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Great service!
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Rating: 5/51

EUGENE, OREGON -- I've checked just about every company on this site, and it seems like this site is just a complainer's paradise. The average rating for any of these businesses seems to be 1 star. Well, my husband and I learned about ACN from a church member friends whom we know and love, and we love it! LOVE IT! We had T-mobile and the service was awful. Customer service went very downhill since I signed up with them 10 years ago.

When I bought my house outside of town we only had access to WI-FI calling (and not very good Wi-Fi either because CenturyLink can only provide us 1.5 Mbps out here) but we still had to pay $120 for T-Mobile service. We powered through it for a year before ACN. When our friends came out to our house she had perfect reception! Full bars! She explained when I was stunned, (honestly) everything she paid into it to get a store. She didn't push, coerce or lie to me.

She told me she's currently no longer paying a monthly fee for her phone because she's added some friends and family. She also ran through the cost of starting and maintaining a store if I ever decide to open one. And then she offered to do a presentation if I decided I wanted to. She left the ball totally in our court. My husband (who couldn't get Wi-fi on his phone, or service out at our home) switched first to test the waters.

It's been a month now and he has had reception everywhere we've gone. His phone works better than mine now, and I find myself using his instead of mine. Oh how the tables have turned. I have already called to switch out our internet service. Since I'm paying full price at CenturyLink for high speed and only able to get 1.5 Mbps. It's the same price, same speed, but comes with a landline house phone, and gives us one additional service to add to our list for our discounted cell phone.

Perhaps we are pleased because we were not expecting to run a business. We are not expecting to receive something without working for it. Perhaps we are happy because we were not lied to and deceived by our so-called friends who are trying to manipulate us so they can get free services or money. Whatever the case, we are very happy. As soon as I can trade my phone over to a Verizon version of my phone, I'll be switching my service over to ACN also, and I'll be able to escape the clutches of T-mobile.

Super Service - No Pressure and Perks as Well
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Rating: 5/51

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- Not even sure how I found this site. But I noticed that there were a lot of challenges. For me, it has been great. A friend asked if I was interested in saving some cash on the bills I am paying already. I was intrigued so I said yes. He came over and we got online and he showed me his store, working in 21 countries. So, we go into a spot where it shows what's available where I live and there is phone and internet, cell phones and TV. At least that is what I was interested in. I signed up for the digital phone and internet right away and they have been working for me now for the last 4+ years, never a problem with service, bandwidth or billing.

What I really like most about these is the two programs ACN has for these products. When I referred some folks to the Internet and phone services, once 5 of them signed up for them, my services are now free. I have not seen that deal anywhere else. But the one I like the most is when the bill comes each month, showing $0.00 owing, ACN takes a bit of their profit and pays for a meal for a hungry child right here in the USA. I can say they pay for it because this program started two years ago and as I have been a Customer for over 4 years, the cost of my services has not increased since the start of this program. I think it is called Project Feeding Kids.

Next was my cell phone. They have a page where you put in the model and plan you want and then you get the pricing from like 6 companies all at once so you can compare and choose the one that is the least expensive, has the most internet per month or whatever you want. It was so easy to make a choice. And now they have the same referral program for cell phones. I only need two more referrals and my cell will be free too. And I am not a representative for the company. I never paid no $500 to start my own business. But since these services have been really no-brainer choices, I am thinking about talking to my representative about starting up.

What ACN Really Is.
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Rating: 5/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Here is my honest Opinion about ACN. First when you join, you are starting a business, not a job. If you can't make the distinction, don't join. Second this is not a get rich quick scheme, if you think it is, don't join. Third, you need to put in the time and effort to make the business grow, also if you aren't investing anything into your business, don't join.

Forth your residual income will be based on how much sales you make 1-10% commission based on your sales. Fifth, the reason why you recruit others is because of the simple fact you can't make $100,000 on sales per month, unless you're a god at selling. Sixth, the reason why your upline will pressure you in the beginning is because they want you to remake your initial startup fee of 499, and they benefit as well.

Seventh and final reason, if you are so influenced by what others say about the company including my review, and can't make a decision on your own, don't join. Personally for me, I think of this company as a way to learn leadership, sales, and life skills. I already remade my investment, and I'm ready to work this business long term.

Be Offered A Beginning Position As A Trainer For A Mere $499 Investment
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Rating: 1/51

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- We were invited to a home in the city by a potential material supplier for my small business who claimed this individual helped him and had ideas that would benefit me. After a 45 minute drive thru Rush Hour Traffic I pulled up in front of stately home. The owner welcomed me and I was ushered into a large den where 7 other people sat waiting for a video presentation featuring an endorsement from Donald Trump. No one knew at that point why they were there.

These were intelligent business owners who were duped into coming as I was. After sitting through the 1/2 hr video and another 1/2 hr of explanation from the trainer it had to be obvious to any intelligent individual that this was just a high end Tupperware type scam. Designed to make the Kool-Aid drinkers wealthy and us suckers poorer. I politely excused myself due to another commitment. All I could think of was the other People and hope they didn't fall for this Pyramid Scheme and the deceitful way I was invited to this home.

Amazing Opportunity
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Rating: 5/51

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a business owner with ACN since December of 2013. When I first started I was working in a corporate sales position and working about 60 hours per week. When I first got started with ACN I was able to build my business part time while being a single mother and working the 60 hours per week. Within 6 months I was able to retire from corporate America and work from home with my 8-year-old little girl. ACN has completely changed my life in more ways than one. Not only has it allowed me to be a work from home mom, but I have also experienced a significant amount of growth in all areas of my life.

ACN has shown me that positive, good, driven, like-minded people are out there. Will everyone be successful? No, just like not everyone is successful in college, pro football, sports etc. It takes a certain mindset and a strong desire to Win in anything in life. Too often we look to blame an industry or a company for our lack of success. However, success is seen with the right attitude, work ethic and desire to truly make a difference. Through ACN I am able to help others be successful and it has been extremely rewarding for me.

I signed up for all the services, identified immediate ROI from my savings alone, tried them out for a bit and then promoted to my family friends and business contacts. ACN provides the environment to win. It is up to us whether we will make the choice to acquire success.

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Rating: 1/51

ALABAMA -- My husband joined ACN to help his son who had been introduced to program by a so-called "friend." We spent $400 we could not afford. Upon joining, after paying money, neither my husband or his son were any longer able to reach the "friend." End result, this "friend" drives an Escalade provided by the company and receives large sums of money because he is toward the top of the scheme, endorsed by Donald Trump by-the-way, while we all scramble just to make our car payments as a result of this fraudulent company with its highly unethical monetary predators.

Terrible, Non Repsonsive Service, Unfulfilled Promises
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Rating: 2/51

CENTENNIAL, COLORADO -- Three scheduled installs never happened as we already had service with CenturyLink. We were told it would be a seamless transfer. When the phone quit working we were told it only would work with their adapter plugged into the router. The router we have is from CenturyLink and is failing, but ACN, even though they were supposed to install a new router refuses to do anything about it. I was told to go out and buy a new one. CenturyLink won't support us anymore since we are no longer directly with them. Four callbacks that never happened. When I did talk to anybody, three people now, they just said "no, we can't help with that". So with the cut in price, the service is also gone.

Overcharged, Kept the Taxes, Difficult to Get Back
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Rating: 1/51

BRANTFORD, ON -- I signed up with ACN from a friend's referral in March 2013. Tired of big companies nickel-and-diming me to death I looked into it. Dude who came told me it was contract for 1 year. I said "no, I'm not signing a contract for a year, what if I don't like it?" He said, "not a problem I'm sure we can make it work. If you don't like it I will take care of it for you." So I agreed and signed on. Paid $114 for modem to run my internet and phone line through. Dude told me I will get $100 Visa card back and really it's all paid for, no loss. Neglected to tell me to register online so I can receive the $100 Visa card before first 48 days are up. So I missed the Visa card. Tick me off.

Our first month of service from ACN was horrific. They said they were using Ma Bell lines and that the switch would be easy, it wasn't. The modem kept dropping and we were left without phone or internet for days at a time. My son's worked it through with an ACN tech on their cell phones and he walked them through a procedure that will reset their modem. Worked for a week, next time we had some rain or wind, boom...lines down again for 3 days before we could get a tech on a phone to help us fix it. We tried resetting the modem, didn't work.

Finally get a tech on the cell phone and he says we need a new modem. Another week goes by and we finally get the new modem, get it set up and internet and telephone working fine. I look at calendar and realize we are paying $38 for internet, $38 for phone and have only been able to use them for 2 weeks out of a month.

So I call and complain that I am being charged full usage when I didn't get usage for half the month. I give them the dates the lines went down, when they got fixed, and I repeat this to two different people until finally I get a credit of $38 on my account. I ask about the taxes and am told that it will forward to my next bill and taxes will automatically be included in the credit. So I wait.

21st of the month is when they take the money from my bank account totaling $86/month. They take $98 this time so I call them up to find out why. Can't get through to them. Every time I am on hold, music playing in background, I get cut off and busy signal comes on. I dialed them three times to get someone and kept getting nothing.

So I go online to the chat feature and finally get someone to talk with. I am wondering who I am speaking with because they don't sound particularly smart and keep giving me the same responses. Nothing is making sense. So I explain the problem...overcharged...not given the credit I was promised and I wanted my money back.

Once I give the chat person the total I was over charged...she says it will come back on my next bill. I say to her, "that's what I was told the last time and you overcharged me an extra $10 for a late fee on a bill that is paid the day after I am invoiced through automatic payments." She keeps repeating the same statement. So I ask her... "Are you a robot?" No answer. I think their chat feature is computer software set up to only respond to specific questions.

Next day I call ACN again, wait on "forget" for 20 minutes until finally a real person comes on. I explain everything again and they say they will credit me the overcharges. I asked about the taxes and say to them, "I don't want the credit on my account because I can't trust them to follow through, I want the credit put back in my bank account just like they take it out. They tell me I will get all my money back and everything will straighten out.

Next week I find a $48.00 credit on my account which is great but what a hassle to get it back. I still don't get the full payment because I was charge the full 86 (supposed to be 43) and then charged an extra 10 bucks for late fee, plus the taxes on all of that. Meanwhile, we are almost 3 months into usage of ACN products. Every month I call and complain to them about my invoicing. No results, just same stuff... "it will be credited on your next invoice" and I am practically yelling into the phone that they keep saying that, but it's not happening.

Fast forward to September. My landlord is selling the house, I got to move and I end up living with a friend. I call to cancel ACN and am told that I will be charged $112.00 for breaking the contract. I argue with them and say I'm not paying it because it's not like I have a choice here. I cannot transfer my account to my friends house so I have to cancel. I get no results from ACN Canada customer service.

I call up my sign-up dude and explain the situation. He says he will look into it. Never heard from him again until I call him up 2 weeks later and ask what is going on. He starts to argue with me that I need to take my account with me and put in another line where I am staying, this will stop the contract breakage. I start to remind him of our conversation at the start of all this and say that he's lucky I stayed on because I didn't get my 100 Visa card either. Anyway...he starts trying to get me to give him my friends numbers so he can bother them with a call, that might stop my cancellation fee. Total **!!! I hang up.

I call ACN and tell them I'm cancelled and not to take anything more out of my account until I get a final bill from them. OMG! They take $46 dollars one week before they are supposed to, then proceed to take another $56 and $48 1 week later. I'm totally pissed now. I call sign-up dude again, start to rave into his ear and tell him I calling Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs Canada if this doesn't get solved immediately. I put it right back into his hands, give him all the data from March onward, the overcharges, the figures I've come up with for taxes charged on late fees I never had, extra charges. I'm freaking on this guy. He says he will take care of it.

Finally I get satisfaction and am told that I will get a $48 dollar credit to my account and that is the end of it. I accept because I'm tired, and don't want to mess around with them anymore. I print off my return shipping label, package their modem and ship it off to them. I mailed it October 14, 2013 Canada post, with signature required and receive an email from Canada post on October 21 telling me ACN received the modem and signed for it October 18, 2013. I'm happy, they are happy, I am walking away from all of this and never using them again.

But wait!!! I get an email end of October saying they haven't received the modem yet. I return the email and give them the tracking number telling them they have it...look around again for it. Nov 12 I get another email stating they have not received the modem and that this was my 2nd notice and they will bill me $65 for unreturned modem. That wasn't hard to clear up as I still had the email from Canada post, which I knew I would need to keep to prove I returned it, and once I got through the lines to a real person, he was personable and helped me clear it up.

My recommendation: ACN is not a good service. There are problems with the modems, the lines don't react well and you get static and noise through the lines. Billing is terrible and I don't think real people actually man the chat lines, if they are real they don't speak English well enough to solve problems efficiently.

They deliberately not mention taxes to you so they can keep the tax after they play with their books and take your charges off and do all kinds of sneaky little things like that. They demand automatic withdrawal, which is always bad and I will never do it again. You have control over what they take out, when and why until its already gone. Then you have to pull teeth to get it back. It's just not worth the mediocre modem and telephone service they provide. They use Bell Canada lines and there is no reason those lines should be that full of static and dropping all the time. It's their equipment. Terrible stuff. I would never recommend them to anyone.

Cheating, Scam of a Company
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Rating: 1/51

PLAINSFIELD, INDIANA -- My son-in-law just started on the side (and was told all this money he would make in commission). He asked me if I would like to try ACN that I would save money on my phone bill each month and all I would need to do is pay $21.19 to sign up. Well I felt it was okay. I was told when I received the equipment to connect to my adapter that I had with Xfinity.

But I noticed that they had me with a new telephone number, of which I didn't feel I could connect at that time due to my husband just passing away and I would be receiving quite a number of calls and it would be impossible for me to contact people with this change. Therefore, I did not connect this adapter at that time. It was on 12/22/14 this equipment was shipped to me and it was received on 12/26/14. It was 1/6/15 my phones were cut off by Xfinity.

I called and they told me there was a request that my phones were changing. I had not contacted Xfinity, but ACN had requested this change without my knowing. The end result was I was without any phone service at all. It was at this time I requested Xfinity to reconnect my phones since I had not authorized ACN to have them to disconnect since I was not using their equipment.

I called ACN to let them know I wanted to cancel. I had already been charged $21.19 on 12/22/14, $35.45 on 12/27/14 and on 1/6/15 $133.35 cancellation fee. They informed me I could not return the unused equipment. Furthermore, as of today 1/26/15 they have the nerve to display a charge of $3.00 in pending status until further charges have been applied. I have no idea what this means since I was unable to talk with a person due to high call volume.

I had already canceled service and they charged me $133.35 for early cancellation fee and it had not even been thirty days. I don't see how they can do this since I was originally told by my son-in-law (who was also new at this) that if it did not work out I could get my money back. I am not blaming him because they pretty much did him the same way. He didn't get his commission check they promised.

I am so tired of dealing with these people who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Is there anything one can do to stop this type of business from going on? I am sure I am not the only one this has happened to. I did not even have 30 days to decide if this was for my situation. Come to find out they were more expensive than Comcast. I am disappointed that we have people who will take advantage of older adults, especially when just lost my husband.

I tried to explain my situation, but they made no exceptions. I feel taken advantage of. This seems to be dishonest. And I would like to make anyone who has been or is approached by a salesperson from ACN to beware and know that if you sign up for their service you will be charged a sign up fee, $21.19, a monthly fee $35.45, and because I canceled service, early cancellation fee $133.35 - all totaling $159.99. As of today 1/26/15, another charge of $3.00 is in pending status on my credit card of which there is no explanation. Unable to reach by phone due to high call volume.

Not For Me
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Rating: 1/51

GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- I really don't want to give ACN a rating because based on my perception of the company, it is not for me. If you have $500.00 to invest in a company and the passion to get others involved in the company's vision, then by all means go for what you know; however, I like to hear all the facts. I don't like when people try to persuade you into doing things without really knowing the plan and then try to make you feel inadequate if you don't see things their way.

Today was my first big training meeting that I attended with someone who initially advised me about ACN. There was one other meeting that I attended, but it was a small informal meeting at; I guess, a mentor's house. Anyway, it seems as though they hype you up for something by always looking on the positive side about things; even getting God involved. Like, it's okay if you don't know a lot of people or if your family lives in another state. We are going to help you anyway.

I'm sorry, I want my own business and I want to make extra money. But to ask me up front to give $500.00 to join and then later after I have invested, you are going to require me to pay additional fees; after giving you my social, credit card and a signed contract. One thing I don't like is pressure and pressure always alerts me to “Stop, don't do it. No, that is a scheme." I want to own a business in something I love and that I can say the risk was well worth it. Also, I don't want to put my friends and loved ones in a compromising situation so that I can see benefits. I don't see their vision.

To me, I see it for what it really is and to be honest, I can afford to invest $500.00 that I knew I was going to get right back because your product sells that well. For that reason, I pass. I am not a sales person. I can't tell people short descriptions of something, I tell them truth.

So, I am going to let them know that they will be purchasing a phone for $30/month, paying $500 for a initial business startup, you will become a customer by purchasing ACN, you will recruit other potential business owners to do the same to start the cycle again, you will tell others about the business but don't tell all the business, you will receive a store front that comes with an online assistant that will cost you $40/month and there are annual fees. Is this something that you would like to do as a business owner?

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