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Advantage Rent A Car
25 Brae Boulevard
Park Ridge, NJ 07656-0713
1-800-777-5500 (ph)
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Hertz should be ashamed!
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I rented a car from Advantage (owned by Hertz). The person that signed me up was very nice until I declined the insurance coverage. He gave me the keys to a car and pointed out towards the car lot. I had to ask him 3 times what he was pointing out before he said the "the black Camry". When I returned the car, I received the same type of rude treatment from the Agent checking me in. He mentioned that I had not taken the coverage!!! He then added an energy charge to the bill.

Hertz! You have got to be kidding me! I tried to make a reservation with you and you did not have cars available! This was a person trip for me so I did not have access to my work related travel agent. But you can bet from now on I will not be renting anything from Hertz or Advantage. This was the worst rental experience I have ever had! Hertz and Advantage, you really are bottom feeders!

Advantage Ripoff
By -

COLORADO -- I rented a van from DIA Advantage rent a car on July 9, 2009 and returned it on July 11,2009. I was charged for extra days (July 15) and extra miles. The car was chugging and gasping climbing little hills around Boulder and so I took it back a day after and they said they would check it mechanically. Later I got a bill for the wrong date and an extra 100 miles. Unfortunately I gave the paperwork to their manager instead of keeping a copy for myself which would have shown the date of return. My bad. I sent letters to all parties and they just said the computer showed July 15 and that was that. Do not rent from this company!!!

Bate and switch
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I was quoted a rate online of $129 with estimated taxes/fees for a total of $169. When I rented the car there were additional $40 in fees. The taxes and fees were $80, only $40 less than the car rental. When I complained they said I was receiving the rate I was quoted. This was true except they added fees not listed on my reservation. To top this off, they have poor customer service. I was fourth in line and had to wait an hour. They only had two representatives working. It was 11 am. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE SCAM ARTIST. I thought they were reputable because they are owned by Hertz, but they are far from it.

Thieves And Liars
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- I rented a car for a week and when I returned it I forgot my GPS inside it. I know I forgot it in the car because I used it to drive to the drop off destination, Denver airport in Colorado. I called the day after (Saturday morning) and they asked me to call again on Monday because there were nobody in the Lost & Found department. Long story short, on Tuesday they responded my call telling me that my GPS was not there, and since they were unable to have a record of all the people who interacted with the car (received it, cleaned it, etc.), no actions will be pursued to clarify the situation.

Even more they questioned my words, suggesting I was lying, like if I had nothing to do but to call the Customer Service department to make up a story. Not only these guys lie about not having found my GPS, but they are thieves. For sure I forgot it in the car and this is my responsibility, but they stole it and gave me no answers as a Customer. Never deal with them again.

Advantage Rent A Car Tries To Cheat Customer
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- In May I rented a car at Advantage Rent A Car in Salt Lake City with drop-off in Albuquerque. The rental car was damaged before I drove it out of the lot, but I was not aware of the damage. I didn't find out about the damage until I returned the car to Advantage in Albuquerque, where the attendant pointed out the damage to me.

In the Advantage parking area in Salt Lake City the attendant had handed me a piece of paper that stated the vehicle was not damaged, and she asked me to initial it. I told her that I couldn't initial because I hadn't even seen the vehicle. She replied that the car had just been inspected and had no damage, that I should go to the car and inspect it myself, and if I found no major damage I should go ahead and drive the vehicle. I inspected the car and noted that the license plate was bent. I noticed no further damage, but snapped a picture of the front of the car "just in case." The damage is visible in the photo.

My flight had been 2 hours late arriving in SLC, I was already tired, and I had a 4-hour drive ahead of me that night, so I wanted to get going as soon as possible. The parking area was poorly lit, the car was a dark color, the bumper was a dark color, and I didn't see the damage to the bumper. In Albuquerque I disputed the charge that I had damaged the car. I tried numerous times to call an Advantage representative whose name and phone number were given to me, but I could never reach her, and she never returned my calls.

I finally dropped the matter, thinking my explanation had been accepted, but I was wrong. Now Advantage is claiming I owe them $962 for damage that they say I am responsible for. I am certain that Advantage was aware that the damage was there before I rented the vehicle. I learned some lessons the hard way.

  1. NEVER rent from Advantage;
  2. Inspect any rental vehicle with a fine-tooth comb;
  3. Take pictures of the vehicle (and another picture showing other rental cars in the picture to prove that the picture was taken in the company's parking area).
Resolution Update 10/10/2008:

I received a letter from Advantage Director of Loss Prevention stating "I have had an opportunity to review the file in its entirety, and have requested that our third party administrator, Subrogation Management Team close their file down." No apology. Attached was a supposed-email from the Advantage Albuquerque office, which I had never received. The supposed-email stated that my phone number "seems to be disconnected." My phone was not disconnected. The letter thanks me for my "corporation." (Are Advantage employees ignorant, dumb, thieves? Or all of the above?) I later received a letter from Subrogation Management Team Ltd. stating "Please accept this letter as confirmation that the claim brought against you for damage resulting from an accident...was done so in error. This claim has been closed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced." That apology from Subrogation Management Team was nice, but the problem wasn't their fault. The problem was entirely the fault of Advantage Rent A Car. If I had not vigorously fought the Advantage claim, the company would still be pushing me to pay $962. My insurance company was a great help in this matter, demanding among other things, 6 months of prior vehicle history and copies of the rental inspection/condition reports from previous renters.

The Worst Experience I Had With A Rental Car Company
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We rented a car using Expedia for our trip to Orlando, Florida. When we got there we had the surprise to hear that they don't have the car we booked so they offered to give us a sport utility car that cost us $300 more than we already paid. When we asked for other options the guy was very rude and said we can walk if we don't like it. He called the manager (a woman) who was absolutely impolite and made us feel like being on another planet. We ended taking the car they offered because we were with a kid who was very tired. After this horrible experience Advantage is not going to be on my rental car list anymore.

Beware Of Dishonest Advertisements Online!
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- Beware of any ‘special' offers from Advantage! I found a great internet special and ending paying 3x what I was quoted and put up with the worst customer service imaginable. I was flying into Denver, Colorado on a three day trip and needed to rent a car to travel to Breckenridge. I found an internet special from Advantage offering a Spring Break special which would waive the young driver's fee. It was valid in 13 states including Colorado. I booked the car through the link on the website and had no issues. I received the confirmation the day before with a charge showing $0 for the young driver's fee.

When I arrived at the Denver airport I was charged 3X what I was quoted because the Young Driver's fee was not waived. The manager accused me of making up the deal arguing that it was illegal to waive young driver's fees. The following day I called customer service to get the charge refunded. Again, I was greeted by a rude, combative agent that didn't believe the special existed. She almost hung up on me, but I forced her to type in the website. She read the special back to me and then abruptly put me on hold when she read the young driver's fee was waived.

Twenty minutes later she came back the phone to tell me that Denver did not participate in the special. Isn't Denver in Colorado??? Stated specifically in the special? Apparently not… I was told it was my responsibility to verify the specials they offered were actually honored before I traveled. Not giving up, I called once more a few days later hoping to get a better customer service agent. This time, Denver was included in the special, but they couldn't change my charges because the account was closed!!! Moral of the story is… avoid Advantage at all costs!

Beware of Advantage Rent A Car
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I rented a car from Advantage at the Houston Hobby Airport location through Orbitz. It was a two day rental for a total of $62. I waited for nearly 45 minutes to be picked up and taken to the local office. I watched other car companies come by as many as five times during the wait. Things eventually went from bad service to anightmare.

At the office, the employees were rude and less than truthful. I was told that I had a special that was limited to two days and if I wanted to extend for additional days,any additional days would be $50 per day.

I specifically questioned them to make sure that they were not trying to say that if I did extend an additional day, the price for my original two days would also change to the higher rate. They said that was correct, the higher price would only apply to the additional days.

I did extend one additional day. I had a very early flight the third day and had to turn the car in before they opened. I called and ask for instructions on how I would do that. I followed the instruction very specifically.

A month later when my credit card bill showed up, I found an additional $188 in charges above what was supposed to have been charged. I called the office to get an explanation. I was treated rudely and received some vague information, including a claim I had not left the keys, which was absolutley false. They would not work with me at all and I could not get a complete explanation of all the charges.

I worked with my credit card company to have the fraudulent charges removed. I then received a bill from the Advantage Collections office, but the details of all the charges were still not clear.

I called Advantage to try to work with them and after much tribulation finally found they had nearly doubled the price they were charging me for the original two days, they charged me for an additional day because they said they had to have a key made that day, and they were charging me for the supposed missing key.

I furnished information to the collections office that would verify the charges were not legitimate. I was told that they did not care if the charges were not legitimate, they intended to collect the money. If I sent information to them, or requested information from them, they responded with threatening letters to pay them in full, right now.

Two calls to customer service provided no help what so ever. When I tried to talk with someone at a higher level, they would not provide me with any names or numbers. I was just told to call the collections office again.

Save yourself some nightmares and avoid Advantage. It is one of the smaller companies and it should continue to get smaller if it is going to depend on fraud to increase revenue.

By -

When you rent a Advantage Rent a Car in Dallas, there is construction outside their office. You drive through the construction, there is no place to pay the Dallas toll unless you have an electronic account with the Dallas tollway. You get a $.75 fine, plus $25.00 fine and then Advantage, lazy, stupid company that they are turns it over to VMS, which adds $40 to it, so a $65.75 billing, for a toll you never had a chance to pay. They turn your credit card information over to VMS, a collection agency, so they Advantage could have done the billing for the $25.75 but no, they are lazy and cause you to incur another $40.


Hope they have a car for you
By -

I reserved a car online at their WEB site 2 weeks in advance.
When I arrived at San Jose airport, I was told they had no
cars and I would have to wait 1 - 2 hours for a car to show up.
They claimed they did not have 1 single car available.
I canceled on the spot and had to get a taxi or miss my meeting.
Advantage acted like they were the ones put out.
Stay away from these guys!

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