate they said it was up to me to renew my membership on time but they would be glad to get me back into the system for $500 a year. (Had been paying $99/Yr.) When I looked into it further I discovered I'm just one of thousands that this has happened to. Looking at Consumer Reports "24 Hour Fitness" is boldly upgrading their pay structure. All old members that paid a huge membership fee of close to a thousand and then $99 a year are now being pruned and replaced with $500/yr memberships.

Fortunately "LA Fitness" is far superior and far less expensive. Along with numerous other gyms "24 Hour Fitness" is the slum gym in the fitness world. Check it out in person and then check the other gyms so you don't make this mistake. The only positive about this may be they have a gym close to where you live. Even then it might not be worth it since other gyms are cheaper, better facilities, and a better atmosphere.

Lock Cut Off
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Rating: 1/51

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- One of the clerks from the front desk cut off my lock during my workout. Another patron claimed that I put my lock on a locker with his belongings. He did not have a lock. After discussing this with the manager on duty (Devin C), she politely declined to replace my lock. Unsatisfied with this decision, I called the club manager to review this situation. After hearing the complaint, he promised to talk to his staff and return my call. He did not call back.

My various experiences with this franchise indicates they do not value the customers from whom they collect dues and don't really care if they lose members. There are constant plumbing problems which they use gym towels to plug leaks. These are the same towels they issue to customers. Broken equipment stay broken for months. The managers are not trained to conduct themselves with good customer service. Do not spend your money on this franchise.

Harassing Phone Calls
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I have received numerous calls from 24 Hour Fitness gym for the past 2 weeks. I received 9 calls (5 within 2 days) just in the 1st week after missing my $20 monthly dues. I have asked the collection company to remove my phone number from their call list and I expressed my frustration and the feeling of being harassed over $20. IT'S 20 dollars?! Are you kidding me?

They continued to call even after I had asked them not to call me. For the second time, I requested 24 Hour Fitness collections not to call me. They still are calling me at least once a day. So, now for the 3rd time, I have asked them not to call me. We will see if their harassment continues. This is ridiculous and poor business practice. Based on 24 HOURS FITNESS's relentless harassment, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Trying to Be Charged for a Service I Did Not Receive.
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I signed up, total was going to be $80 and put a down payment of $40. They told me that the rest of the money would be due 2 weeks from the signing up date. I canceled after a week and before I canceled, I asked many times if the gym would make any charges to the account since it was not my card and they said no unless I decide to start the membership again (meaning I would have to go in, type my pin number, cell number and scan my index finger).

Never did they told me about a 5 day refundable day cancellation or being charged the rest of the money after 2 weeks even if I decided to cancel. Now they keep calling me about the money and I do not wish to pay $40 of a service I did not receive. I restrained the gym form making any further transactions but will this get me in trouble later on? I hate 24 hr fitness they should have been clear with me in the first place. DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.

(By the way I never argued about getting my down payment back, my argument with them was about trying to be charged of a 40 dollar service I did not receive or told me they were going to make charges for. If they would have simply told me the week that I canceled my membership they had to forcefully make that payment, I would have stayed until the end of the month make my money worth it but they told me that no charges were going to be made and now they're trying to get the rest of the money 2 months after I canceled).

Horrible Treatment by Front Desk and Security Guard
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Rating: 1/51

ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA -- I went to work out like I have for 10 years. There had been some mixup with the expiration date on the credit card used for the account. I was just there 3 days ago, - no problem. This rude kid at the front desk named ** made sure to make a big issue in front of everyone that I was late on payment, and proceed to demand that my daughter MUST appear in person to make it right. I called her and she confirmed that she had given all the updated info to the corporate office. ** - and the security guard were laughing their asses off when I got upset at being denied access.

I decided to leave and I have cancelled my membership. I called the manager, and she told me that ** and the security guard had accused me of throwing a towel at them, which I told her was a bold-faced lie. She is planning on checking the security footage to see and I hope she gets rid of those little liars!! I simply set the towel on the desk to return it as I was not planning to work out.

Long story short, - I went to LA Fitness and WOW - what a difference. Those creeps at 24 hour did me a favor. I have a BETTER Gym at a CHEAPER price. I hope others follow my lead. It's on El Norte and Center City Parkway = LA Fitness -- no one deserves to be treated the way I was treated today by those two at 24 hour. I will make sure everyone I know hears how rude they are and never goes there.

The Pool Is Always Dirty and Kept Very Cold
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have been going to mall 24 Hour Fitness for over a year. I use the pool more than anything else in the facility. The pool is very dirty, at times one is unable to see the bottom of the pool it is so unkempt. A huge number of clients that use the pool and spa use the side of the facility to blow their nose and spit openly, some of the clients spit inside the pool.

Trying to enjoy the steam room is another adventure as patrons will get water and then spit it into the sensors of the steam room to increase the steam. In the past year Multnomah county has been called a number of times and has forced the club to repair broken tiles (that were beginning to mold) along with replacing the spacers on the flooring that were broken if a person stepped just so one could really hurt an ankle or leg.

Just recently the club has decided it needed to save money so the temperature in the pool has been lowered. I have talked numerous times to the club and corporate management and nothing has been changed. As soon as my membership is up yes I am finding another gym. ** recently profiled most of the problems with this location and nothing has changed.

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Rating: 4/51

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA -- Hi from Member # ** Club # 814 needs 10 pound Iron Grip Weights. Order about quantity 20. Thanks for your diligence in keeping the club 814 supersport in great shape. I work out early most mornings and use almost every thing in the gym at some point in time and it is all well maintained even with the high usage the gym sees.

I noticed that in the free weight area is can be hard to find a 10 pound Iron Grip weight (which is probably the one you need the most when trying to go up in measurable but small increments). If I do a rough count I notice about 20 or so 10 pound weights and over 100 of the 45 pound Iron Grip weights. You can always find the right weight but you need to scrounge around more and it impacts the efficiency of your work out time. My recommendation would be to invest in another 2 dozen or so 10 pound Iron Grip weights next time you are up grading or ordering. Thanks for listening. Call me if you want more detail. **. Ask any trainer there or customer and they will confirm.

Cancellation Nightmare
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Rating: 3/51

PARKER, COLORADO -- Call to temporarily stop payments on my daughter's membership. I have been paying for my daughter's membership for several months now but because of her working hours and being a single mom, she has not had time to attend the gym. My younger sister just passed away a few weeks ago and I had to go out of state for her funeral. I am on a fixed income and money became a huge issue this month.

I called the club before the monthly payment was due and asked that my daughter's membership be stopped on a temporary basis. (six months) I explained my situation to ** and that I would not have the funds available to cover the membership this month. He assured me that "no further payments would be taken out of your account..."

WRONG - I find out that this month's payment was indeed, taken out, causing me to overdraft. Will the club help? Sure, they will MAIL me a check, maybe in THIRTY DAYS. Mind you they will pay for ONLY THE MEMBERSHIP FEES AND NOT THE OVERDRAFT FEE CAUSED BY THEIR MISTAKE.

This caused an additional issue for me. I have high blood pressure, diabetes, gout/athirst, and a thyroid issue and I am out of my meds. Now, because of 24 Hour Fitness' mistake, I cannot afford to get my meds. If the fee had not been taken out I would have had just enough money for my prescriptions after insurance. Side Note: Insurance pays for my membership I loved this club until now.

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