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Terrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

I've been a customer of ADT since 1995. And the service used to be good. Now, I would never recommend ADT to anyone! Stay clear of this company, your house could be burning down and they would put you on hold and an hour later tell you that they could maybe answer your questions the next day or soon after.

ADT has the worst customer service I've ever experienced, and that's saying something. The fire alarm was going off in my house for over an hour while I was on hold and treated very rudely by the support teams. One lady told me it was hard for her to hear me and told me very rudely to go outside since it was kind of hard for her to hear. I live in Iowa, it's freezing, literally. After being hung up on numerous time, being put on hold for whom knows how long, and being told that maybe I should try calling back tomorrow during normal working hours, I was beyond frustrated.

They only started listening after I threatened to call my lawyer, then they suddenly became more amicable. I don't pay that much to be ignored while my house has alarms blaring so loud that I still have tinnitus. Once again, worst service, I'm currently looking to replace them.

Locking consumers into three year contracts after selling your home.
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- This situation took place in Fairburn Georgia in 2009. If you sell your house within a three year window ADT makes not exceptions. For moving to accept another job, after your house is sold. They expect the purchaser to transfer the service in their name or they will harass the previous owner to pay remaining years of the contract, if you do not transfer the service to your new resident. They do not leave room for renting or can no longer afford because of economic hard times!

They will damage your credit reports for non-payment and pay money for collection agencies to force you to pay a 3 year contract for a security system that you no longer have since your house sold! I moved to another city to accept a job after trying to get a job in Atlanta for over 2 years! I can't believe some of things BIG BUSINESS IS ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH! THIS LESSON WAS WELL TAKEN!

Avoid ADT!
By -

Avoid ADT. Buy a dog. Reasons:

1: The alarm system will go off and wake you at night. You will wonder if there really is something to be afraid of, or if it is a fluke. Try getting back to sleep now!
2: Because of the above you won't want to turn the alarm system on at night. You need sleep, right? So you figure the alarm system won't wake you up if it is off. Wrong. If the phone company performs routine maint. at night as they OFTEN do the variation will cause your alarm to go off even if it is turned OFF. Yep!

So you have a system you are paying for but you really don't want to use it because it is annoying and you need your sleep. Time to cancel, right? WRONG. ADT sales people will tell you that the contract is a formality, that if you call ADT and explain your reasons for wanting to cancel they will let you do so. Lies. Plan on getting a lump sum bill if you try to cancel. If you call to try to negotiate, let's say you want to pay half of what they think you owe them. Nope. They want that money and they will turn you over to collections to get it.

They simply do not care about having happy customers. They will lure you in with "free" security equipment and get a contract signed, and after that it is too bad for you. You have been suckered in and you are stuck with whatever service they provide or a nice fat bill if you cancel. Stay away.

Lied to secure contract
By -

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA -- An ADT sales rep from the Pleasanton, CA office got us to sign up for service by promising us a month-to-month service plan which could be cancelled at any time for any reason. "Nothing to lose" he claimed. In a classic bait-and-switch, the sales rep put us on a 2 year plan with a $500.00 early termination fee. We discovered this quite by accident when calling ADT for an unrelated issue. We've spent 6 months trying to work with ADT and talking to countless customer service reps and managers. All are completely unwilling to help us even though they believe we are telling the truth.

One rep was as bold to tell us that ADT is in the business of making money and therefore would not alter our contract. The sales rep who sold us our contract was completely unethical in his sales tactics yet ADT refuses any accountability. Clearly the customer comes last at ADT. We are very frustrated and very disappointed, we expected much more from such a large, well known security firm. If you are considering signing up with a security service, look around as much as possible and by all means avoid using ADT if possible.

Service is bad, system never worked properly, bad customer service
By -

WICHITA, KANSAS -- ADT said that I would get a 250.00 rebate back with my installation that I never received. Not to mention it cost 700.00 to have it installed, thought I was signing an 18 month contract, that turned out to be a 3 year contract. Tried to cancel to get final bill, but then again information not disclosed by the customer service representative when I cancelled was that they had to have a 30 day notice before cancelling. Everyone I have ever talked to there in customer service is very uncaring, and rude.

System had not worked right since it was installed, every time I would leave town and turn it on, before I ever left town, I would get calls from them telling me it was going off, therefore causing me to have to turn around and go back to the house, to reset it. Then it would go off while I was gone and they would send the police to check on it, costing me another 25.00 service fee with the city. It is ridiculous and not worth it.

Misleading Customer Service. POOR Service
By -

This is the worst company that I've ever dealt with. They have misled and intentionally misinformed me on numerous occasions. They portray moving your alarm system to a new address as seamless and easy. First I was told that there wouldn't be a charge, then I was told it would be minimal, then it turns into something having to do with "credits", an ADDITIONAL installation fee, an activation fee... and no one would commit to an estimate or verify ANYTHING in writing. I went through so many Depts. and Supervisors that I finally cracked and decided to pay the "Early Termination Fee".

I feel that this money has been obtained through extortion. Why on earth would I continue service for 2 more years if they can't even quote me an estimate charge for changing my address? Initially I'd intended to continue service but this was a terrible experience and I feel as though they WANTED to push me into cancellation. Seems VERY shady... a company that refuses to give a written estimate or even written verification of cancellation. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM.

ADT telling lies to customer
By -

We moved our apartment and before shifting we checked with ADT and they told us you move to your new apartment we will put the ADT apparatus free of charge in new apartment (we specifically checked are we starting... a new agreement they said no -- we confirmed it twice) and then a guy came to our new apartment and made sign a new agreement and told it is only for one more remaining year. We happily signed the agreement then the game happened over and now they say that we have started a new agreement so we have to pay for another 3 years.

Now they have charged for both the old and new apartment (one disconnected ADT service in old apartment and for new service in new apartment) and we have contacted them for 3 months till now they have not refunded us the money. They tell it takes a month to refund the money. Why it takes 1 month to refund the money? If so we have contacted them many times till now we have not received the money back and now they say we have two agreements.

How that is a customer is having two agreements? We were loyal customers thinking that we would like to continue this service for another year even after moving to new apartment now. We are wrong and we feel really frustrated with this company the ADT.

ADT owes me $1035.78 for double billing
By -

ADT contractor / company representative came to our house for installation November 2006. We paid for upgrade. I have all the original documentation of the upgrade done in November 2006. ADT took bank information from my upgrade check and began automatic check withdrawal under the new account (this is illegal) - we did not sign for automatic withdrawal from our checking account. However, still being paid for the old account. So both were being paid.

Now ADT had yet to refund my $1035.78 for the old account. Still getting bills for the old account. However, due mailed payments for old account which has totaled $1035.78 due back to us. We have been trying to get our money over two months. Keep being told it is ready to release and on a manager's desk in Oak Brook Illinois. Still no check and I have even been in contact with the Resolution Department at the home office. Apparently, even the home office cannot get my check from the manager in Oak Brook Illinois.

The contractor / Account Manager who started this fiasco, says--nothing she can do. So, we call and email about 3 to 4 times a week-same response. Additionally, I have left 5 messages for ADT manager (never available) to return my call (within 24-hours - policy). Never happened. So where is my $1035.78?

I need my money back - now!
By -

I read my contract, I abided by my contract and they still screwed me! I specifically check quarterly billing - they decided to take the information from the check I provided for the installation fee and start automatic deductions! Isn't that illegal?! They misused the information on my check - that has to be fraud!

I faxed the requested information over to ADT research department on 12/7/09 to initiate the investigation for a refund of $105.00 in bank fees due to a with draw error on the part of ADT and I was told it would take 30 days for the research to be concluded. On 12/8/09 a supervisor called me back from ADT and confirmed that my information had been received, again letting me know it could take “up” to 30 days. Today is the 8th of January 2010, and I have no refund to my bank account and today is the 32nd day since my information was faxed over and I have no result.

In this economy it is ridiculous that anyone should have to wait 32 days and more to receive what is rightfully theirs due to the negligence of others and I think that people should be aware of the treatment they are to expect when dealing with ADT. When I asked what was taking so long, since I provided the proof for the investigation, I was told there were many others also needing such attention. What a wonderful thing to learn about the company protecting my home.

ADT - Worst Company of the Decade!
By -

ADT is the worst company I have ever done business with. It has been two weeks since they started the install and no one has come back to finish the job! They forgot two of our four bedrooms and we are still not being monitored. I've left a message with a manager and haven't heard back. I've called their many phone numbers and not one single person was able to help answer my one question. No one has any idea what is going on, including me! Everyone should read all over the internet all the complaints from ADT customers - past and present. I'm sorry we didn't find out until it was too late. ~ Sacramento, CA.

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