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Employees Are Trained to Harass and Belittle Customers!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
EUFAULA, ALABAMA -- I've just had the worst experience ever the Eufaula, AL Arrons store!

Nicole, a rude and incompetent employee in that store, is very unprofessional and disrespectful; she made me feel more like a criminal, rather than a valued customer! Her customer service skills are non-existent and she lacks the ability to calm down angry customers; my issue was not resolved at all, instead it was escalated. Had I been a mystery shopper, she would have failed miserably!

There are serious communication issues in this store. You can't take one employees' word for something, because the other employees won't know anything about it! For instance, the "Principle" there (Ross) told me that I could pay this month on the 15th, but no one else got that memo. Because of that, all month long my friends and I have received daily calls regarding a supposed late payment, even though Ross told me that it was OK to pay on the 15th. When I confronted him today about it, he said that he did not say that (even though there were two witnesses there at the time that can easily prove this wrong). So as you can see, Aarons employees are liars and they do not communicate with other employees.

Ross, my husband, and I have a big conversation last month about the issue of the payment due date, but there was no record of it on my file. So this month, I was harassed for a week by their employee Nicole. I called her on the phone, spoke to her, and explained my side of the store; yet, she still continued to call me everyday after that! I don't know why since I had already talked to her; there was nothing else left to say! Also, during that phone call, she told me that she didn't have my phone number, which is why she had kept calling my references instead of me. Then the day after that call, I started to receive daily calls from her. Not only that, but I was receiving calls on TWO different numbers from her! I thought she didn't have my phone number though? Again, another lie.

So today, I went in to return the computer that I've had for only two months; I used a coupon to get one month free. The computer is just not worth the stress, harassment and aggravation caused by the Aarons staff. Granted, yes I was a little harsh to Nicole in-person - I admit that, but I was also very upset and fed up with her antics! Surprisingly, she was rude right back to me and especially to my husband! Instead of being professional and trying to make the situation better, she made it 10 times worse.

To make matters worse, she told me that I hadn't made a payment at all on the computer since I had it, even though I had paid last month along with a late fee! Ross was right there to verify that I did indeed make a payment. So again, here goes the miscommunication. Besides, I really don't believe that Aarons would let someone keep a computer 2 months for free. Obviously I did make a payment, else they would have came to recoup it weeks ago.

In all honesty, the Eufaula store is just a HOT MESS. If the communication issues and unprofessional manners in that store are not fixed ASAP, you're going to lose a lot more customers. This type of treatment and service is just unacceptable and uncalled for. I am going to tell everyone I know to NOT do business with Aarons. Additionally, I will NEVER do business with any Aarons store every again!
Resolution Update 02/14/2014:
It's over and in the past. MOVING ON!
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User Replies:
Nohandle on 06/12/2013:
I'm just a bit confused here. I understand you had a coupon for the first month free. Did you ever make any other payment?
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How Aaron's Rent to Own is losing a Loyal customer
Posted by on
DURANT, OKLAHOMA -- Two years ago I purchased a new Philips 46 inch LCD flat screen with ambilight from Aaron's rent to own, store location Co528, Durant, Oklahoma. The store and the TV were great, I had a few payments left on it and it began to have playability issues. At this time it was still under Philips's warranty. Aaron's came and took the TV. Two weeks later they brought it back and said it was repaired. Well, it wasn't, so they loaded it back up and sent it back to their repair center, which is in Oklahoma City. Another two weeks go by and they brought it back, we hook it up, NOT REPAIRED! So they took the TV back to their store where it sat for 1 month. At this time the Aaron's store was having store manager issues and my TV was forgotten. After another week I called and the service employee handling my set decides to send it to a private repair center, where they had it for over a month. No one calls. I called the store and talked to the new store manager and he had no idea that my TV had been sent off 3 times. So I personally call the repair store, after getting the name from the tech at the durant location. I talk to him he said "well I haven't got to look at it." Now it has been 1 month and 20 days. I let him know what the issue is with the TV. He said he would look at it. Three more weeks go by. No one calls. I had to call. I now been without the TV for 2 months, that only had two more payments, (over 2200.00),and no one has a clue why it is taking to long to get it replaced. So I found the name of the head of the Store management positions corporate located in NewYork. I call him and he is outraged that no one has done anything about the TV. He told me to call the Aaron's hotline. The next morning I get a call from the Regional manager oF Aaron's for my area. I tell him the situation. I tell him that some repair center in Howe, Texas, has my TV. He says give me a couple of days and I will get back to you. 1 week goes by and of course no call. So I call and find out the store had picked up the TV and had sent it back to Oklahoma c
City repair center and that the TV was deemed not repairable and that Aaron's was sending me a used TV of a similar quality. I then advised them that the TV was still
under manufacturers warranty when brought in, and that I hoped that their service guys were Philips certified reps. He, regional manager, said oh yeah they are. I asked why is Philips not the ones replacing the TV due to their warranty. He, regional manager didn't have an answer for that. Now it has been 4 months. Philips deemed the set not repairable and sent Arrons a credit. Now this only took 1 WEEK.(first of September)for Aaron's to get the credit. I personally spoke to the Philips area Manager out of California, and he said the credit was issued. For 4 1/2 weeks Aaron's had the credit in their system and I am still without a resolution. Now it has been 5 months, that I have been without a TV that I paid over $2200.00 for. NOT ONCE was I ever called in this 5 month time where I did not have to instigate the call. I had to instigate every contact made. So I called the regional manager and asked why it was taking so long to get the credit because I know Aaron's has had it for 5 weeks. He then lets me know that he has to look at the price of the credit, because he doesn't want to hurt the store, and screw them out of a new TV or their profit margin(HIS EXACT WORDS), he had the gaul to say I need to be fair. I could not believe he was telling me this, but I didn't raise my voice or anything. I was told yesterday that a credit was issued for $999.99 for the TV they scrapped. I remained calm. I then called and asked the store manager, since we have had so many problems, could we use the credit toward a new TV, and that since we have been very understanding and calm about this foolish way that Aaron's has handled this situation, to offer the TV at the employees discount. The store manager said I am surprised you are even thinking of continuing business with Aarons. I told him well we have used Aarons to purchase most of our household furnishing, and we like doing business with this store, until this it has been quite enjoyable. The store manager told me, I don't have a problem with that, I think its only fair. Let me run it by the regional manager, and I am sure he will think the same. Well let me tell you what he had to say. "I will not lower the regular retail price, no discount! under no circumstances". I cannot believe after all that I HAD TO DO to get the TV looked at by Philips so their warranty would handle it, he wasn't even offering some help. I don't want a free TV. I'm just upset that I have paid the Aaron's company $2200.00 for a 999.99 TV and the regional manager is afaid of losing money. I would sure hate the owner of the Aaron's Corporation to find out this employee is losing good, loyal customers over a 450.00 discount, that is the difference between the employee and retail price, after making a full 100% profit on the one before and I don't even have it. The regional manager doesn't even realize if he would have treated us with SOME COMMON COURTESY, we would be right back in that store in less than a month buying our daughters bed. I see the commercials with the Owner of Aaron's on TV and I find it really hard to believe if he knew this was happening, the result wouldn't be different. I have yet to receive any acceptable remedy to this situation.
Resolution Update 10/11/2010:
Its amazing when the right people are called and a poor review is posted. Within less than 24 hours of writting this review. Aaron's has notified me that they are on their way to another store to pickup my new Philip's 46 inch tv, and at no cost. I cannot believe this took so long to remedy,but with the right call was closed in a matter of hours. Thanks Aaron's you still have my business.
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User Replies:
idontthinkso on 10/11/2010:
Yup.. sounds like people to avoid doing business with.. I don't partake in rent-to-own.. but thanks for warning people who might!
Anonymous on 10/11/2010:
I had a similar situation with our tv and a pixel problem. When they take it in for repair, you might as well kiss it goodbye! I'll NEVER do business with them again. Period.
idontthinkso on 11/26/2010:
Rent-to-own is still a scam, but you went into it willingly. The least they could do is follow their printed policies. Good for you!
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Customer Harassment
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ARCADIA, FLORIDA -- I've been renting from your company for quite some time now and I have a washer and dryer that I am renting from ya. I have constantly been harassed from your manager from your employees from everyone that works there. They call my job several several times a day, they have come to my job. I am so tired of the harassment issues being harassed at my home at eight nine ten o'clock at night phone call after phone call blowing up my phone with voice mails and calls and its crazy its ridiculous and I am NOT going to stand for it.... I have only three payments left maybe two and they act like I'm going to run off with the washer and dryer I have never ever been harassed so much in my life and I am 43 years.... if this is how you run a business I don't want any part of it and my friends will know my family would know everyone will know how y'all are...

I will never ever read anything else from your company again never cause I've never been harassed I have been to the point to where I was going to file harassment charges against your company..... I am very certain that I'm not the only one out there that y'all have a raft I have a friend of mine who told me she got a computer from y'all it messed up you were supposed to have warranty on it to change it out or fix it and you never did anything for her and she is my best best friend and she told me that I should have never ever rented from y'all I really regret having any kind of contact business doing business anything with your company....

Very unhappy and dissatisfied customer of yours...... Marilyn Murphy!!!!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/01/2013:
If your state has stalking laws let them know clearly that you will have them arrested if they physically harass you at work/home. Notify the police that you are being stalked.
jktshff1 on 07/01/2013:
Are you late with payment?
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Rude, Abusive and Total Ripoffs
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WINNIPEG -- I rented a set in which they told me there was only one piece of the sectional in store, but I would receive the other parts in two weeks!!! 3 months went by with no other pieces!!

Also they said my piece was new! When they brought it to me it had a really strong odor.

I asked them why it smelled and they said it was a new couch smell??? I was like I don't think so!! I asked if it was new... They said it only sat out on the lot for 3 days!!!

I asked another sales representative at a different time and they told me three months it was on the floor!!!

So it was USED! I couldn't figure out the smell... I asked them to return the couch and get something different! So, I did and they didn't transfer my payment over from the other couch even with all the complications!! And, it turns out there were bedbugs on the couch and I didn't figure it out until a month later when they had already transferred it into my home!!!

It's awful and disgusting furniture there!! People return furniture all the time and probably are infested with bedbugs!!!
SO gross and unprofessional!

Don't rent from them it's unbelievably unprofessional!
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User Replies:
Ari on 06/01/2012:
I agree bni1126. Aaron's rentals is a place to avoid. I'd rather sit on the floor than rent from there.
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Verbally Sexually Harassed By An Employee In My Own Home While They Were Delivering Merchandise
Posted by on
WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA -- Hi I have been with Aarons for a little over a year now. I had a washer and dryer made by Maytag. I owed a little over 600.00 on it and I also had a lr suite which I was letting go back anyway as of the new year b/c I was given a lr suite from a family member that was like new. I didn't have the furniture long but to get to the point in the beginning of Aug. 2008 my washer stopped spinning out on cycles so Aaron's sent a Maytag repair man to my home to repair it. He fixed a belt that broke and 2 1/2 weeks later they were back out for the same problem again except for there also was a motor that needed replaced to b/c the washer would not spin out at all. It ended up leaking water out the sides of the machine so when I called Aarons and spoke to the manager he said he was going to make it right and order me a new machine and bring me a loaner for in the mean time, well 1 1/2 weeks went buy and still had no loaner or new machine but my payments were being paid on time to. so when I called and asked for the manager he said the machine never came on the truck on Tuesday and he would reorder one for me.I was informed by another employee there that they forgot to order the new machine.

In the mean time they brought me a piece of CRAP for a loaner and I had that for a week. The delivery guys brought me a new washer but instead of using a dolly they banged it around in the back of the truck and dropped it on the ground but they still put it in my home, I went to use it and it would not work what a surprise! So I called the manager at Aaron's again he said they would credit me 2 weeks on my payments for the problems and I also wanted to let him know what all happened in my home while they were delivering the washer, while they were bringing the washer in my home the one employee sexually harassed me verbally over and over again in front of my two small children.

I asked him why he was not using a dolly to unload the washer and he replied to me with "I don't have to use a dolly I get enough exercise at night in bed" and he was also pumping his hands and waist in and out like a sexual position but it continued from there he told my 5 yr old daughter he was going to take all his cloths off for your mommy. A few minutes later we heard him yell to his help "hey watch my left nut I need that for tonight and he laughed about it" I called and reported this to his boss but nothing has been done about it. I had to get a new phone number b/c he had our # and was calling from a cell phone and hanging up on my husband and me and it was happening at all hours at night so I got the police involved about it and found out he was using a personal cell phone not the company's cell phone. So the point is b/c I would not give Aaron's my new home number they took all my items and we were going to pay the washer/dryer off in January but that did not matter they said if they didn't have my home number I couldn't keep the items. but they have my cell number and my work number and my husbands numbers. But do you think I have heard anything from them nope I haven't yet. And the guy is still working for them and that was why I didn't want to give the new # out he would only get it again and it would cost another 60.00 to request another number.

If I don't hear from the owner of the Williamsport store I am going public about this matter and also going to put a article in the Williamsport Sun-gazette as well. When I get done with them they won't have to worry about having to deal with customers b/c they won't be in business. I am asking for the money I paid on the washer and dryer back I did not want to get rid of it that was not in the plans so there for I feel if they don't want this publicized they will compensate me for all the problems and emotional stress of worrying about all this 2 days before Christmas and return me my money I paid on the washer/dryer unit they are the ones who wanted it back not me!!!!!

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User Replies:
bargod on 01/08/2009:
He sounds like a real creep.I'm betting he gets tons of complaints. Why stores don't get rid of guys like this I'll never know.
madconsumer on 01/08/2009:
I would like to hear the other side of this story.

"In the mean time they brought me a piece of CRAP for a loaner and I had that for a week."

at least they DID bring you a loaner, and offered two weeks free. their policy is, it is required for all customers to have 'all' telephone numbers listed.

as far as the calls from the dude. did it occur to you to simply not answer the phone? did you file a police report?
Anonymous on 01/08/2009:
I am not an attorney but this does seem very close to violating federal privacy laws. An employee of AAron's is using a consumers private information for non business related activities. Since AArons has been informed of the actions of one of their employees and not corrected the problem I would believe that Aaron's could be held legally responsible. I don't like recommending legal action usually but you may want to address this with legal council. Good Luck
spoiledroten31 on 01/08/2009:
for the two who said about a police report I did do that and they owe me money back b/c I paid monthly on my account for my washer/dryer which was over 200.00 a month and this happen 1 day after my payment was pd and as far as thephone numbers I was told that as long as they have one working number that is all that matters and they had three other numbers. but thank you for your feed back but it really doesn't bother me what you have to say but maybe some day you'll be in my shoes and the sexually harssment thing will be a big deal that should have never happen by one of their employees in my nown home infront of my 2 small children, so don't reply back being ignorant until it happens to you or your family if you have one OK.And to mtn453 the corporate office of aaron's wanted me to go onto this site and make a complaint thank you for not caring b/c people with your ignorants I don't choose to bother within life anyway. And to dealerdirect I do have a attorney and thank you for your feedback it was helpful.
bargod on 01/08/2009:
"I would like to hear the other side of the story" I hear that so much on this site. Can't we just sometimes take what the OP has to say for granted and not assume it's all a big lie?
JC get over here and start flogging people.
Anonymous on 01/08/2009:
bargod, best answer!

..as soon as Sheriff gives me the 'go ahead' the floggings shall begin..
spoiledroten31 on 01/08/2009:
you go ahead and get the otherside b/c he already admitted what he did to the police I have no reason to lie I have the police report not anybody else
bargod on 01/08/2009:
Ease up there, spoiledroten. I'm on your side.
Starlord on 01/08/2009:
If you spoke to the delivery men as you have spoken to my friends, I would make you miserable, too. Your posting makes almost no sense at all, and I get the feeling English is not your mother tongue. I would be willing to bet your poor communication skills combined with a snotty attitude brought about retaliation from the guy. The way you blew off the suggestion about the police says a lot to me.
spoiledroten31 on 01/09/2009:
first of all no one deserves to be talked to like that by any means. I am a married woman with two children and I was made contact the police by the employees supervisor they said I needed a police report and a statement from him which I got and he was in wrong in ever way. Do you think I liked the fact that my 5 yr old daughter had to questioned in a room by herself with an officer, no I didn't. And second of all it was not poor communications I work as a nurse and I'm around people all the time I have very good communications skills and you don't know me so please don't judge me b/c I did not ask for him to do what he did and say what he did to me in my own home he told the officer that questioned him he would have never done it if my husband had been there so what does that tell you about him. I am not a snotty person I would do anything to help anybody out.I'm not trying to sound rude to anybody or towards anyone I am really upset that people want to judge me but yet he admitted to his boss and the police that he was wrong but yet I'm the bad person and I did nothing wrong. What would you have done if it was you or someone you knew?
spoiledroten31 on 01/20/2009:
just wanted to update everyone the employer who did this is no longer working at arrons I just found out this morning.
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Worthless Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORTER, TEXAS -- I got a tablet and a TV from there 2 years ago at first we had to fight about our payment because twice a month they would ask for 200 dollars Instead of once a month do at the end of every month they were at my house demanding money from me even if I already paid it that month. After that was fixed my tablet got stolen on Easter filed. A report with the police and have it to Aarons. Lost my job so I gave my TV back because I couldn't make the payments....... Now 2 years later they call everyday they are filing. Theft on my for the tablet. So ready to get a lawyer and take these people to court. The tablet was stolen 2 years ago you have the police report DON'T USE AARONS.
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Rude, abusive and total ripoffs
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WINNIPEG -- I rented a set of which they told there was only one piece of the sectional in store but I would receive the other parts in two weeks!!! 3 months went by with no other pieces!!
Also they said my piece was new! When they brought it to me it had a really strong odour.
I asked them why it smelled they said it was new couch smell???
I was like I don't think so!! I asked if it was new... They said it only sat out on loot or 3 days!!!
I asked bother sales representative a different time n they told me three months it was on floor!!!
So it was USED! N I couldn't figure out the smell... I asked them to return the couch n get something different! So I did n they didn't transfer my payment over from the other couch even with all the complications!! N it turns out there was bedbugs on couch n I didn't figure it out until a month later when they had already transferred into my home!!! It's awful n disgusting furniture there!! People return furniture all the time n probably are infested with bedbugs!!!
SO gross n unprofessional! Don't rent from them it's unbelievably unprofessional!
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User Replies:
TLSmith on 06/01/2012:
trmn8r on 06/01/2012:
If you are renting furniture, it has spent time in the homes of others by definition, no?
BigAl on 06/01/2012:
trmn8r> AArons is one of those places that rent to own. They rent new furniture and appliances. They also will sell or rent used items but they are supposed to make known to the consumer the product has been previously used.
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Never rent from Aarons in Winnipeg Manitoba Cavalier address
Posted by on
WINNIPEG MANITOBA -- Aaron's Rent to Own in Winnipeg is the biggest fraud ever. They kept on giving us used furniture instead of new. It took them forever to get us the items promised and then in the end we never received the items that we were supposed to get. The staff was abusive and rude the whole time and no one seemed to know what was going on. Over a period of 3 months we kept asking for our couch and tables, we went from getting old used show room items to a new couch that was obviously not new (it was torn and had stains on it). They were rude once they had our money and kept on giving excuses as to where our furniture was. They told us our set had been sold to someone who paid upfront with cash. Our half now half on delivery was not good enough. In the end we never did get all our furniture and they will not receive the rest of their money. Good luck if they try to collect. I also have talked to the police about this situation and a lawyer. The abusive treatment from their manager and staff is still ongoing and my lawyer is going ahead with charges against the company. Good luck if you have a rental already. I would return it and get away from them as fast a I could.
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 11/23/2010:
That darn Mikey
Jay on 08/13/2013:
I have am dealing with Aarons rental on Ellice the staff there has been great no issues and all my furniture,tv. Have been bran new. As for payment at Aarons payments do have to be up front when putting in a order. Bad service is at Rent all super centre on McPhillips and Jarvis.
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Poor customer service
Posted by on
We have leased merchandise from Aarons in the past. We decided to Lease a LCD TV from Aarons. Per our contract we are entitled to two (2) payment holidays. These are not exactly holidays meaning you own nothing. According to the contract you pay half of the monthly payment, and the other half is put on the last part of your loan, some holiday. Anyhow, that is the contract we signed. One particular month we choose to take a payment holiday. It's noteworthy that the payment holiday paragraph states that utilizing this option will not put you in default, make you late, or generate a late fee of any kind.
The following month we could not make our payment on time, we were going to be two weeks late. The way Aarons usually handles this, at least the last 5 years we were customers) is to drop off a post dated check, when we attempted to do this a manager told us he would not accept payment, we should borrow money from relatives or go to Amscot. We told him we would never do that. He could either wait the two weeks for payment or arrange to have the TV picked up. He also informed us that because we took the payment holiday last month we were a month and a half behind! I told him that was not correct. We argued this fact but got nowhere. I re-viewed my contract and it does state that we should not be a month and a half behind. Today in the mail we get a letter from Aarons asking for payment, telling us we were current through the first of this month, so much for being a month and a half behind, that manager totally lied to us.
I am now waiting for the other manager to decide to either wait the two weeks for full payment from us or come get this TV. But I will not be bereated by that manager ever again.
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Rip-Off Company
Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- There's one word that describes Aarons sales & Lease "Crooks" They have you sign a lease agreement stating one thing and later on say another. Anytime you asked how much is left on your payment they never know all they tell you is how much they think you've paid which is never the truth. There customer service sucks and they have brainless managers running the store. They never want to do as told for example if they are supposed to come out and pick up a payment they won't come out then they'll wait the following week and run a card doesn't even matter if its the owner of the merchandise card they don't care about that they just go ahead and run whatever information they have available "WITHOUT" the persons authorization even if you make a payment to them two weeks later they'll run your card again they will call morning noon and night come out and try and break your door down as if they haven't already received a payment and when you tell them that your check has been garnished for an inflated amount to Aarons they call you a liar and say you're just making things up then they are quick to come out and pick up your merchandise then when all along they know they've received the payments from the bank its even worst when you give them a cash payment and they tell you they have no recolation of a cash payment they just pocket the money and I guess claim that's what you owe them for coming out and while there leaving there saying my job is on the line because you're not wanting to pay on time which is a bunch of bull the thing that matters most is when you have family and bills to take care of and you can't because your whole check is going to Aarons every two weeks when the payment only cost under two hundred dollars once a month this company really sucks their the only ones winning in the long run because while you're throwing away your hard earned money they're making money off of you and getting there on merchandise back at the same time its best just to not be impatient and get rental furniture and just go to a furniture store and purchase furniture its even sad for the less fortunate who get arrested behind Aarons crooked ways I think the company and its workers need to have a special place burning in hell.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/23/2009:
Somebody missed their period.
PepperElf on 08/23/2009:
yeah I only see 2 of them.

I'm not going to bother reading any letter where the letter writer doesn't try to make it readable.
ticia232 on 08/23/2009:
"They never want to do as told for example if they are supposed to come out and pick up a payment they won't"

I stopped attempting to read it after that. I didn't know about any business that you could tell what to do and they had to do it. Or a rental company that will come out to you and pick up the payment I thought that was on the person who was renting to go to them and pay.
Ghost of former member on 08/24/2009:
Somewhere, an English teacher is crying.

I agree with Pepperelf. I am not even attempting to read letters like this anymore. Just like I ignore letters in all caps, I will ignore these as well.
Skye on 08/24/2009:
I'm crying.
RedDazes on 08/26/2009:
I weep for humanity. Things like this just strengthen my resolve to become an English teacher. I will BEAT punctuation into people if it kills me!
old fart on 08/26/2009:
I think there should be a special place burning in hell for people who write letters as badly as this!
Anonymous on 08/26/2009:
This should go into Guinness' as the longest sentence ever.
Anonymous on 08/26/2009:
I second what Ticia232 said.
jktshff1 on 08/26/2009:
Nope, long way from it.
# 1,287 words - The Guinness Book of World Records has an entry for what it claims is the longest sentence in English, from William Faulkner's novel Absalom, Absalom! containing 1,287 words.
# 12,931 - The last section of James Joyce's Ulysses, Molly Bloom's soliloquy, consists of two sentences. The first one is 11,281 words long, and the second is 12,931 words long.
# 13,955 - In 2001 Jonathan Coe had a 13,955-word sentence in his novel, The Rotters' Club.[4]
# 2,403,109 - A single sentence spans Volumes 16, 17, 18 and 19 of Nigel Tomm's absurdist work The Blah Story. [5]. Most of this sentence consists of repetitions of the word "blah". Volume 19 consists mostly of a single 3,609,750-letter word, itself an agglutination of many previously known long words.
# 3,000,000 - Mark Leach’s Marienbad My Love, marketed as the world’s longest published novel in English, features a sentence that contains about 3 million words of the 17 million-word book.[6][
BokiBean on 08/26/2009:
All those rental places are nothing short of a ripoff. I'm sure if your check was garnished you know that by now.

And anytime you're making cash payments (for anything!), get a receipt!!
KBurn on 06/27/2010:
Wow. How to respond to that run-on sentences? It was hard to read but I felt compelled to get through it and comment. Hopefully, I have the concept of her tirade, but here is the rebuttal.

1)Rent-to-own companies fill a particular niche in society. Some people have bad credit, through their own fault, or perhaps not. Some people would rather try before they buy it. Some people want something new every year, I.e. furniture. This is the reason rent-to-own exists. Is it more expensive, yes no doubt there, but it is a choice. I explain it like this, one can pay $1.50 for a 20 ounce cola, cold from the convenience store..or you can buy a 2-liter soda for the same price in a grocery store. You choose either pay all now, or lease it over time. The lease comes at a price, usually 50 percent of the lease payments over the term of the lease.

2)We are not credit counselors nor are we trained to be. People come in looking for the big 60" TV with a furniture group, and they look at one thing usually, the monthly payment. They say, "Well, we can afford this, it is only $99.99 a month for the furniture and $99.99 for the TV for 24 months". With taxes and insurance that is 118.50 per $99 agreement making it $237 a month for 24 months. That's a car payment people, and most people I know sometimes struggle to make that car bill and hate it like a plague. I know that I do, so I choose to have used furniture and a 32" TV. People aren't thinking about the incidentals like sickness, school clothes, etc. We are a society that doesn't really budget well, or spend our cash well either.

3) People call wanting to know how much is left on their agreement. I answer in two ways. First I tell them they have "12 payments of $118.50" or they can buy out for "X" dollars today saving lease fees. The amounts are different because if you pay out early, you don't pay the 50% going to the lease, plus insurance. This is where most people get confused, and it is because they are told two different prices depending on what amount is asked for. Not a rip-off, just mathematics.

4) The only time a payment can be made from a credit card is with the card holder's consent. We obtain this through a Credit Card Authorization we keep on file stating the amount and when it will be debited. The only time it is run on a different date is when a Sunday(if closed) or a Holiday occurs. In our case we run it the next business day, which is clearly stated on the Authorization. My question to the author is, why would you use another person's card to pay on YOUR bill? Should we check every time you put a card in front of us that it is you? Yes, we should. If they don't, they will have problems later.

5) Coming by in the middle of the night. In our business we come by between 8AM-9PM. We follow the Fair Debt Collections Act, but are we bound by it?? No, we're not. We are a 1st Party Collector, not a 3rd party collector. The FDCA was made so that those collectors calling to collect on old medical bills, etc. couldn't harass you. We follow it because it is the right thing to do, not because the law requires it. What do you consider harassment? The scenario usually starts like this. We call to remind you that a payment was due yesterday..no response. We call for a few days..no response. Well, after 4-5 days we will come to your home. I tell my customers communication is everything. Most people don't call because they don't have the money. That is when YOU SHOULD CALL! Otherwise we will come by your home, call your references, etc. if you do not communicate with us. Are you in the hospital? Moved away? Deceased, heaven forbid it. We come by to help, not harass. At least that is my philosophy. Yet what do I get when I try to come to help? An unanswered door, angry shouts of "Why you coming to MY house!" "I'm going to pay you Friday!" Well, if you would've called..I wouldn't have come. Logic people. Now I will come to your job as a last resort, but I am discreet, taking off my ID so as not to embarrass you, but I must contact people. I do have a job, and it what I due to get paid.

5) We cannot garnish wages, we aren't the IRS or the court. We will take you to court if you refuse to pay us and additionally refuse to return the merchandise. Remember you are leasing the merchandise, when you don't make a lease payment, you terminate the lease. Read the contract and you'll see that part. We want customers for life and I have had people return merchandise and then have it delivered in a month or two and then pay it off. We understand and can help in the hard times, we're not mindless robots wanting money.

6) People choose rent-to-own because it is convenient and they get what they want. I am sorry people cannot seem to read a contract before they sign it, or not bother to pay attention when it is being explained to them. We are a business, different from others, but a business..with rules. Some of us are unprofessional, but name a business where EVERYONE is trained and performs their job 100% correct all the time. I cannot think of one.

Lastly, I am in Accounts Management..Collections for you laypersons. I am one of the "BAD PEOPLE" calling you about your account. Perhaps, just maybe, if you answer the phone, talk like a human being, listen as much as you talk, you can have a great experience with a rent-to-own company. Smarten up, weigh your choices, and choose wisely.

Burlington, NC
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