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Run away, they will treat you like dirt!
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MESA, ARIZONA -- I went into this establishment with the intentions of signing a couple'€™s membership. The employees seemed as if they were very confused as to what a gym membership even was or what it was that I meant. The first several minutes of our visit consisted of the guy at the front desk "uhh, hmmm and uhgg." I had an open timed appointment with ** that had been set up through a referral (something the employees claim is important to them). However when I first asked for **, the guy at the desk seemed further confused as if he did not know what or who ** was. He finally decided to go ask someone, after several more minutes of hmmm, uhhh and uhgg.

He returned to tell us that he "thought ** had gone to get food." We asked if it would be okay to work out while we waited on him to return, the guy then attempted to tell us they had a charge associated with that. I informed him that I was not signing a membership to gym that I had not had the chance to check out first; therefore I was not going to pay. He then had us fill out a form and asked for ID's. Further confusion ensued as he attempted to locate my name on my identification. He had a clever excuse "I see ID's from all over the place, all the place man."

We worked out and returned to the front desk about 40 minutes later and the same guy at the front desk looked at us with a dumbfounded look on his face when we asked for ** again. He responded that "** has gone home for the day." We reminded him that we were interested in signing up as the special they were running expired at midnight today. He looked at us for a few moments and started mumbling something and looking around like he had lost something. He walked around the front area a bit before returning to let us know "everyone's busy."

We informed him that we did not have a lot of time to continue to wait and asked if we could get something that stated we had come in and there was no-one to help us so that we could return tomorrow and still get the deal. He let us know that it should not be long and that he did not have anything like the form I was asking for. About fifteen minutes later the 'recruiter' came over and greeted us. Before we even made it to his desk, he had us both feeling very uncomfortable due to his attitude. Once at the desk we informed him that we (my boyfriend and I) wished to be on the same membership account.

His response was inappropriate and unprofessional; he kept chuckling and repeating "you want to be on the same account, both of you... on the same account?" After assuring him that "œyes"€ we wanted the same account, he then collected our ID's and went about setting up the account. Once he had the information entered he turned the computer to display what he had accomplished. Again the intelligence of this crew shines on, he entered the wrong name on my membership card and when I pointed it out to him he used a familiar excuse; "I see a lot of ID's from all over the place, you will have to go to the front desk sometime and fix it."

After that statement I was feeling uneasy, but continued with the transaction anyway. I was given a dollar amount due today and offered two options; pay the entire amount due, or pay it in installments. I opted to make payment in full and produced the cash to cover the bill. Apparently cash is amusing to these people, because the 'recruiter' laughed in my face and scoffed "I need a credit card." There is no way on earth I would entrust an idiot that cannot read a state government issued identification card with having access to my credit or debit card information.

That was the last straw for us, we promptly got up from his desk and walked to the front desk area to ask for the managers contact information, as we walked away he chuckled again and said in a long drawn out voice "oh-kay." Before we could reach the front desk the "recruiter"€™ was already at the desk talking about us to the guy that had helped us when we first arrived, the tone of the conversation was less than appropriate. When we stopped at the desk to ask for the manager's business card we were informed that the manager was not there and that he locked all his business cards up in his office.

So we asked them to write down his name and number on a piece of paper for us and he responded "you can get something to write it on if you have something." So I took out my phone and entered the phone number into my phone, but when I asked for the manager'€™s name I was told "I do not know what his name is (shoulder shrugs and cocky attitude) I have only worked here since October." I would recommend that you run away from this place as fast as you can, that will give a better and more effective workout then you can ever get inside the club.

Unfit equipment
By -

TWIN OAK ST. LOCATION, BEAVERTON, OREGON -- I was a member at 24 Hour Fitness one other time and was not pleased with the customer service. They acted as if they didn't care if you were there or not. The club always looked dirty and I never saw anyone ever cleaning the facility. The equipment was old and who knows if they ever replaced the old equipment with new updated equipment. Recently I went to the club in Beaverton, Or on Twin Oaks street. I was waiting for a class to start so decided to warm up on the treadmill. The first one was out of order so I decided to get on the next one. There was a TV playing and lots of people talking/other machines running as I stepped on the treadmill.

To my surprise, it was running at top speed. I went flying off, landed on the floor in a heap and fractured my shoulder. The woman next to me paid no attention to me and kept on running. I tried to get up but couldn't because I was in so much pain. Thank goodness there was a couple of good Samaritans that came and picked me up. My first thought was, why anyone would leave the machine running? The bigger question is where was the staff and why weren't they walking around and monitoring all of the equipment making sure the people were safe and their equipment was working and shut off properly.

When I reported the accident to the woman down stairs, she showed no concern when I told her what had happened. I tried for weeks to get a hold of the manager. All I could do was to talk to the jock woman assistant manager which showed no concern either and put all the blame on me. She said she would make a report but nothing has come of it if she did make a report. I finally reached the manager and he said he would get back with me but never has, and also showed no concern. Even though it has cost me hundreds of dollars in doctors bills for which they should be at least partially responsible, at the very least an apology.

They need to post signs that say shut off equipment after using. When I talked to the manager, I told him I wanted my membership put on hold, and he wanted to see all my doctor bills to prove the accident. I will take the bills in this week but really doubt that anything will come of it. Stay tuned for a follow up on the bills question.

Twenty4 hour fitness makes plenty of money from the "biggest loser" so, what do they care. I have had the same non-caring attitude at all the 24 hour clubs. I would not recommend them to anyone. In the mean time I am still waiting to hear from the manager who after telling him I want no more to do with this club continues to take money out of my account. I will have to cancel the money from the bank side.

Good luck to anyone having to do with 24hour fitness. I recommend LA Fitness. They keep their club immaculate and actually show concern and are always replacing the old equipment with the most up dated equipment on the market. Please check them out.

Libel, Slander, Betrayal, Violated By Company, Sexual Harassment Ignored, Incompetent Management And Staff
By -

24 Hour Fitness Company overall is horrible.-- I repeat- HORRIBLE. I worked for them for 4 years, tried to make it work out, tried to better the management system, and for those efforts, they have betrayed me, lied to me and violated me. I will NEVER forget how they treated me, after I was such a loyal, hard working honest, direct, and dedicated employee, constantly adapting to every "new" manager's demands like every 6 months and pressures and addressing issues as they were. They claim they are "customer-driven". This is absolutely false. Ultimately, they are Not customer driven until they get the money from you.

"Customer Driven" is just a new "Buzz word" to give mediocre managers the excuse to reinforce their sweatshop for their personal trainers, level the playing field for all trainers so that there are no "stars" in the show (the middle line of trainers get jealous if anyone outshines them in any way), and contain all of the problems in the gym that they really don't want to take responsibility for, although their rules that they don't even follow are posted on their walls in the gym.

I brought to the attention of my immediate supervisor in the "chain of command" about a guy not stopping asking me out and wanting to "talk about God" with me after his training sessions, and making continuous creepy comments such as "You make me want to please you" during our workout sessions.

After I had addressed this THREE times to my manager, he never did anything about it. I first called and specifically always ask for him to call me back (duh). He never did. So I approached him at work to warn him about it and connect with him, since he is "never accessible." All he could say was "In what context was it in when he said 'you make me want to please you'."
Nothing was done, again.

So I gave it one more try with him and basically told him that this individual needs to be reassigned. My supervisor told me "he would talk to his club manager about it" and "get back to me about it." He never did. I then wrote a letter about all of this to his manager and at the end of the letter, it said to "please call me ASAP" as usual. This guy never called me!

I finally had to contact HR and only after 10 days of this, the day before I was supposed to train this creepy 55 year old man, HR finally reassigns this guy to someone else. What a horrible experience. But that is not all about how bad this company is and how much they lie to their employees and the public about their empty promises and selected people that they like to be with based on their screwy company ways and office politics, listening to all the B.S. and the wrong people.

When management asks for your side of the story for anything, they really don't listen to it. They also hand it over to HR to do their "dirty work" for them. HR claims they are doing an "investigation", but rather, it is really an INTERROGATION. This is where they basically don't listen to you as they promised they would, berate you, and bully you into saying what they want to hear, not really your true and authentic side of the story.

They really don't want to hear hear your side of the story regarding being ganged up on, they ultimately just do what they want with you depending on the politics at that time and what mediocre trainers and managers and somewhat - good trainers want --the undercurrent.

While you are in the middle of trying to explain things to them, they cut you off, verbally abuse you, spin your words, and treat you like dirt. They violate your rights as an employee, get rid of you with our without wrong reasons. Management did not even have a club meeting for a total of NINE months. And, my manager did not even honor his requirement of having his bimonthly meetings with me and other training staff.

Management wanted for me to sell and service clients like crazy, but when it came to giving me the actual sign in sheets as needed for clients to train with me in a timely manner, so that the system would run smoothly and professionally, they would completely deny their incompetence in not doing it, try to put blame on the trainer, and get angry and defensive for their own incompetence of the root of the problem- there not doing their job and openly communicating with their employees effectively and consistently.

General Rule of Thumb Here: Bottom Line: Don't support a shady business like this one. Don't work for a shady business like this one, where the majority is shady and not trustworthy. Don't give them any of your energy or most of all, your money. That is what they ultimately want under their "customer service mask." For those of you who consider yourselves intelligent and worthy of people who really care, 24 Hour fitness is in no way for you. There is no loyalty at 24 Hour Fitness.

Unfortunately, the majority at 24 Hour Fitness does not manage well, the trainers are mediocre, their caliber is so-so, and their attitudes towards good employees is horrific and betraying. Management loves making 6 figures off of these trainers who get worked to death and are so underpaid for all the b.s. they have to put up with.

Simi Valley Facility - Status and Update
By -

SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- 24 Hour Fitness - Simi Valley Facility (Sport Type). The local management is slow at resolving membership complaints and/or request to fix, repair, replace, upgrade equipment and/or facility. Shortage of foam work out mats for scheduled daily classes. Require about 100 mats. Simi Valley facility has only about 60 mats. Need about 100 mats for parallel class needs and individual usage. Have requested several times for several months with very little response. Simi Valley facility needs to order about qty 40 more mats as of (06/22/10).

Too expensive at $20+ for each mat... Wow. Call that a rip off by supplier. Or bad 24 Hour Fitness Buyer to not find a cheaper vendor for a multiple facility purchase. They continue on a weekly basis to let the members get the brunt of the inconvenience of lacking mats during the work out classes to Save monies which members have paid for the facility and service monthly. (I for one for 9 years - membership X 4 in family).

This is supposed to be a Sport Facility which is a step up from the standard fitness center. It should be the Flagship of the Ventura County. I rate the facility at C+ compared to the other fitness centers that 24 Hour has locally. The others are better equipped. Granted this Simi Valley fitness center is 11 years old. More so, that it should be upgraded and reviewed for replacement of equipment, repairs required and facility improvements like Cleanliness and Safety conditions.

Work out Bench mats are worn out and have holes in them (6 out of 12 mats). This is a Safety issue. Coin operated lockers are useless. Members do not use them. Clarification - they use them sometimes but do not pay for it... Most of the pay lockers are very dusty, dirty, so most members do not use them. Such a waste of lockers when more are required and needed by the members (lockable ones) during the busy periods after work hours.

Scheduled classroom Bar Bells are 11 years old and are unsafe. The Bars are slippery and some are bent. They need to be replaced with safer ones similar to the other 24 Hour Fitness facilities. More End Locks are required and needed. Not enough on hand when the class is full. The Scheduled classroom Audio system is questionable. Not all 4 Speakers are working. The instructor microphones are intermittent and does not work sometimes which is very annoying and an inconvenience to the members taking the classes especially during full classes. Please replace the not working speakers and microphones.

11 year old fitness facility needs to be renovated. It is starting to show old age and lack of upkeep. 24 Hour Fitness needs to review, repair, replace, upgrade, repaint, renovate this facility. The Simi Valley 24 Hour Fitness facility needs a new work out outfit. The one it is using is 11 years old - Worn, Tattered, Faded, Out of date, and no longer made or sold. In comparison, Golds Gym is very facility conscious, very appealing, very clean, very aware of how it looks for its members.

Bar Weights, Hand weights, exercise balls, are all over the place in the facility. When it is needed by other members, it is not in its proper locations. Exercise balls hidden in the classroom locker area away from major member use. Granted it is the members who used it last and should put it back where found. This happens because there is not enough of these types of equipment. There is a need for another two sets of the hand weights (5 lbs -100 lbs). And two mores sets of the (1 lb - 15 lbs).

Cleanliness (health) and Safety should be the guide to the above listed items. As you can see the list above is not at all very difficult or large in request. It is do-able... It is whether 24 Hour Fitness management will and is Do-able for its members which is large and many in this Simi Valley fitness facility. IF 24 Hour Fitness management would listen to its paying and long term members, they would be on track with product quality and member service. It should not take a VP from 24 Hour Fitness to decide on Health and Safety issues at a fitness facility.

Gym Review
By -

24-Hour Fitness Sport Bonita (club 084). 870 Amena Court. Chula Vista, CA 91910. This gym has a lot of potential to be great but unfortunately it falls short on several levels. A lot of the equipment is either broken or missing. The steam-room broke last year between the last week of November and the first week of December, it is now January 13, 2009 and it is still broken. It looks like no one on staff has even attempted to fix or even clean it since the same trash that was in there when it broke is still sitting in it. There is no sign or note stating when it will be fixed or even an apology for the inconvenience of it being out of order for so long.

As a result the dry room next door is always over crowded and you'€™ll be lucky if you have a place to stand in there. When you walk in they have two finger print scanners that are supposed to funnel guest in at a faster pace than if the staff scanned each individuals membership card. Unfortunately one of the scanners broke a few weeks ago and now there is often a line to get in especially during rush hour. There is no tentative repair date posted here either.

The weight room is big enough to accommodate a lot of people, a positive for this gym. Unfortunately most of the weights, especially the dumbbells are missing and the ones they do have are often misplaced and never in any order whatsoever. I have been in other gyms and 24hrs where they have staff members help organize the weights but it seems like this gym would rather have them gathered at the front desk chit chatting, no, not helping to scan people in either.

The cardio equipment is plentiful and although it is often difficult to find an open machine during rush hour that is normal for a gym so they shouldn't be penalized for that. The level of cleanliness at this gym is extremely poor. There is always trash lying around everywhere on the gym floor.

Empty bottles, newspapers and, such litter the floors for days at a time. I have actually noticed a cup with water sitting on the floor for a few days, did no one else notice? I could have thrown it out myself but I was curious to see how long it would take the staff to do their jobs. Clumps of hair are in all the sinks, showers, and pools at all times no matter how busy or empty the gym is.

Yet the main problem that bothers me about this gym is the staff. Although some staff member and personal trainers are helpful, polite and great at their jobs, many are not. I have seen personal trainers, staff members, and maintenance workers, talking on cell phones while on the gym floor when they are supposed to be working. I do not want to sound like I expect them to be slaving away but some level of professionalism should be displayed. 3 to 4 people who are usually doing nothing but sitting on the counter and ignoring guests often occupy the front desk, why can't one go upstairs and help organize the weight room, or clean the locker rooms?

This reflects poorly on the gym manager, are they not responsible for "€œmanaging"€ a good gym? I don'€™t think they should be able to place this on a resume since they are obviously not doing what they should. When asked a question, the staff usually answers with either a confused look on their face or an expression showing that they really don'™t care about helping you out.

It seems like the main problem with the staff is that they are indifferent about their jobs, just a reminder you all work in customer service and I think you forgot. Most of you are not helpful! In this economy and job market I am sure these positions can easily be filled by people more than willing to excel at them.

I would not recommend this gym to anyone interested in joining. If the majority of these problems are due to a lack of funding then maybe they should let there guests/customers know rather than leaving them in the dark. I know there are other gyms in the area worth checking out if you are interested. If you truly wish to join or stay with this gym chain the 24hr on 3rd Ave in Chula Vista is newer and doesn'€™t have as many problems but is a lot smaller and does not have the same amenities but it doesn'€™t matter since these are often broken anyway.

Unfortunately I must maintain my membership with 24hr because my job requires me to travel a lot and 24hr gyms are everywhere, a plus. Most other gyms in this chain are nothing like this one and are actually great! The headquarters for this gym is in Carlsbad, no more than an hour away from this location. It makes me wonder if they don'€™t audit their gyms or if they just don'€™t care of the reputation some of their facilities give them.

I hope this shines light on the problems this gym has and maybe leads to a few equipment and staff "€œupgrades", like I said this gym has the potential to be great but as of now, If you don'€™t mind being disappointed, disgusted, ripped of on dues for a lack luster gym then 24hr fitness sport at 870 Amena Court in Chula Vista is the gym for you!

24-Hour Fitness / Agassi Super Sport / Las Vegas, NV
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- The Agassi 24-Hour Fitness in Las Vegas continues to be one of the classier fitness facilities in Vegas. Additional positives have come into form during the past year; perhaps tied to several new members of the staff, which includes new fitness management and front desk personnel who regularly offer their assistance and kindly greet members. The following are simply a few things that the club could easily change and improve upon in order to step its image a few more notches; allowing members to continue to be proud that they are a part of the Agassi health club.

Though there are other clubs in the area, e.g. Las Vegas Athletic Club on Rainbow or the Summerlin Gold'™s Gym at Lake Mead and Buffalo, unlike several friends and associates, I'€™ve never selected the option to end my Agassi membership considering the club presents a number of positives; for example it'€™s more easily accessible and often times less congested. Plus, I'€™ve been a member of 24-Hour Fitness for many years. However, please take into account the following items. If they were addressed it would present some big improvements.

The locker rooms are not regularly cleaned. The locker room floors and showers continue to be consistently dirty. Simple ongoing maintenance is neglected. The floors are dirty and corroded. Certain lockers are worn, damaged, or missing parts. By the sinks the old soap pumps at the counters were finally removed and reliable dispensers mounted on the walls. Those turned out great. However, for a long period of time the disgusting holes in the marble counters where the old pumps were stationed remained uncovered. It looked like a gas station counter. It just seems that the club could and should try to keep a better image for their customers.

Also, in the showers there is ongoing buildup along the edges of the walls, drains, and tile. The small soap shelves in the showers are left rusted and broken off the hinges. It would just take a few repairs and an occasional strong cleaning. Also, equipment is not maintained. The simple process of oiling, tightening, and repairing equipment is seldom performed. Even when a customer such as myself points out the equipment that needs maintenance there is little to any response to the request. Eventually, members begin avoiding specific pieces of equipment because it becomes obvious that it will never be maintained or repaired by the health club.

For long periods of time the same pieces of equipment are left with broken parts or squealing hinges or missing components. The health club could simply do a daily spot check of equipment. Ensure it'€™s operable and balanced. Currently, equipment remains unusable for extended periods of time. It is nice that occasionally a tag indicating the equipment is unavailable is affixed, however it seems that even when the problem has been mentioned to the front desk, written by them on a maintenance clipboard, in the end the problem appears to continue.

Certain pieces of equipment continue to show signs of loose parts and may wobble back and forth when someone tries to use it. Some members quickly lose their motivation when it'€™s difficult or uncomfortable to use a piece of equipment and they become discouraged and stop their exercising. In such a high end club it'€™s surprising that there is not a maintenance person designated to regularly check all equipment; allowing them to tighten parts, clean equipment, oil joints, and adjust belts.

Children, perhaps early teens, are allowed to roam about the club, jumping between equipment, and often times just playing games, without any parental supervision. There are 24-Hour Fitness policies that restrict that type of activity. It'€™s just that occasionally it appears that the unoccupied personal trainers do not offer their input and assistance to members. Often times the trainers who are not working with customers who have purchased training sessions (which I have purchased on many occasions) can be seen standing or sitting to the side chatting with each other.

Went off in the distance it'™s evident that members are attempting to figure out how to properly use equipment. Those trainers could be providing their input. They could be promoting safe and effective use of the equipment that members have paid to use. Tied to the topic of personal trainers it seems that equipment is sometimes held hostage by certain personal trainers; occupying a single piece of equipment for upwards of thirty minutes. The equipment is not even fully utilized during that timeframe.

On the contrary, other exercises are performed in front of the equipment. It would be much more courteous for those trainers to perform the exercises that do not involve the equipment, away from the equipment. There is no reason for them to hold the piece of equipment hostage for long periods of time when the equipment is only utilized 20% of that timeframe; not fair to other customers.

Old Broken Equipment Small Dirty Facility
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Rating: 1/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- The Riverlakes club is in need of a major update. Equipment is very old and in poor repair. Not enough cardio equipment to handle busy periods and the audio on most machines doesn't work. Locker room and showers are old and dirty. I've been a member for over 8 years and the dirt on the walls is the same dirt that was there on my first visit. Family Fitness is looking better all the time.

Unsanitary Sauna / Steam Room Conditions
By -

BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- What's the deal with people going fully clothed into the steam room and sauna at 24-Hour Fitness in Boynton? I was absolutely horrified to go in there today (a slow Saturday) to be joined by not one, but five people in the short space of 20 minutes! They all has their clothes and sneakers on. Absolutely gross! One guy even went into the steam room dressed like that! In any other club, they would have been thrown out.

I confronted ALL of the people who went in (very diplomatically, by the way). Two left of their own accord when I brought it up. The other three basically thought it was funny. One even claimed to be a former employee who said, "it's been allowed at this gym for the past two years". She then snarly suggested I go to the YMCA. Rather than getting into it with this ignorant **, I headed straight for the front desk. Yes, I was told that this indeed was the policy (even though the rules stated otherwise) and it was the discretion of management at this facility. Unbelievable! I was shocked because at another 24-Hour Fitness location I've visited, it would NOT be permitted whatsoever.

HOW ON EARTH ANYONE THINKS THIS ACCEPTABLE IS BEYOND ME!!! How do you think bacteria, MRSA and germs are spread? Not to mention all the garbage someone drags in on the bottom of their feet from outside! Bet none of the geniuses there knows that your sneakers have more fungi than a freakin' toilet bowl! Oh, yes, apparently at this gym they're immune to the b. o. smell from their sweaty gym clothes, too!

This is not the first time I've encountered this at this location. I've always complained, but the manager never seems to be around. However, according to their employees, "it's okay to go in with clothes at this location". I'd hate to see what it's like on a busy night after work, rather than a slow Saturday afternoon! All of this is totally unacceptable, especially when rules are posted stating to the contrary just outside the sauna and steam room. These rules are for hygienic reasons, and it's inexcusable that 24-Hour Fitness would tolerate this blatant disregard for other people's health.

Unhealthy Scams
By -

WEST PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- I recently completed the 24 Hour Fitness personal trainer's course, which was more of a lemon than lemonade. 24 Hour Fitness touts the sale of Apex vitamin supplements. Don't get me wrong, Apex supplements are manufactured by Phoenix labs, and are some of the highest quality supplements. Apex recommends taking three of their high potency multi-vitamins daily due to the exposure of free radicals. Even if you have a compromised immune system, taking three multi-vitamins a day is unhealthy, and only profits the salesperson. Vitamin studies show that a bowl of cereal with milk contains the daily-recommended allowance.

If you purchase personal training, a client goes through a battery of tests to evaluate their physical ability. A major component is called the standing squat test. A client stands with their hands above their head, and then slowly bends their knees into a squat position. The trainer evaluates proper posture. If there are any subtle postural deviations, such as too much weight on the toes or heels or if your knees bend inward, the trainer will recommend eight weeks of personal training at $56 an hour to correct bad posture.

Bad posture can be corrected in one to two training sessions using a foam roller on the inside thigh muscles or buttocks called a myofascial release, which relieves tight muscles. Some 24 Hour Fitness managers have coined their careers on this type of deceptive sales tactic. Don't get me wrong, there are some very good trainers working for 24 Hour Fitness. The bad trainers use postural deviations as a swindle to sell blocks of training sessions for thousands of dollars to unsuspecting clients.

I attended a training session and witnessed a district manager teaching perspective employees the open-ended question sales tactic. He referred to himself as a psychological ninja. He obviously had an inflated sense of his importance. I also witnessed a fitness manager laughing how he just sold $500 worth of supplements, taking the man's last dollar from his checkbook. Metaphorically, a psychological ninja, in this context, is someone who uses deceptive sales tactics, preying on unsuspecting clients like how a crook approaches their mark.

If you walk the walk and talk the talk, people will automatically gravitate to you. They will ask questions like what supplements do you take, and how did you get into such great shape, which alleviates the need for unnecessary scams.

Cancel Subscription And Refusal Of Refund
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Hi, well looks like I'm not the first nor the last having problems with 24 Fitness. Well all started last year when I suspended my subscription 'cause I was going out on vacations for 2 months. Then when I came back, I moved and didn't find a good facility to change so I keep my subscription suspended. Well the first problem was that after I suspended my subscription for 6 months, I started being charged on my checking account, and was a coincidence I found the charge. Well they fixed it kind of quickly (the local office).

Then I told them that I hadn't found a facility (a good one) close my new place, so we agree to keep my membership suspended for a couple of months more and I told them several times that if I didn't call them back to activate and change my membership to other facility, they should cancel it. The guy told me OK, no problem. My surprise was that on March it started again, unfortunately I didn't realize it until June (2 payments).

So when I called, they told me that I had to call the central, and well, looks like that's the extension to hell and useless people, 'cause the lady that tried to help me couldn't do anything. Well at least she canceled my membership, but when I asked for a refund, she told me "no way". When I asked for her supervisor, she put me on hold for 20 minutes and then she said, "she was busy and she will call you back" - that was almost 3 weeks ago.
Do not go to 24 Fitness.

Oh, well I forgot to say that after I saw some 24 Fitness facilities on San Jose (CA) and, well, the Santa Rosa one where I used to go was kind of ordered and kind of clean, but in comparison to the ones in San Jose, was like a 5 stars hotel. The water on the SJ pool was almost yellow/green and there was some brown stuff floating on the Jacuzzi, and so on.

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