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Affordable Dentures
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Kinston, NC 28504 USA
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The Absolute Best Dental Office Anywhere
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Rating: 5/51

CARTERSVILLE, GA, GEORGIA -- I want to praise the Cartersville Ga Affordable Dentures office. The dentist, Dr. **, is absolutely Spectacular. I had one of those Complicated Tooth extractions because a bottom tooth broke off at the gum line and right in the front of my mouth. I immediately went to this office and they explained what they could do. I chose their recommendation and extremely happy I did. It is so nice to have a dentist and staff that you can trust to be honest with you. She had to pull that Complicated Tooth extraction and she did it so good I didn't even know the tooth had been pulled until it was lying on the tray.

Now that is awesome, and shows you how great she is. I had been to the office earlier because I had lousy top dentures made in another dentist office and this Affordable Dentures office made me a new top denture that is great and I love it, and so that is why I trust them explicably. She recommended I get a partial for my bottom and I immediately said yes. I trust her and I trust the competent staff to give me the best service possible. Their price is right, they are so caring, and they get everything right to make you happy. All I can keep saying is: "I am so happy I went there."

And I want everyone to know that they are the Absolute Best Dental Office Anywhere. I cannot praise them enough and give them 5 big Gold Stars. Not only is Dr. ** good, but she has a great staff that compliments her strength in excellent dentistry. The staff is great from first telephone call, they are friendly, and helpful, very polite and knowledgeable, even when taking an x-ray, or when the lab technicians are taking impressions. Everyone is as professional as they can be, which is a blessing because going to the dentist office is usually not fun, but they make it a pleasurable experience.

Yes, there will be some waiting, but let me assure you that a few extra minutes waiting in their office is well worth your time... you will be very happy that you chose them and the waiting will become just a minor thing. I promise you your teeth will be beautiful. I don't know how they do such a fantastic job for the price they charge.... their prices are so affordable that everyone can afford them and they do not rob you of your money like a lot of dentist offices do.

I cannot praise them enough, so all I can do is highly recommend the office and their services. KUDOS to Dr. ** and her entire staff.... they are absolutely great! I will most definitely use them for any future dental work I need and I will always recommend them to all of my friends and neighbors.

Great Dentist, Great Staff!
By -

SOUTH HILL, VIRGINIA -- I just wanted to write a review on my recent experience at the affordable denture office in South Hill Virginia. I am a 49 year old man and for one reason or the other I have always had trouble with my teeth, and I have seen many different dentist in my life. I have had teeth pulled in Chester Va., Richmond Va. Petersburg Va. and even in New Mexico. It is a long story but I have never been able to afford to get the work done that I needed done. And if you are in a similar point in your life I would HIGHLY recommend the office located in South Hill Virginia.

I ended up going there because the office in Chester Va. did not take "care credit" and I'm so glad they didn't. I don't have that much experience with the Chester office only when I called the lady that answered the phone was short with me and told me that they don't take the Care Credit card, which I applied for and was easily approved for for three thousand dollars so that is the way I wanted to pay for my dentures that I knew I needed. I first went to a very reputable dentist in Midlothian Va. They pulled three teeth and it was very expensive, they were good people but way overpriced and pushy.

Anyhow I said all that to say this, when I called the Affordable denture office in South Hill the Receptionist was so nice just on the phone. She told me about how they do things there. It is not like a "typical" practice. Anyway I asked her about cost and if they accepted my credit card. She told me every thing I wanted to know and the hours and what time I needed to be there and the office is a hour drive for me but well worth every mile. I drove there and back! Patience is the key. If you are like me and have been suffering for years one whole day won't be that bad.

So I get called back there and I don't know what to expect really I mean I've never had all my teeth pulled or had dentures or anything but the Dental Hygienist got me in the x ray machine and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. After that I had to get upper and lower impressions of my mouth so the upper dentures I was getting would line up, again very friendly staff. And then I met The Dentist at the South Hill office Dr. ** the best dentist I have ever been to, and I have seen a lot, (unfortunately) anyway he assured me I would be fine and everything would go good.

Well after that he prescribed me my medicine and they told me to return at 1:30. It was only about ten or so. Like I said patience... so I went to the nearby Walmart and two of the three medications I was given were only 4 bucks each. Total for all meds 15 bucks granted it may be different for you but I can't imagine by much.

So I go back at 1:30 and did not get called back until 4:00. But finally after all those years I had been waiting it was the big moment. And I a 49 year old man don't mind telling you I was scared to say the least, but again the Doctor and his Assistant were very reassuring. And he shot me full of novocaine and waited a few minutes and came back and gave me a little more. And the only pain I felt at all was the needle behind the teeth when he put it in the front. To my amazement very very little pain. Well I didn't keep my eyes open because I was scared.

But people let me tell you what I had to get 11 teeth pulled and it really seemed like by the time they had laid me back, they were setting me up I mean I was and am very impressed with Dr **. I do not write reviews but I had to for this Dr. and my temporary dentures were in and they took the time to get it right and wow I look good! lol But I really do, the dentures have made me smile again. They are awesome.

Thank everyone there at Affordable dentures South Hill Va. office. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions for me but the best thing to do is call them. It is a very sad day when you realize you have messed up and neglected your natural teeth but I'm telling you Dr. ** is THE best dentist ever bar none.

Affordable Dentures, Scam, Theft, Intimidation
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I ordered the custom dentures from the company. The day they gave them to me I informed them the dentures did not fit. They told me it was fine and come back in 2 weeks and they would do a remake if needed, and adjust it otherwise. I used my old dentures for the 2 weeks and when I returned they told me they would only fix any sore spots I may have and replied 'I dunno what to tell you' when I said they didn't fit. Then a man came in and said the new teeth were same as the old and I said 'no look there man, it's the gum that's too high'.

The man then turned and bent over about 12 inches from my face and shouted 'DON'T CALL ME MAN! YOU CAN CALL ME SIR WITH RESPECT'. I could smell alcohol on his breath and was very nervous about his aggression because he was a very tall large man. I said 'man is just an expression, I didn't mean it with disrespect, just trying to show you the problem area on the denture'.

The man then continued shouting and said 'Get up and get out of here! GET OUT! HIT THE BRICKS BUDDY!' I was afraid to say anything else because he was red in the face and obviously drinking so I got up and left. As I left I noticed there were at least 2 other customers in the cubicles beside mine who heard the exchange. Also my fiance was there with me. At the front we asked them to put in writing that they were refusing to make the adjustment and the receptionist stated 'I ain't giving you nothing in writing, bye'.

There were about 12 customers in the lobby who heard this exchange as well. I have never been treated this way in my life and I cannot remember being that afraid for my safety. He frightened me so much that after I left when I realized he still had the teeth the company made that did not fit, I was afraid to go back so I just called and asked. I was placed on hold then the line went dead.

I will tell you that after having thought about this overnight I am getting very upset. I paid for custom dentures that would fit, and I was given something that I cannot wear at all. I want custom dentures that fit... I paid for it. I do not want any drama about it, I did not pay for drama and intimidation. The part that unsettles me most about all of this is that I am 26 yrs old but I noticed many of your customers are senior citizens and I should really hope and pray that this office is not treating them the same way they treated (attacked) me if they try to get them to stand behind their quality promises.

I have looked online and found quite a few testimonials from consumers that are almost the same as mine. Very unsettling. I am hereby demanding in writing that Affordable Dentures refund my money because they not only didn't provide dentures that fit, but they kept them when I tried to get them to make them fit. I will cc my attorney on this email in case Affordable Dentures decides to outright scam me.

My Experience With Affordable Dentures
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Rating: 5/51

ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I started getting my teeth pulled in April of 2013. I had bridges on top where I was getting my dentures. I had 3 teeth pulled and didn't come back until Dec.13. I had 3 more pulled. Then April 2 more pulled. They had disgusted with me about the NDWP. I ask what was the difference in that package and the regular way they pulled and replaced teeth the same day. They would give me a temp. denture to wear for a year. I ask what was the difference in the teeth, they said, "you get to choose the color of your teeth, the size of your teeth, just more choices when you choose the premium set of dentures."

I chose the premium which was $830. I gave them $350 to start with 4/2/13. They made me sign a paper while I was in the chair with my mouth numb, agree to the NDWP. When it was time for the last 4 teeth to be pulled they put a set of denture in that was a cover to wear for 1 year. They didn't look for feel like teeth but I wore them and I was back and to, back and to from Martin GA to SC and they never could get these so call dentures to fit me. So I kindly went back and told them that these teeth were not going to work for me and I could not keep driving over here for the next several months.

I told them "I wanted my real teeth soon asap." The nurse or helper went and got Mr. **. He came in and says "So you want to get your real dentures" I replied, "yes." He said, "Well, let's get to it." So they told me to come back the next day and they would have my dentures. I went back and they did what they do. While the helper was cleaning my mouth she told me that I would NOT get a reline on these teeth. So, the teeth was rubbing my gums and I had to go for adjustment. They put powder in and they can tell where the pressure is so they can grind that particular place.

I had to go back a few times and have the same thing done. A different helper come in and she was gone a while to talk to Dr. Evidently they must have ground an area too much, but he was going to make me another set so he did and he ask me how those were and I said they did have suction. The helper brought me a paper to sign saying I would have to pay if they had to make me another set of. That was an insult to me, for I didn't have any control how my dentures were made. I was insulted more than once.

I went back over to see Mr. **. He was mad to see me there I guess. When he put his hands in my mouth he was trembling. He interrogated me for awhile asking me if I thought they were a rip-off and let me know he had been doing this for 15 yrs. I told him I had not said they were a rip-off. I had ask for my money back because he could not fit me. He replied, they didn't give refunds. He wouldn't let me talk so I told him "I don't have to take this from you" and I left.

My teeth don't fit today. I talk like I have mush in my mouth. I hate wearing that glue in my mouth. It keeps them in but not a fit. I have never been so humiliated in my life. I save up $830 so I could get a better quality of teeth which was a LIE. My teeth have abrasion all over them, the front tooth has a chip in it and they don't fit. Affordable Dentures should be shut down in Anderson. There were other people that had as bad of a problems but different. I know people that have to go elsewhere to get dentures that fit. I paid $830 and shouldn't get to keep that money as he gave me defective dentures.

Tooth Extraction
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Rating: 1/51

FRANKLIN, INDIANA -- This is the worst place ever!! I had a really painful broken tooth that had to come out and quick. I don't have dental insurance and thought it would be easy to go in get a tooth out and go. I was in pain so I was desperate, remember you get what you pay for. I had a appointment at 9 am. They had every reason why I still wasn't seen until 11:30, I stayed because I was in pain. I finally go back and they say that no one wrote down I needed a tooth taken out that I was there for a consultation, what??? So they couldn't take it out till after their lunch hour now and had to come back at 2:30.

I'm in pain begging for something and there was nothing they could do until after their lunch. I went out to my car and waited, went back in a 2 pm and waited until 4 when they finally card me back. I have never been treated worse in my life. They complained I wanted gas and I had to pay an extra $75 to get gas, they put it on and wouldn't give it 3 minutes before they were giving me shots that were painful on a already painful tooth. They were bad that I was complaining about the pain and told me if I didn't like the way they did things I could leave. I sat there thinking please just take it out.

They turned the gas up all the way so I got sick because I wasn't getting numb fast enough for them and yanked and pulled on my tooth. I was crying saying "please stop" because it hurt so bad. They pulled the mask off and literally shoved me out the door.

Bad tooth and all, they were mad I got sick and wouldn't take my tooth out. I was fine with that at that point but they threw me out still too high on gas and I couldn't even get my keys out of my purse. I sat in my car for at least 20 minutes before I could drive. I could've died if I drove home. This place is a sad excuse of a dentist. Save your money.

I Love My New Dentures!
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Rating: 5/51

SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA -- I've read several reviews and finally did decide that I had to try this place no matter what. I didn't have enough money for dentures which would cost me thousands of dollars... This was my only chance, and it was only 40 minutes from where I live...

I spent a full day there... from 7 AM until 4 PM. They took me right away at 7 AM. They took a quick impression of the broken denture with the missing glued teeth that I had then. They said this was to see how I wore them and how they fit. They gave them right back since I would be eating lunch during the day. They also took an impression of my mouth... I do dislike that part because it feels like you're going to choke, but no choice. I needed new dentures. By now my old ones almost 25 years old were missing a few teeth. They looked horrible due to the glue I had used over and over again. I had dentures at a very young age.

I chose the dentures that I could try on and be a little picky with. This is the middle price. I paid $470.00 for a full top set. This was called the 'Custom' set. If you choose the least expensive for under $300.00, you will get the same ones, but and I do say but... you can't try them on and send them right back to adjust to your liking. You get them the first time you try them on and you can't have them redone.

My teeth were too long. I looked a little bucky. LOL Since I had the Custom set I was able to send them back and have them redone. They gave them to me in a soft coating so that they could be redone to my liking... Custom :-) Well worth it.

I had to return to the office two more times. There was a snag on the left side that irritated my gums. They filed it down in seconds. The second time I visited, it was the same thing. They finally got it right and the irritation was gone. This can happen with dentures costing thousands of dollars. Our mouths are very sensitive, and it's the individual who can decide how they feel.

I love my new dentures. They allow you to return for 60 days afterwards to file or adjust whatever needs to be done. They are very nice to their patients and I was made to feel very comfortable. I don't need denture powder, and I can smile with confidence. I feel really good about my decision. The office is always very crowded, but they do honor all appointments that are made and met on time. You have to arrive before 8 AM in order to get your dentures the same day. I have no complaints. This was a great office, and a great outcome for me :-)

Don't Go To This Office!
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- I agree, I made the mistake of going to their office in Albuquere, NM. I went to them about 3 months ago. Got convinced to get their ultimate Denture package. I could never find anyone in the office to explain the timeline of what exactly was going to happen and what to expect during and after the tooth extractions. I arrived 1 week later to have 24 teeth extracted. None of the receptionists in the office knew what I was there for! Oh by the way, I had to pay for everything up front before anything would be done, the day I went in for my consultation, had x-rays done, was not told there was a charge for that, then I went to check out and they demanded $80.00 for the x-rays!

After the procedure I really was not in too much pain, I had an appointment 3 weeks later for a soft reline, everything still OK. When I checked out that day I was told to call in 3 weeks to make another appointment for another soft reline. I called 3 weeks later on a Monday to make an appointment, was told they are closed that Friday,€ good Friday. I said "OK what about earlier in the week?" Told sorry their booked, so I had an appointment the following Thursday 10:00 AM. By then my lower dentures were really starting to hurt, could not wear them since the day before. I could not eat solid food without my lowers in. So I took time off work to go to my appointment.

Arrived at 9:45, sat there in a crowded waiting room for 1 hour and 45 minutes, was never seen. When I asked the receptionist about it she acted like how dare me ask her anything!! Told her I had to leave to go back to work. I need another appointment. She got all pissy and said "come in tomorrow at 10:00."

Next day have to take more time off work. Arrive at dentist office at 9:45 again, waited till 11:30. Every time I asked about me, I got nothing but attitude. So I told that receptionist I had to go back to work, I need another appointment. She tells me "Monday at 11:00 AM." Now keep in mind that all this was already paid for upfront, have not been able to eat solid food until I get this procedure done.

So now I'€™m waiting through the weekend to go back on Monday, hope they can do it then. I really don'€™t think they care about any of the patients! They already have been paid in full! I wish I would have never gone there! Don'€™t even think of going to that office!

Bad Dentures and Questionable Proper Extractions
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Rating: 1/51

CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA -- On Jan. 14, 2012, I went Affordable Dentures in Cartersville, Ga to have tooth extractions as well a root tip extractions (where teeth had broken off at the gum line). I was on a morphine pump for back pain for over 10 yrs which destroyed my teeth. When all was extracted, there was no stitching of the extracted areas, as I was expecting. A temporary upper plate was immediately put in and was so bad, that a second one had to be made. I have gone in several times for adjustments to no avail.

I cannot imagine anything more uncomfortable being in my mouth. They may as well have put in a ball of plastic which probably would be more comfortable. 4 months later, I am still gagging and cannot chew. It looks like I will be on a soft diet forever at this point. I tolerate them each day as long as I can, but by about 4:00 pm, they have to come out. It's awful, and I am supposed to have the premium package. Don't think so! I know many, many people with upper plates and have had no problems at all.

My father had them for years and never had a problem. But compared to his, these things I have in my mouth are the thickest ones I have ever seen. I went here because I have no dental insurance and am on disability. I went to other dentists and was quoted prices of $7,000-$10,000 which I could not do. I thought that if I went with their premium package, things would be much better. What a surprise! It's bad, bad, bad!

No complaints
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Rating: 5/51

CHESTER, VIRGINIA -- On February 15th I had thirty teeth pulled and an immediate denture placed. I researched Affordable Dentures thoroughly before taking them my business. The Chester, VA office has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and no complaints within the past year. I was very anxious and fearful - thirty is a lot of teeth. I made a lot of phone calls to the office and every time my questions were addressed with patience.

The dentists treated me respectfully. They had gentle hands, my extractions were painless after all the lidocaine took effect. The injections were painful - they are injections after all. But the fear that pulling my teeth was going to be awful was quickly put aside. My mouth was filled with cotton and I was immediately fit with a temporary full set of dentures. I was prescribed appropriate pain control and a prophylactic antibiotic.

I consider my course so far as better than expected. No dry socket, pain controlled, no infection. I use adhesive on my dentures as instructed and am slowly learning to speak more clearly and eat soft foods. My dentures look just like the teeth I lost and I am going in for my first adjustment on the 21st day after the extractions. The office was clean and the staff wore appropriate gloves and masks. They washed their hands upon entering my area and cleaned up soil with the proper solution. Cleanliness and infection control are key to my returning for care. I've been an RN for 27 years.

Up to this point I don't have any complaints. Nor do I expect any based on my previous experience.

There are still some good doctors around
By -

CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA -- I am writing to compliment dr. ** and her wonderful staff of the Affordable Dentures in Cartersville, Ga. I have read so much reviews about Affordable Dentures that I was skeptical about going there but my boss (The mayor in my city said he had a good experience so I decided to try. He told me to request the lady doctor. I did have to get there at 7:30 am and there was a lot of people there, so you must be patient. The lady at the front, was exceptionally nice, I was nervous, so I had lots of questions and she did not get mad.

When I was called back, x-ray was taken and this young black girl came in, (I thought she must have just been out of high school) but she is the DOCTOR! She was VERY sweet, and patient, she advised me not to pull all my bottom teeth but to get a partial. When I came back after lunch, she numb me and pulled my teeth- I didn't even know she had pulled them all. My dentist always sent me to a surgeon because he says my teeth are hard to numb and have to pull.

I can't believe this small lady got the teeth pulled out in about 10 mins, all 22 teeth! She was so gentle and talking to me to calm me down through out. Then my temp denture was placed - looked really good. I was crying and my wife cried too. This was such a good experience for my family. I start a new job in 2 weeks and my self confidence is back. Her staff even called me the next day to check on me. No doctor or dentist has ever done that before. Try the Cartersville office and if you are lucky to see dr **, I'm sure you will not regret it - I didn't.

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